Ongoing Uru Review: Notes from Launch Day

February 15th, 2007. Big day today.

It's been hell getting here -- and that's just as a player. I can only imagine what the Cyan people went through.

No big updates. We got one small Age, which we knew we'd get. No story transformation; no torrent of bug fixes. (But releasing new code on launch day would have been really stupid. It only took me about a day to figure that out, in retrospect.) The DRC web site hasn't even been updated.

I figure that'll start happening next week. The first full week of Uru Live will set a lot of expectations. What kind of story will we see? How often will new discoveries turn up? How big will they be?

For now, the new thing in the Cavern is... new people. Lots of curious folks coming through. I've spent a fair few hours hanging out in the newcomer neighborhoods, answering questions. It makes me feel good. I've always been at my best when I'm explaining how great something is... I want people to get it.

I want people to get Uru. I mean, no, I'm not standing around hard-selling it to newcomers. I'm answering questions, orienting anyone who feels disoriented. But I love saying: "This is one of the Neighborhoods that surround the lake, in a cavern three miles beneath New Mexico..." I love it.

Worst moment of launch day: a newcomer's client hung up as he was trying to use a Linking Book. He quit, logged back in, came back to the book, and got stuck again -- as the rest of us stood around giving futile advice. That guy didn't have a good starting experience. I hope it came together for him later.

Best moment of launch day: a newcomer appeared, walked down the steps to the water garden, and said: "Whoa, pretty."

Right there, man. That's it.

Last updated February 19, 2007.

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