XYZZYnews Award Ceremony: 2000

The ceremony took place on Sunday, March 11, 2001.

For my own amusement, I've formatted this into two columns. On the left, you'll find the "official" transcript of the ceremony. On the right is the "peanut gallery" -- a segregated channel provided for the audience's commentary, mockery, and monkey jokes.

If your browser doesn't support tables, you'll see everything in a single column, despite my best efforts. Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal.

I don't have any index links here, because I'm lazy.
Massive Auditorium

This auditorium is an impressive architectural feat: big enough to contain the crowds with ease, yet cozy enough to make everyone feel as though they have a perfect view of the stage. The stage itself is framed by enormous golden pillars to either side (labelled "2000" and "XYZZYs", respectively), and up at the front is a podium decorated with mystic runes inlaid in silver. Spotlights overhead swivel to illuminate the people up on stage and the murals of famous IF scenes on the walls, while the rows of velvet-covered seats all around look cushioned and comfortable. Should you feel compelled to leave the show for some reason, the exit doors are to the west.

stephenb arrives from the west.

Sargent arrives from the west.

Rob sits in the front row. Ha ha ha

<veek> "What progress! Please! Remove my head now! This sounds so exciting!" -J.Campbell

markm asks, "Should alex be here?"

mcp arrives from the west.

<Adam> Shakespeare says: This doth blow

zarf arrives from the west.

Rob says, "wait, I forgot to put on my swanky Armani tux"

Paul arrives from the west.

inky says, "hrm"

Emily says (to Rob), "well, you can't change here"

inky says, "I don't have time to make alex not respond to questions, so better not, I think"

Lieut arrives from the west.

Rob says, "also, this destroys the tradition of having everyone piled up outside the auditorium doors until the very last second"

markm says (to inky), "mmm"

inky says (to Em), "he can duck into a phone booth in the lobby"

Eileen says "This is the test Xyzzy awards! And Best Use of Mediam goes to... "Advent"!

Adam arrives from the west.

Emily says (to Rob), "yes, the annoying tradition"

mclem arrives from the west.

Rob says, "and then seeing who gets to burst in first"

<Jota> Black lightning pierces your mind for an instant.

wuss arrives from the west.

Hloif arrives from the west.

LoneCleric arrives from the west.

wuss says, "Ooh."

Mona asks, "recent;y I keep reading the word "meme" -- what's it mean?"
wuss leaves the auditorium to the west.

Adam says (to stephenb), "Hey hey, glad you could make it"

Rob says, "annoying? it added a certain anticipatory energy to everything"

BoingBall arrives from the west.

zarf picks an unoccupied and comfortable seat, and sits in it.

mcp says, "sort of like an idea"
stephenb goes home.

</stephenb> stephenb has disconnected from ifMUD.

Adam says, "Or, um, not"

mcp says, "he's shy i guess"

Jota arrives from the west.

Rob says, "heh."

Guest2 arrives from the west.

wuss arrives from the west.

<Gunther> We've come to wreck everything, and destroy your life. God sent us.

veek arrives from the west.

Kays sits quietly in the corner

mcp says, "he thinks we're all a bunch of wankers -- just like his three roommates"

Mona says, "ok, thanks. (I couldn't find it in any dictionary.)"
<stephenb> stephenb has connected to ifMUD.

stephenb arrives from the west.

Jota tries to find a comfy seat.

<Tril> Tril has connected to ifMUD.

mcp says, "term coined by a guy named richard dawkins"
Adam says (to Stephen), "In case you didn't see before, greetings"

LoneCleric says (to stephenb), "We feared we'd lost you, Rameses-boy."

BoingBall sits dead centre of the auditorium.

markm asks, "Is that damn meme meme going around again?"
LoneCleric says (to stephenb), "Also, nice to finally meet you "in person"." mcp says, "intended to parallel genes. memes 'try' to spread themselves around"
BoingBall says, "Unfortunately, it's an aisle."

Kays laughs

stephenb says (to Adam), "Thanks :) still finding out how to use this thing...."

Mona says, "sounds contagious..."

markm says, "bingo"

BoingBall says, "that's why it has to be kept in cool jars"

mcp says, "people's branes are like hosts for them. the most 'virulent' memes are the most successful"

Rob checks his jet-pack fuel ratios, in case he needs to make a speedy escape.

JDubya sits down where a chair isn't.

wuss investigates the velvet-seats.

stephenb says (to LoneCleric), "yeah :)"

mclem fires up a proper MUD client. Might as well do this properly. Back in a mo.

mclem goes home.

</mclem> mclem has disconnected from ifMUD.

<Ender> kaniktshaq moritlkatsio atsuniartoq

Adam says, "MC Lem, everyone's favorite postmodern Polish DJ"

mcp says, "i've seen the term used to describe jokes, popular songs, politial points-of-view ('the capitalist meme', 'the communist meme') ... most recently, AYBABTU"
Jaybird says, "Is PerrySimm tested and ready? Are all his circuits functioning perfectly?? Er, no, that's HAL."

<mclem> mclem has connected to ifMUD.

mclem arrives from the west.

stephenb says, "apologies if my typing is a little slow, but i'm using a french keyboard, which is a bit like having a speech impediment"

wuss says, "Oh, wait, they're only covered in velvet. Darn."

</Gunther> Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

mcp says (to adam), "you're not on #peanut-gallery ... i did a MC Lem rap couplet on there a few minutes ago"

Adam says, "Doh"

markm says (to stephenb), "It'll give you a little savwar-fair"

BoingBall says, "They *look* cushioned and comfortable, but in fact they are full of rocks"

mcp says, "(albeit an unfunny one)"

Paul asks (of stephenb), "So it's not just crippling shyness, then?"

Paul smiles.

Tril arrives from the west.

stephenb exclaims (at Paul), "hohoho!"

Ender arrives from the west.

Ender goes home.

</Ender> Observe the snow. It fornicates.

Rob asks, "does everyone know to use #peanut-gallery to chitchat during the ceremony?"

<Ender> kaniktshaq moritlkatsio atsuniartoq

Paul says (to Tril), "Hey."

Tril exclaims (at paul), "You made it, yay!"

Ender arrives from the west.

katre arrives from the west.

veek has joined the channel.

Adam has joined the channel.

Paul says (to Tril), "Yah. Staring at the sea this very moment"

mclem says, "Ah, the peanut gallery. Knew I'd forgotten something."

Jarb arrives from the west.

Tril says (to Paul), "*jealousy*"

<Gunther> We've come to wreck everything, and destroy your life. God sent us.

JDubya has joined the channel.

Mona says, "nice acronym. Makes me picture some tribal leader standing up in front of the village, saying "I, Babtu, declare...""

Adam asks (of Paul), "Guh? Where are you?"

stephenb says (to markm), "hopefully... and a little sang-froid and other french phrases"

mcp says (to mclem), "greetings"

Sargent drops READ THIS PLEASE.

Hloif says (to katre), "Hey."

Rob says, "The thing I don't like about the Xyzzy show is the long dance routines in between awards."

Paul says (to Adam), "On vacation -- at Edisto Island, South Carolina, in a beach house"

mclem has joined the channel.
wuss says, "Should have brought my own seating." LoneCleric has joined the channel.
Sargent says (to Rob), "I hear this year the Blue Man Group will be throwing paint on us."

Adam says, "Hunh"

Emily says (to Paul), "nice"

Rob says (to paul), "wooee"

Tril has joined the channel.
Gunther arrives from the west.

BoingBall says, "You say that every year, but you always end up getting on stage and joining in"

Jarb stumbles in and says, "Wait. I thought this was Rocky Horror."

Spatch arrives from the west.

Paul says, "It's rather a soothing spot from which to have this experience."

mclem realises he's been standing agog for too long, and selects a seat somewhere near the back

Mona says, "wow, I don't think I've ever seen so many people on"
Rob says, "no wonder Jarb is dressed in mad scientist drag"

Gunther says, "log on"

Mona arrives from the west.

Sargent says, "Half of the fun is to see how many people end up here."
Jaybird drops Note for the Xyzzy awards.

Jarb covers his himself, "Eeaagh!"

Rob says, "hee"

Adam says (to Gunther), "That's the battle cry of The Human Log"

Rob laughs

Mona says, "hi all people whom I've never met before"

Gunther says, "I have, in 99, 98, 97, ..."
Mona says, "and the other ones, too, of course"

Jarb starts singing "Sweet Transvestite"

Kays has joined the channel.
stephenb practises looks of gracious defeat

Oren arrives from the west.

veek throws confetti at Jarb

markm claps.

wuss says, "Need to find a comfy blue seat. Got to be one somewhere."

mclem says, "Oh, oops. I probably should have introduced myself. Sorry. Too excited. Matthew Clemson, Very rare poster to the newsgroups, the embodiment of lurkerdom. Missed two Xyzzy awards from shyness, wasn't going to let myself miss a third. And this is probably all I'll say all night."

Jota gives wuss a can of blue paint.

Spatch asks, "what, is wuss going the william wallace route now?"

wuss asks (of Spatch), "Who?"

Sargent says (to mclem), "Welcome. And have no fear -- there will be plenty of other people talking."

Gunther takes the blue paint and spray-paints Stonehenge

Rob says, "I wish I could '@mutech -all except #peanut'"

Oren says, "I thought I was the embodiment of lurkerdom."

Paul says (to mclem), "nice to have you"

NamelessAdventurer arrives from the west.

Mona says, "hi Nameless"

Jota applauds for Nameless!

wuss exclaims, "Wahay! Blue paint!"

Rob says, "he shall remain nameless"

NamelessAdventurer leaves the auditorium to the west.

Emily says, "we like to call it woad"

mclem applauds at the arrival of the host

Jota sighs.

Sargent says (to Emily), "Heh."

wuss says (to Gunther), "Hey, that's mine."

<mikeo> mikeo has connected to ifMUD.

Jota says, "Must have scared him off."

BoingBall says, "He left how he arrived. Nameless."

Mona asks (of Emily), "whack off and die?"

mclem says, "Ah. He's a tease."

mcp says (to mclem), "again, welcome"

Ender says (to Oren), "Can't be. I've seen you before."

Emily says (to Mona), "..."

mikeo arrives from the west.

BoingBall asks (of Mona), "Spatch's new game?"

Mona says, "oops"

Ivan arrives from the west.

BoingBall asks, "With a strong Mormon message?"

Rob says, "woo, we're filling up"

Ivan has joined the channel.
Emily says, "hey Ivan"

Ivan says, "hola"

veek goes poof.

</veek> Poof.

Hloif says (to Ivan), "Yo."
<veek> "What progress! Please! Remove my head now! This sounds so exciting!" -J.Campbell

veek arrives from the west.

Mona says, "yeah, yeah, the veek shall inherit the earth, we know.."

PerrySimm has joined the channel.
Mona says, "now where's that ujt when you need it"

veek grins at Mona - I've been found out.

JDubya begins slamming his head into the ground.
a chalkboard listing the winners materializes.

BoingBall says, "We need a XYZZY-y poll"

Ender says (to Mona), "Oh, won't that be nice? I'm glad they'll get something, they have a hell of a time."

Rob draws a cartoon face on the chalkboard.

<caleb> caleb thinks

PollBoy hollers, "Ender has changed the poll! Claire, you're so conceited. Dork you. DORK YOU!"

wuss sits down in a random seat, and just pretends it's blue.

Craxton draws an anime smily on the chalkboard.

BoingBall says, "The sweatdrops go right around the other side"

<Frisco> Frisco has connected to ifMUD.

Hloif says (to Gunther), "Eeeagh."

Ender has never seen a chalk board sweat.

Mona | O_* <-- anime smiley after I spat in his eye

Emily says (to BoingBall), "ew"

Gunther says, "Aie"

Gunther says, "Wonder who'll release their new game in the aftermath"

Rob starts to say something, then stops himself.

mclem exclaims, "The weeping chalkboard? 'tis a miracle!"

<Dilbon> Hi! I'm Ed Winchester!

Mona says, "eleben"

Mona says, "s/b/v/"

Gunther says, "snrk"

Gunther says (to Rob), "Oo! Oo!"

Gunther says, "also, lag"

Spatch says, "oh my god, PollBoy hasn't done the Breakfast Club holler in ages"

caleb arrives from the west.

Mona says, "ten"

LoneCleric says, "I bet Rob will announce "The Voting Bandit" right after that."

markm says, "I suppose I should fix the mud's clock..."

Gunther says (to Spatch), "KNEW it sounded familiar"

Rob says (to markm), "yes, do"

BoingBall says, "The face of Jesus has appeared on it! ... Wait, that's just Rob's cartoon face"

BoingBall says, "stupid lag"

Spatch says (to gunther), "network TV version of Breakfast Club"

caleb says, "hello"

</Dilbon> Canada.

<dfan> I don't speak Norwegian, but my guess is "pigfucker."

Gunther says (to spatch), "the one movie I saw while in the US"

markm says, "OK, clock fixed."

markm says, "I don't know why it drifts so. I'm running xntpd"

</dfan> When everyone starts grabbing each other, the results are unpredictable!

zarf says, "oy, *nasty* lag"

Mona says, "I'd say nine, except I'm so lagged that it'll be eight once this shows up"

Mona says, "or seven, who knows"

katre says (to markm), "i couldn't get the daemon to work"

katre says (to markm), "just set up ntpdate to run under cron"

(From Spatch) markm says, "clock cleaned, too. Bam!"

Spatch says, "good god, the lag is bad"

Rob laughs at dfan's connect.

Paul says (to Spatch), "The broadcast I saw had it as "flip you.""

BoingBall says, "We'll have to bleep 'Norwegian', of course"

caleb has joined the channel.
</Frisco> Frisco has disconnected from ifMUD.

<Frisco> Frisco has connected to ifMUD.

Sargent asks (of markm), "The MUD is running on a copy of The Commute?"

Rob says, "very bad, yes."

Rob says, "but the same as it's been all week, so not surprising"

markm says (to katre), "ok"

BoingBall says, "Eee-lag-h"

inky says, "hee hee"

<nm> nm was not shut down properly. ifMUD is now inspecting nm for damage and will conduct repairs if necessary.

Gunther lets you relive the biblical adventures of Noah by running around a dungeon pelting sheep with fruit - in 3D, nonetheless!

</Gunther> Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.

Rob says, "it will increase the suspense at random moments"

eileen goes backstage.

Adam says (to BB), "I believe that's also the Welsh national anthem"

Frisco arrives from the west.

Rob snerk

BoingBall says, "Eeeagogogoch"

<llamaboy> llamaboy rides in.

Mona snickers.

</llamaboy> llamaboy implodes.

nm arrives from the west.

Spatch says, "oh yay, imploding llamaboy"

Spatch says, "all we need now is SOY BOMB and we'd be all set"

BoingBall says, "Hey nick"

mclem says, "No, that's the second verse."

<Dilbon> Hi! I'm Ed Winchester!

markm asks (of mclem), "same as the first?"

Dilbon arrives from the west.

LoneCleric says (to nm), "Greetings."

mclem leaves the auditorium to the west.

nm has joined the channel.
LoneCleric says (to nm), "I'm wearing the shirt, as I told you."

LoneCleric says (to nm), "I just don't know if people will notice, with all this crowd."

BoingBall asks, "Can we have a ten-minute break while we fumigate for lag?"

</mclem> mclem has disconnected from ifMUD.

<MikeS> MikeS has connected to ifMUD.

</MikeS> MikeS has disconnected from ifMUD.

Dilbon asks, "Lag? You mean I'm not the only one whose net connection is like wading in a pudding?"

JDubya would like to wade in pudding.

<maga_dogg> Mary had a little cow/She also had a sheep./She doused them both in parrafin/And burnt them on a heap.

maga_dogg arrives from the west.

veek snickers at LC. Nice shirt.

Tril says (to dilbon), "It's the mud, not the net"

<mclem> mclem has connected to ifMUD.

mclem arrives from the west.

mclem says "oops" sheepishly

neild arrives from the west.

Mona would like to bathe in pudding.

Mona says, "maga_dogg!"

Emily adjusts her helmet

Ivan asks, "Is the ceremony on a channel, or has it not begun?"

maga_dogg concentrates, and disappears.

Spatch goes home.

</Spatch> We'll miss you, Kate. Time for the slow-mo look back at your progress on the show, all those zany moments we had together. Like the time you got bounced on your ass by the cow.

Rob says (to Dilbon), "it's the MUD that's lagging"

eileen comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Adam asks, "Can't Mark just shut down all other MUDs for the time being?"

Adam says (to Emily), "'helmut' -- remember, we're running on a copy of The Commute"

(From BoingBall) Mary throws mclem on the bonfire too.

BoingBall says, "sanely, it is not held on a channel"

Jota says (to Dilbon), "I know pudding; I've waded in pudding; and let me tell you, this is no pudding."

Jota says, "The pudding was much easier to wade in."

<llamaboy> llamaboy rides in.

neild says (to Ivan), "3 pm EST."

Rob claps

Dilbon says, "The ceremony is lagging."

</mclem> mclem has disconnected from ifMUD.

<mclem> mclem has connected to ifMUD.

mclem says, "Oops. For some reason zmud appeared to interpret .. as a string of directions. Er."

mclem goes home.

</mclem> mclem has disconnected from ifMUD.

<ander> Something wicked this way comes....

maga_dogg arrives from the west.

neild exclaims, "Eeeagh! textburst!"

<Guest1> Alex says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that you are... um, seven?"

Sargent says (to Adam), "yay"

ander arrives from the west.

maga_dogg asks (of mona), "How do. How's the thesis?"

<Gunther> We've come to wreck everything, and destroy your life. God sent us.

<dfan> I don't speak Norwegian, but my guess is "pigfucker."

Mona groans.

dfan arrives from the west.

neild says, "It seems fixed now."

<baf> baf has connected to ifMUD.

<MikeS> MikeS has connected to ifMUD.

Gunther arrives from the west.

neild exclaims, "baf!"

BoingBall says, "Nice."

Dilbon says, "Yippee."

maga_dogg says, "mm, lovely lag"

Dilbon says, "Well, still one second or so"

Gunther asks, "WTF was that?"

LoneCleric says (to veek), "Needless to say, the back text doesn't come from me. I couldn't write that kinda stuff."

baf arrives from the west.

<mclem> mclem has connected to ifMUD.

neild says, "Yeah, but more tolerable."

mclem arrives from the west.

neild exclaims, "Speaking of tolerable, it's baf!"

markm says (to baf), "hiya"

ander has joined the channel.
Tril transform's Emily's helmet into cloth

Gunther says (to markm), "ignore e-mail"

mclem staples himself to his chair. Right. Perhaps that'll work.

baf hello

markm asks (of Gunther), "which?"

Rob hello

MikeS arrives from the west.

Emily says, "heh"

jwalrus asks, "have we started yet?"
neild hello baf

Gunther says (to markm), "the one I sent 2 seconds ago"

Kiz materializes.

<Urbatain> Urbatain has connected to ifMUD.

Sargent says (to neild), "I give his entrance 2 1/2 stars."

maga_dogg says, "don't think so"

inky says, "another two minutes"

Rob adjusts his tie.

Paul says (to Tril), "Heh."

markm says (to Gunther), "ok"

BoingBall says, "No"
baf jumps up and down excitedly

jwalrus arrives from the west.

(From Adam) Gunther says, "the one saying FUCK YOU"

Kiz has disconnected.

Kiz has connected.

Gunther says (to markm), "the one I sent the second ifMUD came back"

Frisco exclaims, "Hiya. I actually said Hi 10 minutes ago, but the message has yet to appear!"

Mona says, "hi jwalrus!"

Gunther says, "saying "eeeagh! deadMUD!""

Guest1 arrives from the west.

Urbatain arrives from the west.

BoingBall says (to jwalrus), "Hiya"

mclem goes home.

</mclem> mclem has disconnected from ifMUD.

JDubya yelps as another textburst hits.

Kiz asks, "so the mud was indeed badly lagged?"
<mclem> mclem has connected to ifMUD.

mclem arrives from the west.

jwalrus says, "yo"

neild says, "Yes."

Rob says, "oh yes"

maga_dogg says, "hell yeah"

mclem says, "Wah. Sorry. Again." Mona asks, "surely someone's logging this, right?"
Rob says (to mclem), "disconnecting isn't going to cure the lag"

<BrenBarn> Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.

dfan goes backstage.

BoingBall says, "Several people are bound to be"

veek says (to mona), "Yes."

Rob says, "officially logging, yes"

neild says (to inky), "Also, nameless should be on #presenters, not me."

