Cragne Manor: The Source Collection

Eighty-four IF authors got together to write a game. I was one (just one!) of them. None of us knew what any of the others were doing.

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Planned and organized by Ryan Veeder and Jenni Polodna.

Source code for the rooms

Each room of the game was written as a separate Inform 7 game. Jenni and Ryan then edited them all together into a single runnable game. (An effort whose heroism will never be fully understood by the rest of us.)

Entries are in alphabetical order by author name. Each room has a four-letter code name, which the organizers used to, you know, organize the game. Most of the rooms had author commentary; I have highlighted this in the source.

This is not a complete collection of Cragne rooms. It only includes authors who have explicitly given me permission to post their source code. If you want your Cragne room included, send me the file from your project and I'll post it!

(How did I generate these nice readable web pages from Inform source code? I used this Python script, which is based on the Pygments syntax-coloring package.)

This source code is posted for its historic value, with permission of the authors. All rights reserved.

Last updated April 2, 2023.

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