The Periodic Table of Dessert

A Scientific and Rigorous approach to patisserie -- in Full Color

You've seen those charts that say, like, "Periodic Table of the Vegetables" or "Periodic Table of the Sausages"?

They annoy me. Because they're not periodic. They have no vertical or horizontal correspondences. The actual periodic table of chemical elements has structure -- that's why it's cool.

Thus: my contribution to the field.

This image is scaled down quite a bit. Here are some larger views.

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The Periodic Table of Dessert
Designed by Andrew Plotkin
Copyright 2003

Here, a few more clever items which are periodic, elemental, or both.

And finally, one additional invention of my own:

The Periodic Table of Lunch

|   L   |
|       |
| Lunch |
Because, you know, lunch is lunch.

Last updated August 15, 2003.

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Closer views of the Periodic Table

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