Purchase the LOLGRUE T-shirt! "Hungry grue iz HUUNNGRY" is blazoned on each shirt. The background shows the cutest grue we could find, illustrated in the oscuroscuro technique which is traditional in grue folk art. Courtesy of Zazzle. Just $27.00 US, of which I get a fifth.

Hungry grue is still hungry

The classic "cute and slavering" photo.

I found you this nameless adventurer -- but I eated it

Lookit the little fuzzy paws!

Ceiling grue is -- LURKIN' OUT

This little widdums is just trying to be menacing.

oh hai -- ur home early -- ...oops

Hee hee hee!


Prosh slaver-powsche! Contributed by dmm.

LURKING -- ur doin it wrong

Oh, won't he be surprised when Mom notices?

And -- on a separate page, because of length -- all of Zork 1, rendered in LOLGRUE!

The LOLGrues stemmed from a random remark in Myst Online. "LOL, grues!" someone said. My brain went there. Now you know.

Last updated May 11, 2008.

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