Gunther says, "me, starting from my reconnect"

mclem says, "Rob: Wasn't deliberate. Various troubles with client." neild says, "ilac"
Rob says (to mclem), "Ok, just checking."

dfan comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Gunther says (to mclem), "happens to the best of us"

llamaboy arrives from the west.

Rob claps.

Jota applauds.

maga_dogg says, "yay"

Sargent cheers.

JDubya cheers.

BrenBarn arrives from the west.

ander claps.

Frisco exclaims, "whoo!"

BoingBall applauds.

Gunther asks, "Are we starting yet?"

caleb claps

zarf asks, "Are we applauding yet?"

Rob says, "nah, we just like dfan gunther"

Urbatain says, "Hi all"

dfan says, "Oh, shit, sorry"

jwalrus says, "hooray for dfan"

markm says, "Ready? OK!"

dfan leaves the auditorium to the west.

dfan arrives from the west.

Gunther says (to rob), "i see rob"

jwalrus tears around the auditorium to work off excess energy before the proceedings start.

inky laughs.

Jota laughs.

dfan says, "I didn't realize that leaving backstage would put me frontstage"

inky says, "ok, let's try that again."

Sargent says (to dfan), "Now you must sing."

inky has left.

maga_dogg says, "yay people knowing what the hell's going on"

Rob says, "sing us a song dfan"

markm has right.

Gunther thought so. HA HA.

Paul says, "sing us a song tonight."

inky has arrived.

BoingBall says, "sing a song of sixpence"

Sargent says, "For we're all in the mood for 'Organism'"

baf sings a song of singing a song

inky walks up to the podium and taps the microphone a few times.

(From Gunther) MrPianoman comes out on stage.

Mona says (to Sargent), "don't try to deny it"

jwalrus laughs.

mcp whispers, "Pssst! I just got off the monorail from Lychee. Got any Silver?"

Adam says, "...and you are sufficiently white"

BoingBall says, "many microphoned scarlet podium"

Rob says (to inky), "speak UP"

inky says, "um, hEL**&$*((*@"

Adam says, "(unlike your bassist)"

markm says, "OK, folks. Banter to #peanut-gallery"

inky says, "er."

Jota doesn't applaud this one. Once burned, twice shy.

Paul says (to Adam), "Yay"

inky goes backstage and has a hurried consultation.

inky says, "man, that's the last time I hire the Failsafe guys to work on the sound system"

Gunther says, "B@D M1cr0_ph=0neE"

llamaboy has joined the channel.

eileen has left.

jwalrus says, "hee"

PerrySimm has arrived.

Ender says, "Hee"
eileen has arrived.

Adam says (to inky), "Heh"

Mona laughs.

mcp says, "that was a stage whisper"
inky says, "anyway -- welcome to the 2000 XYZZY Awards, everyone!"

<Guest3> Alex says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that you are... um, seven?"

katre says, "yay!"

Rob claps.

Gunther says, "obviously"
Frisco says, "Yay1" Dilbon says, "Who won last year? I don't remember."

BrenBarn has joined the channel.

BoingBall applauds.

Mona woo-hoos.

Sargent applauds.

Tril exclaims, "Woohoo!"

caleb says, "yay"

Oren claps

Kays claps

Jarb whistles

Ender says, "Hey, I had to ask."

maga_dogg exclaims, "Doh! I thought it was speedIF!"

ander claps. Gunther says (to dilbon), "several people"
Jota cheers!

mcp applauds

veek applauds

Adam says, "Given the lag, I'm surprised these aren't the 1997 awards"
Rob claps.

JDubya cheers (again).

stephenb whoops

BrenBarn says, "Yay"

maga_dogg says (to adam), "hee"
Gunther applauds.

baf jumps up and down excitedly

maga_dogg stamps his feet

Paul claps

zarf says, "I guess mud-time really *is* fifteen minutes slow. Someone set the clock back."
Guest3 arrives from the west. markm says, "Heh."
LoneCleric does something that seems enthusiastic, but hasn't decided what yet. Sargent says (to zarf), "Preserving the fifteen minutes of fame the xyzzy awards bring."

Gunther says (to adam), "it's march 2001, so we ARE lagged if these are the 2000 awards"

ander exclaims, "Wow. My first big event is teh Xyzzy awards!"

Jota exclaims (at LC), "Put that back where you got it from!"

Hloif says (to Gunther), "Hee."

inky says, "before we begin, a couple administrative notes--" BoingBall says, "Your next big event will be the next XYZZY awards."
Rob boos. maga_dogg groans
inky says, "first of all, NO BOOING" Jota asks (of inky), "Who left their headlights on?"

Rob says, "COUGH"

inky says, "unless you're a ghost" Mona says (to maga_dogg), "hey, that's my line"
BrenBarn asks, "The use of recording devices is strictly prohibited by copyright law?"

inky says, "(like me)"

Sargent asks, "Boo! What kind of rule is that?"

ander laughs.

(from Gunther) Doe'sGhost boos.

neild exclaims (at inky), "Yay! I mean, boo!" Dilbon exclaims, "Go for the eyes, Boo!"

JDubya goes and turns off the headlights to his tank.

(from Jota) Ghost1 boos!

Sargent says (to Dilbon), "yay"

maga_dogg says, "throws small snack items at inky"

llamaboy has left the channel.

Gunther says (to Jota), "yay!"

BrenBarn says (to Jota), "Yay"

Sargent says, "Oh, and remember, everyone: this channel is logged."

Kiz asks, "hey, should we move alex in here?"

inky says, "second of all, please keep general chit-chat on the #peanut-gallery channel (see help channels for details on channels), and only talk in the room for things like applause and wild cheering" Rob says, "no"
BrenBarn cheers wildly Rob says, "perry simm is here"
jwalrus has disconnected.

jwalrus, a millipede, is suddenly confined to Alpha Centauri.

Mona says (to Sargent), "you misspelled "lagged""
Jota applauds BrB's wildy cheer.

Jarb yells, "Skin to win! Er...wrong contest.."

Dilbon cheers mildly.

jwalrus arrives from the west.

Rob claps.

Kiz says, "I mean for recapps, for those who come late/get punted"
BrenBarn applauds cheerily.

inky says, "third, the mud has been intermittently lagged lately; we apologize for the inconvenience and hope it's fixed for the moment"

Urbatain says, "wooooohoooooooo"

Jota says (to Kiz), "Better not."

Sargent says (to Kiz), "I think his random commenting would drive us crazy"

baf has joined the channel.

BoingBall says, "we can always remove him after"

Jota says, "He might n-- right."

Kiz says, "ah, true"

wuss asks, "Wait, is it not started yet?"

maga_dogg says, "love that funky lag."

Rob says, "no alex on #peanut-gallery, please"

ander loves lag. No, really.

Sargent says, "As I said, this channel will be logged for posterity, so."

Jota says (to wuss), "inky's giving a speech."

inky says, "and, fourth, thanks for all the people that put in effort to make this happen: Eileen Mullin, Neil deMause, and all the other presenters" maga_dogg says (to sargent), "Our children's children will thank us, doubtless."
mcp claps

BoingBall cheers.

jwalrus RTA 'lagged for posterity'.

wuss asks (of Jota's), "Ah, so I didn't actually miss anything, then?"

caleb cheers Jota asks (of Sarge), "Hallia, Ellric, Weeta, etc?"
maga_dogg says, "yay"

Paul applauds *and* cheers wildly.

Frisco has joined the channel.
Rob claps.

eileen exclaims, "Right back at you, Inky!"

Kays cheers

Jarb claps and whistles...

LoneCleric tries to look good for posterity.
BrenBarn applauds wildly.

BoingBall says (to Paul), "Now you're just showing off."

zarf says, "I will be creating a web page with the main text and the peanut-gallery channel shown in parallel columns."
Rob whistles.

Jota cheers!

Rob says (to zarf), "oh good"
mclem applauds

Guest4 arrives from the west.

jwalrus says, "yay everything"

mikeo says, "@joinc peanut-gallery"

Gunther applauds!

BrenBarn says, "Cool"
Guest4 says, ""hello!"" Paul says (to zarf), "Yay"

Urbatain has joined the channel.

Adam says, "Yeah, perpendicular columns would just be confusing"

Rob says, "someone needs to help mikeo there"

<Sirrus> Sirrus has connected to ifMUD. stephenb has joined the channel.
inky says, "oh, and if you're a new character, don't forget to type @set me = expert"

Rob claps.

Adam says, "But guests can't"

<pop> pop has connected to ifMUD.

mcp says (to posterity), "VOID:CORPORATION was released in the year 2000 but not nominated for any awards"
Guest4 says, ""Sirrus, how are you? X-D ""

jwalrus says, "if you're a guest, you should get an account"

mikeo says, "@joinchannel peanut-gallery"

<mnovelli> mnovelli has connected to ifMUD.

jwalrus says, "we should make a list of games we wnated to nominate but couldn't"

Rob says (to adam), "hee hee"

Gunther says (to mikeo), "try without the " in front"

Urbatain says, "ey, im in the chat"

inky says, "our first category is Best Use of Medium"

Rob claps.

<JSJ> JSJ has connected to ifMUD.

jwalrus says, "hooray!"

Urbatain asks, "how I leave from here?"

BrenBarn says, "Woohoo"

Frisco exclaims, "hurray!"

wuss says, "Woop woop."

mclem cheers

maga_dogg throws hat in air

baf says, "Friar Bacon's Secret wasn't nominated either. I'm very disappointed."
JSJ arrives from the west.

Rob claps.

Guest4 says, "/nick Lumpi"

caleb says, "hurrah"

pop arrives from the west.

jwalrus says (to baf), "that would be on my list"
Urbatain says, "no no no, i want to know how to speak in peanut"

inky says, "Sam Barlow, last year's winner for Aisle, couldn't be here today, but I'm sure he'd want us all to remember the gnocchi and accept NamelessAdventurer in his stead to present the nominees"

Jarb claps, rubs his tummy, drinks a glass of water and recites Shakespeare at the same time...

jwalrus says (to Urbatain), "type '#peanut' before what you say"

mcp says, "hrm, i may have started a negative trend"
BoingBall claps NamelessBarlow Urbatain says, "thanks"

mcp says, "major props to the games that DID get nominated"

Guest4 says, "sorry"

mcp remembers gnocchi, applauds

jwalrus says, "yay gnocchi"

zarf says, "give help to newbies as whispers, rather than talking on the main line, please"

mikeo has joined the channel.

Gunther says, "REVEALED! EXCLUSIVE! NamelessAdventurer's name is actually SAM BARLOW"

jwalrus says, "sorry"

Guest3 leaves the auditorium to the west.

inky has left.

Paul says, ".mikeo Yay."
Guest4 leaves the auditorium to the west.

Ellison arrives from the west.

Paul exclaims, "D'oh!"

Dilbon says, "Sam Barlow sound very much like a detective."

Sirrus has joined the channel.

Sargent says, "Sam Barlow and the Case of the Cold Gnocchi."

Rob doesn't know what else to do, claps again. maga_dogg exclaims, "fly, my pretties!"

Gunther says, "also, imagine the boot-chaos that would ensue if we still had only one guest account"

<Guest5> Alex says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that you are... um, seven?" BrenBarn says, "Heh"

maga_dogg asks (of gunther), "dramatic timing or what?"

inky has arrived.

NamelessAdventurer has arrived.

Gunther applauds

BoingBall says, "We'll probably hit max guests"

Urbatain says, "hola a los españolitos JAJAJAJA"

Kays claps

Jota applauds inky again.

Frisco says, "Pronunced N-Y-OKI for those who are interested."
NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Hiya hiya hiya!" Rob says, "mm, 65 users and counting"
maga_dogg claps some more.

Mona claps for Nameless.

Rob claps.

LoneCleric cheers.

caleb claps

BrenBarn cheers for NamelessAdventurer.

Paul claps

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Welcome to the 1998 Xyzzy Awards! Boy, am I lagged!"

Dilbon says, "I think I'll put on some music."

mcp says, "hmmm ... there's SAM spade & philip MARLOWE <-- sounds like barlow"

Rob says, "that was adam's joke twenty minutes ago"

Urbatain asks, "COMO SE APLAUDIA???"

maga_dogg says, "you and me both, barlow boy"

Jota asks, "How lagged are you?" jwalrus says, "I haven't seen this many guests since June 13th 2k"

Gunther says (to rob), "that should give you a clue to NA's identity"

veek says (to Urb), "Type :applauds"

Urbatain asks, "How I cheer???"

Sargent says (to Rob), "But Adam's joke hasn't reached Nameless yet, thanks to lag."

Rob says, "oh ok"

inky says (to Urb), "type :cheers."

Jota says, "Sorry, couldn't resist the standard comedy opening line."

jwalrus claps.

Rob claps.

Urbatain says, "thanks"
Gunther kweepas.

NamelessAdventurer asks (of Jota), "Who died and made you the PC?"

Urbatain cheers

<K-Y> K-Y has connected to ifMUD.

JDubya laughs.
Urbatain aplauds

Frisco claps

Emily says, "heehee"
baf nods sagely Sargent laughs.
K-Y arrives from the west.

Rob grins.

NamelessAdventurer says, "So without further ado -- hang on, I need to find my elvish reading glasses of great antiquity..."

Urbatain listen

maga_dogg groans

ander fears for the integrity of the logged recording.

Dilbon asks, "Did Elvis use reading glasses?"

(from Sargent) NamelessAdventurer says, "Hey, I can't read through these, they're glowing blue!"

Rob says, "hee"

Rob says, "yay"

Gunther says, "yay"

BrenBarn says, "Yay"

jwalrus says, "yay"

K-Y has joined the channel.

maga_dogg says, "woo sargent"

Mona intently stares at NamelessAdventurer's left shoelace. Paul says (to sarge), "Yay"

jwalrus says, "wow mega yay"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Here are the nominees for best use of medium! The award too cool for anyone to understand what it means!"

zarf says, "yay"

jwalrus laughs, claps more.

NamelessAdventurer says, "And the nominees are:"

NamelessAdventurer says, "Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort"

Rob applauds.

BrenBarn applauds.

</pop> pop has disconnected from ifMUD.

<pop> pop has connected to ifMUD.

LoneCleric cheers.

Emily says, "yay"

veek applauds

Paul cheers

caleb claps

Mona says, "yay!"

Kays cheers

BoingBall claps.

Oren applauds

baf cheers

wuss claps.

Kiz claps

NamelessAdventurer says, "Metamorphoses, by Emily Short"

Jota applauds steadily.

jwalrus claps.

Sargent says, "yay"

Frisco hollers

maga_dogg claps wildly

wuss claps.

jwalrus claps more.

Gunther cheers his favourite game, which he can't remember what it was.

katre claps

Urbatain ole!

baf cheers wildly

BrenBarn says, "woohoo"

Rob claps.

NamelessAdventurer says, "Rameses, by Stephen Bond"

caleb claps

Paul cheers

stephenb cheers

Rob cheers.

wuss claps.

Kiz claps s'more

LoneCleric claps.

Kays claps

Paul then cheers again

Emily cheers

baf nods sagely

maga_dogg claps some more

K-Y applauds

Oren claps

Ellison asks, "is this the first award?"
Mona says, "yayayay!"

NamelessAdventurer says, "Shade, by Andrew Plotkin"

jwalrus says, "yay"

Rob applauds.

maga_dogg says, "yeh"

Emily says, "yes"

BrenBarn says, "Huzzah!"

caleb applauds

wuss claps.

jwalrus says, "yay again"

Kays claps

Emily says, "woo!"

Rob whistles.

Paul cheers

veek keeps applauding

caleb applauds

K-Y applauds

BoingBall whoops

Mona says, "woohoo!"

Frisco applauds excessive introversion

Guest3 arrives from the west.

stephenb claps

wuss claps more.

NamelessAdventurer says, "Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre"

mclem claps all of them, 'cause for once he'd played them all

Rob claps.

Paul cheers yet again

K-Y applauds

wuss claps.

Kays cheers

jwalrus says, "yay"

katre claps s'more

Gunther says (to stephenb), "wait, you are the Rameses guy? Your game ruled."
Sargent applauds.

maga_dogg claps till hands fall off

NamelessAdventurer says, "And the winner is..."

caleb says, "hurrah"

Jota asks, "Perhaps during the nominee listing, people should hold their applause until the end of the list?"

jwalrus seconds Gunther.

maga_dogg says, "yay rameses."

Frisco claps ander says, "to Jota Yeah."

dfan says (to Jota), "No way, dude"

Gunther says, ">Z" Emily says (to Jota), "it won't fit in the box"

BrenBarn says, "Yes, Rameses rules."

(From NamelessAdventurer) <NamelessAdventurer> NamelessAdventurer has disconnected. ander blushes in embarassment.
jwalrus waits with bated breath. Jota says, "I see we're all in agreement, then :)"

Sargent says (to Jota), "That sounds too much like order."

wuss asks, "The winner is ...?"

maga_dogg exclaims, "aaaagh!"

dfan says, "Hearing your game be appluaded is the best part of being nominated"

Paul laughs. dfan says, "Applauded also"

zarf says, "yeah"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "But I kid! The winner is: Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre!"

Rob applauds!

Sargent says (to dfan), "good point"
veek claps

Gunther says, "woo!"

katre says, "yay"

Paul cheers!

Kays says, "WOHOHOHOHO"

Jota cheers!

Emily says, "yay!"

BrenBarn says, "Wahoo!"

llamaboy cheers

mclem cheers Shrapnel

Rob says, "wow he does it again"
JDubya cheers.

jwalrus claps.

Adam says, "Oh, cool"

Sargent says, "Woo shrapnel!"

maga_dogg says, "nice one adam"

caleb exclaims, "wooohoo!!!"

BoingBall says, "Excellent"

inky claps.

Oren claps

zarf says, "awright!"

Rob claps.

dfan cheears!

Ellison applauds

stephenb says (to Gunther), "yeah :)"

Gunther says, "no surprise there"

nm applauds

K-Y applauds

wuss cheers wildly. "Woohoo."

mcp applauds

ander cheers for Adam.

Sargent says, "My favorite game based on a weapon of war"
Urbatain exclaims, "oleeeeeee!"

Guest5 arrives from the west.

Frisco exclaims (at adam), "congrats!"

MikeS cheers

JDubya exclaims, ""Yay game where time continuum blows up!"
Adam says, "Thanks, all"

stephenb cheers!

NamelessAdventurer asks, "Is there an Adam Cadre in the house?"

Rob says, "hey, that's a great one for use of medium"

mcp tries to cheer but gets RESTART instead

maga_dogg says, "well, hardly unexpected, but a class piece"

Rob claps. Gunther says, "hee hee"
baf exclaims, "Yay! Hoorah! Want cork nut!"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Use of Medium trophy to Adam.

Paul says (to mcp), "Yay"
Guest5 exclaims, "congratulations!"

eileen applauds madly

Sargent says (to mcp), "yay"
Adam says, "I wish I had some sort of speech here, but I've been busy writing presentations and didn't think I'd actually win anything"

Urbatain exclaims, "ole adam!"

Rob says, "speech!"

BrenBarn claps.

maga_dogg says, "yay."

Adam says, "Anyway, many many thank-yous, all"

neild exclaims, "Yay poor planning!"

jwalrus says, "yay"

maga_dogg exclaims, "speech!"

Rob applauds.

(from Gunther) Adam says, "So I'll just announce my new Z8 game instead."
mcp exclaims, "rot13 speech!"

Guest5 exclaims, "adam champion!"

Guest3 says, "wooo"

Paul exclaims, "Do a presentation instead!"

jwalrus says, "hee"

BrenBarn says, "Yay"

(from inky) fruit vendor says "peach! peach!"

jwalrus says (to inky), "yay!"

NamelessAdventurer has left. Rob says, "mm, I'll take two please"

(from Gunther) You hear XYZZY to the north!

Adam says (to Paul), "Your wish is my command"

Mona chants, "un-dress! un-dress!"

Varicella arrives from the west.

wuss exclaims (at Mona), "NOOOOO!"

BrenBarn says, "eeeagh"

maga_dogg says (to gunther), "hee"
Varicella ascends the stage

Gunther says (to Mona), "How unseemly!"

Emily applauds for Primo, but in a seemly fashion

Guest5 says, "decir hi varicella! }:->"

Paul cheers Varicella

neild asks, "Varicella is a person?"

maga_dogg says (to neild), "no"

Gunther says, "yes"

Varicella exclaims, "I am here to present the award for Best Player Character. A shame that one of them must win, for none of them deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as myself!"

mclem cowers in a most unseemly manner

ander says, "Dang, what a strategy."
jwalrus says, "yay varicella"

Sirrus arrives from the west.

