Zarf Interviews

People talk to me sometimes. That is, not just talk to me, but ask me questions and write down what I say. (This particularly started to happen late in 2010.)

I figure I should keep links to these events, in case anybody wants to know how it went.

This includes interviews with me, interviews that included me, articles about me or that mention me, or basically anything I got egoboo from. Reverse chronological order.

2023-03-28 -- Games@Northeastern Lecture Series (video)

2023-02-17 -- Andrew Plotkin and "System's Twilight" -- Tea Leaves podcast/livestream (video)

2022-06-29 -- Blood on the Clocktower and the History of Mafia and Werewolf -- No Pun Included podcast (video)

2021-12-05 -- Part 1, Part 2 (video) -- Livestream of Hadean Lands, played by Jason McIntosh

2021-07-15 -- 1996: So Far -- 50 Years of Text Games, article about So Far, Aaron Reed

2021-04-18 -- What Puzzles in Games Do (Curtis Chen, Andrew Plotkin, Ciaran Roberts) (video) -- panel discussion for Flights of Foundry 2021

2021-04-18 -- Game Design from Outside the Industry (Aaron Reed, Andrew Plotkin, Katherine Morayati) (video) -- panel discussion for Flights of Foundry 2021

2020-01-26 -- Ludology episode 217: What If? (audio) -- podcast interview with Gil Hova and Emma Larkins

2017-05-06 -- Glk! A universal user interface! for interactive fiction! (video; text version) -- lightning talk at BangBangCon 2017

2016-07-01 -- Some people actually bought that Steam game's £27 PDF certificate DLC --, article about Hadean Lands, Wesley Yin-Poole (more DLC commentary by me)

2016-06-29 -- IF Only: Hadean Lands Will Teach You Alchemy -- Rock Paper Shotgun, article about Hadean Lands, Emily Short

2016-06-22 -- Steam Game Offers $35 DLC That's Just A Certificate -- Kotaku, article about Hadean Lands, Nathan Grayson (includes my commentary on why I added the DLC)

2016-04-11 -- Blind Panels episode 23 (audio) -- podcast interview via Guy Hasson

2016-03-17 -- Clash of the Type-Ins 27: Bigger Than You Think, 28: The Dreamhold (audio) -- podcast episodes with Ryan Veeder and Jenni Polodna

2015-08-08 -- Narrative and Games (Dean O'Donnell, Ichiro Lambe, Andrew Plotkin) (video) -- panel at Mysterium 2015

2015-05-22 -- BookFlocks -- interview on books that have influenced me

2015-05-12 -- The Trope Tank and interactive fiction -- Built To Play podcast (audio); IF segment starts at 33:30; my part recorded November 2014

2014-11-12 -- Restart Game? Text Adventures Make A Comeback -- Fast Company, interview via Steven Melendez

2014-11-08 -- The Alchemy of iPhones and Social Capital (audio) -- I speak about the development of Hadean Lands at WordPlay 2014; introduced by Keith McNally

2014-11-05 -- Interview: Andrew Plotkin on Hadean Lands -- Indie Games, interview via Konstantinos Dimopoulos

2014-11-05 -- An Interview With Andrew Plotkin, Inventor of "Werewolf" (A Mafia Spinoff) --, interview via Sophie Brickman (no longer available)

2013-08-03 -- Seltani: a new-style MUD for Myst Online (video; text version) -- I speak about Seltani at Mysterium 2013

2013-03-14 -- Roundtable: The Interactive Fiction Renaissance (Jon Ingold, Andrew Plotkin, Anna Anthropy, Alexis Kennedy, Emily Short) -- Gamasutra, Leigh Alexander

2013-03-05 -- Andrew Plotkin video interview -- Oral History of Video Games project, WPI

2013-02-12 -- Shade, and the future of interactive fiction on the App Store -- Gamasutra, Leigh Alexander

2012-08-15 -- Andrew Plotkin, the Wizard of IF - Part 1, Part 2 -- Just Adventure, interview via Greg Collins

2012-07-12 -- Absent Heroes: Choose Your Own Interview II (Emily Short, Adam Cadre, Andrew Plotkin) -- Rock Paper Shotgun, interview via Cara Ellison

2012-07-06 -- Andrew Plotkin on Interactive Fiction -- Indie Games, interview via Konstantinos Dimopoulos

2011-03-27 -- Quoted in a section of "A Leading Light: The nature and future of text adventures" -- Juiced.GS, volume 16, issue 1 (print)

2011-02-08 -- Entrevista a Andrew Plotkin -- El Blog de Manu, interview via Manuel Sagra

2011-01-22 -- The Setup -- interview on what tools I use

2011-01-19 -- Kickstart-ed Andrew Plotkin on Interactive Fiction for iPhone -- Indie Superstar, interview

2011-01-13 -- Interacting with Andrew Plotkin (archive) -- Black Clock, interview

2011-01-07 -- Andrew Plotkin interview -- Adventure Classic Gaming, interview via Philip Jong

2010-11-15 -- How I raised $24,000 on Kickstarter -- CNNMoney, guest article

2010-11-13 -- Interactive Fiction: Abenteuer, nur im Kopf (German) -- Die Presse, Georg Renner

2010-11-05 -- Text To Speech: Andrew Plotkin Interview -- Rock Paper Shotgun, interview via Quintin Smith

2010-11-02 -- Hadean Lands: Interactive Fiction per iPhone -- L'avventura è l'avventura, Giovanni Riccardi

2010-11-02 -- IF Author Raises $10,000 In One Day -- Rock Paper Shotgun, Quintin Smith

2010-11-01 -- Andrew Plotkin Wants to Write IF Fulltime and You Can Help -- TIGSource, Derek Yu

2010-11-01 -- Interactive Fiction Dev Raising Money For Hadean Lands, Mad Plan -- GameSetWatch, Eric Caoili

2010-11-01 -- Andrew Plotkin And Mobile Interactive Fiction (archive) -- TK-Nation, Cassandra Khaw

2010-02-04 -- Werewolf: How a parlour game became a tech phenomenon -- Wired UK, Margaret Robertson

2007-02-23 -- Interview (Hebrew) (archive) --, Elad Caplan

2006-03-04 -- Interactive Fiction part 1, part 2 -- Computer Games Magazine, Lara Crigger (reprinted at brasslantern)

2004-02-26 -- Magic Words: Interactive Fiction in the 21st Century --, Andrew Vestal and Nich Maragos (reprinted at brasslantern)

2003-01-01 -- Interactive Fiction -- PC Gamer UK, Richard Cobbett (reprinted at brasslantern)

2001-08-01 -- Zarf, a hot coffee cup with a couple of ideas -- L'avventura è l'avventura, Francesco Cordella

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