XYZZYnews Award Ceremony: 1998

The ceremony took place on, um, a Saturday early in 1999. No, wait, it was February 6. Okay.

For my own amusement, I've formatted this into two columns. On the left, you'll find the "official" transcript of the ceremony. On the right is the "peanut gallery" -- a segregated channel provided for the audience's commentary, mockery, and monkey jokes. (Not that they restricted themselves.)

If your browser doesn't support tables, you'll see everything in a single column, despite my best efforts. Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal.

Thanks to Neil deMause for the original transcript.

PollBoy hollers, "The Auditorium is now open! All ashore who's going ashore!" Foobler says, "and the answer is, "The Howdy Doody Show" circa 1955"
thumper has arrived.

schep has arrived.

inky has arrived.

Steve has arrived.

Paul has arrived.

zarf says, "toldja."
Chaos has arrived.

Kiz has arrived.

Taj has arrived.

Gunther has arrived.

Jota has arrived.

Dilbon has arrived.

jaybird has arrived.

jrw has arrived.

davec has arrived.

zarf has arrived.

inky says, "uh-oh. do explain more"
jrw says, "Yay!"

eileen has arrived.

jrw races to find a good seat.

Iain has arrived.

Saudade has arrived.

zarf says, "toldja again."
Gunther says, "Whoa! LEMMINGS!"

Psmith has arrived.

Jota runs down to the front, to get one of the good seats.

jrw sets up his digital video camera.

Paul sits in the front row.

inky sits in front of jrw, wearing his big hat.

Hugo has arrived.

Roosevelt has arrived.

Foobler asks, "I'm in dorm A. Which way from here?"
Adam materializes. inky says, "east"
Foobler has arrived.

Gunther says (to inky), "HEE"

Iain finds it hard to read the room description 'cos it keeps scrolling away.

Kiz asks, "Someone is logging this, right?"

Taj sits on Inky's big hat.

jrw asks, "Can I patch into the microphone circuit?"

inky says, "PerrySimm is the official recorder"

Jota thinks Perry is logging.

Adam spikes the transcript. EARTH FIRST!

Kiz says, "Cool"

inky says, "some other people are doing private logs, I think"

Jota asks, "Is he recording yet?"

jrw tilts one way, then the other, straining to see around inky's hat.

Gunther says, "PRISM"

thumper says (to adam), "heh."

Foobler asks, "inky: Were you asking me for more explanation?"

inky says, "yeah"

Dilbon asks, "Is my hair well? Does my watch show?" Chaos says (to inky), "cool hat."

zarf says, "please note that I've never seen the HD show ever."

Jota says (to Dilbon), "your watch is fine, and your hair doesn't show."

inky finally takes off his hat, revealing an equally-large hairdo.

jaybird asks, "Is somebody gonna log peanut-gallery traffic?"
jrw says, "Eeagh!"

Taj falls off.

<DGlasser> We take our icons very seriously in this class.

Gunther asks, "MArkm isn't here??"

eileen adjusts her little black dress and admires the large crowd

Traevoli has arrived.

inky says, "(old joke)"

jrw takes out a big pair of scissors.

Iain says (to Jrw), "Oooh."

Paul says, "Love the murals. Kudos to whoever's responsible."

<Sargent> "The fact that we've got INKlings pokin' around right here, where there oughtn't t'be INKlings 'tall, just shows how bad things are."

jrw says (to inky), "yeah, but I've always liked that kind of joke."

Den has arrived.

Traevoli wipes his forehead. "Phew! Found it."

Foobler says, "inky: It was a kid's show in the fifties in which a bunch of kids sat in bleachers (the peanut gallery) and shouted at the on-stage characters to "watch out" and the like."
Jota says (to eileen), "Small black dress? You look like you're wearing a XYZZYnews T-shirt."

jrw cuts the hair off, revealing an equally large head.

Sargent materializes.

Sargent says, "Afternoon."

Den says, "Sheesh. I nip out to the lav and when I return everyone's gone east."
inky says, "hey hey"

Taj exclaims (to jrw), "New joke!"

Chaos exclaims (to sarge), "hiya!"

Iain says (to Den), "Heh."
Jota greets Sarge.

<Irene> Irene has connected to ifMUD.

inky says, "aha. ok, so the name is still appropriate"
DGlasser has arrived. Iain says, "We thought it was worth a try."
Irene has arrived.

Gunther says, "Corn. Monkey. Alpaca. Eeeaghj. etc."

devil has arrived.

schep says, "PerrySimm is on the channel, so I think it is being recorded."

DGlasser has joined the channel.

Paul waves to Irene. Foobler says, "inkster: Extremely so."
inky says, "hey Irene"

Irene says, "Hi, everyone."

Foobler exclaims (to Irene), "Hey!"

Sargent says, "Glad I got here in time."

DGlasser exclaims (to irene), "Hey there, lady!"

Jota says, "My, just switching to this room seemed to cause an increase in the rate of text scrolling by..."

<Miseri> Miseri has connected to ifMUD.

Iain asks, "Hang on - who's got the peanuts?"
Gunther says, "8 minutes! Woo woo!"

Traevoli asks (to .Irene), "Hello. How's the problem with Inform going?"

Psmith says (to Sargent), "We had to move it forward. It's all just finished."

Dilbon says, "There are so many people I'm consifueg."

jrw flips through his program.

Dilbon says, "confused."

Jota asks, "Is it nerves, or something more sinister? Perhaps someone spiked the ventillation in this room with amphetamines?"

davec has joined the channel.
devil leaves the auditorium to the west.

zarf readies his trophy sack.

Chaos reigns.

Miseri has arrived.

Foobler says, "Iain: You and the rest of us are the peanuts, amigo."
inky laughs.

Iain asks (to zarf), "How do you ready a sack, exactly?"

inky says (to Chaos), "yay"

Psmith says (to Sargent), "Human Resource Stories scooped the lot in a surprise result."

Sargent says (to Psmith), "Yay!"

Steve says (to Chaos), "Hee!"

Falstaff says, "Mmm... sack."

Miseri Arrives.

inky says (to Psmith), "more yay"

zarf says (to iain), "fluff up the drawstrings, etc."

jrw says, "You kind of shake it out, like this... <floff, floff>"

Foobler says, "Chaos: hehe."
Miseri says, "hello, all ...." Saudade passes peanuts to iain
DGlasser asks, "So, should mere mortals only make noise on the channel and nowhere else?"

<Ellison> People said, "You must be nuts, a little bit." They were the ones shaking their butts, the Summer of My Disco-Tent!

Iain says (to Foobler), "Okay. I'll throw myself at the stage at the appropriate moment."
Irene says (to traevoli), "Which problem? I have several at the moment"

Jota asks, "There's a channel?"

Sargent has joined the channel.
eileen check the wireing and the lighting.

Traevoli smiles at Irene.

Ellison has arrived.

Iain throws peanuts at Jota.

DGlasser says (to jota), "#peanut-gallery"

schep says (to DG), "Probably once it starts. Maybe a bit of polite clapping, I dunno."

Miseri takes a seat in a window box.

jrw says (to DGlasser), "once the show starts, it'll be more appropriate"

Foobler says, "Sarge: Welcome to never-never land."
Traevoli says (to .Irene), "Whichever... Just remember you posting to raif..." Sargent says, "Yay!"
Ellison says, "heyas" Gunther has joined the channel.
Steve says, "Ok, I have to go to work. :/"

Dilbon says, "43"

Foobler says (to Ellison), "Yo."