Kiz says, "heh"

Gunther says, "Primo Varicella, star of Varicella"

neild says, "Apparently he is."

Guest5 says, "hi sirrus ;-)" Urbatain says, "bien sirrus"
Varicella says, "For instance, we have the mumbling milquetoast from 'Being Andrew Plotkin' by Rob Wheeler."

Gunther says (to Prima), "Woo!"

katre says, "yay"

mcp says, "he'd better not give the letter opener to charlotte ..."
jwalrus says, "woo" LoneCleric says, "Last real winner, I take it."
Gunther says, "Primo"

Varicella asks, "Or perhaps the PC in question is the strident strumpet from the same game?"

caleb cheers

BrenBarn cheers.

wuss claps.

Jota claps!

Emily says, "yay milquetoast!"

Sirrus leaves the auditorium to the west.

Mona says, "yay!"

Guest5 says, "oooole"

BoingBall says, "hee hee"

Urbatain exclaims, "yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa being!!!"

caleb exclaims, "yay!"

Paul cheers for BAP

jwalrus claps.

Varicella exclaims, "I suppose it's possible that Andrew Plotkin himself is the PC under consideration, but sprinkling walnuts onto a pasta dish when fine imported hazelnuts are readily available? How unseemly!"

Sargent says, "Yay Being Several PCs!"

Gunther says, "eeeagh, I need a dictionary"

stephenb cheers BoingBall says (to Sarge), "yay"
Sirrus arrives from the west. Emily laughs
zarf mumbles something about being allergic to hazelnuyts

Mona chuckles.

Rob blushes.
Varicella says, "Then we have a mechanical contrivance of some sort from LASH, by Paul O'Brian." maga_dogg is addicted to multiple PCs
katre claps

Rob cheers.

jwalrus says, "yay MULE"

Gunther says, "also, best NPC to be taken by an actual person would r00l"
caleb claps

Tril exclaims, "Yay mechanical contrivance!"

Mona applauds wildly.

wuss claps.

BrenBarn says, "Whee"

Gunther says, "woo"

BoingBall applauds allergy

stephenb cheers.

Emily says, "woot!"

Varicella exclaims, "An inanimate object, mind you! Pfah!"

Varicella exclaims, "Imagine if the Academy Awards followed your lead!"

Guest5 says, "ha ha"

Sargent cheers.

Jota exclaims, "keeps clappsing!"

Varicella exclaims, "You'd see nominations for the volleyball in Cast Away!"

Ellison says, "yay LASH"

maga_dogg says, "mmm, high comedy"
Varicella exclaims, "The big rock in Armageddon!"

Varicella exclaims, "Keanu Reeves!"

neild says, "I 'follow my lead' as much as the next pencil."
Tril laughs

Rob claps.

Emily says, "I'm surprised that Varicella goes to -- yay"

Gunther says, "the best actor in both cases, no doubt"

Mona swoons.

Rob laughs.

BoingBall laughs.

inky says, "see our robots make sushi and applaud the LASH PC"
baf The big rock in Armageddon did some serious acting.

Varicella asks, "Do you comprehend the extent of the unseemliness here?"

stephenb laughs

mclem laughs aloud

Sargent cheers.

Emily laughs more

Paul cracks up.

Varicella exclaims, "Nevermore by Nate Cull presents us with a drug-addled dabbler in alchemy, of all things. How unseemly!"

Gunther says, "Woo Lennier!"

baf blushes at his clumsy mistake

Rob claps.

wuss claps.

caleb exclaims, "woo!"

jwalrus says, "yay mad alchemist druggy"

Varicella says, "And most unseemly of all is his predilection for cheap Mexican coca."

mcp applauds

BrenBarn says, "woo"

Guest5 says, "emotion claps"

<Doe> is here!

Varicella says, "Now, true, not everyone can afford top-quality Colombian coca and allowances must be made. But to choose Mexican coca over the equally inexpensive Peruvian variety betrays a *severe* lack of discernment."

Frisco claps

LoneCleric claps.

Urbatain says, "hablad en cristiano! XD"

Varicella asks, "But what should one expect of a man who snorts his coca like a pig?"

zarf sniffs disdainfully

markm chuckles.

Varicella says, "A tip for you, Mr. Nominee -- a *gentleman* freebases."

Gunther sniffs coke

Emily laughs

jwalrus laughs.

maga_dogg chuckles

zarf says (to gunther), "go ahead, ground my joke."
caleb exclaims, "ha!"

Mona snorts.

Gunther says, "sorry"
Varicella says, "Next, Rameses by Stephen Bond, featuring an angst- and acne-ridden adolescent from one of the barbarous northern islands."

Frisco chortles

Sargent says, "It's Traffic 2, set in Victorian England."
Rob applauds.

wuss claps.

Sargent applauds

jwalrus cheers!

K-Y applauds.

Mona says, "yayayay!"

BrenBarn says, "Huzzah!"

maga_dogg says, "yay"

caleb applauds

Varicella exclaims, "He refuses to respond to commands, and for this he is nominated for an award! How unseemly!"

stephenb laughs.

Kays cheers

Paul exclaims, "Yay rameses!"

jwalrus laughs.

LoneCleric cheers loudly.

MikeS laughs.

BoingBall laughs

Frisco whoops

maga_dogg says, "kickass"

Urbatain aplaude

Rob cheers.

Gunther says, "hee"

jwalrus says, "yay rameses"

Jota keeps applauding continuously throughout.

Kays laughs

Emily says, "yay"

Urbatain exclaims, "bravo!"

<Guest6> This little guesty went to market.

BoingBall says, "OK, this is my favorite meta-presenter ever"
Varicella says, "Now if *I* were in the player's seat and a PC were failing to obey my orders, I would say, 'Look here, you lackadaisical layabout!' and perhaps box his ears a time or two and *then* you'd see some obedience. Oh yes."

Guest5 says, "viva"

Gunther says, "well, it's adam"

Urbatain says, "sirrus, esa te gustó aplaude y grita hombre"

stephenb exclaims, "yay!" Iain asks, "Um. Where's the auditorium?"
Varicella says, "Lastly we have Shade by Andrew Plotkin, whose protagonist's gaucherie is evident in every detail of that eyesore of an apartment." Rob says, "el hombre de los moleculos!"

maga_dogg says, "And get the crap kicked out of you, if I recall Varicella's combat abilities correctly"

wuss claps.

mcp claps

Emily says, "yay interior decorating"

Rob applauds.

Gunther says, "el burro es un animal muy importante"

markm says (to Iain), "xyzzy.s.e"

caleb says, "hurrah"

Varicella says, "The targets are almost too easy -- a *cardboard crate* used as furniture? how"

Varicella says, "unseemly! -- but for the nonce I shall restrict myself to the abomination referred to in the title."

stephenb applauds

Guest5 exclaims, "ploooootkin! plooooootkin!"

Iain arrives from the west.

Mona asks, "what category are we talking about again?"

Urbatain exclaims, "SIIIIIIIIII SHADE SHADE!!"

neild says, "Actually: xyzzy.e.s.e"
mclem yay still tidier than this room

Varicella says, "Whoops, a typo. How unseemly."

Iain says, "Thanking you kindly."

markm says, "d'oh"

Guest6 arrives from the west.

Kays says, "Go Sade!!!"

BrenBarn claps some more.

Varicella says, "A *roll-up window shade*? Even a blind monkey could tell you that this is simply unacceptable when the drapers of Venice offer an astonishing variety of exquisitely tailored vignette blinds for extremely reasonable rates."

Rob says, "yay iain"

Doe asks, "uh, er, how do I get there?"

Sirrus says (to urbatain), "uf, no me estoy enterando, macho"

Paul claps for Shade. maga_dogg says, "hmf. Shade great, but not much PC-ness imo"
Kays says, "oops....Go Shade!!"

neild exclaims, "Yay Marquis de Sade!"

Rob cheers in a shady fashion.

jwalrus says, "yay shade!"

Gunther says, "yay"

Iain says, "Shade is bollocks."
Varicella exclaims, "This game is fond of saying, 'You do not want that.' Looking around, I most certainly do not!"

Hloif exclaims, "Yay Shade!"

BoingBall says, "Now, now"

katre says, "hee"

Varicella says, "And the winner is..."

maga_dogg says, "heh"

mcp says (to doe), "lounge. e. s. e"

Iain says, "Being late, I thought I'd better add a note of controversy."

Frisco exclaims, "Yay Slim Shade!"

jwalrus claps madly.

Varicella exclaims, "...Rameses! How unseemly!"

Doe says, "thanks"
BrenBarn says, "YAY"

Gunther says, "YAY!!!"

K-Y applauds.

Mona says, "yehaw!"

neild exclaims, "Yay Rameses!!!!"

veek applauds!

dfan says, "Woo!!"

jwalrus says, "YAY!!!"

Rob applauds!

maga_dogg exclaims, "yay!"

Emily says, "YAY!!!"

Tril exclaims, "Whoohooo!"

mcp applauds

Sargent says, "Yay!"

Paul cheers for Rameses!!!!

inky claps.

Oren exclaims, "Woo!"

BoingBall claps.

wuss claps some more.

maga_dogg stomps his feet

caleb exclaims, "hurray!!!"

nm applauds

Varicella gives Best Individual PC trophy to stephenb.

Sirrus claps

eileen applauds wildly

BrenBarn cheers stephenb.

Kays says, "SHADE! SHADE! SHADE!"

Hloif exclaims, "What?!? Rameses?!"
K-Y exclaims, "Yes!"

LoneCleric exclaims, "WOOHOO!"

stephenb exclaims, "Wow, thanks everyone!"

Guest5 exclaims, "congratulations!"

Rob claps.

markm says, "A-ha. I was right. xyzzy puts you to the room east of the lounge"
mclem would applaud, but he isn't brave enough

zarf says, "go rameses"

Doe arrives from the west.

Frisco exclaims, "Wow! great choice!"

dfan says (to Hloif), "Yes!"
Rob says, "hurrah" Ender returns. "Eeagh. I missed stuff."
Varicella leaves the auditorium to the west.

Guest6 says, "clap"

Urbatain felicidades!!!

Gunther says (to stephenb), "CONGRATS!"

Iain asks, "That's the first award?"
ander cheers more.

inky says, "speech! speech!"

Ender goes home.

</Ender> Observe the snow. It fornicates.

NamelessAdventurer has arrived.

jwalrus claps more.

Urbatain aplaude

BoingBall says, "second"

Rob says, "second"

maga_dogg says (to stephen), "well-deserved." zarf asks, "what's teh URL for the nominee list again?"
Rob whistles. baf says, "second"

Hloif asks, "What was the first award, and who won it?"

Gunther says (to stephenb), "Speech!" BoingBall says (to Rob), "Indeed you are"
Mona couldn't agree more. Iain says, "Someone update the chalkboard, then."
Sargent says (to stephenb), "congratulations"

BrenBarn says, "Congrats stephenb!"

Frisco exclaims, "He can't speak he's too intorverted!"

MikeS claps...

stephenb says, "Alex is delighted with the award, but can't think of anything to say right now."


Gunther | No.

Frisco exclaims (at stephenb), "Good job!"

BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall flies off at an angle of 45 degrees while dippy music plays. You lose a life.

Rob says, "heh"

BrenBarn says, "Hee"

jwalrus says, "yay"

Guest5 says, "viva stephenb y su aventura! :D"

Adam says (to stephen), "Hee hee"

Rob claps.

Sargent says (to Iain), "Done."
baf tries to clap but his in-game avatar doesn't want to

stephenb exclaims, "And I'm delighted too. Thanks very much everyone!"

Iain says, "Yay."
mcp cheers

Mona says (to stephenb), "ok, so *DON'T* give a speech."

Emily says, "yay!"

BrenBarn says, "Woo-hoo"

Kays cheers

Paul cheers.

jwalrus cheers again.

Rob claps.

Kiz cheers

K-Y applauds.

Jota applauds!

maga_dogg tries to remember who he voted for.

Frisco hoots n' hollers

Sargent claps wildly.

veek cheers

Guest5 says, "aplauds"

<two-star> two-star has connected to ifMUD.

Gunther says, "yay fresh blood winning"

Mona applauds again for good measure.

Doe claps.

katre claps

Rob claps.

caleb claps

Urbatain claps también

BrenBarn's hands are getting bruised.

two-star arrives from the west.

BoingBall arrives from the west.

Gunther says (to BrenBarn), "and it's only the second award"

Mona says (to BrenBarn), "nobody needs to know *that*"

Sierra arrives from the west.

Gunther says, "ew"

Rob says (to mona), "#peanut-gallery, please"
Guest6 says, "applaud"

LoneCleric whistles.

Gunther says, "Miss Sierra!"

Sierra says, "I'm supposed to present the award for Best Non-Player Character."

Rob claps.

BrenBarn says, "Wahoo!"

Kays says, "claps"
katre says, "yay"

Mona claps.

neild asks, "What game is this?"
maga_dogg wolf-whistles

Gunther cheers

pop goes home.

</pop> pop has disconnected from ifMUD.

Sierra says, "But since it's been THIRTEEN MONTHS and I still haven't gotten the medal I supposedly won last year, you all can fucking bite me. Bye."

Gunther says, "Varicella"
caleb applauds neild asks, "Sierra is from Varicella?"

Emily says, "Varicella gain"

jwalrus laughs.

Sierra storms off.

Tril laughs

Sierra leaves the auditorium to the west.

Emily laughs

Jota cheers!

Sargent laughs.

Rob claps.

Gunther says, "hee"

inky says, "but .. but.."

mclem giggles.

BoingBall cheers and applauds.

Mona snickers.

stephenb claps.

LoneCleric fucking bites her.

Charlotte arrives from the west.

Frisco looks around uncomfortably

Doe says, "hehehe"

jwalrus says, "YAY"

</mnovelli> mnovelli has disconnected from ifMUD.

Charlotte jumps up on stage

Guest6 goes home.

</Guest6> This little guesty stayed home.

MikeS chuckles...

Gunther says, "Woo!"

Charlotte exclaims, "silence! i claim this microphone in the name of france!"

inky looks relieved.

Emily says, "yay Charlotte!"

Gunther says, "best xyzzy's ever"
Rob claps.

Guest1 goes home.

</Guest1> Alex forgets about the guest. "Now I don't believe in anything!"

Hloif exclaims, "Hee!"

Jota exclaims, "Yay!"

jwalrus says, "yay charlotte!!"

mcp laughs

BrenBarn says, "yay"

BoingBall says, "hey, the light bulb just blew"
Sargent cheers.

maga_dogg exclaims, "yay!"

ander cheers in the name of Charlotte!

caleb exclaims, "yay!"

neild says, "Obviously I should have played Varicella to understand this year's awards."
mclem exclaims, "Yay backup presenters!" Sargent says, "Viva la revolution"

Jota exclaims, "Charlotte deserved to win last year anyway. Woo!"

maga_dogg says, "charlotte was definitely a better NPC than Sierra, anyway"

maga_dogg says (to jota), "timing"

Charlotte says, "so, let's see. best npc." Gunther asks, "Charlotte being from?"

jwalrus says, "hey, and the author won't be hurt if we say charlotte should have won instead of sierra either"

Gunther says, "ah"

Jota says (to Gunther), "Varicella."

Charlotte says, "first, we have a king, from augmented fourth by brian uri." Emily says (to Gunther), "Also varicella"

BrenBarn says (to Gunther), "France, apparently."

Gunther says (to BrenBarn), "hee hee"

wuss claps.

caleb claps

Jota asks (of Gunther), "Don't you remember last year's nominees?"
LoneCleric claps.

jwalrus says, "yay king"

llamaboy claps.

Guest5 says, "claps"

Mona claps.

Emily claps

Gunther applauds

Rob claps.

katre claps

Charlotte says, "when i was a little girl my daddy took me to meet king augmented iv over in westphalia... he was a furry little man who kept licking my face."

BrenBarn says, "Yay"

Charlotte says, "wait, maybe that was a dog."

Dilbon says, "Last year was a year ago. It's a long time."
Gunther says, "ew"

MikeS claps

Paul claps

Mona says, "eww"

Urbatain claps, but no me entero de na XD

jwalrus laughs.

Frisco claps for the most underrated game this year.

Jota claps.

inky says, "but they were both named rex"
Sargent claps. Rob says, "yay"

Sargent laughs.

Charlotte says, "then there's melvin from being andrew plotkin by rob wheeler." neild exclaims, "Yay!"

maga_dogg groans once more

Gunther says, "Oedipus rex"

Gunther says, "YAY BAP"

katre says, "yay"

K-Y applauds.

LoneCleric claps.

Doe claps.

Emily claps

wuss claps.

jwalrus says, "yay androids"

BrenBarn cheers.

caleb exclaims, "hurrah!"

Mona applauds Melvin.

Paul claps claps claps

veek applauds wildly

jwalrus claps.

Charlotte says, "i tried being andrew plotkin once, but when i tried walking through the wall i didn't go anywhere."

nm appluds

Kiz yays

jwalrus laughs.

zarf says, "heh"

inky says, "yay"

Gunther says (to Charlotte), "except hospital"

Emily says, "woo"

Sargent laughs.

BoingBall says, "hee hee"

Charlotte exclaims, "though after i hit my head enough times i *did* get the thing with the colored light flaring around me. it was coooool!"

Frisco claps

Jota laughs!

caleb laughs

jwalrus laughs.

Rob smiles.

Tril grins

BrenBarn laughs.

maga_dogg laughs

Mona says, "yay ganja!"

jwalrus says, "Charlotte is the bestest presenter"
Gunther says (to Mona), "boo!"

Mona says, "um, er.."

Charlotte says, "next up is the alien in failsafe by jon ingold."

Guest5 says, "astral :D"

LoneCleric cheers.

K-Y applauds.

Urbatain says, "JAJAJAJA"

BrenBarn claps.

Rob claps.

jwalrus says, "woo!"

Mona says, "yayayay!"

Jota asks, "Can we have her back next year, if we're short one?"
Charlotte exclaims, "grr, all these aliens coming in and taking jobs from us hard-working npcs!"

caleb cheers

wuss claps.

Kays claps

Gunther says (to Charlotte), "SPOILERS!"

Charlotte says, "we should build a big *fence*."

Paul chee *crackle* claps!

Sargent applauds.

Tril applauds for a game she hasn't played. Yay!

Frisco claps

Rob claps.

jwalrus laughs!

Charlotte says, "and then we have galatea from galatea by emily short, which i did not personally like because it's so unfair."

Rob cheers.

K-Y applauds.

Frisco contracts the clap.

maga_dogg exclaims, "yay!"

katre says, "yay"

Mona says, "wah-hoo!"

caleb exclaims, "YAY!!"

Charlotte says, "talk to a hunk of rock shaped like a chick and that's artsy, but talk to a hunk of rock shaped like a hunk of rock and ohhh, suddenly you must be *crazy* because rocks don't talk or whatever. such a double standard."

BrenBarn says, "Yay"

neild exclaims, "Yay Galatea!"

BoingBall cheers.

wuss claps.

Frisco says, "hurrah"

Paul exclaims, "Yay galatea!"

(from Sargent) Charlotte says, "But can I play her in the movie version anyway?"
Sargent cheers.

inky says, "yay"

jwalrus cracks up.

Gunther says, "hee!"

Doe cheers.

maga_dogg says, "Only one winner here, I think"
Mona giggles.

Charlotte says, "lastly, we have angela from my angel by jon ingold, who hears her love's thoughts in her head."

Paul laughs.

Rob claps.

Hloif exclaims, "YAY Galatea!"

LoneCleric cheers.

BrenBarn applauds.

K-Y applauds.

markm claps with one hand and waves with the other.

Sargent claps.

jwalrus cheers.

Kays cheers

Paul cheers for My Angel.

caleb claps

wuss claps.

Doe claps.

Emily claps

Guest5 says, "claps"

Frisco applauds

Hloif asks (of markm), "What's the sound of one hand clapping?"
Charlotte exclaims, "i hear my love's thoughts in my head too, but he mostly says things like 'it's cold down here' and 'decomposing hurts' and stuff. whine whine whine!"

mclem cheers for them all once more

jwalrus laughs.

ander giggles.

katre says, "hee hee"

Charlotte says, "and the winner is..."

markm says (to Hloif), "The answer is: 'd'oh!'."
Charlotte exclaims, "...galatea!"

jwalrus cheers for everyone.

Gunther falls over

katre says, "YAY"

Mona says, "shoo-in!"

veek claps

Paul cheers!

