The Landscape Aquarius Art Project

After I got a look at my Martian Landscape Art at Origins 2004, I thought to myself, "This would make a great Aquarius deck." It already has land, water, and air. I figured I could whip up some extentions for fire and space, and turn out a deck very quickly.

It turned out to be not quite that fast -- two weeks of fairly steady work. (Admittedly interrupted by a new Myst: Uru game.) But the adaptation was straightforward.

(Click on a row for a larger view.)

There is more variation than in the standard Aquarius deck: some panels have multiple versions. (Note that the air panels are all different.) I did two of each large panel, so that the ten ace-cards are all distinct. However, I didn't do multiples of all the rest. (Note that the two smallest earth panels are identical.) This was more or less laziness. There are four of each half-panel in a full deck, and eight of each quarter-panel, and I didn't want to do that many.

You can see more cards from the deck on this page.

I tried to keep the Oriental style, with wood-joinery borders and paper-like backgrounds on the goal and action cards. The goal patterns were inspired by Japanese asymmetrical shelf designs.

Here is a part of a game layout, which gives a feel for how the elements hang together on the board. The air and space are a little too similar, visually. (Despite the white detailing on space. Perhaps I should darken the backgrounds.) Other than that, I'm very happy with the deck.

I have not created an physical deck with this art. I might print one out for my own amusement, but that would be all. This project has been solely to satisfy an artistic itch.

Last updated July 17, 2004.

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