Miseri says, "Oh by the way ... I brought a couple of wenches, uh, friends...."

eileen says, ".."

inky says (to DG), "well, I was thinking we could do clapping and minor rowdiness off-channel, and major rowdiness on-channel"

Spatch has arrived.

Ellison asks, "what, are we going to use a channel for this?"

jaybird asks, "Um, can I turn off Peanut-gallery? Is somebody gonna log traffic on that channel?"

Iain enlarges his xterm, in the vain hope of making things less confusing.

inky says (to Steve), ":(. byebye"

Dilbon says (to Miseri), "Gimme one."

jrw asks (to DGlasser), "Say, what was the outcome of that math problem you had?"

Paul says (to dglasser), "Zarf & Adam can just rattle their jewelry."

Gunther says, "Test"

inky says (to jaybird), "yes" Jota has joined the channel.
Steve says, "So everyone have a good time." Jota exclaims, "Wow, a channel!"
<Ghogg> [insert witty comment here]

Miseri introduces Hilary and Cybele to the Mud.

Steve says, "*Sniff* Without me."

Kiz has disconnected.

<Kiz> I have the feeling the 115th street church didn't full grasp the implications of their fruit-sales fundraiser slogan.

Kiz has connected.

<Kiz> "God loves fruit lovers!"

liza says (to Steve), "Wave!"

Psmith has joined the channel.

Sargent says, "I like a channel."

Irene says (to traevoli), "Right now I'm trying to get a telephone to recognize that I'm talking to a mechanic." jaybird has left the channel.
Steve has disconnected.

Steve slips away on the newly waxed floor.

<Steve> "And Aholibamah bare Alec, and William, Daniel: these were the Baldwins..."

Foobler says, "We're up to 44."
jaybird exclaims, "Ah, much quieter!"

devil has arrived.

Iain asks (to Sargent), "You like shopping, channel?"
Den asks, "Where`s Sadie this year?"

jrw realizes he forgot to bring a blank tape for his video camera.

schep says (to Irene), "Yuck, scope problems are tricky."

thumper says, "I like monkey,channel."
devil asks (to Psmith), "You got the email about the Round Table get-together, right?"

Miseri says (to Dilbon), "You could always join us up here in the window seat...."

Spatch has joined the channel.
Gunther gives blank tape to jrw.

Irene exclaims (to schep), "You said it!"

inky says, "here's sadie."

Torbjorn has arrived.

Adam says (to inky), "No, that's Torbjorn."

devil exclaims (to jrw), "Wait, that's my audition tape!"

Psmith says (to devil), "Yep. I'm ont of the "can't make weekdays" people, I'm afraid"

jaybird exclaims, "Five minutes to go!"

inky laughs.

Traevoli says (to .Irene), "Wow! A bit beyond my scope at the moment... :)"

inky says (to Adam), "a common confusion"

Den asks (to inky), "Not playing?"

Kiz has plenty of film in her camera. If the damn thing will just work right.

jrw says (to Gunther), "this is the wrong format, but thanks"

Jota says, "Y'know, there's very little time to actually talk, when there's so much happening to listen to..."

DGlasser asks, "Hmm, what's the make-this-channel-active command?"

Gunther says, ">KICK HEAD"
liza says (to Den), "One third of Sadie isn't feeling well."

Foobler watches the chatter whiz by.

eileen makes sure the lovely parting gifts and goody bags and leave-behinds are under each chair.

thumper says (to dglasser), "@joinch peanut-gallery"

schep asks (to DG), "YM @join?"

devil says (to Psmith), "Well, I'm going to send more email around, asking people to decide between Wednesday and the following Saturday."

Den says (to liza), "Awww."

Spatch says (to dg), "@monkeychannel"

Ellison says (to jaybird), "you've been doing that for 11 hours and 55 minutes!"

jrw checks his white-balance. What kind of lights are in here, anyway?

Sargent dropped Comment Channel Info.

inky says (to jrw), "glittery ones"

Paul looks under his chair. All right, a matchbook!

Foobler says (to DG), "@peanut-gallery"

liza has joined the channel.
Irene says (to traevoli), "The telephone thinks it's a telephone, and I want it to think it's a mechanic at the service station"

Sargent says (to jrw), "Lanterns."

inky says (to Sargent), "good point."


devil has joined the channel.

Ellison has joined the channel.

<Ghogg> Ya, it is already hurting. It does not need the teachings of the Bust-All.

Miseri swallows a jarful of butterflies.

jrw zooms in on zarf's nose to focus.

Ellison asks, "how do you talk on this thing again?"

Iain says, "Oy, go away. It's crowded in here already."

liza says (to Spatch), "FUNK THAT"

zarf says, "I have no nose." Foobler says, "Foobler only found dead gum under his seat."
DGlasser says, "No, when I'm already joined." Ellison says, "ok, I remember"

Psmith says, "Like this, I think"

Jota says (to jrw), "Chandeliers."

Adam says (to zarf), "Thanks for sharing, Cathy."

Spatch says, "Mark! Mark? Mark!! Mark!! MARK!!"
Foobler asks (to zarf), "How do you smell?" DGlasser says, "foo"
zarf says, "And I must sneeze."

Kiz debates putting on her heels, but decides the sneakers are way more comfortable.

inky finds another seat under his seat.

jrw asks (to zarf), "Egad! Then what was I just looking at?"

Iain builds more seats.
inky says, "it's seats all the way down!"

eileen exclaims, "Three minutes to go!"

Sargent says (to inky), "My God! It's full of seats!"

liza asks, "So wait, are we supposed to not talk out loud or something?"

Traevoli says (to Irene), "Well, I currently use TADS, and I haven't even attempted to do anything that complicated yet."

Spatch says, "Censorship!"

<lpsmith> We're twenty minutes late for the cheese auction, I have no idea where we are, and we're, umn, heading kind of westish.

jrw says, "Three minutes! yikes."

schep asks, "Is there a way to specify a mural to look at? Or is it just one description?"

Saudade shines her moving contraband spotlight on the stage.

Irene says (to traevoli), "I've thought about learning TADS."

Adam says, "Yeah, it might be a better idea to do it the other way around"

Foobler says (to zarf), "The answer is: 'terrible.'"

jrw swings to catch lpsmith entering the auditorium.

Adam says, "But it's probably too late now"

neild says, "okay"

Spatch says, "SNARK SNARK SNARK"

Iain wonders whether there is still anyone wandering around looking for the auditorium.

Jota says (to schep), "It's random."

zarf asks (to foobler), "No, the answer is 'with my delicate antennae'. But does it matter?"

devil say TADS is pretty cool. IMHO, FWIW.

eileen exclaims (to liza), "Nice MUD you've got here!"

Iain says (to devil), "What does FWIW mean? I always forget."

Traevoli says (to Irene), "Well, I'm happy with it. 'Course I haven't even *tried* Inform. Or any other system, for that matter."

devil asks, "When do they start recordig?"

<wjs> wjs has connected to ifMUD.

Den gestures grandly. "One day," he says, "all this will be mine!" and he

liza says (to eileen), "Why thank you! thumper's our host now, though."

