Entirely true; entirely unsolicited.

This morning, having finally gotten a roughly-working version of GlkTADS using GlkTerm, I decided to try an X version. Total elapsed time to go from GlkTerm to XGlk, counting the 5 minutes of downloading and untarring: 8 minutes.

Perhaps you should include a "user testimonial" section on your Glk page.

"Glk was just what I needed! My programs ported with ease, and it made me write cleaner code. Plus it told me I'D FIND A MAN, AND I DID! Thanks, Glk Friends!"

-- Stephen Granade

> I thought Zarf was actually Thomas Pynchon.

-- Joe Mason

Zarf doesn't sing enough to be Thomas Pynchon.

Zarf is obviously Ursula K. LeGuin.

-- Michael Gentry

Last updated June 10, 1999.

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