Zarf's Ripple v1.0

This is an experiment in trigonometry and rapid battery drain.

[screen shot]

If you haven't figured it out yet, tap the screen to ripple. You can tap again while a ripple is already rippling; but two is the limit. If you try to make a third, the first flattens out abruptly. Sorry about that.

You can download Z'Ripple (9K Pilot PRC file). It's freeware, so you have no excuse not to, right?


The code is painfully optimized. All the sine and square-root values are computed at startup time (yes, that's why it takes so long). Then they're stored as integers, in fixed-point notation. All the runtime math is integer adds, multiplies, and shifts. Result? The Pilot can just about handle 100 points and two ripples at a time.

Z'Ripple requires PalmOS 2.0 or later. It also requires MathLib, a freeware floating-point math library ported by Rick Huebner.

This is a programming exercise, and not likely to be revised. However, comments and bug reports are still welcome.

Z'Ripple is copyright 1998 by Andrew Plotkin. Please copy and distribute freely.

Last updated July 1, 1998.

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