BoingBall exclaims, "Hooray for Galatea!"

inky cheers.

mcp cheers

jwalrus says, "YAY!"

Oren applauds

ander cheers!

Sargent cheers loudly.

K-Y applauds.

maga_dogg says, "well, it had to be."

stephenb cheers!

caleb cheers wildly

neild exclaims, "Yay obvious choice!"

dfan says, "Yay!!"

Frisco exclaims, "Yay1!"

Kays claps

Gunther says, "woo"

Doe claps wildy.

nm applauds

jwalrus says, "woo galatea!"

Rob applauds!

Hloif exclaims, "YAY!!!"

BrenBarn cheers!

Hloif applauds.

Mona says (to Emily), "well deserved!"

mclem cheers

Emily gets up and tries not to trip on her dress

Charlotte leaves the auditorium to the west.

maga_dogg says (to emily), "congratulations, and curse you for raising the standard"

Urbatain asks, "winner for??"
llamaboy claps for Galatea.

inky says (to Em), "give us a conversation topic or two!"

Gunther says, "wow, compared to 99 these are WeyrXYZZYs"
Jota applauds, cheers, and wildly exhibits y'know, appreciation and stuff.

Paul congratulates Emily.

inky says, "NPC"
jwalrus says (to Emily), "yay!"

zarf claps

BrenBarn applauds for Emily.

Doe asks, "a dress?"

neild asks (of Gunther), "?"


BoingBall says (to inky), "hee hee"

Kiz cheers

Emily says, "um, so. it's almost exactly a year ago that I was buried up to my ears in code for this, and it seemed completely out of hand and impossible that it would ever get finished."

Gunther says, "all hugging and loving"
Sargent says (to Emily), "Aw."

eileen applauds happily

Urbatain asks, "before was best NPCs?"

jwalrus says, "and loads of guests"

MikeS cheers!!

jwalrus cheers more.

(from Gunther) Emily says, "Don't you want to ask me about her breasts?"

Iain says, "urklagbye. Someone can finish my peanuts, and distribute these YAYs."

maga_dogg throws confetti inky says, "so far we've had medium, PC, and this is NPC"

(from neild) Emily says, "So I got rid of all the rooms and stuff, and that made it way easier!"

Rob says, "hurrah" Jota says (to Doe), "It's a pretty nice dress, too."

Sargent says, "All results are being archived on the chalkboard. >X CHALKBOARD to see what's happened so far"

wuss claps. mcp exclaims (at emily), "and now here you are, doing a quarter turn to facing us directly!"
Adam says, "Whoops, forgot this"

Emily says, "but, um, the response has been more generous than I could have hoped. Thank you muchly, especially if you're one of the people who sent suggestions for v2."

inky says (to Urb), "we're doing in reverse order"

mcp says, "face"

Iain has disconnected.

Iain goes home.

Adam gives Best Use of Medium trophy to Emily.

Adam says, "Whoops"

Emily says (to Adam), "wrong one!"

zarf says, "hey!"

Adam gives Best Individual NPC trophy to Emily.

inky laughs.

BrenBarn says, "Ha!"

Adam says, "There we go."

Sargent says (to Adam), "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE."

Gunther says, "FAKE TROPHIES!"

jwalrus laughs.

Adam says, "Now gimme mine back."

BrenBarn says, "YAY"

Gunther calls The Sun

Emily tries to figure out how to give it back

maga_dogg says (to adam), "yay."

BoingBall laughs

Emily gives Best Use of Medium trophy to Adam.

Emily says, "There we go."

Adam says, "Yay"

neild exclaims, "Yay trophy mugging!"

dfan says, "Emily is clearly the best NPC of the last year"

Emily says, "I talk, I don't manipulate inventory"

BoingBall exclaims, "Yay emoted giving!"

K-Y descends the stairs, and lets himself out of the Lounge.

</K-Y> Your alternate exit is: DEATH

BrenBarn | @steal trophy=adam

baf mugs a trophy

Paul exclaims (at Emily), "Yay!"

(from maga_dogg) Adam says, "This trophy isn't about me. It's about Emily Short, who made it possible (cries)"

Rob claps crazy wacky slapstick handoff routine. Hloif says, "Okay, this just ROCKS."
Emily waves and sits down

Rob applauds it, also.

BrenBarn cheers some more.

(from jwalrus) Emily says, "Although this trophy will be made of cloth and three feet high by the time I'm done with it"
Guest5 says, "claps" neild asks, "Wait, Adam is Opal *and* Emily?"
Mona claps. Again. Urbatain says, "uf, i don't understand the most speech XD"

maga_dogg says (to jwalrus), "YAY."

wuss has disconnected.

wuss goes home.

Emily says (to neild), "I think that would upset several people"

neild says, "Hee"

Frisco exclaims, "2 new winners! Cool!"

<Kincaid99> Kincaid99 has connected to ifMUD.

Jota says (to jwal), "Hee"

(from Sargent) Emily says, "Mostly me."

<Psmith> Psmith is.

inky says, "that's kind of a tough act to follow, but I imagine the guy who managed to get a maze chosen for best puzzle can do it -- please welcome Andrew Plotkin, last year's winner for Hunter, in Darkness"

Paul says (to Sarge), "Yay"
Emily claps

zarf stands up

Gunther says, "Z!"

jwalrus says, "yay!"

Rob claps

BrenBarn says, "Yay!"

Sargent says, "alt: Being Adam Cadre's Pseudonym."
katre claps

caleb claps

Paul claps

stephenb cheers.

Rob whistles!

Mona claps.

Sargent applauds.

Adam says, "Yay typing break!"

neild exclaims, "Yay old man Zarf!"

BoingBall exclaims, "Zarf! Zarf! Zarf!"

Adam says, "I mean yay zarf!"

Jota exclaims, "Hail!"

Urbatain says, "too fast"
Doe applauds.

Frisco exclaims, "Yay mazes!"

Ellison says, "yay zarf"

zarf says, "Well, I'm totally unpreprared for my little task here."

Urbatain exclaims, "ANDREW!!!!"

jwalrus cheers zarf.

maga_dogg exclaims, "We are not worthy!"

ander claps.

veek cheers

Urbatain claps

Kays whistles

Gunther says, "you can read the log later"
Mona wonders if Galatea's going to present anything...

Urbatain cheers

Guest5 says, "andrew :)"

zarf tapes a note to his forehead which says '32768 nearly identical zarfs'

jwalrus says (to Mona), "next year, I guess"
Urbatain do the mokey

Urbatain do the monkey

Gunther says (to Mona), "How can she? She's a statue."

LoneCleric says, "I expected the Wumpus. :-("

Paul laughs.

Sargent says, "yay"

zarf says, "I will enhance this persona by saying everything 32768 times."

jwalrus says (to LC), "that would rock"
Mona gives banana to Urbatain.

wuss arrives from the west.

zarf says, "...randomly scrambled."

Doe says, "hehe"

inky says, "yay 32768 nearly-identical recipes"

Sargent says (to zarf), "But Shrapnel has already won!"

Rob splac

jwalrus laughs and cheers again.

Paul says, "Scrandomly rambled."
zarf says, "Or, in fact, maybe not." neild exclaims (at Sarg), "YAY!"
zarf looks at his crib sheet.

Frisco exclaims, "whooo! extended oratory!"

Kiz says (to Sarge), "ha!"

(from Gunther) suddenly, burst lag sets in

Mona says (to Zarf), "but you will not make us say the secret code!"

JSJ goes home.

</JSJ> JSJ has disconnected from ifMUD.

zarf says, "Best individual puzzles of the year 2000..."

Gunther cheers

zarf says, "Let's see."

BrenBarn stomps his feet in anticipation.

Hloif applauds.

Urbatain eats the banana

zarf checks data files to see who wrote which game.

Mona whistles.

(from jwalrus) zarf says, "hey, this list is written in code!"
zarf says, "First nominee: 9:05 by Adam Cadre." maga_dogg says, "N.B. If any puzzle could be solved by me, it is disqualified"
Rob applauds.

wuss claps.

jwalrus says, "yay"

Emily claps

nm claps and claps

Sargent claps.

caleb claps

Paul exclaims, "Yay 9:05!"

LoneCleric cheers.

zarf says, "For, apparently, 9:05 by Adam Cadre."

veek cheers

Gunther says, "woo"

katre says, "yay"

Guest5 says, "claps"

Kays cheers

Ellison claps

Sirrus claps.

BrenBarn says, "wooo"

BoingBall exclaims, "in CSS!"
Frisco claps Urbatain exclaims, "sirrus tu preferida!"
Tril exclaims, "Yay puzzleless game!"

mclem applauds

(from neild) Mona says, "That's not a puzzle!"
baf claps confusedly

stephenb claps.

maga_dogg asks, "er, where was the puzzle?"

Sirrus says (to urbatain), "no es mi preferida :P"

zarf says, "Above and Beyond! by Mike Sousa"

Mona sighs.

Rob applauds.

Psmith arrives from the west.

zarf says, "For, a mannequin."

ander says, "It's a trick; that's close enough."
BrenBarn cheers.

Paul cheers.

nm claps further

Gunther says, "for looking under the bed in 9:05"
jwalrus claps.

veek just keeps applauding

LoneCleric says, "The puzzle is the game."
Urbatain clap

Frisco claps

<Grocible> Grocible has connected to ifMUD.

wuss claps.

caleb claps

Urbatain says, "creía que si"

LoneCleric says (to Gunther), "Also, mighty spoiler there."

baf exclaims, "Woohoo!"

Hloif applauds.

Ellison claps

maga_dogg thinks error of category.
Mona says, "yay, A&B!"

neild applauds for whatever the latest game read off is.

zarf says, "Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort"

Emily says, "woo"

LoneCleric cheers.

veek says, "Wooo!"

zarf says, "For, fthe fletter frooms."

jwalrus says, "yay!"

wuss claps.

BoingBall says, "yay AV"

Hloif claps.

Guest5 says, "claps"

katre says, "yay"

Gunther applauds constanly

caleb exclaims, "yay!!"

Rob claps!

maga_dogg says, "yay"

Mona says, "and this one, too! Yay!"

Grocible arrives from the west.

stephenb exclaims, "yay!"

jwalrus laughs.

Kays claps

Frisco hollers, hoots, howls, hmmm...

baf jumps up and down excitedly

mclem masterfully makes merry.

zarf says (to frisco), "heh."

Sargent laughs.

Paul applauds artful achievement

ander cheers cheekily.

Jota claps claps anf claps.

Urbatain asks, "who is the maker of galatea?"
<Sammy> Sammy has connected to ifMUD.

Tril applauds alliteratively

maga_dogg thumps the bleeding stumps at the end of his wrists together

Gunther says, "Emily"
baf applauds without using the letter "e"

zarf says, "Being Me, by Rob Wheeler"

jwalrus points at Emily.
Rob reacts raucously.

nm claps

zarf says, "For, for, for, for..."

Paul laughs

BoingBall breaks brown bowls belatedly.

Emily says, "WOOO"

Guest5 says, "being urbatain"

jwalrus says, "yay!"

Gunther cheers BAP

katre says, "yay"

Doe says, "hehehe"

inky says, "yay being you"

Urbatain says, "XD"

zarf says, "the recursive room. room."

wuss claps.

veek cheers

neild laughs

jwalrus claps.

caleb cheers

Urbatain says, "being me"

Jota exclaims, "Woo!"

zarf says, "Room."

Doe claps.

Paul exclaims, "Yay recursive room!!"

Rob claps for zarf being zarf.

LoneCleric cheers cheers cheers.

Urbatain exclaims, "wow!!!!!"

Mona applauds another puzzleless game!

Paul returns.

Ellison says, "yayayayayayayayayaya"

Gunther says (to zarf), "RTRUE"

Kays cheers

baf applauds recursively

(from BrenBarn) [system] Error: stack overflow.

maga_dogg says, "dah, I could solve these. Not real puzzles."

Frisco claps

zarf says, "And finally, Rematch, by Andrew Pontius"

(from Sargent) Zarf says, "And Being Andrew Plotking, for the recursive room."
mclem applauds) applauds) (from Sargent) Zarf says, "And Being Andrew Plotking, for the recursive room."
jwalrus says, "YAY!!!"

neild exclaims, "Yay devil!"

katre says, "yay!"

maga_dogg says, "yay rematch"

Rob applauds.

Gunther says, "woo woo"

wuss claps.

nm claps, restarts, claps, restarts

Emily says, "yay"

Guest5 says, "la caña of spain"

Mona fallso over, applauding.

Dilbon asks, "Nothing by Andy Phillips?"
Paul cheers

Rob whistles.

Sargent cheers.

zarf says, "For rematch."

jwalrus cheers lots and lots.

wuss claps.

caleb claps

Hloif cheers.

Ellison says, "Rematch kicks all kinds of ass"

Urbatain exclaims, "OLEEE!"

Gunther says, "I don't think phillips was ever nominated for anything"
LoneCleric cheers widly, but fails to break the cycle.

jwalrus says, "yay yay yay!"

mclem cheers the bore in the corner

inky says, "this applause is just like the one a few ceremonies ago!"
Frisco yells like a little school girl! maga_dogg says, "OK, I somehow managed to solve rematch, but nonetheless, the best puzzle definitely"

jwalrus says (to inky), "hee"

Emily says (to Gunther), "Heroine's is up for stuff soon"

zarf says, "Before I open the envelope, let me say what a pleasure it's been to be named on the nominee list three times as often as anyone else."

<TableSaw> OK, maybe having a robot butler would get annoying after a while.

Dilbon says, "Heist got a best puzzle nomination, I think"
jwalrus laughs. Gunther says, "oh, ok"
BrenBarn chuckles. Jota says (to DIlbon), "Best, not most.#pea ..Dilbon He'll win the 'Most' category for puzzles."
BoingBall says (to zarf), "No."

ander grins.

Gunther says, "See my memory. See this sieve. They are the same."
Emily says, "heh" Doe says, "maybe it's time for more cheerios"
jwalrus claps for everyone.

Rob claps.

TableSaw asks, "Oh damnit, where's the auditorium?"
Urbatain exclaims, "ZARF RULES!"

Mona says, "we need the Clapper here."

zarf looks around for an envelope.

Ellison says, "east from Dorm A"

Rob says, "east from dorm A"

Jota says, "Grrr."

Gunther says, "MOTD"

Guest5 says, "zak rules :)" neild says (to Doe), "It's a serial."
TableSaw arrives from the west.

Urbatain exclaims, "ZAK TOO!"

Doe says (to nield), "hehe"
Guest5 says, "byes! :D"

Guest5 leaves the auditorium to the west.

zarf begins to look nervous

</Guest5> Alex forgets about the guest. "Now I don't believe in anything!"

mcp says, "yay"
inky says (to zarf), "it's, um, to build up the anticipation" TableSaw asks, "What are we on?"

Emily says (to zarf), "Read the walkthrough!"

Rob applauds awkward silence.

Mona coughs to fill the break.

Urbatain exclaims, "ZARF, tell a joke!"

Frisco exclaims, "Yay presenter anxiety!"

maga_dogg says, "comeon, zarfer, shell out that prize"

BrenBarn says, "Best puzzle."

zarf says, "Four fried chickens and the Pope walk into a bar..."

wuss waits, patiently.

zarf says, "Oh, here it is."

Rob says, "this is punishment for winning an award, doing the presenting next year"
Rob claps

zarf says, "The wnner is Rematch!"

Hloif says, "DARN, I wanted to see where that joke was going."
katre says, "YAY!"

Rob says, "whoa!!"

(from inky) zarf says "So this guy walks into a bar, and the bartender gives him a drink. <pause> What? That's intentional!"
Urbatain says, "and...."

maga_dogg says, "YAYYYY"

Hloif claps politely.

wuss claps.

Mona says, "alright!"

veek applauds

Psmith says, "Yay!"

Kays cheers

Paul exclaims, "Yay rematch!!"

neild exclaims, "WOOHOO!"

Ellison says, "yay!"

Rob applauds.

Gunther says, "[OT] massive explosions outsife my window"
inky claps.

</Kincaid99> Kincaid99 has disconnected from ifMUD.

zarf applauds

nm cheers

Emily says, "yay Rematch!"

BrenBarn claps and claps.

TableSaw applauds.

LoneCleric exclaims, "WOOHOO!"

jwalrus says, "YAAAAAY!!!!"

Oren claps

Jota applauds.

Gunther says, "YAY REMATCH"

ander cheers loudly.

stephenb exclaims, "yay!"

mclem cheers, then dies.

caleb exclaims, "yay!"

inky asks (of Gunther), "wow, what for?"
dfan cheers!


maga_dogg says, "Well-deserved"

Gunther says, "no idea"
Sargent says, "Woo!"

Kiz says, "yay devil!"

jwalrus cheers lots and lots.

katre says, "too abd devil didn't make it. :("
MikeS cheers! BoingBall says, "indeed"
zarf asks, "Is the dude here?"

Rob claps.

Mona cheers even lotter and lotter!

zarf says, "Guess not."

Gunther says, "still nothing for bap? boo!"
Sargent says, "Let's speak of the devil."

BoingBall waves to devil reading the log.

BrenBarn recites arcane incantations.

zarf holds up the trophy on devil's behalf.

Urbatain claps

Gunther says, "congrats devil"

mcp cheers

Paul cheers

caleb claps

Rob cheers for devil.

Emily cheers

neild says, "He's in Boston."

ander cheers for the absent.

veek says, "congrats, devil!"

BrenBarn cheers for devil.

Gunther says, "also, sympathy for the devil"
Frisco claps, again.

Ellison claps

zarf sits down and waits to win something.

Jota cheers for sneaky devils.

Rob cheers for Boston, too.

Doe claps.

TableSaw says, "Federico is responsible for Leg^H^H^H devil's absence."
jwalrus claps.

Rob claps.

inky says, "hee hee"

Emily says, "heehee"

Gunther asks, "?"

neild exclaims (at Rob), "Yay 'More Than a Feeling'!"

Guard#0249 arrives from the west.

Guard#0531 arrives from the west.

Rob says (to neild), "eeagh!"

mcp says, "hee"

maga_dogg exclaims, "yay!"

Mona says, "hm." BrenBarn says, "Whoa"

jwalrus says, "dammit, have to leave ... bleah"

katre says, "#peanut : calls devil to tell him"

jwalrus curses and leaves quietly to avoid disrupting the proceedings.

Guard#0531 and Guard #0249 ascend the stage.

Jota asks, "Vgame too?"

Emily says, "I think so"

inky says, "yeah"

inky says, "he'd be doing best game also, but that's eileen's job"

MikeS cheers in Boston.

Guard#0531 clears his throat.

maga_dogg says (to jota), "Or badmachine, possibly..."
Hloif applauds. Emily says, "I want to see them do a dance routine"

Gunther says, "that or LGOP! It's PLAGURISM!!!"

inky says (to maga), "hee hee"

Ellison says (to Gunther), "hee"

Guard#0531 says, "They say that NPCs add the human element to IF..." BrenBarn says (to Gunther), "Ha!"

neild exclaims (at Guard), "Not Melvin!"

Guard#0531 exclaims, "...but as recent games have shown, they can also add the feline element, the canine element, or even the ursine element!" Hloif says, "TSD."
Guard#0531 looks expectantly at Guard #0249.

Rob claps.

Hloif asks, "What game are the Guards from?"
Guard#0249 stares dully into space Gunther says, "duh"

inky says, "Varicella"

(from Sargent) Guard#0531 says, "Thank you, thank you. I will be here all the week."

TableSaw says, "bruce willis in 'the ursine element.'"

Emily says, "heehee"

Urbatain says, "estos son barman y drogin"

Guard#0531 taps his foot. Hloif says, "Okay, sorry, it's been a while since I played it."
Guard#0249 drools

katre says, "devil says thank you to everyone"

katre says, "(I'm on phone)"

Gunther says (to katre), "yay"

inky says, "yay devil in absentia"

Grocible says, "Okay. Well. Congratulations to all the winners. I'm afraid I have yet another work-related crisis on the go, so I'll see you all later."

Rob says, "yes, but there's also the pattern that all of the presenters have been from varicella"
Grocible goes home.

</Grocible> Grocible has disconnected from ifMUD.

Hloif says (to katre), "Yay."

Guard#0531 says (to 0249), "Pssst. It's your line, idiot."

mcp says, "that one game is getting referenced an awful lot, yes"
neild exclaims (at katre), "YAY DEVIL!" Ellison says, "I mapped Varicella out then never got back to it, unfortunately"
Mona says, "yay devil!"

katre says, "he's sorry he can't be here"

Gunther says (to Rob), "even Zarf"
katre says, "helping a friend move" Hloif says (to Rob), "Zarf was in Varicell..."
Guard#0249 says (to 0531), "Me not know line." Hloif says (to Gunther), "Damn you."

