Blorb: An IF Resource Collection Format Standard

This is the Blorb specification, version 2.0.4.

Here is The Treaty of Babel, a standard for IF bibliographic data which can make use of Blorb.

Here is Graham Nelson's Blorb page, including his "perlBlorb" tool for assembling Blorb files from individual graphics and sound files.

Here is, a Python script for examining and manipulating Blorb files.

Here is, a Python script for packaging a Blorb file (or a bare Z-code or Glulx file) into a playable web page. (Requires Inform 7 to be installed. You may also want:)

Here is Blorblib 1.0.2 (compressed tar file, 20K). This contains ANSI C source code for a library you can insert in a Z-code interpreter to read Blorb files. It also contains source for "blorbscan", a tool to read and analyze Blorb files. However, it has not been updated since Blorb 1.1; so its utility may be limited. See Graham's page (above) for more current Blorb tools.

Last updated April 24, 2021.

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