Sargent watches his log file fill and fill.

devil says (to Iain), "Fnark Worrisome Informational Wart."

lpsmith has arrived.

Psmith hunts the snark
liza says (to lpsmith), "YAY!"

lpsmith waves!

Iain says, "Hmm, no wonder I always forget."

jrw follows lpsmith with his camera.

Irene exclaims (to traevoli), "Oh, you should just jump in and try it!"

inky says, "yay lp"

Miseri says, "Hm ... friend has weird South Park screen saver...."

eileen exclaims (to thumper), "Oh, I should contgratulate you on the nice MUD you've got here, then!"

Den chokes on a cut and paste mistake.

Jota looks under his own seat, and finds an elvish sword. "Neat."

Iain hits Den on the back.

Traevoli says (to Irene), "Perhaps after I've actually *finished* something with TADS. Don't wanna get them confused while working on something..."

Den says (to Iain), "Thanks."

<BabelFish> Stick it in your ear.

Ellison asks, "wait, so what constitutes peanut gallery talk?"

Spatch says, "Yay"

eileen checks to make sure everyone has at least one seatr

<pointy> pointy has connected to ifMUD.

Foobler says, "No one turn out the lights. Grues are known to lurk here."
Psmith looks under his seat. Hey, a rusty black rod! Do we all get souvenirs? Spatch says, "you know. jelly, sandwiches..."
jaybird exclaims, "Less than a minute!"

davec sits in a comfortable seat in the corner.

eileen flicks the lights on and off.

devil exclaims, "All Britishers! If you could hang around a little afterwards to talk about the Round Table meeting, I'd appreciate it!"

BabelFish has arrived.

Sargent says, "I think just random sarky comments."
Spatch looks under his seat. "Tracy Valencia!"

Iain looks under his seat, then jerks back in terror. A huge hairy arm reaches out and pulls him under.

zarf l

liza giggles.

zarf says, "Drat. I was in the middle of typing what Iain just typed."

jrw looks, and sees a tourist map of Paris.

Traevoli finds a seat and shuts up.

Jota asks, "48 users. Will we hit 50?"

Iain says (to zarf), "Really? Wow."

DGlasser looks under his seat, and finds nothing interesting. Wah.

PollBoy hollers, "Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, and welcome to the 1998 Xyzzy Awards! Whack-a-ding-hoy!"

Irene says (to traevoli), "Finishing is hard. I have all these great ideas, but it takes me so long to figure out how to do it that I'll be 90 years old before I can get half done."

Spatch says, "YAAAAAAAY"

liza cheers!

Sargent says, "Woo hoo!"

Gunther says, "YAy"
eileen leads the crowd in appluause

BabelFish grins.

Dilbon says, "Whistle."

devil claps

jrw claps.

Spatch stomps his feet.

DGlasser cheers

Iain says, "Wooo yaay etc etc"
davec claps shyly

Paul cries! I mean, Paul cheers!

Ellison claps

devil looks under his seat, and finds God.

Sargent whistles very loudly.

Den floats into the air with excitement.

Kiz applauds wildly

Irene sits on the edge of the seat

inky says, "yay"

neild exclaims, "woohoo!"

Foobler lights a Bic lighter.

Miseri applauds politely

Iain cheers and whistles, rather than clapping politely as he would in real life.

PollBoy hollers, "And now, star of stage, screen and cartoon, your host for tDThe 1998 XYZZY Awards, funnyman Gilbert Gottfried!"

Psmith stamps his feet.

Gunther says, "WOO WOO WOO"

GilbertGottfried comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

zarf leaves.

Saudade wiggles her ears in excitement

GilbertGottfried exclaims, "Hello, HELLO, HELLO!!"

mamster says, "We'll sell you the whole seat, BUT YOU ONLY NEED THE EDGE!"

Ellison says, "do that FUNNY voice!"

schep says, "Yay"

Sargent says (to liza), "Yay!"

DGlasser asks, "Who's he?"
Ellison says, "YAY!"

inky says, "yay mamster-in-absentia"

GilbertGottfried exclaims, "Welcome to the NINETEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT XYZZY Awards!"

liza says, "Hello, I'm liza, I'll be your mamster for the evening."

Paul says (to dglasser), "Really annoying comic."
Adam says, "Ah, yes, that noted IF luminary, Some Guy Pretending To Be Gilbert Gottfried."

Miseri asks, "1998? That many of them?"

devil asks, "Isn't it 1999?"

Dilbon asks, "Is this 1999 or 1998?"

Foobler says (to mamster), "You never looked better."

zarf says, "awards for 1998."
Iain asks, "1998 1/2?"

<Guest> You all know our next guest -- let's have a big hand for TV's "Fish", Abe Vigoda!

neild throws peanuts at Gilbert.

inky says, "they're the 1998 awards because they're for --damn"
GilbertGottfried exclaims, "And what's a XYZZY anyway? I think I CAME DOWN WITH IT once when I was a YOUNGSTER!"

lpsmith says, "The awards are for games released in '98."

eileen says, "It's the 1998 XYZZY awards, for lat year's games."

liza giggles.

inky disappears.

lpsmith exclaims (to eileen), "Ha!"

Ellison says, "hee"

GilbertGottfried says, "At any rate, my AGENT has told me that these awards are the PLAYER'S CHOICE. Or the GOLDEN GLOBES. Or something like that."

Foobler notes we're up to 49.

Sargent asks, "He actually has an agent?"

Den can't - or can he?
liza asks, "Does this mean the awards are being telecast on U.S.A Up All Night?"

GilbertGottfried exclaims, "What do I know? I haven't had a DECENT JOB since ALADDIN, and THEN, I was a PARROT!"

devil transmutes a golden globe to lead.

wjs has arrived.

pointy materializes.

neild laughs a lot.

liza throws at tomato at Gilbert.

Kiz says, "And here I thought they were the Razzies."
Iain is too confused to do anything at all.

neild throws a golden globe at Gilbert.

Gunther says (to liza), "Yay"

GilbertGottfried exclaims (to liza), "HEY THERE LADY! Thanks for running the ifMUD and giving these transients a HOME for almost TWO YEARS!"

zarf leads a golden globe to water.

DGlasser yells, "WE WANT EILEEN!"

Gilbert says, "OUCH"

liza throws at tomato at Gunther.

Den says, "so much for the gallery..."
Miseri exclaims, "So START already!"

Spatch sells ripe vegetables.

eileen wonders if it's too late fto find another emcee

Iain asks, "Gallery?"
Gunther kicks liza.

<Guest> We'd like to take a short break now. Our next guest will be Nipsey Russell, so stay tuned!

Adam says, "Oh, taking out retina downtime, eight days!"

inky has arrived.

Adam says, "Oh -> Or"

Earendil materializes.

<JasonMel> With a shimmering of the fabric of space-time, JasonMel is inserted into this universe and wonders where everyone is hanging out today.

Den says, "peanut gallery... for people to be vocal in..."

Iain constructs a small peanut-launcher.

Typo Tally Two materializes.

Ellison sits down next to the guy with the boomerang fishies

Adam pushes the button on the typo tally. Bing!

jrw just hopes there won't be any musical numbers to drag this thing out.

Sargent says, "Or to throw peanuts."
GilbertGottfried exclaims (to eileen), "And THANK YOU for XYZZYNEWS, which I hear has a lot of interesting things to READ about games that you READ!"