Doe says, "didn't realize zarf was a character from varacellia"

Rob rolls his eyes.

inky asks (of katre), "movie bodies?"

Guard#0531 says (to 0249), "Just read it off the teleprompter." mcp says, "maybe adam is preparing us for a sequel"

inky asks, "er, move bodies?"

mcp says, "(joke)"

baf says, "Well, I'm sure he played it..."

Guard#0249 says (to 0531), "Me never learned to read." TableSaw says, "cries!"
Guard#0531 says (to 0249), "Oh, for-- 'Look a bear!' Your line is 'Look a bear!'"

<Guest1> Alex says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that you are... um, seven?"

Guard#0249 exclaims (at 0531), "A bear?! Bears is scary! Save me from bear!"

Gunther says, "excellent"

maga_dogg says, "I just hope the Chef from Varicella turns up soon..."

Guard#0531 sighs. Sargent says, "You hear body fall to the north!"

TableSaw says, "i hate this f234235 shift key."

Ellison says, "I think the little that I played Varicella, I imagined myself wearing zarf's light cape or whatever"

katre says, "no, valancy is in boston now"

Guard#0531 says, "Okay, the nominees for Best NPCs are:" Gunther says, "You are a ..."

inky says (to Sargent), "yay!"

Guard#0531 says, "Being Andrew Plotkin by Rob Wheeler..."

Gunther says, "cheer"

katre says, "yay"

caleb cheers

mcp applauds

zarf says, "yay"

dfan says, "Woo"

veek says, "yaaay""

Emily says, "yay BAP!!!"

Jota says, "Woo"

Doe applauds.

LoneCleric claps.

Kays cheers

Frisco claps

Hloif exclaims, "YAY!"

Guard#0531 says, "Galatea by Emily Short..."

BrenBarn cheers.

Mona says, "yay multiple personality game!"

stephenb cheers

katre says, "yay"

maga_dogg says, "yay"

Hloif cheers!

Sargent applauds, and applauds again.

Rob claps.

caleb cheers

neild exclaims, "Yay Galatea again!"

mclem cheers lots

Guard#0531 says, "Heroine's Mantle by Andy Phillips..."

BrenBarn continues to applaud.

wuss claps.

dfan cheers!

Frisco laps

Rob claps.

stephenb cheers

dfan cheers again

Kays applauds

maga_dogg asks, "also, npc *S*?"
Urbatain exclaims, "yea beign begingg gejfede argh!"

Sargent claps.

ander asks, "Am I the only one who sees a resemblence between these guards and Biggs and Wedge of console RPG fame?"
caleb exclaims, "yay!"

Ellison says, "yay Heroine's Mantle"

Urbatain says, "WOWWWW"

LoneCleric cheers.

Guard#0531 says, "Kaged by Ian Finley..."

Hloif claps.

Rob claps.

Doe claps.

Mona applauds.

caleb claps

dfan claps

Emily says, "yay Kaged"

Ellison says, "yay IF"

maga_dogg claps

Paul cheers for Kaged and everything else that was announced while he was AFK

Sargent applauds.

Gunther cheers

Guard#0531 says, "Punk Points by Jim Munroe..."

Frisco hoots

Urbatain says, "Bravo Kaged"

katre says, "yay"

veek claps and claps

Rob claps.

caleb claps

mcp says, "you could count pygmalion i guess"
ander cheers more.

dfan applauds.

BoingBall claps

Paul says, "Yay punk points"

TableSaw says, "yay catholicteens!"

baf asks, ""Console RPG"? Haven't you ever seen Star Wars?"
Guard#0531 exclaims, "...and Rameses, by Stephen Bond!"

Gunther says, "woo kaged, punk points"

Hloif claps.

LoneCleric cheers.

Kays cheers

katre says (to ander), "hee hee, but they were stolen"
Ellison says, "yay punk points"

Frisco never played it but claps anyway

BoingBall cheers.

dfan cheers

Paul cheers!

Rob claps.

Guard#0249 exclaims, "Rameses = condoms = impotence!"

Sargent applauds.

Urbatain claps

caleb cheers!

Mona says, "yay, stephenb again!"

Emily laughs

Doe claps.

ander says (to baf), "Yes, they were stolen from there first. I know."
Rob laughs.

TableSaw says, "yay"

Gunther says, "yay rameses!!"

stephenb laughs

mcp applauds the nominees

baf cheers

Guard#0531 says (to 0249), "Thank you for that."

Paul says, "guffaws."
Urbatain claps

mclem cheers the roommates for being wonderfully unpleasant.

maga_dogg says, "not a great year for npcs, apart from emily's stuff, imo"
Guard#0531 says, "And the winner is..."

Jota applauds.

Paul er, guffaws.

neild says, "Rameses had great NPCs."

Gunther says, "um, bap"

Guard#0531 exclaims, "Being Andrew Plotkin!" BrenBarn says, "Rameses rules."
katre says, "yay!"


Rob says, "Whoa?!"

Emily claps wildly

BrenBarn cheers.

Tril whistles

veek says, "YAY!!"

caleb exclaims, "YAYY!!!!!"


Kays cheers wildly

TableSaw says, "Yay!"

inky claps.

LoneCleric cheers.

dfan says, "Woo!!"

stephenb exclaims, "yay!"

zarf says, "yay more"

mclem cheers the PC NPCs.

mcp cheers

Jota exclaims, "Re-ci-pe!"

maga_dogg says (to gunther), "I guess, but not very interactive"
Sargent says, "Woo!"

Rob stumbles to his feet.

Paul exclaims, "YAY BAP YAY BAP YAY BAP!!!"

Urbatain exclaims, "being!"

Frisco chers

Jota exclaims, "Re-ci-pe!"

Hloif CHEERS! "YAY!!!!!!!!"

zarf applauds himself in an award-winning role

Rob climbs up on stage.

Urbatain claps loudly

Oren cheers

ander cheers for an interesting game.

neild exclaims, "Aw, Zarf always wins!"

Guard#0531 leaves the auditorium to the west.

nm clps. er, claps

Mona claps wildly.

baf exclaims, "Bap! Bap! Bap! Bap!"

Guard#0249 leaves the auditorium to the west.

Gunther says (to zarf), "hee"

</Guest1> Alex forgets about the guest. "Now I don't believe in anything!"

Rob says, "Wow."

MikeS claps loudly

veek stamps feet

Dilbon says, "It's obviously good to be Andrew Plotkin."
BrenBarn congratulates zarf -- no, wait, Rob.

eileen applauds enthusiastically

Gunther says (to Rob), "woo woo woo"

TableSaw begins writing Being Rob Wheeler.

mcp is pleased by the diversity of winners

Doe applauds wildly. Hloif exclaims (at TableSaw), "Hee!"

neild exclaims (at TS), "Yay recursive games!"

Rob says, "Okay, this is really weird, because I had a dream just before I woke up today where I won this particular award."

Sargent says (to Rob), "Yay NPC drawn from real life!"

wuss exclaims, "Um, yay. YAY!"

Urbatain claps loudly

<ghira> ghira has connected to ifMUD.

Ellison says, "I thought, given the scope of the game, the NPCs in Heroine's Mantle were fun and respective... and Rematch, IMO, has great NPCs"

Gunther writes Being The XYZZY Winner

wuss exclaims, "Wooo!" Gunther says, "(easier)"

inky says (to TS), ""Hats. Lots of hats. And danishes. It's not easy on the mean streets of Austin, but a guy can get by if he knows the tricks.""

Mona says, "yay twilight zone!" Paul says, "So you see, dreams really can come true."
<K-Y> K-Y has connected to ifMUD. (from BrenBarn) Gunther writes Being the Code

Sargent laughs.

Ellison says, "er, respective = respectable"

Emily says, "wackiness"

K-Y arrives from the west.

Dilbon says, "Being the IF Author Who Never Wins Anything"

mcp exclaims (at inky), "yay!"

two-star not that Rob hasn't really woken up yet. maga_dogg says (to ellison), "Just personal opinion. I didn't like Heroine's NPCs"
</ghira> I need chocolate and ricotta cake from the kosher bakery in via Portico d'Ottavia! neild exclaims (at inky), "Hee!"
two-star says, "er notes"

Rob says, "Anyway, I'd like to thank everybody in the world, except a few bits of Delaware, for this honor"

Psmith says (to Rob), "Did you dream you won any other awards as well? I've still got time to get to the bookies."

Gunther says (to Rob), "Sorry, this is still your dream."

Rob says, "and especially Zarf, for being zarf and being an NPC and all the rest of it."

BoingBall says (to Ps), "hee hee"

(from inky) Delaware cries!

(from Sargent) Rob suddenly looks down, realizes he is on stage with no pants.

baf asks, "Has anyone done a parody along the lines of "Being Matt Barringer" yet?"

Emily says, "heehee"

<Guest1> Alex says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that you are... um, seven?" Gunther says (to Sargent), "yay!"
Urbatain claps zarf and rob

Rob says, "I'm quite pleased. Thank you, everyone."

Doe asks, "wonder what's zarf kick back is?"
Guest1 arrives from the west.

Emily claps again

mcp says (to baf), "that'd be amazing"

zarf kicks Doe back.

caleb cheers Sargent says (to Doe), "All the salsa drinking glasses he wants."
katre clap s'more

inky says, "yay Rob"

Doe says, "hehehe"
Rob tries to leave, but doesn't know which way to go.

Jota applauds

Mona twirls her moustaches. Ha-HA!

Gunther says, "heh"

Mona says, "er, um.."

MikeS cheers!

inky says (to Mona), "plural? eek"
Guest1 says, "/help"

eileen has arrived.

Rob asks, "Also, do I get an award?"

Paul cheers!

maga_dogg says (to mona), "ew bearded lady."
Rob sits back down. Jota exclaims, "He will have to bodysurf the crowd to get offstage!"
inky laughs.

(From Adam) zarf points sagely at the wall.

inky says, "get that man an award!"

Adam says, "Grr, late"

Gunther says, "IT'S DELIBERATE"

Adam says, "Whoopsie. Hang on"

zarf says (to adam), "but still excellent"
inky says, "but meanwhile" ander exclaims, "The insolence! He wants and AWARD!"

Gunther says, "meanwhile, back in 1997..."

Best NPCs trophy materializes.

Adam points

TableSaw says, "...back at Stately Xyzzy Manor..."

BoingBall exclaims, "And orange juice!"

inky says, "Jon Ingold couldn't be here to present Best Puzzles, which he won for The Mulldoon Legacy, but once again, NamelessAdventurer has stepped into the breach"

Urbatain XD

inky says, "also into the breeches"

Rob gets Best NPCs trophy.

NamelessAdventurer has arrived.

<devil> jwalrus says, "it's not quite right without the 'quickly', though"

Rob says, "yay"

BrenBarn says, "Whoo"

Gunther says, "YAY DEVIL"
NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Ewww! I stepped in breach!" katre says, "yay"
Mona claps for Nameless once again.

</Frisco> Frisco has disconnected from ifMUD.

<Frisco> Frisco has connected to ifMUD.

devil arrives from the west.

wuss says (to devil), "You're late."

BoingBall exclaims, "devil!"

Gunther cheers devil

katre says (to devil), "hi again"

markm says, "thank your lucky stars you didn't step in the lederhosen"
Ellison says, "hey, congrats devil"

katre says (to devil), "and yay"

maga_dogg exclaims (at devil), "yay!"

Mona says, "and devil!"

BrenBarn cheers for devil.

Sargent says (to Nameless), "That's 'bleach'. It's to clean off the dungeon muck on your boots."
LoneCleric exclaims (at devil), "Yay you!"

Rob says, "yay"

devil says (to wuss), "Yes, I know."

Kays cheers devil

Rob claps.

ander cheers devil.

Guest4 arrives from the west.

Sargent says (to devil), "Yay devil"

Mona says, "timeout for devil cheering!"

inky says (to devil), "belated speech!"

maga_dogg exclaims (at devil), "Belated speech!"

K-Y applauds

Gunther says, "YM "mud""
Urbatain claps

Frisco exclaims (at devil), "Congrats!"

markm says (to Sargent), "I usually use a bit of club soda."
Hloif exclaims, "Yay!!"

devil says, "thank you."

Jota applauds devil.

BoingBall exclaims, "Foaming cleanser!"
(From Gunther) </devil> has disconnected.

Frisco sympathizes with the devil.

devil says, "katre phoned me and said, "Getcher butt in here!""

zarf gives Best Individual Puzzle trophy to devil.

wuss says (to devil), "Well, congratulations anyway."

NamelessAdventurer says, "So this is the award for Best Puzzles. Man, back in my day, we had *real* puzzles."

baf asks, "So IFMUD is made by mixing IF with water?"
Paul congratulates Devil

(From markm) devil drops butt.

Gunther says, "yes"
Rob tries to pick up Best NPCs trophy, but is carrying too many things already.

NamelessAdventurer asks, "Why, we had to walk three miles in the snow and give chocolate-covered insects to a lizard just to -- where was I?"

maga_dogg says (to nameless), "Stop upstaging devil"

Frisco asks, "Who won this last year?"

markm says (to Rob), "yay" TableSaw says, "Ingold."
BoingBall says, "I'm sure you can exchange the award for a good few souls"

NamelessAdventurer looks at the list.

inky says (to Rob), "you shoulda got one of those infinite inventories"

Frisco says, "Ah. Good choice."

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort!" markm says, "yow. 66people"
Hloif cheers.

BoingBall cheers.

katre says, "yay AV"

mclem now openly praises quirky release. Superb! Terrific!

Rob says, "mmm"

Sargent says, "Or a sack of holding"

LoneCleric cheers.

devil claps.

Gunther cheers

Jota Woohoo

Emily claps

veek cheers!!

Mona cheers.

Paul eers-chay

caleb cheers!

Sargent applauds.

Rob cheers!!

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Augmented Fourth, by Brian Uri!"

veek says, "Woo!"

two-star exclaims, "yay!"

K-Y applauds.

Urbatain claps

stephenb shouts support

Sargent claps.

veek says, "Yay!"

Hloif claps.

Rob claps.

inky claps.

Gunther says, "yay game i didn't play!"

Emily says, "yay"

LoneCleric claps.

baf cheers using only words that begin with "N"

Paul claps

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Dinner with Andre, by Liza Daly!"

caleb exclaims, "hurrah!"

markm plays a chord

veek dances in her seat

Mona says, "yay A4!"

ander applauds authentically.

Rob whistles!

Urbatain claps

Frisco claps

Gunther says, "woo"

<mef> What is a mouse when it spins?

Sargent says, "Huzzah dinner cheques!"

caleb claps

K-Y applauds.

Ellison says, "yay liza"

Emily says, "yay"

Paul exclaims, "Yay DWA!"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Heroine's Mantle, by Andy Phillips!"

mclem would cheer, but is afraid of being embarrassed.

Rob applauds.

Kays cheers

TableSaw says, "yay Wallace Shawn1"

K-Y applauds.

neild asks, "Where is liza?"

Hloif claps.

Urbatain claps

katre says, "yay Andre"

Gunther cheers

Ellison says, "yay HM"

Frisco exclaims, "yay! New nominee!"

caleb exclaims, "yay!"

katre says, "yay andy"

Emily claps for HM

ander cheers furthermore.

BrenBarn cheers.

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Metamorphoses, by Emily Short!"

Sargent cheers.

Urbatain says, "jeje no conozco ni uno"
K-Y applauds.

katre says, "yay"

Kays applauds

Rob applauds!

Hloif claps.

Frisco heroinE!

maga_dogg says, "yay bastardly final puzzles"

caleb cheers

Ellison claps

Gunther claps

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Nevermore, by Nate Cull!"

mclem cheers

Paul cheers

baf jumps up and down excitedly

K-Y applauds.

Rob applauds in five different sizes.

Urbatain says, "less this one XD"
Rob claps.

Mona cheers, changing shape five times in the process.

Gunther claps some more

caleb exclaims, "yay!"

maga_dogg exclaims, "yay druggie poets!"

Doe claps.

Urbatain claps Metamorph

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "And: The End Means Escape, by Stephen Kodat!"

Sargent claps.

Paul thinks he missed one, cheers again.

Frisco exclaims, "slow down man!"

K-Y applauds.

katre says, "yay"

Rob claps.

Gunther says, "woo"

Hloif claps.

Ellison claps

BrenBarn applauds.

Frisco claps

LoneCleric cheers.

Emily claps

mclem noises cheering makes

Paul can't keep up, so just stops cheering.

caleb cheers!

NamelessAdventurer slows down...........

katre asks, "wait, what category is this?"

inky says, "puzzles"

Emily says, "best puzzles"

Gunther says, "best puzzles"

two-star exclaims, "yay puzzle I accidentally solved!" Hloif says (to katre), "Best puzzles."

katre says, "thanks"

Rob says, "applause-timing puzzle!"

Mona asks (of NamelessAdventurer), "been at that coca again, haven't we?"

TableSaw saves game clap1.sav.

maga_dogg says (to mona), "hee"
NamelessAdventurer says, "The..."

mef arrives from the west.

maga_dogg says, "I love the way how in Nevermore you never overdose as long as you don't ever stop sniffing the coca"
NamelessAdventurer says, "winner..."

NamelessAdventurer says, "is..."

markm turns NamelessAdventurer up to 11.
schep arrives from the west. TableSaw asks, "...SlowTalkersOfAmerica?"
Kays enrolls nameless in presenters 101

NamelessAdventurer says, "Ad..."

Ellison asks, "the presenter isn't Eileen, is it?"
Rob applauds!

Mona says, "yahoo!"

LoneCleric exclaims, "WOOHOO!"

NamelessAdventurer says, "Verbum, by Nick Montfort"

Paul exclaims, "Yay Ad!"

Gunther says, "YAY!!"

BoingBall claps

katre says, "YAY!"

Rob says, "YAY!!!!!"

veek says, "WOOOO!!!!"

TableSaw says, "yay!"

llamaboy applauds.

Jota cheers!

Psmith says, "Yay!"

devil says, "woo hoo!"

Sargent says, "Woo hoo!"

K-Y applauds.

markm says (to nm), "dude"

Tril exclaims, "woohoo!"

nm stands and smiles

Paul exclaims, "Yay Verbum by Nick Montfort!"

zarf applausds

Frisco exclaims, "WHOO!"

BoingBall says, "excellent"

Emily says, "woot!"

mef says, "yay..."

inky claps.

Doe claps.

stephenb exclaims, "YAY!"

mclem applauds

Kays cheers wildly!

Ellison claps

mcp applauds

Rob says, "hooray! hooray!"

veek cheeeeers, using up all those extra left-over Es!!!

LoneCleric tries to bring attention to the shirt he's wearing.

Oren claps

eileen applauds energetically

two-star claps

Paul says, "Those puzzles were great."

Hloif cheers!!

ander says, "Yahoo! (Oops, copyright violation...)"
devil says, "I knew him back in his Winchester's Nightmare days."

Urbatain claps

dfan cheers!

Rob whistles!

mclem applauds - loudly applauds mclem.

Mona says (to nm), "you're the best, man!"

baf says, "This'll be some speech. I bet he'"
caleb cheers

Gunther says (to nm), "Say Speech, Sir."

markm says (to devil), "heh"

inky says, "speak surely! dictate dashingly!"

MikeS cheers!

baf says, "has a lipogram prepared."
nm says, "Ahem, awesome! Author accepts an appealing award affably." maga_dogg says (to veek), "if it's E's you're after, you want Nevermore"

Doe says (to inky), "hehehe"

Rob reports, "Rah rah!"

Sargent says, "Accept award animatedly"

katre says, "yay"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Puzzles trophy to nm.

BoingBall says, "hooray"

nm says, "As author's actions affirm, alphabetical arrangements always amused author. Assembling assorted arbitrary ASCII, ad absurdo, as adventure and acquisition, appeared attractive."

nm says, "And accordingly, author attacked adventure, abandoning ars amatoria, abandoning athletic activity, appearing agonizingly antisocial. After arduous attempts and assays, author actualized adventure."

markm says, "What an ad-libber."

Sargent says, "Oh, he's just making that up off the top of his head."

Hloif exclaims, "YAY!!!!!!!!!"

Rob reacts risibly

caleb cheers

Psmith says (to nm), "Astounded applause."

Doe says, "lol"
TableSaw says, "AY!"

nm says, "Accolade and adventurer appreciation authentically affects author."

