Reviews of Commercial Games

Since I write games, I'm interested in how other people write games -- even the massive CD-ROM art-fests that I'll never be able to produce on my own. When I play a commercial adventure game, I try to write a detailed review of it. Here are all the ones I've written so far.

Yes, I'm still a Macintosh person, so I prefer to play (and review) games that run on the Macintosh. However, I now own Virtual PC (an emulator), and a Playstation, and even -- honest, I barely use it -- a Windows box. So that range has increased some. The label "PC game" indicates a game which is available only for PCs.

If you have any suggestions for games I should play and review, feel free to email me. Of course I reserve the right to spend my money where I like. (Equally of course, if you give me a free game, I'll be happy to play it. Hey, it's happened before.)

I also have a page of quick takes -- one-paragraph comments on games that I never wrote full reviews of.

Reviews, in the order that I wrote them:

(All reviews copyrighted by Andrew Plotkin)
Last updated February 24, 2010.

Quick-Take Reviews

Reviews of IF Competition Games

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