An interactive cave crawl.

This game is a tribute to certain early computer games. But if I said which ones, it would be a spoiler. So I won't.

Play Hunter, in Darkness if you're in the mood for a tense and harrowing chase in a claustrophobic cavern setting. You will be hurt; you may be killed. "Undo" and keep trying. The struggle is survivable.

One helpful note: This game does not use the usual "north", "south", "east", "west" compass directions. Try "ahead", "back", "left", "right", "up", or "down". You can also "enter" a particular passage.

Despite this disorientation, no serious mapping is necessary, or even useful, in playing this game. If you think you need to start drawing a map, you're wrong.

Hunter, in Darkness is copyright 1999 by Andrew Plotkin (

The usual credit to Graham Nelson, the creator of Inform, the development system which displayed its usual panache as I pounded this work into shape. Also Stephen Granade, who managed the 1999 Interactive Fiction Competition.

The madding crowd of beta-testers were: Adam Thornton, Magnus Olsson, Lucian P. Smith, Miron Schmidt, and of course Goob.

Thanks also to all the Usenet grues who slavered out to post reviews, commentary, and replies to my post-Comp interrogation. You have contributed much to my understanding of what I messed up and what I didn't. Perhaps, two or three games from now, the lessons will even start to sink in.

Play Hunter, in Darkness now.