Mona falls over, laughing.

Gunther applauds ardroitly.

katre says, "woo"

Gunther says, "if that's a word"
markm makes merry. Hloif says, "BEST. ACCEPTANCE. SPEECH. EVER."
Frisco claps and wipes tears from his eyes! Paul says, "BEST SPEECH EVER."
K-Y says, "Yay."

devil says, "Wow!"

BrenBarn belatedly cheers for nm.

nm says, "Acknowledgement appears appropriate: author appreciates all assistance and aid, awfully. An acolyte ("alone," as acolyte's appellation asserts) accoutered abundant authentication aid, assuredly above average."

Paul says (to Hloif), "timing"
maga_dogg says, "class speech."

Urbatain says, "JAJAJAJA"

Kays asks (of nm), "Prepared, were we?"

zarf says, "He did that before he knew he was going to win? Yow."

Rob says, "this is an all-time classic"

Doe says, "if it ends"

Hloif cheers!

nm says, "Author asserts again: acclaim's absolutely appreciated. Adieu!"

Kays cheers

Rob says, "but a good thing he did"

TableSaw says (to Paul,Hloif), "If I can't cook it, I don't need it."

LoneCleric says, "Hey, yay me."

devil says, "But his *name* doesn't start with 'a'." Gunther says (to zarf), "we told him"

maga_dogg says, "yay leaked results"

(from mcp) mcp says, "there's some kind of pattern to this speech that nm is making ... "

Emily says, "yay nm" inky says (to Kays), "if he was prepared he would have done it with x's"
Sargent applauds nm.

mclem says, "All very well, but he's got another set of paragraphs for the other 25 letters..."

BoingBall exclaims (at nm), "Adieu!"

Frisco keeps clapping without understanding

Doe says, "lol"
Jota applauds!

Urbatain says, "A AAAA AAAAA AI"

dfan applauds!

katre says (to nm), "BEST. SPEECH. EVER!"


veek appolauds

mcp cheers

Urbatain Aclaps

Hloif applauds wildly!

Gunther says, "HOORAY NM"

stephenb applauds!

Sargent says (to inky), "heh"
Ellison claps neild says (to inky), "yay"
zarf claps

Doe says, "great speech."

Adam says, "Jen and I are still cracking up at 'abandoning ars amatoria'"
baf appluads audaciously

BrenBarn cheers the game and the speech.

Emily says, "yeah, that was excellent"
nm waves and resumes his seat

MikeS is impressed!

inky says, "also, "done it with x's" is the main reason for relationship breakups on the jerry springer show"


katre says (to inky), "yay"

markm says (to inky), "yay"

Kiz says (to inky), "ha!"

Gunther says, "yes!"

BrenBarn says, "Take it to #smoochies"

neild exclaims (at inky), "ha!"

Mona mocks Montfort's moniker. BoingBall says (to inky), "heh"

maga_dogg asks, "hmf. How many more awards?"

inky looks around.

Rob claps.

Adam asks, "Um, four?"
Mona says, "that took me too long."

eileen Who is presenting for Best Setting, please?

BrenBarn says, "Yeah, 4, I guess."

Gunther asks, "Um, seven?"

markm slips inly $20 to win the next award. neild says (to Mona), "That's what I said about Ad Verbum."
Mona says (to inky), "man, you're cheap!"

Gunther says (to Mona), "inly, not inky"

BoingBall says, "inly is the evil brother"

inky says (to Mona), "I didn't tell him how many people I was taking $20 from"

maga_dogg says, "I can't hang around much longer, then, I'm afraid."
<Giulio> Giulio has connected to ifMUD.

Frisco stretches his legs

markm says, "68 people. yow"

Jota asks, "New record, isn't it?"

maga_dogg is gone. Let us remember him.

</maga_dogg> Do you remember / Well I don't / Cause I was drunk.

JDubya vanishes into a randomly appearing vortex, which also disappears.

</JDubya> JDubya randomly disappears from somewhere.

Giulio arrives from the west.

inky says, "anyway -- last year's winner in the Best Setting category appears to be making a habit of getting nominated, so we've asked Stephen Granade to step in his stead"

markm says, "dunno."

BrenBarn asks, "Yeah. Say, how about a post-ceremony werewolf game?"

BoingBall says, "And it unreadably fast"

Jota says, "Of course, a few might not count -- Nameless, Alex, Perry."

Gunther says, "when we reach 99, the MUD falls over and dies"

BrenBarn asks, "7 or 8 wolves?"

neild asks, "Who won last year?"

Rob claps.

Sargent ascends the stage and taps the microphone.

Mona applauds duly.

dfan says, "zarf"
Paul claps. TableSaw says (to neild), "villagers"
markm says, "yay duly!" LoneCleric says, "We could finally have wolves & mafia."
caleb claps

Sargent says, "As inky said, I am standing in for zarf this year."

Rob says, "Our guide to fun and merriment!"

Hloif exclaims (at LoneCleric), "WOO!"
Sargent says, "So." Gunther says, "quiet"
Ivan has disconnected.

Ivan Cymbals smear your ears and Ivan is gone.

BrenBarn says, "Yay Sarge"

zarf asks, "..and who hasn't?"

Paul says (to Rob), "Yay"
Sargent says, "One pound Velveeta, one can Rotel tomatoes." (from neild) Sargent says, "I'm in his head!!!!!"

Emily says (to Sarge), "so you played BAP in preparation"

Sargent says, "Cube the Velveeta and mix with the Rotel in a microwave-safe dish" Doe says, "hehehe"

Emily asks, "?"

Rob claps!

Adam laughs

markm says, "eeeagh!"

Emily says, "heehee"

inky claps.

katre says, "yay"

Sargent says, "Nuke for about ten minutes, or until smooth."

Gunther says, "yay!"

BoingBall laughs.

Sargent says, "Serve with chips."

Urbatain claps

dfan cracks up.

zarf winces very slightly.

Emily asks (of Sargent), "VELVEETA????"
Mona says, "ha!" inky says (to Sargent), "yay!"
caleb laughs

mclem cheers

Gunther says, "also, I'm glad he didn't give mamster's awful bacon chocolate recipe"

inky says, "Sins Against Fromagerie"

katre asks (of em), "offended, are we?"

Paul laughs, then whips up a batch.

<maga_dogg> Mary had a little cow/She also had a sheep./She doused them both in parrafin/And burnt them on a heap.

maga_dogg arrives from the west.

Rob says, "bacon chocolate? yikes"

Paul says (to Inky), "Yay"

TableSaw says, "Nacho, Nacho man! I want to be, a Nacho Man!"

BoingBall says, "It isn't the same without the Tang"

Jota cheers. neild says (to Rob), "Yeah, see the #grubshack bb"
Sargent says, "And now, on with the Best Setting award." Sargent says (to Gunther), "I was tempted."
Rob claps. Adam says (to Rob), "It was actually bacon granola bars with Tang glaze"

Emily says, "my GOD"

Gunther says, "velveeta is usenet slang for spam, apparently"

Rob shudders.

BrenBarn cheers. markm says, "velveeta is about as close to being cheese as sadam is to a nobel peace prize."
Sargent says, "Nominee the first: LASH, by Paul O'Brian" neild says, "Yeah, it made the Random Recipe Page stuff look tasty."
katre says, "yay"

Emily says, "yay"

Rob applauds!

zarf claps

K-Y applauds.

Mona says, "yayyay!"

Kays claps

Gunther says, "woo"

Urbatain claps

caleb claps

BrenBarn says, "Woo-hoo"


Frisco exclaims, "yay Paul!!!!"

Doe claps.

Hloif says, "Yay."

two-star says, "yaay"

ander applauds.

Kays cheers

mclem claps

nm claps

Urbatain applauds

Giulio goes home.

</Giulio> Giulio has disconnected from ifMUD.

Hloif applauds.

Sargent says, "Nominee the second: Metamorphoses, by Emily Short"


Jota says, "GO LASH"

Jota exclaims, "Goulash!"

devil claps

zarf claps again

maga_dogg exclaims, "yay!"

stephenb claps.

katre says, "yay"

Rob applauds!

mclem claps as his clothes change to metal for no apparent reason

BrenBarn says, "Heh, odd sequence of emotes there."
K-Y applauds.

Urbatain applauds

LoneCleric claps.

Paul claps for Metamorphoses

Kays claps

veek applauds throughout

Jota exclaims, "Go Metam -- oh, go everyone!"

caleb exclaims, "yay!"

nm applauds


baf claps

TableSaw says, "Yay mirrors,"

Frisco claps

neild exclaims (at Jota), "You got your goulash in my velveeta!"
Sargent says, "Nominee the third: Nevermore, by Nate Cull"

Mona turns into glass.

maga_dogg checks his inventory for yays. Running short.
markm goes. BrenBarn says, "Geez, major lag"
Hloif claps.

zarf still claps

Rob says (to markm), "yay ::"
K-Y applauds.

Gunther says, "woo"

Hloif doesn't applaud.

Rob claps.

Paul claps.

Doe claps.

LoneCleric cheers.

maga_dogg exclaims, "Yay nevermore!"

Jota exclaims (at neild), "You got your velveeta in my bacon!"
caleb claps

TableSaw says, "yay peyote setting."

Hloif changes his mind and claps politely.

Mona does applaud, although laggedly.

(From Paul) Raven claps.

mclem cheers

Gunther keeps clapping, as there is lag.

baf claps

Sargent says, "Nominee the fourth: Shade, by Andrew Plotkin"

maga_dogg says, "Quoth the Raven: take more drugs."
Ivan arrives from the west.

BrenBarn cheers in advance to compensate for lag.

neild says (to Jota), "You 'get your bacon in the velveeta' as much as -- ah, never mind."

neild exclaims (at lag), "Welcome back!"


Hloif exclaims, "Yay Shade!"

zarf definitely claps.

Mona says, "aw-rite!"

LoneCleric cheers.

Emily says, "yay Shade"

mcp cheers

maga_dogg says, "yay lag."

Rob applauds!

Paul *** CLAPS ***

BoingBall exclaims, "You got your bacon on the naked Spatch!"
BoingBall claps.

caleb claps

mclem starts to cheer, but stops as he spots some grains of sand on the floor, and descends into blind panic.

mclem mclemclecheermcleersmclemchemclemcheers

nm clap claps

wuss exclaims, "Woo!"

dfan claps for everything.

K-Y applauds.

Mona still cheers for Shade, that's how bad the lag is!

Gunther says, "hee"

Urbatain exclaims, "shade SIII!"

devil says (to BoingBall), "Eeeagh!"
Frisco applauds

Doe applauds.

neild cheers for A Bear's Night Out, that's how bad the lag is!

Sargent says, "Nomimee the last (and lagged): Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre"

Jota says, "Er."

TableSaw says, "zarf is the sound of one MUD clapping."

Rob claps!

katre says, "yay"

Gunther says, "yay"

Emily says, "yay"

<Limax> has connected. What more can be said?

maga_dogg says (to neild), "yay"

Paul says (to neild), "Yay"
Kays cheers

BoingBall says, "yay"

K-Y applauds.

zarf claps with finality.

mcp cheers

Urbatain claps one minute ago

Hloif exclaims, "Yay!"

wuss exclaims, "Woo!"

Gunther says, "lag gone"

BrenBarn says (to neild), "Yay"

Hloif applauds.

caleb claps

nm applauds explosively

Rob says, "yay cascade!"
mclem mclemclecheermcleersmclemchemclemcheers (At the right time, this time)

Sargent says, "And the winner is..."

Paul cheers for Shrapnel

jwalrus arrives from the west.

Frisco claps

BoingBall claps with fatality.

Limax asks, "Geez... have they started already?"
Sargent holds the envelope up to his forehead and concentrates.

jwalrus cheers for everyone who's won while he's been away.

neild says (to Limax), "Apparently the time changed."

katre says (to lima), "an hour ago"

Gunther says, "they're almost over"

Sargent says, "Nah, I got nothing," and opens the envelope. Limax says, "Oh, well."
Sargent says, "...Shade, by the erstwhile presenter!"

Gunther says, "WOOOO"

Hloif applauds and cheers. "YAY!!!"

Emily says, "yay!!"


jwalrus says, "yay!!!"

Mona says, "what a smooth operator."

BoingBall exclaims, "Yes!!"

K-Y applauds.

veek cheers!!

Paul claps!

mclem cheers!

caleb cheers!!!

stephenb exclaims, "YAY!"

BrenBarn cheers.

Hloif exclaims, "YAY ZARF!!!"

Limax says, "I'll hang out in the lounge, since I'm not going to be here long."
Sargent gives Best Setting trophy to zarf.

Doe whistles.

Kays cheers wildly

dfan cheers.

zarf stanmds

inky says, "yay erstyrath!"

jwalrus asks, "which award is this?"
Psmith says, "Yay Shade!"

Urbatain claps one minute ago again

LoneCleric exclaims, "YAY!"

BoingBall says (to Z), "well done mate"

nm cheers zarf

mcp applauds

Oren cheers!

BrenBarn says, "Setting"
Frisco applauds for Zarf and diverse winners! Jota says (to Limax), "Aw."
Sargent steps down and gives the stage to zarf.

zarf takes the stage.

Jota exclaims, "Yay!"

maga_dogg says, "yays not."
mef opens his mouth to say "yay", and is shocked to find it filled with sand.

Rob claps and claps.

devil says (to zarf), "Put that back!"

Urbatain says, "YEEEEEEEA"

Urbatain exclaims, "SHADE SHADE SHADE!"

Jota exclaims, "Velveeta!"

baf exclaims, "For best *setting*? Faugh!"
neild asks, "Wait, I thought he was an NPC?"

Gunther picks up the stage and dies.

Mona cheers some more.

Urbatain says, "come on"

jwalrus says, "yay shade!"

Urbatain exclaims, "SHADE SHADE SHADE!"

zarf shakes his shoes off

Hloif exclaims (at Gunther), "Yay!"
jwalrus cheers.

Hloif keeps cheering.

(from TableSaw) zarf takes the Best Setting statue. It dissolves into sand through his fingers andhe runs screaming into the lounge.
zarf says, "And now, a bit of a soft-shoe shuffle."

wuss says, "Woo."

ander cheers furthermore.

two-star applauds the apartment game

Rob says, "yay!"

zarf dances slightly

Hloif exclaims (at TableSaw), "Yay!"
Rob cheers.

MikeS claps wildly!

devil asks (of zarf), "Is that like being slightly pregnant?"

Limax says, "zarf got best setting? Huh."

Doe says, "zarf dancing is someting I never thought I'd see"

zarf says, "It's itneresting..." Gunther says, "well, it was excellently coded, so"

jwalrus asks, "wait, he really did win Best Setting for a one-room game set in your apartment?"

(from Jota) Limax says, "That hack?"

Limax says, "Hee hee."

zarf says, "I remember, many award ceremonies ago..." maga_dogg says (to gunther), "it's not a coding award, though"

BrenBarn says, "It's the new craze that's sweeping the nation -- do the zarf!"

Gunther says (to jwalrus), "it was 5 rooms"

Rob says, "well I'd defend this but it would rely on spoilers"

markm says, "it wasn't MY apartment."

BoingBall exclaims, "Flashback!" mcp says (to rob), "well stated"
zarf says, "Telling people to wait for my next game: "Four Endings and a Funeral."" devil says, "No spoilers!"
Hloif laughs.

markm chuckles.

Rob claps

Doe says, "hehehe"

zarf says, "And now that game has won an award."

Gunther says, "hee hee"

zarf says, "Call it closure."

Jota says (to jwal), "After winning Best Puzzle for a maze last year, he had to do *something* to top it."
zarf sits down

Mona snickers.

jwalrus says, "yeah, I know"
Emily says, "yay closure"

Sargent says, "Heh."

(from Gunther) zarf leaves IF forever.
Rob applauds.

Paul laughs.

mcp cheers

jwalrus claps.

caleb applauds

Gunther applauds!

Hloif says (to Jota), "Wait, which game did he win for last year/"
devil claps. Hloif asks, "?"
BrenBarn cheers. Emily asks (of Gunther), "following in Graham's footsteps?"
markm asks, "Who's next?"

Kays cheers

BoingBall applauds.

jwalrus says, "the Maze in Hunter"
Tril stands up nervously

Urbatain Claps efusivamente

Hloif says, "Ah, right, okay."
Rob asks, "wait, so we're waiting for your next game: 'Closure'?"

veek claps

Gunther says (to Rob), "no, Moondials"

<Ampersand> Coming soon: A giant turtle experiences the decadence of prewar Berlin in "I Am a Gamera."

caleb says, "arg, bye"
caleb dashes.

</caleb> caleb stops thinking

mclem asks, "Next premise is a rewrite of 'Detective', then?"

BrenBarn says, ">GET CLOSURE"

Tril clears her throat

mef leaves the auditorium to the west.

</mef> That's Yngwie *J.* Malmsteen to you. The "J" is, of course, to distinguish him from the multitude of other Yngwie Malmsteens operating in the Heavy Metal genre.

Gunther says, "Closure is my favourite NIN video"
Emily says, "yay tril!" Limax says, "It was the maze."
Sargent applauds Tril.

Tril says, "The nominees for Best Story are:"

BrenBarn cheers for Tril.

Hloif claps.

katre says, "yay"

Paul cheers for Tril

Ampersand arrives from the west.

Mona applauds Tril.

maga_dogg says, "Yay tril. Also, belated thanks for getting me into IF"

jwalrus says, "yay best story"

TableSaw says (to Rob), "Closure will contain an NPC who does not speak, move or otherwise act. It will win a XYZZY for Best NPC."
jwalrus says, "yay best tril" LoneCleric says, "Cute how zarf consistently does better at the xyzzies than at the Comp, when people suddenly realize that anonymous game was from him, and therefore must be worth a second look."
mikeo says (to Jota), "Just took a moment to see what I could find about the person who took pity and helped a tyro"

Tril says, "Being Andrew Plotkin, by J. Robinson Wheeler"

<stark> stark has connected to ifMUD.

zarf says, "yay!"

Emily says (to TableSaw), "He already won for an NPC you could only say Yes and No to"
Hloif cheers!

katre claps

LoneCleric cheers.

mclem cheers

Gunther says, "WOO"

stephenb cheers.

Mona applauds.

Doe claps.

jwalrus cheers.

Limax says, "Hm."
veek applauds

Tril says, "Heroine's Mantle, by Andy Phillips"

Sargent applauds.

devil cheers

Sargent applauds again.

Hloif claps.

BrenBarn claps.

stark arrives from the west.

zarf says, "honestly, I may write a *toally* anonymous game this year, just becaues of that."

Rob says (to TS), "wait, that's a good idea"

Gunther Applauds More. maga_dogg says, "pff."
Paul cheers for everything.

Frisco yay

zarf says, "yay!"

jwalrus says, "yay!"

Rob claps.

K-Y applauds.

Emily says, "yay"

Jota claps and clap. Also, applauds, cheers. Etc. Throughout.

Tril says, "LASH, by Paul O'Brian"

neild asks, "What are we up to, story?"
zarf says, "yay!" Emily says, "yes"

Limax asks (of zarf), "Becoming too well-known?"

K-Y applauds. BrenBarn says, "Story"
Hloif claps! maga_dogg says, "hmm, none so far..."
Kays cheers

Gunther says, "woo woo"

Emily claps for LASH

katre says, "yay"

BrenBarn cheers.

Mona says, "and LASH again!"

two-star exclaims, "yippee!"

Frisco exclaims, "GO paul go!"

Psmith applauds

Doe claps.

mclem applauds some more

ander claps a bunch.

stephenb applauds

jwalrus cheers.

Tril says, "Masquerade, by Kathleen M. Fischer"

zarf says, "yay!"

katre says, "yay"

<snickers> snickers is unwrapped and ready for action!

Hloif claps.

Gunther says, "oooh"

Emily stamps her feet

Doe cheers.

markm heads back to his mountain hut.

</markm> He sinks back into the ground from whence he came.

K-Y applauds.

Emily says, "yay smoochie game"

Paul exclaims, "yay masquerade!"

LoneCleric cheers.

Frisco claps

Sargent says, "Woos all 'round!"

maga_dogg should stop being such a critical bastard
Mona applauds Masquerade. Gunther says, "yes"
Tril says, "My Angel, by Jon Ingold" Rob asks, "wait, what is this?"
TableSaw applauds everybody.

K-Y applauds.

zarf says, "yay!!"

Paul cheers!

LoneCleric applauds.

Sargent claps.

Emily claps

jwalrus says, "yay for both the last two"

BrenBarn cheers loudly.