Grocible materializes.

jrw says, "whoops, need to remember to use the peanut gallery."

inky says, "we can't go very far without our typo tally."

Gunther throws an atomic bomb at Sargent.

BabelFish says (to Ear), "I finished _Stardust_. Read that book!"

Dilbon says, "I get my mom to read the games for me."

Sargent says (to jrw), "I'm doing a musical version of all the major nominees. First up: Spider and Web."
ct materializes.

Jota *was* planning to sing 'My way', but if jrw is going to be *that way* about it, he won't.

zarf says, "peanuts, shmeanuts. Let's storm the stage and kill Godfried."
GilbertGottfried exclaims, "And thank you to THUMPER, for being a RABBIT I saw in the MOVIES!" Sargent says "The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout..."
Earendil wakes up suddenly.

Saudade says, "Hi groc!"

DGlasser exclaims, "Yes? No. Yes? No. Yes yes yes yes no no no. A bomb!"
DorianX materializes.

Taj sings 'Jota's way'.

Den asks, "What's a tyoop?"

Iain exclaims, "Soylent green is peanuts!"

Earendil returns from his so-called "lunch".

GilbertGottfried exclaims, "But enough with the COMEDY JOKES. We're here to give out AWARDS!"

eileen says, "Gilbert, the first cetegory is Best Use of Medium"

Dilbon says, "A tyoop is an octobus."

Spatch says, "I feel like I'm in a Zippy fortune"

schep claps.

Traevoli cheers.

Earendil found friends still moving from house to dorm, and was commandeered to carry large pieces of furniture hither and yon.

Sargent asks (to Earendil), "Wasn't that a TV show?"

JasonMel materializes.

jrw claps.

Sargent says (to Spatch), "True."

DGlasser says, "Harry Houdini won't like this category."
Paul claps.

Iain claps with both hands.

Jota asks, "What's an octobus?"
GilbertGottfried says, "The first award is for BEST USE OF MEDIUM. Which must be strange if all these games have PSYCHICS in them."

Earendil asks, "how do I turn "away" off?"

Irene claps with one hand

jrw gets all haughty and says, "shhhhhh!!"

inky says, "@set me = !away"

Gunther says, "HA HA"
Adam asks, "How do I turn 'Gilbert' off?" Den says, "'octobuses of the z-machine'"
GilbertGottfried says, "And the nominees are:"

Miseri shushes.

(From liza) GilbertGottfried says, "This IMPORTANT information MUST be DISSEMINATED."

Sargent says, "Oh, wow. Gilbert is as annoying here as he is in real life."

Foobler asks, "How do we turn GilbertGottfried off?"

Iain laughs.

Jota says (to Ear), "You just did, probably. @set me=!away" Ellison says (to Adam), "@set Gilbert = career : dead"
GilbertGottfried says, "Arrival, by Stephen Granade" DGlasser says (to Mike), "Find the switch."

Gunther asks, "who is it?"

inky says (to Ell), "hee hee"

lpsmith cheers.

inky claps

liza says, "Woo."

BabelFish claps.

Spatch says, "yay!"

devil asks, "Any seats left?"
DGlasser exclaims, "YAY EVIL GAME!"

Saudade yelps

ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

davec applauds.

Iain asks, "Hang on - has it started?"

Irene exclaims, "Yay!"

Psmith applauds

jrw applauds.

inky waves a pie tin.

Sargent says, "Woo!"

ShelleyWinters asks (to Gilbert), "You don't need this?"

Iain applauds.

Paul holds his applause till the end.

Foobler applauds.

ShelleyWinters gives Best Use of Medium noms to GilbertGottfried.

Psmith throws a peanut at Sargent
DGlasser pulls out the original artwork! Neener neener!

GilbertGottfried exclaims, "Ladies and gentlemen, Shelley Winters!"

devil says, "eats some peanuts"
lpsmith chuckles.

ShelleyWinters bows, more or less.

Dilbon asks, "Are there any last year winners presenting the awards?"

GilbertGottfried says, "I must have died and gone to HEAVEN."

zarf asks, "and who is shelley winters?"

Iain says, "does too"

inky asks, "and who's this one?"

devil says, "help channels"

DGlasser asks, "And who is she?"

Gunther stage-dives on Gilbert

ShelleyWinters gives Gilbert a BIG SMOOCH.

GilbertGottfried says, "OK! We did the Arrival one. Next nominee:"

Gunther says, "eeeagh!"

Den asks, "this is a farce. Where are the real people?"

jrw says, "She's an actress. Was."

ShelleyWinters tries to sneak backstage, but is stopped by a burly security troll.

GilbertGottfried says, "Bad Machine, Dan Shiovitz"

Paul says (to zarf), "Actress. The Posiedon Adventure, Diary of Anne Frank."
Den cheers.

lpsmith exclaims, "Woo-hoo!"

Earendil walks back and forth, modelling his stylish clothes carefully chosen for this magnificent evening: t-shirt with a possum up a gum stump and jeans.

davec applauds

Jota smirks.

Gunther says, "YAY INKY"

Saudade asks, "You don't know who Shelley Winters is?"
devil claps wildly!!!!

Spatch says, "Robots RULE"

Irene applauds

zarf applauds

liza says, "Yayyy---244-2-9kkkkabort92929!"

Chaos claps

inky shuffles his feet.

Iain cheeeers.

Psmith yays

jrw claps.

neild cheers

Sargent says, "attendee:031 -- aPp1aUd3."

lpsmith exclaims (to liza), "Hee!"

Iain says, "Hee."

Foobler is confused.

GilbertGottfried says, "Once and Future, Gerry Kevin Wilson"

DGlasser makes some joke like Sargent and liza.

Den asks, "ah but is it the real Shelley Winters?"
Ellison claps and cheers Iain asks, "BTW, what the hell award is this again?"
inky cheers.


jrw applauds and whistles.

Spatch stands up with "AVALON BOMB" written on his chest

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY AVALON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

BabelFish yodels.

Sargent says, "Woo!"

DGlasser says (to iain), "Best use of medium."
Saudade says, "Yay, wooweoo"

neild exclaims, "Once and Future's not a medium, it;'s a large!!"

Irene exclaims, "Hurray!"

devil claps
Foobler woo hoos! inky says, "best use of medium. they do them last to first."
Gunther says, "O-A-F!!!"

lpsmith cheers, "Yay Avalon!" Copyright lawyers immediately subdue him.

zarf applausds in a maybe-someday-I'll-play-this-game way.

Iain says (to DG), "Aha."
Chaos says, "yea"

Sargent says (to neild), "Ba-dum-bum."

Ellison says (to Spatch), "damn you, I was going to make a SOY BOMB joke today"
davec applauds

Iain cheers and claps and stuff.

GilbertGottfried says, "Photopia, Adam Cadre"

zarf yay

Jota whispers something to the troll guard, points at Gilbert, and makes some gesture resembling decapitation.

Iain exclaims, "Yaaay!"

inky says, "woo!"

davec applauds.

Gunther says, "Woo"

liza says, "Boring. He wins everything."

jrw claps.

Sargent claps.

Spatch says, "I think there might be many SOY BOMB jokes"
Irene wows

DGlasser says, "Alley, Alley, she's the woman! If she can't do it... wait, she didn't."

devil cheers

Iain says (to DG), "Heh."

