Game Money

I noticed recently that Hasbro ("the Borg") has posted PDF files of Monopoly money, so that you can print out game money when you need more of it.

This is quite decent of them. Go Borg! However, I never liked Monopoly. Besides, I am of the philosophy that anything is an opportunity for creative endeavor. Or, at least, an opportunity for obscure in-jokes.

Here is a design for game-play money which I invented in, oh, 1999 or so. It's been sitting in my files since then. The Monopoly thing reminded me to pull it out and post it.


Here are

Feel free to print out and copy these images (for personal use only, please). Enjoy.

(Actually, these are slightly updated from the version I created in 1999. But that never got distributed, so you don't need to care.)

Bonus points if you can name all the sources for the quotes.

(I'm afraid the PDF files are black and white only. If you want nice colored bills, you'll have to print or photocopy onto tinted paper. Use the five-page version for this -- print out a bunch of copies of page 1 onto white paper, then a bunch of copies of page 2 onto green paper... you get the idea.)

Last updated October 1, 2003.

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