Zendo Stones

I went a little nuts with polymer clay.

I've made a nice stashbox that holds six stashes of hollow Icehouse pieces (not the Clever Carrying Case, but something more recent.) I realized it has just enough room to add two small tubes, about four inches long and a half-inch wide. If I could find a lot of half-inch flat discs, black and white and colored all over, I would have a perfect Zendo set, without having to add any volume.

I've seen a little of what polymer clay canework can do. It's fascinating and scary. So I bought some and started experimenting.

I used Fimo Classic and a regular old Black-and-Decker toaster that I hadn't used for years. The results were, well, fascinating and scary. I wound up with way more patterns than I needed for Zendo; I selected out pale, dark, and mid-range ones for the stash tubes, and kept the rest in this cookie tin.

Quick lessons:

Last updated August 8, 2001.

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