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The Title *

Ace of Pencils

Two of Pencils

Three of Pencils

Four of Pencils *

Five of Pencils

Six of Pencils

Seven of Pencils

Eight of Pencils

Nine of Pencils

Ten of Pencils

Knight of Pencils *

Knave of Pencils *

King of Pencils

Hitchhiker of Pencils

Ace of Disks

Two of Disks *

Three of Disks

Four of Disks

Five of Disks *

Six of Disks *

Seven of Disks *

Eight of Disks

Nine of Disks

Ten of Disks

Knight of Disks *

Knave of Disks *

King of Disks *

Hitchhiker of Disks *

Ace of Hammers *

Two of Hammers

Three of Hammers

Four of Hammers

Five of Hammers

Six of Hammers

Seven of Hammers

Eight of Hammers

Nine of Hammers

Ten of Hammers

Knight of Hammers *

Knave of Hammers *

King of Hammers

Hitchhiker of Hammers *

Ace of Silly Hats *

Two of Silly Hats

Three of Silly Hats

Four of Silly Hats

Five of Silly Hats *

Six of Silly Hats

Seven of Silly Hats

Eight of Silly Hats

Nine of Silly Hats

Ten of Silly Hats

Knight of Silly Hats *

Knave of Silly Hats *

King of Silly Hats *

Hitchhiker of Silly Hats *

Two of Kings

Five of Kings *

Four of Pickles

Three of Fives

Nine of Fives

King of Fives *

Two of Protractors *

Three of Protractors

Six of Protractors

Ace of Trashcans

Seven of Trashcans

The Blank *

The Big Black Thing *

The Captain *

The Card *

The Conjunction

The Dancer *

The Demon *

The Devilled Egg

The Doctor *

The Fool


The Genius *

The Hanged Man *

The Instructions *

The Klutz

The Marble Machine *

The Mascot

The Maze *

Misprint *

The Nerd *

The Pickle *

The Planet *

The Robot *

The Supernova *

Transfer *

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