Non-Review: Inherent Evil: The Haunted Hotel

Written by Andrew Plotkin

Every time I start writing one of these -- these -- these steaming lasagnas of game-review, replete with the noodles of experience, the ricotta cheese of objectivity, the pesto of humor, and the chili sauce of, of, --


Every time I start writing a game review, I swear to myself I'll keep it short. Perhaps you swear the same thing. Well, this time you get your wish. This isn't a review; it's a brief list of things that I can't believe actually exist in a real, published game.

Aha, you say knowingly, that isn't necessarily a stupid idea. Perhaps the game automatically saves your position when you quit, so that you can pick up at the same point.

Well, Inherent Evil doesn't do that, but it does checkpoint every time you finish a major section. (Eight sections total, I believe.) So as long as you finish a section before you pack it in for the night, the effect is the same.


A moment of silence while we meditate on that.

Note the result: if you have to start a section over (because there's no save-game feature -- see figure 1), you can't run through it in the most efficient way. You have to keep going back and forth, everything you did the first time, only now you're not learning anything new.

And finally -- and trust me, this is the grated Pecorino Romano on top of the lasagna of game-review goodness --

Plus, when you choose an incorrect tombstone, the game makes a mocking comment. "You're not very good at this, are you?"

You have one guess what my response was.

Conclusion: I stopped playing.

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