Project Clothe Myself

The first epoch of a geek's life ends when all the t-shirts from college are too worn out to wear.

(Of course I don't mean geek, because not even all computer geeks go for the t-shirt-and-slacks aesthetic. And then there are costume geeks, sewing geeks -- knitting geeks, naturally -- well, never mind. This page is about Project Clothe Myself, and I wear t-shirts. And all my t-shirts from college were packed away in tatters and memories, years ago.)

Wearing other people's advertisements is a little iffy. It's never stopped me. But for my second clothing epoch, I mostly stuck to IFComp and corn maze t-shirts. Nothing wrong with those; I enter the IFComp occasionally, and I like mazes. Mazes are cool. But it's been another decade, and they're starting to go, now.

What, I ask myself, is next? Dress clothes? Hah.

...I've been making the occasional game graphic and promotional image, all this time. Why not go with those? I could come up with a nice line of clothing that actually advertises my stuff. My games and projects.

...If some of you folks out there like my games and projects, you could wear them too. Yes: this is the long-dreaded monetization of Zarfhome. I'm adding some t-shirt links. If they sell okay, I will add more.

I don't expect to quit my day job for this, but if it pays for cookies and cucumbers, all to the better. And if not, I'll still be walking around in my own artwork.

All of the following images are photographs of actual shirts. That's why they look like cloth. Click images to see cloth closer-to.

Want a different game image? Or one of the shirts shown as "not available"? Email me or twitter me or whatever.

Note: All of these designs are copyright by me. Please don't go scanning them and making your own designer clothing lines. I do a lot of open-source art, creative-commons art, and freely downloadable art -- but these shirts aren't those.

Game Design

Game Designer Bomb Squad Defusing Combinatorial Explosion Since 1976
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(Front and back of shirt design.) Perhaps too much of an in-joke.


Cover art and associated images from some of the games I've created.

Dual Transform

Dual Transform is a text game I released in early 2010, for the JayIsGames Casual Game Design Competition #7. Yes, a cube is significant.

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Shade is a text game I released in 2000. I created this image a few years later, as cover art. I'm really happy with it, honestly.

System's Twilight
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System's Twilight is a Mac puzzle game that I released, by damn, fifteen years ago. You might have played it back then. (You can still play it, if you wrestle it into a Mac emulator.)

System's Twilight
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Another System's Twilight design -- all the characters from the game, remastered in high resolution.

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Werewolf is a party game about lies and murder. I didn't invent it, but I named it "Werewolf". (It was invented as "Mafia", and both forms are widely played today.) This shirt also comes in "Innocent Villager" and "Trust me... I'm the Seer" variants.

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The LOLGrues were a random silly idea. I turned it into a t-shirt a few years ago; I use it a lot. (Which is why this photo shows a somewhat worn-down shirt.) A surprising number of people in the MIT area get the joke.


A set of completely abstract designs. More on the way. Why "masks"? I haven't decided yet.

Mask: Orothe
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Mask: Orothe.

Mask: Ariadnus
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Mask: Ariadnus.

Mask: Duante
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Mask: Duante.

Mask: Aeoline
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Mask: Aeoline.

Mask: Oupelou
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Mask: Oupelou.

...Apologies to those of you who were hoping for a sewing project. I've done 'em (see the "Cloak" links below), and I hope to do 'em again someday, but not this year. Watch this space, occasionally.

Last updated August 4, 2012.

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