A PHP hack to display documents with footnote-style hyperlinks

I don't have a long story here. I wanted a way to display a bunch of small hypertext documents, but not in the standard WWW "click-to-see-this-page" paradigm. Instead, new pages can be popped up below an existing page, or to the side in a second column (or a third, etc.)

Links in a footmark document are shown with the following icons:

How it works

I like Python. It's a clean little language -- like Perl, but without the grossness. (And someday I'll write an Emacs mode that hides the stupid whitespace-dependence.)

Unfortunately, my web server doesn't support on-page Python scripting. It does support on-page PHP scripting. PHP is like Perl but without the elegance, speed, or power. Sigh. But I didn't feel like messing with Perl or a CGI script, so PHP is what I used.

Here's footmark.php, the page-generation script. The source page contains code like:

<script language="php">

The data.php file would be PHP code defining arrays -- these contain all the data describing the pages and links. Here is the data file for my Game Lexicon footmark document.

No, I have no documentation for this stuff. If it seems popular, I may write some up. Sorry.

Footmark documents on my web site

Last updated February 12, 2001.

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