Den says, "I _was_ going to make a game with a spiritualist in it. Once. Honestly."
Foobler tips his hat to Adam.

neild asks, "Alley's a PC?"

(From Saudade) Allie cheers!

GilbertGottfried says, "and Spider and Web, Andrew Plotkin"

inky says (to liza), "Zarf's the one who brought the prize sack."

schep applauds the nominees.

neild says, "Oh, wait, this is medium."

inky says, "speaking of which"

inky claps.

Psmith claps

Irene exclaims, "Yay! Yay!"

Dilbon asks, "I haven't played Photopia. What do you say about that?"

liza says (to neild), "I like a medium."

Chaos cheers

DGlasser says, "There's that one from australia last year."
Ellison cheers!

jrw goes "weoooo!" and claps.

Den says, "Now I don't see how I can _not_."
Sargent applauds.

Dilbon says, "I like well-done."

lpsmith exclaims, "Speaking of Plotkin, it's Plotkin!"

davec applauds.

Paul releases all the applause he has been holding. It's mighty appreciative.

Spatch cheers

Foobler applauds, cheers, and woo hoos!

Kiz cheers for all the nifty games

DGlasser exclaims, "yay yes/no questions!"

Gunther says (to dilbon), "SUCKER"

GilbertGottfried asks (to Shelley), "So WHERE'S THE AWARD?"

Iain starts coding "Glenn Hoddle: the early centuries."
Dilbon says (to Gunther), "Thanks, I needed that."

GilbertGottfried opens the envelope. "OW! Paper cut!"

BabelFish cheers for Photopia.

inky claps.

Psmith laughs
Foobler quickly pens a deal with Iain.

jrw cheers for paper cut.

Earendil applauds belatedly.

Den says, "laughs"
DGlasser cheers in general. Den says, "(Damn)"
GilbertGottfried exclaims, "And the XYZZY goes to -- Andrew Plotkin, for Spider and Web!"

Miseri has bet two shekels on Photopia

BabelFish laughs at jrw.

liza says, "WOOO!"

DGlasser asks, "What was that Australian collaboration called?"
schep cheers

Jota cheers for Zarf!

inky cheers.

wjs exclaims, "yay!"

Dilbon says, "Ooh."

Ellison says, "yay zarf!"

Irene applauds wildly

Spatch says, "yaaaaaaay!!!"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY ZARF!"

Paul cheers for Zarf!

lpsmith cheers!

Iain exclaims, "Wooooo!"

zarf waves his sack. I mean hands.

Sargent says, "Woo!"

Gunther throws a gernade onstage.

davec applauds

Den woos very loudly, whatever that is.

wjs exclaims, "yay!"

JasonMel says, "Yes indeed!""

(From Kiz) Sparky squeaks entheuastically

BabelFish says, "Go Zarf!"

jrw says, "HURRAY!"

Miseri applauds. Despite having lost two shekels.

Kiz says, "YAY Zarf!"

davec wishes he could one day be as great as Zarf.

Foobler applauds and conratulates Zarf-man!

Psmith applauds muchly

Spatch says, "zarf zarf zarf zarf"

Saudade claps and jumps for zarf!

Ellison says (to zarf), "finally you can prove to all that you're not the novice we all thought you to be!"
Gunther says (to zarf), "YAY!!"

jaybird exclaims, "Yeah Zarf!"

Den says, "(Oh my god, he's going to win all excepot best NPC's. Again."
Chaos says, "Congrats zarf"

Jota exclaims, "Speech! Speech!"

Paul says, ""Any show where Gilbert Gottfired gets hurt is a good show."
NamelessAdventurer gives backstage pass to ShelleyWinters.

Foobler demands an acceptance speech.

Dilbon says, "Zarf is a god."

jrw follows zarf with video camera.

ShelleyWinters goes backstage.

Iain says, "It would have been an even _better_ game if the spider and the web became friends in the end."

Adam says (to Paul), "Heh."

DGlasser says, "He'd better make a real speech this year."

eileen applauds madly

zarf stands up

Adam says (to Iain), "HA!"

inky says (to Iain), "hee"

Iain aims his rifle.

GilbertGottfried applauds politely.

Dilbon says, "Hey, yeah. A romance between the spider and the web."

Spatch says, "Speaking for Andrew Plotkin tonight is the West Pillar."
neild says, "SPEEEEEECH"

zarf says, "Well, of course I have nothing prepared to say, because I had no certainty that I was gonna win."

Iain fires a peanut at Zarf.
Earendil says (to dilbon), "and it needs a tuffet. Whatever that is"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Use of Medium trophy to zarf.

zarf says, "Also, I stayed up really late last night eating bread."

<wutold> and I said 'constantly in the darkness-where's that at?'

Jota thinks Zarf must never have been a boyscout.

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay bread!"

Spatch says, "YAY BREAD"

zarf is already up on stage, of course.

neild exclaims, "Eeeagh! Unreliable Zarf narrator!"

Den says, "Zarf: somethin the i-f community can be really proud of."
inky asks, "what kind of bread?"

Gunther says (to zarf), "SUUUUUUUURE"

Jota cheers for bread!

Iain laughs and laughs.

Adam says, "I'd like to think that Photopia won Best Use of the Medium of Minimally Interactive Fiction."

Paul Mmmm, bread.
Miseri says, "Hold it, *I*'ll do the romances around here...."

lpsmith says (to Spatch), "HA ha."

(From liza) Red light begins flashing furiously.

wutold has arrived.

zarf says, "Also, I was listening to Bread."

Spatch says, "FREEBIRD"

Earendil says, "bread? I think you were consuming the wrong kind of yeast-produced thingie"

Dilbon asks, "Where's the Most Use of Tedium award?"

Iain sings, "Baby I'm a want yooouuu..."
zarf says, "So let me just recommend the 'Panera' soup and bread restaurant in Waterworks Mall, and let's get the heck on with it."

BabelFish laughs.

zarf sits down

inky claps.

liza cheers.

Adam says (to Dilbon), "Hee hee."

jrw claps.

Sargent says (to Dilbon), "That's in the room 524 rooms east fo here."

GilbertGottfried asks, "hey! Can we allow that?"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay zarf!"

Spatch says, "Best of Tedium: HRS"
Sargent applauds.

Den cheers.

Irene claps

DGlasser laughs.

lpsmith says (to Dilbon), "Troll's eye view won it."

schep claps.

Paul claps, confused but happy.

liza says (to Spatch), "Hee."
devil stamps feet

Foobler applauds the acceptance speech.

Psmith grins at lpsmith.

Spatch accepts the Acceptance Speech

Ellison cheers

Iain says (to devil), "Oi, get off me feet."

DGlasser says, "zarf better win another award. I want a better speech."
Gunther says, "--glaring light..." devil says, "Let's do a wave. Okay, from top to bottom..."

zarf says, "starts writing a better speech, sheesh already."

GilbertGottfried eats the nominee envelope.

BabelFish turns somersaults around the room.

jrw pulls a lever, and his seat raises up 3 meters on an extending pole.

Den says, "Zarf's only got another six chances."

Iain WAVEs.

Paul says (to dglasser), "Oh, I think he will."

Ellison says, "that was his best speech in years!"