Rob says, "I missed what's going on"
Doe claps.

stark applauds

Gunther says, "yay again"

Jota says (to Rob), "Best Story"

neild says (to Rob), "It's an awards ceremony for I-F."

Mona says, "yay experimental game I haven't played yet!"

Tril says, "Rameses, by Stephen Bond"

BoingBall says, "it looks like some kind of squid"

BrenBarn says (to neild), "Yay"

Gunther says, "recap 10000 or so"

jwalrus says (to Rob), "XYZZYs, dude"

Ellison says, "welp, I have to get going... have fun, all"

Frisco claps Limax says, "Hee hee."
Rob claps.

maga_dogg says, "Yay"

Ellison goes back to Squeamhurst..

</Ellison> Soon we shall contrive somehow to be born from an idea.

K-Y applauds.

zarf says, "yay!!!"

Gunther says, "YAY rameses"

Paul cheers!

jwalrus says, "timing"

ander exclaims, "Remember, folks - make your game anonymously, and YOU TOO could be misidentified as Zarf's alter ego!"

Frisco claps

Mona says, "yehaw!"

BrenBarn cheers wildly!

LoneCleric exclaims, "Yay!"

neild exclaims, "YAY RAMESES!"

Emily laughs
jwalrus says, "yay!" Rob says, "you're all *so* helpful"
Hloif claps only politely.

Sargent applauds.

Doe cheers.

stark applauds Rameses

Mona raises eyebrow at Hloif.

maga_dogg bigs up rameses

Limax says, "It's much more fun just listening to peanut-gallery than it could ever be acutally being in the arena."
Tril says, "Shade, by Andrew Plotkin"

zarf says, "yay"

BrenBarn says (to Rob), "It's this called a MUD. You type commands and it responds."
Paul exclaims, "yay!!"

mclem cheers all the huge number of nominations

Rob claps.

Kays cheers

Hloif cheers. "YAY!"

BoingBall says, "Whoop"

K-Y applauds.

Gunther says, "woo shade"

Mona claps for the smooth operator again!

zarf says (to rob), "It's a computer."
Sargent claps.

Frisco claps

Urbatain asks, "best story?"

LoneCleric says (to Limax), "Debatable. We had very nice speeches this year."

neild says, "Yeah, story."

BrenBarn says, "IT'S THE UNIVERSE"

Tril says, "Aaaand Shrapnel by Adam Cadre" maga_dogg says (to brenbarn), "Heh. Try justifying that at 1pm on a Saturday"
zarf says, "yay!"

Frisco says, "and Kelsey Grammar for Frasier"

Emily claps

Rob claps.

Gunther says, "yay"

K-Y applauds.

Sargent applauds.

Limax asks (of LoneCleric), "Not as much snarkiness as last year?"
BoingBall says, "yay shrap"

Paul cheers!

katre says, "yay"

dfan says, "Yay all the stories"

Kays claps

Gunther says (to Limax), "it's hugging and kissing"
neild exclaims, "Yay nominees on the Orient Express!"

BrenBarn applauds.

ander claps for all the nominees.

</snickers> snickers has been eaten! eep!

Rob says, "yay storytelling"

Frisco claps

Tril fiddles with the envelope

LoneCleric says (to Limax), "Can't tell, doesn't know what snarkiness is."
Mona claps.

Adam says, "Aaaand Shrapnel is how I got it listed first in the phone book"

Rob laughs

Paul says (to Adam), "Yay"

Urbatain claps, im dead im clap im dead, your dead your dead

katre says, "hee hee"

Emily says, "heh"

Gunther says, "hee"

Sargent says, "By Aaaaadam Caaaadre."

Frisco says, "hee"

Tril says, "And the winner is...."

Paul says (to Sarge), "Yay"

Limax tries to figure out how to describe snarkiness.

maga_dogg says, "shrapnel or rameses"

Tril exclaims, "My Angel, by Jon Ingold!"

Adam says, "YAY!!"

Rob claps!

Emily claps

veek claps

Gunther says, "WOO HOO"

maga_dogg exclaims, "wo!"

neild asks (of Sarg), "That was his name before he changed it, right?"

Sargent Woo!

zarf says, "yahoo"

Paul cheers!!

K-Y exclaims, "Yay!"

inky claps.

Kays cheers

TableSaw is about to go to bed after this, to rest for Musky Tears.
Psmith says, "Yay!"

baf claps

dfan says, "Claps!"

Doe claps.

Hloif claps.

BrenBarn applauds!

mcp claps

stephenb exclaims, "YAY!"

LoneCleric cheers.

Rob cheers!!

Jota applauds.

Mona claps.

ander claps for the winner.

Hloif says, "I've never even heard of that game."
Frisco exclaims, "WOW! Good choice!"

TableSaw says, "Yay!"

Oren applauds

mclem applauds, and adds it to his "Must get around to playing" list

neild says, "Whoa"

BrenBarn says, "Great game."

Sargent says, "Woo Jon Ingold!" Doe says (to Limax), "sharky nastiness"
Kays cheers wildly!

devil claps.

TableSaw says, "Bye."

inky says (to TS), "5pm"

Tril looks around for Jon

stark cheers, even if he hasn't played it...

inky says (to Tril), "he couldn't make it"

TableSaw is a bad odor, and you have no more lemon-fresh scent.

</TableSaw> Classic rookie mistake. The Butler did it.

BoingBall says, "Eeeagh, fire alarm"
MikeS cheers!! ander exclaims, "Amazing! I've played this game!"
Kays says, "Excellent!!"

Tril asks, "Anyone here to accept the award for him?"

Gunther says, "Angel"

mclem says, "Has anyone won more than one award yet? I'm impressed."

Jota says (to BoB), "Please evacuate the Auditorium in an orderly manner..."

BrenBarn says, "Nope, all winners are unique."

neild says (to mclem), "I don't think so."

mcp asks, "kewl, ain't it?"

Gunther says, "that rocks lots"

neild says, "yeah"

Urbatain claps for jon BoingBall says, "aaand it's off"

maga_dogg says, "I'm suprised Emily's still only on one"

Guest1 leaves the auditorium to the west. Gunther says, "chef must so win"

mclem says, "Nice to see. Every transcript I'd read was dominated by one or two games."

Rob says, "very good"

BrenBarn cheers for the absent Jon. Hloif asks, "What awards are left?"
</Guest1> Alex forgets about the guest. "Now I don't believe in anything!" neild says, "I'm surprised that Rameses won one and it wasn't best story."

katre asks (of gunther), "what category was it in?"

Rob says, "writing, game, um..."

Gunther says (to katre), "best writign"

jwalrus says, "writing and best game"

Gunther says, "ng"

Jota says (to Rob), "I think that's it."

inky says, "I guess Tril can just hang onto the award until next year, unless Jon shows up before then"

Rob claps.

jwalrus asks, "there are only ten, right?"
neild exclaims, "Yay Tril!" Hloif says, "It's so ironic. As soon as the XYZZYs are done, I need to get into a tuxedo."

Adam says (to neild), "Oh, I'm not. It was very much About The PC"

BrenBarn says, "THERE CAN BE ONLY TEN"

Sargent says (to Tril), "Give that award a good home."

ander cheers for Tril.

inky says, "so, onto the second-to-last category-- Best Writing"

Hloif cheers!

devil says, "Yay"

Gunther cheers for Chef!

Adam says, "That'd be the award I'd expect"
maga_dogg exclaims, "yay literary pretensions!"

BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall flies off at an angle of 45 degrees while dippy music plays. You lose a life.

Rob claps.

Tril says, "Um, okay. Yay me :-)"

BrenBarn stamps his feet and claps his hands and howls like a maniac.

Rob says, "CHEF! CHEF!"

neild exclaims, "Chef! Chef! Chef!"

katre says, "yay"

katre says, "also, yay chef!"

Gunther says, "You hear award from west!"

jwalrus cheers for Chef.

Mona claps for maga_dogg/

inky says, "this is a particularly apt choice of presenter, as he can take a look at the sound system while he's here. please welcome the Toolman, from Dan Schmidt's For a Change"

Jota exclaims, "You are a Chef!"

Hloif claps.

Sargent says, "yay"

mcp says, "this is gonna be interesting"
Rob claps for dfan!

The toolman, bright and misty, inscribes himself with propriety upon the stage.

BoingBall arrives from the west.

jwalrus realises he hasn't cheered for My Angel yet and does so belatedly.

mcp says, "yay"

BrenBarn cheers the toolman.

Gunther says, "this will rool"
Psmith says, "Yay!"

Jota exclaims, "Woo!"

Frisco claps

wuss claps.

Mona says, "yay, um, "toolman" wink, wink"

Doe claps for toolman.

Sargent says, "I cannot say how happy I am that You Are a Chef! is in this category."

K-Y says, "Wow, I never knew the toolman is an actual NPC."

The toolman pleasures to proclaim, in his capacity of award establisher, five nominees of grace and style.

mclem cheers the toolman.

The toolman presently pertains to the awarding of Best Writing, as text and symbols declare.

Rob says, "this is going to take some translating..."

mcp exclaims, "You are a Dark Horse!"

Urbatain claps Doe says, "hey, wait a minute, I can understand him, sort of"
jwalrus cheers toolman. zarf says, "three eggs for Muster Tool!"
Rob claps. Sargent says (to mcp), "You hear long shot to the east!"

Sargent says (to zarf), "yay"

Gunther says, "yay"

The toolman introduces Metamorphoses (variable and minute), by Emily Short. neild says, "I played For A Change, and I still don't understand what's going on."

Limax says, "Hee hee."

zarf cheers

Rob claps.

K-Y applauds.

katre says, "yay"

Mona says, "yay!"

Doe claps.

Sargent applauds.

Gunther says, "woo"

Kays cheers

jwalrus says, "yay metamorphoses!"

veek applauds

mclem cheers

maga_dogg says, "Yay"

mcp cheers

Hloif claps.

Urbatain claps

Psmith applauds.

The toolman greets My Angel (woven and smooth), by Jon Ingold.

Rob claps.

Paul cheers

Emily cheers

K-Y applauds.

stephenb applauds

Gunther says, "yay"

ander applauds with extravagant gusto.

Urbatain claps

LoneCleric raises a cheer.

zarf cheers still

Paul cheersagain

Sargent applauds.

Kays claps

Doe claps.

Hloif claps.

mclem applauds s'more

Paul thinks, "Yay"

jwalrus cheers.

Frisco claps!

The toolman salutes Rameses (acrid and tight), by Stephen Bond.

Gunther says, "woo"

K-Y applauds.

Rob claps.

zarf cheers

two-star claps.

LoneCleric brings a clap.

neild exclaims, "Yay Rameses again!"

Emily says, "yay"

Doe cheers.

Mona applauds wildly.

jwalrus cheers again.

maga_dogg says, "C'mon Rameses, Meta"

Paul wishes he had the courage to cheer.

Hloif asks, "I'm sure that My Angel's a great game, but I've never even heard of it. Is it TADS or Inform?"
BrenBarn cheers madly!

Sargent says, "Yay"

mclem can't be bothered to applaud

Kays applauds

Frisco hoots

devil yays

Jota applauds all the nominees.

BrenBarn says, "Inform"
stark says, "Yay for Rameses" jwalrus asks (of Hloif), "didn't you play the comp games?"

mclem says, "One of the comp games"

The toolman welcomes Shade (arenaceous and grim), by Andrew Plotkin.

K-Y applauds.

Rob claps.

Tril exclaims, "Wooo Shade!"

jwalrus claps.

LoneCleric asks, "Also, 6th place in the Comp, wasn't it?"
Gunther says, "yay"

Doe says, "hehehe"

Hloif says (to jwalrus), "Most, but I guess I missed that one."
Mona says, "mmm.. arenaceous."

zarf asks, "yay -- um, arenaceous?"

Sargent cheers.

ander cheers in response.

Frisco claps

Hloif cheers! "Yay Shade!"

Paul brushes away the sand and cheers

Doe claps.

<mnovelli> mnovelli has connected to ifMUD.

LoneCleric summons an applause.

The toolman says (to zarf), "Look it up, buddy."

maga_dogg says, "Yay toolman for finding a word not in zarf's vocabulary"
Jota exclaims, "Yay!" inky | resembling, made of, or containing sand or sandy particles

Doe says, "hehehe"

Gunther says, "yay!!"

Sargent cheers. Limax asks, "Sandyfeet?"
Emily laughs zarf says, "excellent"
The toolman invites You Are a Chef! (culinary and clownary), by Dan Shiovitz. BrenBarn says, "Heh"
Rob clllllllaps!!

Gunther says, "CHEF!!! CHEF!!! CHEF!!!"

katre says, "YAY!!!!"

K-Y applauds.

neild exclaims, "Chef! You need more! Awarrrds!!!"

Hloif applauds.

Sargent says, "Woo! Chef!"

zarf says, "yay"

jwalrus says, "YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!"

Emily says, "where arena comes from -- had sand on the floor"
BrenBarn cheers.

Mona laughs.

inky says, "also the appropriate "growing in sandy places""
Paul YAAC! Er, YAY!

Emily says, "yay Chef!"

Frisco applauds

mcp cheers

mclem applauds the Chef

zarf says, "not that I've played this chef game"
LoneCleric calls a CHEER. Gunther says, "oh please oh please"

Sargent says, "Your ingredients may vary."

Limax says, "Neither have I."

Doe asks, "was this his speed if?"

neild exclaims, "Chef! Chef! Chef! Chef!" Sargent says (to Doe), "Yes."

Rob says, "yes"

jwalrus says, "c'mon chef!"

Jota says, "Yup."

The toolman peers felicitously at the envelope. Limax says, "Yes."
ander appends cheers. BrenBarn says, "I haven't played either."
Mona says, "also, I don't think clownary's a word"

maga_dogg exclaims, "You hear glory to north!"

Doe laughs and claps.

katre says, "chef rocks my world"
jwalrus cheers wildly.

Gunther says, "cheeeef!"

The toolman ceremoniously inducts the admirable work of victory: Metamorphoses, by Emily Short!

Rob claps!

inky claps.

Hloif claps.

katre says, "yay"

jwalrus claps.

Kays stands and cheers wildly

mclem applauds

Psmith says, "Yay Emily!"

Jota says (to Mona), "Neithe is 'ingrrrredients'."

nm claps claps

Limax says, "I was there when it all began..."
Frisco exclaims, "WHOOO!"

maga_dogg says, "Yay Emily"

Urbatain cheers loudly

Mona says, "yayayay!"

zarf says, "Yay!"

stephenb cheers!

K-Y applauds.

Sargent says, "Not Chef, but still YAAY!"

Emily blinks, stumbles to her feet

veek applauds

LoneCleric applauds.

Doe cheers Emily.

neild exclaims, "Yay! Close enough!"

Gunther applauds, if a bit sad

Paul exclaims, "Yay Metamorphoses!"

Jota cheers!

Oren claps

Tril claps hands off

stark applauds

BrenBarn claps.

maga_dogg says (to emily), "Blinks? Oh, come on, it was easy favourite"

Paul says, "That really was so well-written."

mclem asks, "What, Bedquilt Cave?"

Urbatain exclaims, "YEA BRAVO!"

baf claps

two-star exclaims, "wooo!"

The toolman gives Best Writing Trophy to Emily.

Emily goes up to the stage, dodging falling ingredients

Kays examines her hands for damage after all of the wild clapping

Hloif claps.

jwalrus laughs.

BrenBarn asks, "Whoa, Metamorphoses?"
Gunther says, "woo"

Hloif exclaims, "Yay!"

Frisco petrifies and shrinks himself in Emily's honour!

wuss exclaims, "YAY!"

Rob claps!

Limax asks, "ReallY?"
jwalrus cheers.

ander invites his clapter into the room.

Emily says, "um um. Ironically enough I can't think of much to say here."

(from Sargent) Metamorphoses says, "And now I will turn defeat into victory!"
Rob cheers. inky says (to Frisco), "she puts the Gorgon in Gorgonzola"
Paul exclaims (at Emily), "Speak in sentence fragments!" neild falls over.
Emily says, "Other than that I'm really honored." Hloif exclaims (at inky), "Hee!"

Limax says, "Hee hee."

jwalrus says, "YAY"

katre says (to inky), "HA"

mcp exclaims, "woot!" Doe asks, "how about you're humbled and hononred, blah, blah?"
Kays sits down quietly Sargent says, "Oh, *man*."
Hloif claps. Gunther says, "emily hears cheese from northwest"

Frisco says (to inky), "heh"

Guest3 goes home.

</Guest3> Alex forgets about the guest. "Now I don't believe in anything!"

Rob says (to sarge), "yay"
Emily finds the trophy rather large, shrinks it two sizes, and slips it in her purse. jwalrus says, "I TOLD you so"
Emily says, "Thanks all!"

Kays continues to clap from her seat

Emily sits down

Limax says (to jwalrus), "Not me."
katre says, "yay"

Sargent claps again.

Hloif claps.

neild says, "Wow, still no repeats."
devil claps

BrenBarn congratulates Emily.

Gunther applauds.

Paul claps a lot.

Rob claps.

Mona applauds again.

mclem cheers his favourite of the comp games

inky steps up to the podium for the last award.

Hloif asks, "Has this ever happened?"

devil says, "Break the Curse of the Andrew"

Gunther asks, "best game must bring a repeat, no?"

inky says, "and, finally, to present the XYZZY Award for Best Game of 2000, Eileen Mullin!"

Urbatain Bravo Emily!

Gunther says, "YAY EILEEN"

Rob says, "repeat author, not repeat game. I guess."

BrenBarn says, "Well, there was an author repeat, but not game."

Hloif claps!@

Paul cheers wildly for Eileen!

Urbatain oooooops

Doe says, "I think it's rather nice."
devil says, "whoo"

Rob claps!

neild exclaims, "Yay Eileen!!!!!!!"

katre says, "yay eileen!"

(from neild) dfan asks (of neild), "What do you mean by 'repeats'?"
Urbatain exclaims, "Bravo Emily!" Sargent says (to Gunther), "LASH"
eileen tugs at her little black dress and walks up to the podium.

inky claps.

<pop> pop has connected to ifMUD.

Mona claps for Eileen.

LoneCleric cheers.

Frisco claps!!

jwalrus cheers!

Limax says, "Whoops. Family needs me. Cya."
</Limax> Beware of road rage grandmas.

BrenBarn cheers for Eileen!

baf cheers

dfan says, "This was zarf's second Best Setting in a row"

dfan asks (of neild), "What do you mean by 'repeats'?"

Sargent applauds eileen.

eileen says, "Hello everyone! I'm so very excited to be here..."

mcp says, "woohoo"

Gunther says (to Sargent), "honestly don't think so"

mclem says, "LASH would be the most poetic result, though. A different game for each award..."

Psmith says (to dfan), "Every award has gone to a different game, so far."

Kiz cheers Sargent says (to Gunther), "I was listing possibilities, not probabilities."
jwalrus says, "yay eileen" dfan says, "Aha, I see"
pop arrives from the west.

Frisco says, "Best reviewer: Thraxx? N'est ce pas."

Gunther says, "though it would rock"
Urbatain exclaims, "hi!" zarf says, "puts a dime each on Galatea and BAP."

Gunther says, "I still say we need a Best SpeedIF"

jwalrus says (to Gunther), "Best Use Of Small"

Hloif says (to Gunther), "Hmm, good idea."

Doe says (to Gunther), "good idea :-)"

katre says (to gunther), "yeah, but only mudders know about them"

Frisco exclaims, "Hoping for LASH and poetry!"

neild asks, "If LASH wins, it'd mean no repeats, right?"

Rob says, "best short-subject"

inky says (to katre), "all the better"

Sargent says (to neild), "Of games? Right."

Hloif exclaims (at Rob), "Yay!"

ander asks, "Pardon the uninitiated, but what, exactly, is SpeedIF?"

LoneCleric says, "We need humor-related awards, also."

mcp says (to rob), "YM best short development period"

Rob says, "IF written in two hours"

Adam says, "I don't think Best SpeedIF is a good idea, but Funniest is crying out for an award"

ander says, "(I'm still kinda new here.)"

Jaybird cheers suddenly for silence! jwalrus says (to LC), "very subjective, though"
Mona eats popcorn. baf says, "How about Best Game By Carl Muckenhoupt? That would make me happy."

Gunther says, "Best Acceptance Speech goes to nm!"

BrenBarn says, "Clearly"

Doe says (to baf), "hehehe"

Hloif says (to Gunther), "WITHOUT A DOUBT."

