The IF Logic Puzzle Mini-Competition

The theme of this competition was... okay, I've already given it away... logic puzzles.

I created a sample game which demonstrates evaluation of statements. You can enter a statement about the game world, like "The red pyramid is on the table", and the game will determine whether it's true or false.

The Entrant:

Our sole competitor was The Traffic Light by Eric Schmidt.

After careful deliberation, the panel of judges has selected a winner. It's him!

Here are the review comments of the judges. (This page contains spoilers for The Traffic Light. If you want to play it fresh, play it before reading!)

For his triumph, Eric will receive a clever and symbolic trophy. Eventually. When we find time to make it.

Downloadable Swag:

For historical note, here are the competition rules, as originally posted in February of 2003.

The Challenge:

My sample game is in Inform. (See below for game file and Inform source code.) The source is in the public domain; you can use it for anything. (Not limited to this minicomp!) I don't currently have equivalent code in TADS or any other language; contributions welcomed.

If you have questions about my source code, or about the minicomp, please email me. Check the Questions Answered page first, however.

If you're really deeply interested in the model I came up with to consistently label sentences... including crazy paradoxical stuff... see my essay: I Had A Dream. Warning: If you're not a math major, this may hurt your head. (I dropped out of the advanced math class, and it sure hurt my head.) If you are a math major, you may find it's full of holes. Wouldn't surprise me a bit, actually.

You do not need to read the essay in order to play with the sample game, or enter the minicomp.

The Rules:

Your entry:
Last updated April 30, 2003.

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