Foobler says, "so, we've done one award so far..."

Irene exclaims, "Hey, down in front!" Saudade says, "waves and rolfs"

schep says, "stands and sits back down."

devil waves

DGlasser says (to zarf), "I don't think you really ate bread. We have the Panera people to prove it."

Sargent says, "Now things are going at the SPEED OF SOUP."

BabelFish watches jrw get thrown from his rapidly rising seat.

GilbertGottfried says, "As many of you know, BILLY CRYSTAL usually sings a goofy song every Oscar night where he works in all the nominees for Best Picture."

Den floats a little higher.

Saudade says, ""ha"

jrw says, "waves."

Iain can't read this fast. Aaargh.

jrw says, "blrfgh."

Ellison asks, "ok, who else was traumatized by the bleacher scene in 'Ballyhoo'?" zarf says, "french onion, served in a hollowed-out sourdogh roll. Really good."
NamelessAdventurer goes backstage. lpsmith has joined the channel.
GilbertGottfried says, "Well, I was going to write a SONG MEDLEY, but the only song I could THINK OF is FRERE JACQUES." jrw says (to babelfish), "I've got a seatbelt on, eh."
BabelFish says (to Ellison), "I loved 'Ballyhoo.' Every bit of it."

Earendil has disconnected.

<Earendil> Earendil has disconnected from ifMUD.

Earendil has connected.

<Earendil> Rooster of a fighting stock / Would you let a Saxon cock / crow out upon an Irish rock? / Fly up and teach him manners!

GilbertGottfried says, "So SING YOUR OWN SONGS HERE."

Paul waits anxiously for Gottfried to morph into Crystal. Solid crystal.

Iain says, "I hadn't hitherto been aware of the speech-limiting powers of bread."

Gunther says, "BOOOO!!!!!!" Den says (to zarf), "sounds good! I must visit the Italian bread shop again..."

zarf says, "starch-shock, man. I was practically comatose."

(From liza) Sadie Hawkins begins playing, sans bass.

devil sings.

Dilbon says, "Mmm...bread."
PollBoy hollers, "And now, our next award! We're just lousy with these suckers!"

Dilbon exclaims, "Yes!"

BabelFish plays bass.

Sargent sings, "There's Photopia, OaF, Spider and Web, and two by that guy name of Gentry..."

Spatch says, "yay next award"

jrw claps.

Ellison says, "yay Kurt Vonnegut"

devil yawns

Iain asks (to Sargent), "Gentry Lee?"

Kiz says, "gets out a trout and starts playing that"

Psmith thought they didn't have anything but Hovis up in Yorkshire, Den?

davec exclaims, "yay!"

GilbertGottfried says, "All RIGHT. Next award is for Best Individual PC"

Tracy comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

GilbertGottfried says, "That means PLAYER CHARACTER, not Pushy Concierge."

Miseri perks up.

zarf tries to motion without speaking.

Den says (to Psmith), "Italian Bread Shop, Shambles, York. Yummy."

Iain pulls a piano out from under his seat.

Adam idles and changes windows.

Dilbon sings, "Michael Gentry, Michael Gentry, you make it all so elementary..."

wjs wakes

Saudade says, "Yay Tracy!"

Miseri says, "No, 'pushy concierge' would be Rene Artois...."

lpsmith wolf-whistles.

GilbertGottfried exclaims, "Hey! No fair!"

Gunther says (to Gilbert), "WHO WRITES YOUR LINES? YOU SUCK!!!"

liza says, "You go girl!"


Spatch says, "Tracy Tracy Tracy!"

Tracy asks, "Okay, am I supposed to start yet?"

neild says, "Head"

BabelFish says (to Miseri), "You love yourself, don't you? :)"

neild tries to push the typo tally, but fails.

GilbertGottfried exclaims (to Tracy), "You're not supposed to be here! Get off the stage!"

lpsmith kicks Herod.

Ellison says, "neild hehe"
Miseri says (to BabelFish), "Yes, I do."

zarf applauds tracy

neild exclaims, "Yay tracy!"

Saudade throws tomato at gilbert

Kiz cheers for Tracy

Tracy says, "But I was told to-- see, I *knew* this would happen."

GilbertGottfried exclaims, "This is MY SHOW and it's MY AWARD to PRESENT!"

schep says, "yay mayhem."

devil squishes Gilbert's head between his two fingers.
DGlasser exclaims, "FIGHT! FIGHT!" Iain says, "Heh."
Spatch says, "Booooooo"

Tracy says, "So am I really not supposed to be here yet? They said 'go out now'."

eileen looks from Tracy to Gilbert and back again, thoughtfully...

Sargent says, "Five bucks on Tracy. Heck, five bucks *for* Tracy."
liza asks, "Hey, who filled the stage with jello?"

neild throws Foobler's disembodied head at Gilbert.

Iain exclaims, "Six bucks!"
Gunther says, "GUILBERT SUXX"

Jota offers Tracy the elvish sword from under his seat, and points at Gilbert.

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

davec cheers for Tracy.

GilbertGottfried says, "MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE"

NamelessAdventurer asks, "What's the problem?"

DGlasser hands Tracy a club(tm).

Psmith would offer Tracy the black rod, but she might get the wrong idea.

GilbertGottfried says, "She's worse than that JASMINE chick"

Iain says, "Six bucks and a pound of grapes."

Den says, "oh it's Nameless. I recognise him."

Saudade is laughing hard now Spatch says, "Ha!!"
Tracy says (to NA), "I'm apparently not supposed to be out here yet." devil says, "I think the GILBERT-bot has just achieved sentience."

DGlasser exclaims (to ps), "Hee!"

Kiz says, "votes for Tracy to clcok Gilbert with her XYZZY"

GilbertGottfried exclaims, "She's not supposed to be out here, PERIOD!"

NamelessAdventurer asks (to Tracy), "Yes, you are. Gilbert, what's the deal?"

GilbertGottfried says, "The contract clearly states I am to give out the awards"

inky says (to devil), "I told you not to write him in raif-pool!"

Kiz says, "I'll get the hang of channel emit eventually. gr."

GilbertGottfried has disconnected.

GilbertGottfried goes home.

Ellison says, "just before going to bed, I remembered that we should've probably given Jalkio a notice about this, so maybe he would've made it"
eileen asks audience who they want to present.

Spatch says, "YAAAAY"

Tracy says, "Okay, that got rid of him."

Taj exclaims, "Yay!"

Iain whistles.

DGlasser says, "yay @boot"

schep says, "YAY!"

Paul cheers loudly!

Psmith exclaims, "Result!"

lpsmith exclaims, "Woo-hoo!"

devil says (to Tracy), "Damn, you're good."

NamelessAdventurer says (to Tracy), "Um, I guess it's up to you, then."

Tracy says, "So, um. Hi there. It's me, Adam. I'm going to pretend to be a fictional character now."

Paul says, "Go Tracy!""

zarf says, "change gilbert's password before he can log back on!@"
Sargent says, "Yay meta-presenters."

Tracy says, "So this is me acting now."

liza says, "Eeeagh! Mimesis!"

A slimy toad named GilbertGottfried materializes.

Dilbon says, "That should be too hard. I'm always pretending I'm me."

NamelessAdventurer says (to Eileen), "We need to talk. Follow me."

Tracy says, "Ahem."