LoneCleric says (to jw), "I know, which is why there aren't any, I guess."

jwalrus says, "aw, I missed nm's speech"

nm says, "aw, thanks"

ander says, "Thanks."

Emily says (to Adam), "yeah, most amusing would be a good category"

mcp says (to adam), "agreed"

inky says, "er, we seem to be experiencing slight technical difficulties" jwalrus says, "transcript time later, I guess"

Hloif says (to jwalrus), "BEST SPEECH EVER."

BrenBarn says, "They're ALL subjective."

maga_dogg says, "hurls snack products"

Jota says (to ander), "It's when a group of people all decide to try to write a game within an extremely short period of time, based on similar themes/topics/whatever. Then share their results."

Rob says, "it'd be nice if there were a seperate funny award, because it's hard to compete funny with serious and have funny come out ahead"

(From inky) Smoke comes out of Eileen's ears.

Mona flips channel.

Psmith asks (of Adam), ""Best Comedy"?"
Kays examines her little toe jwalrus asks, "also, speedif later, anyone?"

dfan says (to Adam), "I was lobbying for Most Entertaining"

Urbatain asks, "best implementation?"

Rob says, "most entertaining..."

LoneCleric says (to Rob), "Yeah, my point exactly."

Doe says (to Rob), "yeah, there's some great speed if that's not funny"

Gunther says, "best Chef!"

mclem asks, "Who'd you give it to if there was a funniest award, though?"

jwalrus says (to Urb), "that's what best use of medium's supposed to be"

maga_dogg pokes eileen's eyeballs to check if she's still alive

Gunther says (to mclem), "inky"

Sargent says (to Rob), "Though that could be cruel, depending on the nominations."

Jota says (to jwal), "I'd be up for a speedif later."

Rob says, "hrm."

LoneCleric says (to mclem), "For 2000, "Got ID?", but it's a personal choice."

Mona asks (of Eileen), "hey, where'd ya buy that dress?" Urbatain says, "yea, that was a question about it XD"
dfan drinks from his shoe, bathes in red paint and hurls glop at the audience while Stockhausen accompanies him at the piano.

</dfan> When everyone starts grabbing each other, the results are unpredictable!

Rob asks, "so what's going on with eileen?"

neild asks, "Should we all sing a song or something?"

Psmith says (to mclem), ""Sycamora Tree", for 2000, I think."

Doe says, "think she's dead"

jwalrus says, "hurry up Eileen, I have to leave in five minutes"

Sargent says (to Rob), "She crash, go boom."

Jota says (to Rob), "They lost her remote."

Sargent says, "Working on the satellite feed now."

BrenBarn says, "STAT"

eileen goes home.

</eileen> eileen has disconnected from ifMUD.

baf asks, "Smoke was coming out of her ears a minute ago. Android?"

mclem says, "Mine would be a tricky pick from Ad Verbum, Dinner With Andre, Being Andrew Plotkin, Infinite Minds and Prodly."

inky frowns.

maga_dogg exclaims, "Eagh!"

jwalrus laughs.

Tril starts singing "Come on Eileen", but is muffled from behind
Mona says, "mmm" Kiz says (to pSmith), "david just piped up recommending a 'best homoerotic IF featuring Scandanivans' award"
BrenBarn says, "Oh, dang"

<eileen> eileen has connected to ifMUD.

Emily says, "heh"

Sargent says (to Kiz), "Ha!"

Paul exclaims, "Tril Yay!"

neild exclaims, "Yay!"

inky says, "there we go, back on-line"

katre says, "yay"

eileen arrives from the west.

Sargent says (to Tril), "Heh."
maga_dogg says (to eileen), "yay" Gunther says, "I must put a scandinavian in AtWCtW then"
inky gives Best Game Nominees to eileen.

inky says, "just in time"

katre says (to eileen), "yay suspense!"

eileen dusts herself off!

Kays re-claps

eileen exclaims, "So sorry, guys!"

(from jwalrus) Gunther furiously rewrites character backgrounds in atWCtW
Sargent says (to eileen), "woo"

Urbatain says, "XD"

Rob claps.

Hloif says (to jwalrus), "Hee."

jwalrus says, "timing"

Kiz says, "ha"

LoneCleric says, "If there were a bunch of separate awards, we could try to categorize the kind of humor. (toilet, puns, situational, zany)."

jwalrus says, "NO TOILET HUMOUR AWARD"

Gunther says, "no no no"

maga_dogg says (to lonecleric), "monkey."

Rob says, "blah."

mclem asks, "That's going too far, surely?"

eileen exclaims, "Just need a minute to get myself reoriented!" LoneCleric says, "Oh yeah, monkey."

Doe says (to LC), "impossible"

Gunther says, "like the comp, they're fine as they are"


LoneCleric says, "I know, I'm speculating."

devil takes Eileen to China.

Jota gives eileen a small magnetic compass.

Rob says, "I know, let's just give an award to every single game that's released, for being itself"
Urbatain exclaims, "ZARF, keep on the joke!"

neild turns Eileen 5 degrees counterclockwise.

Frisco says, "Too many awards doesn't make them as special."
eileen exclaims, "As I was saying, without further ado...!" BrenBarn says, "Yes"
</Sammy> Sammy has disconnected from ifMUD.

Adam says, "You sense magnetic pole to north!"

LoneCleric sighs.

Kiz says, "the Self Esteem xyzzys"

Gunther says (to Adam), "yay!" maga_dogg says, ">EILEEN, COMPASS DISP 0"
zarf says, "What? Add some marsala and apples."

jwalrus says (to Adam), "yay!"

eileen says, "The nominees for Best Game of 2000 are..."

Hloif cheers.

Oren says, "I think doing something akin to the Bizarro Squiddies over at rec.arts.comics.* can be a good idea."
Frisco claps

Mona anticipates applause.

Urbatain listen with 4 ears

Gunther cheers all nominees right now.

Rob cheers, too.

BrenBarn thumps the floor.

eileen says, "Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort"

zarf says, "argh, anticipation"
Rob applauds.

katre says, "yay"

Paul claps.

Hloif cheers. "YAY"

K-Y applauds.

BoingBall claps.

veek cheers wildly

zarf clapas

jwalrus says, "yay!"

mclem runs out of Ad Verbum-like ways to cheer on Ad Verbum. Oops.

LoneCleric cheers.

Mona says, "yayayay!"

Urbatain claps proudly

stephenb cheers.

Kays cheers continuously

Jota applauds.

Sargent applauds.

Frisco exclaims, "slick nick!"

eileen says, "Being Andrew Plotkin, by J. Robinson Wheeler"

jwalrus jumps joyfully.

stark applauds

Sargent claps.

Paul claps.

Jota cheers.

katre says, "also yay!"

Rob claps.

K-Y applauds.

LoneCleric cheers.

BrenBarn cheers.

zarf applauds

jwalrus says, "yay!"

Hloif cheers some more. "YAY!"

Urbatain claps proudly

Doe claps.

stark cheers

Frisco claps!

<Grocible> Grocible has connected to ifMUD.

Mona says, "yay again!"

Kays claps

Grocible arrives from the west.

mclem applaudasaruses

Grocible says, "grm"

veek applauds steadily

neild exclaims, "Yay Grocible!"

Hloif exclaims, "Yay yaying!"

eileen says, "Galatea, by Emily Short"

Rob applauds.

Adam cheers

Jota claps.

maga_dogg claps insanely. Loose fingers fly across the room.

mclem cheers

katre says, "yay!"

Frisco hoots like a madman!

jwalrus says, "yay!"

K-Y applauds.

Sargent cheers.

Gunther says, "yay yaying yaying"

Urbatain claps proudly

Paul claps.

Mona says, "yehaw!"

zarf says, "Yay!"

stark cheers wildly

Grocible claps

Hloif cheers. "WOO!"

maga_dogg exclaims, "Short hat-trick!"

Mona says, "yay wooing!"

neild exclaims, "Yay Galatea!!!"

eileen says, "LASH, by Paul O'Brian"

Rob applauds.

Frisco yells, kicks, *AND* screams!

Kays cheers

jwalrus says, "shame emily couldn't win awards for three separate games"
katre says, "yay!!"

Sargent woos.

jwalrus says, "ha, this is the best possible time to have to leave. back soon, everyone"
K-Y applauds!

zarf cheers

jwalrus curses and leaves quietly to avoid disrupting the proceedings.

Tril exclaims, "Woohoo for LASH!"

Urbatain claps

Hloif applauds.

Gunther claps, hops and kweepas

wuss says, "Woo."

mclem cheers


Mona says, "woohoo!"

inky says, "aw"
Doe claps.

Hloif exclaims (at Gunther), "YAY!"

Frisco explodes

eileen says, "Rameses, by Stephen Bond"

Rob applauds.

Paul claps.

Gunther says, "yeehaw"

BrenBarn CHEERS.

zarf applauds madly

neild exclaims, "Yay!!"

K-Y applauds.

Frisco claps

Doe cheers.

Emily says, "yay Rameses"

BoingBall claps.

Kays says, "Yay!"

maga_dogg says, "Yay Rameses, once more"

wuss says, "yay"

baf asks, "Which award is this again?"
Sargent claps.

Mona says, "yay elephant ralley!"

Sargent says, "Best game"

maga_dogg says (to baf), "best game"

katre says, "best game"

Jota yays. Doe says, "best game"

Hloif says, "Best game."

Gunther says, "best game, d00d"

Sargent says, "Also, best game."

Jota says, "The Big One."

eileen says, "...and Shade, by Andrew Plotkin" BoingBall says, "nes"

baf says, "Oooo."

Rob applauds loudly.

Sargent cheers.

neild says, "The Big Award At The End."
ander applauds all the nominees one last time.

Paul claps.

Emily claps

K-Y applauds.

Jota hollers.

Frisco claps

zarf says, "yeah yeah!"

Mona asks, "could it be?"

Gunther says, "Once more into the sandy breech"

mclem cheers, and the rest of the world can GO Fmuffled sounds as mclem gets stifled

Hloif cheers and applauds. "Yay Shade!"

BrenBarn bates his breath.

Doe claps.

Urbatain says, "oooooooo"

Rob applauds himself again.

BoingBall says, "er, next year, we need an object that displays the current award, like the spoiler room sign"

katre says (to bgb), "and nominees announced"

zarf bites his nails

Mona stares at envelope expectantly.

Gunther says, "or people who pay more attention"

LoneCleric asks, "Er, like the chalkboard?"

eileen waves the envelope containing the winner's name

Rob bites all manner of hardware.

Jota holds someone's breath.

neild says, "And the Vegas odds."
Frisco checks for smoke from eileen

katre stops breathing

Urbatain says, "XD"

Gunther sets fire to the envelope.

Kays passes out from excitement

eileen dramatically opens envelope

maga_dogg has cardiac arrest

Rob sets fire to Gunther.

baf swoons

Hloif laughs, then goes silent.

eileen looks around to see if her poor Mac is going to crash again...

maga_dogg sets fire to Rob. Yay mass arson

BoingBall fights fire with fire.

Gunther runs around screaming, burning up the Auditorium

Kiz @creates an oxygen tent for katre

mclem holds his breath

zarf is afire with excitement

Urbatain says, "XD"

Jota fights fire with water. Much more effective.

eileen brushes away smoke...

katre says (to kiz), "thanks"
two-star thinks this fire is poorly implemented

maga_dogg catches a fire. Gets burned.

Adam says (to Kiz), "Great, oxygen tent in an arson zone"

eileen says, "And the winner is..."

BrenBarn gasps.

Hloif holds his breath...

Frisco gaps

Sargent says, "Oh, oh, I hope my game wins!"

baf asks, "Oh, so she's waiting for another crash before announcing?"

Sargent says, "No, wait."

Mona inhales.

maga_dogg says, "dunh dunh DUNH"

LoneCleric died 3 times already.

Jota says, "Careful, there'll be a dump soon."
Frisco passes out from oxygen depravation!

eileen says, "Being Andrew Plotkin, by J. Robinson Wheeler"

baf does a drum roll
Mona fidgets.

Hloif stands and applauds for all he's worth. "YAY!!!!!!!!!!"

katre says, "YAY"

Kays drags herself up just in time to cheer madly


Sargent says, "Woooo!"

Rob says, "WHOAaaaaaaaa"

Psmith says, "Much, much yayness!"

inky claps.

Emily says, "wow!"

veek says, "Woooo!!!"

Urbatain claps loudly

mclem exclaims, "YAY BAP"

Hloif cheers!

Kiz yays

Doe cheers.

LoneCleric exclaims, "WOOHOO!"

Rob faints.

Mona says, "yay!"

Jota stands and cheers!

stark cheers the fantastic BAP

Gunther says, "WOO YAY HOORAY"

Urbatain says, "BRAVOOOOO"

mcp cheers

Oren cheers!!

Emily claps for BAP

K-Y wakes up from coma, applauds.

schep says, "yay."

Paul stands up and applauds heartily.

inky says, "yay Rob"

nm claps and claps

neild exclaims, "Yay Rob!"

Urbatain says, "VIVA BAP"

veek cheers

katre says (to rob), "congrats!"

zarf clap clap claps

Grocible applauds.

Kays says, "YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!"

wuss exclaims, "YAY!"

Rob is slapped awake by somebody.

Doe says, "but I still don't understand why Kaged wasn't nominated"
Grocible says, "Yay Rob!"

Jota exclaims, "GO ROB!"

Frisco claps.

ander says, "Cheers immensely."

BrenBarn congratulates Rob.

devil cheers zarf, I mean Rob.

maga_dogg says (to rob), "nice one..."

baf jumps up and down excitedly

wuss exclaims, "WOOOO!"

stephenb exclaims, "YAAAY! Congrats!"

eileen holds out trophy to Rob expectantly

zarf says, "collects his dime."
Rob climbs up on stage.

Doe cheers again.

Gunther says, "RRRROB!!"

two-star says, "yay BAP"

Urbatain exclaims, "Bravo!!!!"

wuss says (to Rob), "Congrats."

Doe says, "fun game."

ander erm, cheers immensely.

Sargent says, "Yay!"

inky says, "that and a quarter and you can make a phone call"
Doe goes home.

</Doe> leaves. The IF Mud weeps.

LoneCleric says (to Doe), "Well, because not enough people voted for it, I guess. Isn't it the way it works? ;-)"
Jota exclaims, "Bee Ay Pee! Bee Ay Pee!" zarf says, "yeah, well."
Mona chuckles.

Rob says, "Well, I'm honored, and touched, and pleased all at the same time."

Sargent says (to inky), "until the pay phones go away."
Kays claps wildly Gunther says, "A truly well-deserved victory"

maga_dogg says, "hmf......."

Rob says, "So hontoupled, in other words."

Grocible asks, "Good touch or bad touch?"

mclem says, "A game I only started playing about two hours before the ceremony. Glad I did."
Rob says, "Good touch."

katre says, "yay"

ander says, "Observe the lag in its native element."
Hloif exclaims, "Yay Rob!"

Rob says, "This is very unexpected."

inky says (to mclem), "well, you're only allowed two hours to play it, so"
Gunther says, "BEST ROB EVER"

neild exclaims, "Yay at least one game with things falling from sky winning!"

Hloif exclaims, "Hee!"
inky laughs.

llamaboy goes home.

</llamaboy> llamaboy implodes.

Gunther says (to neild), "yay!"

Rob says, "But quite ... wow."

katre says (to neild), "yay"

Frisco says, "Gots to go. Ciao."

Frisco goes home.

</Frisco> Frisco has disconnected from ifMUD.

Sargent says, "Woo!"

maga_dogg says, "Ar, time to go"

maga_dogg is gone. Let us remember him.

</maga_dogg> Do you remember / Well I don't / Cause I was drunk.

Mona giggles.

baf says, "Things falling from the sky rules."
Rob says, "I'd like to thank Andrew Plotkin again, just because his name is on this year's Best Game." mclem says, "Well, I guessed I was a bit too late to get my votes in for the comp..."
Rob says, "But I'll be happy to take the award home myself." Gunther implements Tetris for next year
zarf nods more or less graciously. :)

Hloif cheers for Zarf.

Gunther says, "oh, wait"
devil applauds again

Rob says, "Thanks everybody!!"

Gunther says, "YAY ROB"

mcp claps

neild says (to Gunth), "Hee"
Urbatain claps Rob

K-Y exclaims, "Yay!"

Rob says, "PARTY!!!"

Hloif applauds.

mclem cheers

Rob jumps up and down.

eileen gives Best Game trophy to Rob.

Jota says, "The things falling from the sky rules require you to make a contested Footwork roll against 3knumber of objects."
LoneCleric exclaims, "PARTY!!"

Adam says, "Foaming cleansers for everyone!"

Rob says (to eileen), "thank you"

Kays decides BAP will be the NEXT game she plays, promise......

Mona breaks open the champagne

BoingBall exclaims (at Adam), "Hooray!"

BrenBarn cheers generally all around.

inky steps up to the microphone one last time (honest).

Rob says, "thanks to all the other nominees, too"

Hloif exclaims, "YAY IF!"

Kays says (to Rob), "Congratulations"

Urbatain says, "and then, go and see the movie"


neild exclaims, "Yay inky for Best MC!"

mikeo goes home.

</mikeo> mikeo has disconnected from ifMUD.

Rob stares in shock.

Hloif cheers!

schep applauds all the nominees and winners.

Sargent says, "MC inky busta."

eileen breaks out champagne, starts handing out plastic glasses...

ander cheers in memory of his first Xyzzy Awards: 2001!

BrenBarn says, "Yay busta"

Gunther says (to ander), "2000"

Rob sips at some champagne.

inky says, "thanks for coming and making this a great ceremony, everyone!"

BoingBall says, "And now, you may observe the walls of the auditorium are closing slowly inward, and the doors have sealed shut"

veek says (to Gunther), "It's the lag."

devil stomps a plastic glass -- wait, this isn't a wedding.

Kiz says, "and david reiterates his promise that medals are in the works"

Hloif applauds.

ander says (to Gunther), "Argh. Whatever."

zarf says, "Yay medals!"

veek says (to Gunther), "He's anticipating."

MikeS goes home.

</MikeS> MikeS has disconnected from ifMUD.

inky says, "it's traditional to move the party to the Carousel Bar & Grill afterwards, which is west-north-up from here"

neild exclaims (at Kiz), "You got medals in my works!"

inky says, "feel free to make a motion in that direction any time you want"

Sargent waves west, then north, then up.

Kiz leaves the auditorium to the west.

LoneCleric frantically waves a board saying "".

neild leaves the auditorium to the west.

zarf congrats all

Gunther leaves the auditorium to the west.

ander leaves the auditorium to the west.

BoingBall waves his hand west-north-up.

BoingBall leaves the auditorium to the west.

Adam leaves the auditorium to the west.

mclem says, "Now I might finally get around to converting pages and pages of plans into some form of code."

Hloif leaves the auditorium to the west.

LoneCleric leaves the auditorium to the west.

Oren leaves the auditorium to the west.

Rob shimmies in that direction.

Rob says, "congratulations everybody"

Tril leaves the auditorium to the west.

BrenBarn leaves the auditorium to the west.

baf seconds a motion in that direction

Urbatain claps

zarf leaves the auditorium to the west.

Sargent leaves the auditorium to the west.

Mona concentrates, and disappears.

mcp departs from the Lounge, accompanied by A Flock Of Seagulls. "Have I not run, run so far away?" he asks. "Indeed, it is so!" they affirm.

</mcp> "staunchly... bridging: bowler injustice?"

Psmith leaves the auditorium to the west.

inky says, "and thanks again to Eileen and Neil and the presenters, and congratulations to all the winners and nominees!"

Paul decides it's time to get back to his vacation. Bye everybody!

Jota leaves the auditorium to the west.

stark leaves the auditorium to the west.

Dilbon leaves the auditorium to the west.

Guest4 leaves the auditorium to the west.

schep leaves the auditorium to the west.

katre leaves the auditorium to the west.

Jaybird leaves the auditorium to the west.

Grocible leaves the auditorium to the west.

nm disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

K-Y leaves the auditorium to the west.

baf leaves the auditorium to the west.

devil leaves the auditorium to the west.

two-star leaves the auditorium to the west.

Emily disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

Paul has disconnected.

Paul goes home.

</stark> stark has disconnected from ifMUD.

Ampersand leaves the auditorium to the west.

Kays leaves the auditorium to the west.

eileen goes home.

</eileen> eileen has disconnected from ifMUD.

veek leaves the auditorium to the west.

stephenb goes home.

</stephenb> stephenb has disconnected from ifMUD.

wuss wakes up. "Did I miss anything?"

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