An escape in a single room.

My entry in the JayIsGames Casual Game Design Competition #7. It was in a three-way tie for second place.

The theme of the competition was escape, and the requirement was a short, single-room game. I took both the theme and the requirement in my own direction, of course; but my entry satisfies both of them.

Dual Transform is copyright 2010 by Andrew Plotkin ( It may be distributed for free, but not sold or included in any for-profit collection without written permission from the author.

Thanks to the beta-testers: Marius Müller, Zhou Fang, Kevin Jackson-Mead, Sarah Morayati, Jake Eakle, and Emily Short. And to the People's Republic of IF gang, who gave me feedback on an early version. (It's not even alpha-testing when the game isn't finished yet.)

Play Dual Transform now.