Gunther says, "zarf: HEE"
inky laughs.

schep asks (to Tracy), "Hey, what about mimesis?"

Dilbon says, "Shouldn't actually."

Iain wonders if he can meta present afterwards...

Spatch cheers for Tracy!

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

devil asks, "Who was Gilbert? Who is Gilbert?"
eileen goes backstage.

Iain pushes typo tally.

Tracy says, "What most amazes me about this year's Best PC nominees is how closely they correspond to people (and things) on my floor."

Spatch asks, "Who is John Galt?"
zarf applauds Adam's short skirt and shapely figure.

Gunther says, ">KICK MIMESIS HEAD"

Miseri asks, "...?"

Tracy says, "Bad Machine? There's this vending machine in the lounge that has a little readout screen that says PLE@S*E INS{RT=$0.75 and then when you buy something it always gets stuck halfway down. That's like the worst machine I've ever seen. (The best machine is washing machine #005 down in the laundry room. Mmm... unbalanced load.)"

jrw says, "this awards show has taken on an eerie, Springeresque dimension."

eileen comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Tracy says, "Little Blue Men? That'd have to be the guy in room 215 who got so pissed off at having spent $2.25 just to watch all three of the candy bars he bought get stuck against the glass that he tried to yank them out of the vending machine and got his arm all mangled. They had to amputate. Man, was he ever steamed. Then he got oddly frosty, but then his Percocet ran out and he went back to being steamed again."

Earendil punches jrw.

Sargent says, "Rambly presenters."
Iain gets confused and punches Iain.

devil overturns some chairs.

Tracy says, "Muse? Well, the roommate of that guy was this Religious Studies major... I'd see him in the hall and I'd be like 'Hi' and he'd be all 'Away from me, thou painted Jezebel!' and I don't even *wear* makeup... anyway, he got kicked out of school for sending twisted e-mail to that German exchange student who worked in the cafeteria. I'm not sure *where* he got those JPGs but I don't think they're legal even in Holland."

DGlasser says, "Tracy is so spontaneous."

Den says, "S'funny, I didn't look anything like that when I played I-0."

(From devil) Iain says, "Ow!"

liza laughs and laughs.

Tracy says, "Spider and Web? That'd have to be my roommate -- she spends a lot of time tied up."

Iain retaliates. "Ouch!"

Saudade says (to tracy), "You don't sound like yourself today,hon"

Tracy says, "And Zork: a Troll's Eye View? No contest -- that'd be that creep who used to hang around outside our door waiting for us to come out so he could, like, 'accidentally' brush up against us as he 'walked to his room.' He even brought an axe one time, but by that time we'd already filed a restraining order against him and so the security monitor grabbed him before he could even get in the elevator."

Miseri says, "...ow...."

BabelFish says, "Ooh!"

Kiz laughs way hard

DGlasser laughs so much.
jrw applauds... he thinks?

Tracy says, "There. I hope you enjoyed that little comedy piece."

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay comedy!"

Tracy says, "Okay, so I don't know who won."

devil exclaims (to Tracy), "Stop stalling!"

Sargent says, "Mmm, comedy."

inky laughs.

Paul applauds Adam's acting.

liza says, "Comedy comedy showcase."

lpsmith exclaims, "Also: Yay nominees!"

jrw gives the comedy piece a chance.

davec says, "ha ha"

Gunther says (to Tracy), "YAY"

inky says, "yay us"

Iain says (to jrw), "Hee."

Den asks, "that was comedy?"
Miseri says, "<gulp>"

devil says, "Up with people."

zarf eatsan orange.

DGlasser says, "Oh, yeah. cheers."

Iain says (to Den), "That's comedy."
schep applauds the nominees. inky says, "yeah. if it was tragedy, somebody would have died"

devil says, "Now if it were Adam saying all that, it'd be tragedy."

Sargent dies.

jrw applauds the nominees. Den says, ""Only I used to live with those folks, too."

inky says, "except when Gilbert dies. that's comedy."

DGlasser says (to inky), "Hee."

Gunther says, "I LIKE A COMEDY" Iain says, "Let's not even mention Tragedy."
BabelFish says, "Perhaps I should read the edited logs..." Foobler asks, "I had to get food. Zarf won award 1. Has award 2 been announced?"
Tracy says, "Okay, I have the trophy now."

Saudade ..inky Hah

DGlasser exclaims (to Sargent), "Wow, and I didn't even call you evil!"
ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain. Dilbon says, ""
Tracy says, "But it doesn't say who it belongs to." lpsmith says (to devil), "It *is* Adam saying that."

Psmith says (to Foob), "Just about to be"

GhostOfSargent says (to DG), "True."

ShelleyWinters waves the trophy in the air.

Tracy says, "Okay, here's someone pretending to be Shelley Winters. Maybe this person knows."

eileen gives .tracy the winner is the protagonist in Little Blue Men

Irene stands up and cheers wildly

Ellison says (to Foob), "it's all over now... we're heading over to the bar and grill"

zarf applauds

Tracy says, "Well, there you have it."

liza says, "Ha!"

Sargent says, "Woo hoo!"

Den cheers.

lpsmith exclaims, "Comedy whisper showcase!"
Spatch says, "Yay Eileen!"

davec applauds.

inky cheers.

jrw claps.

Paul applauds!

Taj gets frosty.

wjs claps

Psmith cheers loudly

zarf is also laughing

lpsmith cheers!

eileen smacks her head

Iain loudly cheers.

inky says, "mm.. frosted malt."

schep claps.

Miseri applauds politely. Just in case Mike Gentry isn't on his meds.

jrw laughs.

liza says (to eileen), "Spoiler!"

Saudade snaps her fingers noisily

jrw claps with one hand, but the sound can't quite be heard above the din.

Spatch is frosty, but that's just cause his furnace is broken.

Kiz says, "Yaaaaaay!"

BabelFish laughs.

DGlasser says, "wait, I didn't see the winner."

Ellison cheers

Den whispers to himself by mistake.
lpsmith says (to DG), "LBM."

Dilbon asks, "Who won?"

devil claps.

DGlasser says, "oh, there it is."

Spatch says (to dilbon), "ask Eileen"

Iain asks, "Huh?"
Tracy says, "Okay, I'm gonna switch to the other window now." Paul says (to dglasser), "Little Blue Men."
Tracy has disconnected.

Tracy goes home.

neild asks, "Yay -- what was his name?"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY FROSTY!"

ShelleyWinters asks, "Is the winner here?"

devil says, "We've lost two presenters in a row."
Sargent says (to Adam), "Yay Brechtian presentation."

Adam says, "Man, I love roleplaying."

ShelleyWinters looks around.

Iain has already forgotten which award this is.

<Guest> You all know our next guest -- let's have a big hand for TV's "Fish", Abe Vigoda!

Dilbon says, "Best PC"

Dilbon says, "I think."

inky leaves the auditorium to the west.

eileen asks, "Is Michael Gnetry ere?"

ShelleyWinters says, "I am NOT going to MC this mess."

Ellison says, "Best Use of Vending Machine"

devil says, "I want to win a Best Mac award."

Den starts chanting:Gentry Gentry GenTRTREE...

Iain says (to Dilbon), "Gotta be the new mac."

jrw asks, "Accepting on behalf of Michael Gentry is...?"

