The Flashy-Light Circuit Challenge

Ok, bright children, design this:

An inverter circuit which generates high-voltage AC (200 volts) at a frequency that varies continuously from 60 Hz to 1500 Hz.

Let me be more specific. The frequency generator should be a standard 555 timer chip, rigged in astable mode to produce a square wave on a 9-volt signal line. (See, even I can figure out how to do that. All hail Forrest Mims the Third.)

Your job is to take that output (9V signal and ground) and turn it into a 200-volt alternating current.

[Input wave]   [Output wave]

I've drawn the output as a square wave, but it doesn't have to be exact. Anything with the right primary frequency will do.

I assume a transformer will be involved. I'm told the naive setup (attaching the transformer directly to the 555) is a bad idea, because when you switch it off, the collapsing magnetic field will spike current back through the 555 and fry it. Is this true? If so, deal with it.


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Last updated December 4, 2000.

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