Spider and Web front cover, designed by Jason Shiga Spider and Web front cover, designed by Jason Shiga
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A few months after Jason Shiga and I released Meanwhile, Jason sent me this hand-bound “book edition” of Spider and Web.

No, it's not the whole story in graphic-novel form. It's a rendering of just the first scene as a CYOA. (“If you wish to knock on the door, turn to 3...”) Translating the entire game this way would be an enormous challenge, of course!

I'm really not sure what the future holds for this little volume. But it's a gorgeous piece of work, and I want to at least post the cover for everybody to gape at. The style and design are perfect. The imperfections are perfect. (That dog-ear on the bottom left corner? Drawn that way. Also the library tape on the spine.)

I apologize for my lousy camera. Also for not showing the contents; we have to keep some secrets for the future. Also, I apologize for blurring out the copyright line on the front cover. Jason tossed in the name of his real-life publisher, but only as a placeholder.

We may move forward on this project, in some form, or we may not. But my thanks to Mr. Shiga for his excellent creation.