Modular Multiphasic Laser Output Device

Or, Low-Tech Toys for Simple Minds

The MMLOD is a simple device which generates oscillating optical patterns. It is modular and can be daisy-chained both in the electrical and optical pathways.

The core of the MMLOD is an energy conversion module (direct electrical current to rotational kinetic energy.) This drives a square shaft which protrudes from the function end of the MMLOD (see below). Interchangable optical modules can be mounted on the shaft; their rotation modulates a source laser beam.

Each MMLOD has two power interfaces, so that several can be daisy-chained off a single current source, via the Device-to-Device Power Transfer Unit (not shown.) Similarly, the optical paths of several MMLODs can be chained (see Maxwell's Equations).

The MMLOD project is an ongoing development effort. Planned additions include an enhanced model DDPTU-1 with built-in amplitude control in the power path, several more optical modules, and possibly noise abatement engineering.

We would like $35,000 to continue this phase of our research program.

Circuit design specification

Detail on right is for enhanced model MMLOD-1, not yet complete

MMLOD overview

MMLOD detail: function end

MMLOD detail: control and interface end

Left to right:

Laser power source (with Sustained Beam Control unit in place)

Deprecated view of laser source

Three MMLOD function modules

Left to right:

Output of one MMLOD with planar function module

<img src="really_neat_spirograph.gif">

Output of two optically-chained MMLODs with planar function modules

Would you believe, the damn IndyCam isn't sensitive enough to pick up the pattern. Bleah.

Injury sustained during MMLOD development.

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