The Martian Landscape Art Project

Sample landscapes 1

I created these images for the Looney Labs Big Experiment and Zendo Lounge, at Origins 2001.

(Actually, that's the "Looney Labs Big Experiment" -- the Zendo Lounge is just the small tie-dyed living room in the center. But I like the name "Big Experiment and Zendo Lounge".)

Due to various hassles and disasters, they weren't actually at Origins 2001. I meant to get them printed as tall posters (18" by 54"), and then hang them on lovely bamboo folding screens (handmade by Goob). But the printing didn't happen, and then the lovely bamboo screens disintegrated on the way to Columbus. It was tragic. I fled in tears.

Well, not in tears actually.

The bamboo problem has not been solved. But I did get the posters printed in time for Arisia 2002. (I just went to Kinkos. They have a service that prints any art on vinyl, full-color. With grommets! Cost some, but not too bad, considering I was ordering fourteen of them.)

(No, they were not actually hung up at Arisia. You didn't miss anything if you were there. I just handed them over to the Looneys.)

They were on full display at Origins 2003 and 2004. Here's a blurry picture.

Some Technical Explanation

Sample landscapes 2

Last updated June 28, 2004.

The Martian Landscape Art Project: Some Technical Explanation

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