Mini-Review: Alice

Review written by Andrew Plotkin

This is a fairly old game (1994), but I just picked it up... I am amused. It's by the same guy who designed Gadget and L-Zone; in Alice he teams up with a painter and a musician and produces... this thing. Inspired by the Lewis Carroll books, of course. You wander around a surreal house looking for playing cards. That's all the story there is, but, man, is it surreal. Looking-glass logic. I love it. And there's this vast quantity of art. (Not all of it for prudes, by the way. For those of you that care.) Just about every scene and painting has some hidden animation or other weirdism. Dense multimedia. I shouldn't call it multimedia. That's just a bunch of data thrown together. These guys manage to sustain the dream-like mood. When a painting comes to life, or a room turns upside-down, you think, "Yeah, that is what it's like in the Alice stories."

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