TextureFnoob Samples -- Original Creations

These images are all created from first principles, which is to say from atomic functions, constants, and color maps. In no case did I paste images together or perform sequential editing actions, such as one might do in Photoshop. All the images are generated as-is.

Here are some explanations. In each case I list the controls which went into the pattern. Remember that each control is an actual little slider widget; you can drag the slider back and forth, and watch the image change dynamically. (I don't list the colormap controls, although of course all the colors are also fully controllable.)

  1. Round Marble. A marble texture which distorts circular stripes rather than linear stripes.

    Controls: number of rings, marble wiggliness.

  2. Splotch on Psyche. The purple background is a low-frequency noise pattern (note that it tiles.) The splotch is a perturbed set of concentric rings, which is added on top of the background at a given (perturbed) radius.

    Controls: splotch size and number of rings.

  3. Granite. More or less marble, minus the stripes.

    Controls: overall wiggliness.

  4. Reflected Spirals. A simple set of spirals, but cut in half and reflected across a diagonal.

    Controls: number and whirliness of spirals.

  5. Wood. The same formula as marble, except with a varying stripe grain.

    Controls: stripe size, how much the stripe size change, how frequently the stripe size changes.

  6. Mosaic Color Wheel. A pastel color wheel, run through a filter which facets it into rectangular tiles.

    Controls: tile size, tile rotation, color wheel brightness.

  7. Color Spiral. A color wheel twisted into a spiral, shading to grey, on a grey background.

    Controls: spiral whirliness, position of pattern.

  8. Julia Fractal. Everyone's seen them.

    Controls: Julia origin point, position and scaling of image.

  9. Marble on Diamonds. A green marble texture, but half the marble range is transparent. The background is a simple diamond pattern. This pattern tiles.

    Controls: diamond size and ratio, how much diamond pattern shows through, plus the usual marble controls.

  10. Clouds. Clouds. This pattern tiles.

    Controls: cloud detail and density.

  11. Tilted Bevelled Marble. A marble pattern with rotated stripes, shaded at the edges to appear three-dimensional.

    Controls: edge bevel width, stripe rotation, stripe width, marble wiggliness.

Here are more samples, in which TextureFnoob transforms a given image instead of working from first principles.

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