Volity: A Network Standard for Near-Real-Time Gaming

This is not the Volity home page; here is the Volity home page. This page contains various things I am contributing to Volity. The organization is haphazard, and may remain that way.

SVG sample artwork

(You will need an SVG browser plugin to view these images. Adobe has one which works in most browsers. Firefox is also adopting SVG support, although it's new and not all there yet.)

Volity Python framework

(Or is that Python Volity framework?) This is a bunch of code I wrote to support Volity games in Python. It lets you run a Volity game server (a "parlor") and develop referees for games in Python.

You will also need to download Zymb, my Python package for Jabber communication.

Last updated August 11, 2007.

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