IFDropFile is a simple tool which makes downloading IF easier on the Macintosh.

When you grab an IF game file from an Internet server, it usually arrives without any Mac file type information. You get a generic document icon, and you can't start the game by double-clicking it.

By dragging such files onto IFDropFile, you can fix this. IFDropFile tries to figure out what kind of game it is, and sets the file type accordingly. For game systems that have more than one Mac interpreter, you can choose which interpreter to use.

Here's a screen shot of the preferences dialogue (link to a full-sized image):

Download IFDropFile 3.1.0. It's just a 17K download, and it's freeware. Have fun.

File Types

Know-it-alls and anal types may be interested in the list of types that IFDropFile uses. Here is all the information I have. I include the file suffix used on OSes without file type info; the MIME type used by Web servers; the Blorb type (for EXEC chunk zero in a Blorb file); and the Mac file and creator codes.

All Blorb files have Mac type IFRS. The Mac creator will match whatever interpreter can handle the contents.

Last updated September 27, 2000.

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