Miseri exclaims, "ME!!"

inky says, "only god can make a gentry."
ShelleyWinters goes backstage.

Adam says, "Whizzard, of course."

Adam says, "Or Gunther."

Miseri says, "...darn...."

DGlasser says, "Whizzard."

Dilbon asks, "Where's Whizzard?"

devil says, "Steal the award and auction it on eBay."
DGlasser says, "gah, timing." Sargent says, "Wait. Where's my 'Most Prolific' award? I've been robbed."

Paul exclaims (to inky), "Ha!"

Ellison says, "working, I believe" jrw says, "whizzard can't make it."

Spatch says (to devil), "Quit being so smug."

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Dilbon says, "People work on Saturdays? Blah."

jrw says, "but he did give us a speech he wants read if he wins something."

inky asks (to Sarge), "yeah, and where's my "longest name" award?"

NamelessAdventurer walks over to the microphone. lpsmith says, "Accepting for the Gentry will be the Plebians."

Iain asks, "Where's my 'least likely to win award' award?"

Gunther has disconnected.

<Gunther> MICHAEL GENTRY: Damn you.

Gunther has connected.

<Gunther> Anti People (now you've) gone too far - (here's your) Antichrist Superstar.

Gunther disappears.

Jota asks, "I thought the contest was set on Saturday, specifically so Whizz could be here?"
Gunther has arrived.

Iain says (to Gunther), "How appropriate."

NamelessAdventurer says, "Um, give us a second. We have some arrangements to make..."

inky has arrived.

eileen takes award for Michael Gentry, pledging to send it on to the winner...

NamelessAdventurer looks backstage apprehensively.

Sargent says, "Tracy must be adjusting her skirt."

jrw says, "Yeah, but work crowded into this saturday anyway."
Psmith asks (to Nameless), "Why start now?"

<Guest> We'd like to take a short break now. Our next guest will be Nipsey Russell, so stay tuned!

Ellison says, "that's why I pronouce 'xyzzy' 'whizzy'"
Spatch says, "everybody look!" Dilbon asks, "Did anyone write a game with a title longer than my chicken game?"
<Jazzwolf> Jazzwolf has connected to ifMUD. Spatch says, "yeah. inky did"
Producer says, "And... CUT TO COMMERCIAL."

Irene looks

lpsmith exclaims, "Comedy Disorganization Showcase!"

Gunther says (to Iain), "I know."

Miseri asks (to Sargent), "Why start now?"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Iain ..Dilbon Which was?

DGlasser says (to dilbon), "Yeah, inky's speedIF."

Den peeks back-stage, goes pale, and faints. Just like last year.

Dilbon says, "Erm. I think I missed that."

Ellison says, "inky's title RULED"

Den comes to.

devil says, "It was really funny."

Gunther says (to Dilbon), "Read the nominees, man!"

Sargent says, "Today's awards ceremony was brought to you by L.L. Beans. L.L. Beans, makers of fine lanterns and grue-whacking sticks."

Iain asks, "What was it?"

DGlasser says (to gunther), "It wasn't nominated."

Spatch says, "BRING ON THE AWARDS"

Irene looks around

Jota says, "Oh dag. I don't want to do that commercial *again*..."

A naked smurf streaks across the stage.

devil says, "Noooo! Don't make us paste it in."
PollBoy hollers, "And now, your host for the 1998 Xyzzy Awards, everybody's favorite prop comedian, Carrot Top!"

liza says, "EEEEAGH!"

CarrotTop comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Gunther says (to Dglasser), "Well, it was in the LIST"
inky says, "aiee"

Sargent says, "Noooo!"

devil says, "Host #3."
neild asks, "?"

CarrotTop throws random stuff around the stage.

Paul cries! No, really!

Gunther eats carrotTop

Miseri asks, "...?"

Sargent says, "I see this year's theme is 'Hate The Presenters.'"

schep asks, "Who's that?"

CarrotTop exclaims, "Wow! I'm glad to be available on such short notice for such a wacky crowd!"

thumper says (to gunther), "I'm the rabbit. I get the carrot."

Iain has heard vaguely of carrot top.
eileen shrug. The budget for emcees this year was really small.

Gunther says (to thumper), "Ok"

Jazzwolf has arrived.

Spatch burns his tongue on his tea choking.

neild asks, "Yeah, who this?"

inky says, "carrot top is an annoyed red-headed comedian."

liza says (to eileen), "Hee!" jrw asks, "Can't we get a classy host?"

Psmith sees this year's theme is "Who Are the Presenters?"

Jota says (to Sarge), "But I liked Tracy."

Sargent says (to eileen), "We so could have taken up a collection." inky says, "he specialized in wacky devices."

jrw asks, "what's with all these shmuck comedians?"

Iain asks, "Some guy with, like, carrot-coloured hair, right?"

Gunther chants "@toad, @toad, @toad..."

CarrotTop says, "I just got into the IF scene a few moments ago"

zarf says, "and already we hate you."
jrw heckles, "Well get out again!"

CarrotTop exclaims, "And whoah, is it ZANY! Let me tell you!"

devil puts on some music.
Gunther BOO!s loudly

Saudade heckles the carrot

Ellison asks, "where's mamster anyways?"

Den says, "Next year, I want to see r*if people present the awards. It's cheaper, for one."

Iain puts on some clothes.

Gunther says (to devil), "THIS IS YOUR DOING!"

<mcp_cone> Here to lurk, listen and learn. jrw says (to Den), "I'd like to see that this year."

Den puts on the ritz.

liza says, ""

CarrotTop takes a bicycle out of his Bag O' Wacky. "This has extra-large steering handles for when you're Losing Your Grip!" Iain says, "Heh."

devil says (to Gunther), "Could be."

Spatch says, "Bring back Gilbert!"

liza laughs, and then cries.

Jota asks, "If raif'ers present next year, can I play Dan Shiovitz?"

Den says (to jrw), "I think it's already been arranged. :("

Sargent says (to liza), "He has a web site? Eeagh!"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

lpsmith asks, "What award is this?"

Adam says (to Den), "This is what I tried to tell the organizers all week"
JasonMel chuckles.

Dilbon says, "Best something."

davec throws carrtos at carrot top.

<Guest> You all know our next guest -- let's have a big hand for TV's "Fish", Abe Vigoda!

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Individual NPC noms to CarrotTop.

schep boos the comedian and claps for the games.

Sargent says (to CarrotTOp), "Stop taking the name of my game in vain!"

Foobler says, "I request a brief recounting of who has won what as things here are as chaotic as they apprear to be there."
Iain says (to lpsmith), "Award for cheapest presenter."

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

CarrotTop says, "Ok. The nominees for Best Individual NPCs are..."

Earendil says, "I'm keeping a running transcript at if anyone is interested"

DGlasser has disconnected.

DGlasser goes home.

<DGlasser> hot dipole-dipole interactions!

Spatch asks, "Should I rbing back the Big Green Monster?"

neild exclaims, "Xyzzy Awards In A Minute: Zaniness ensues!"

Adam says, "HULK SMASH!"

Ellison says (to Foobler), "last year, we had a scoreboard you could look at..... that ruled"

Iain asks (to Spatch), "Is that what's hiding under my seat?"

devil thinks the whole deal goes down better with a soundtrack.

liza snorts.

jrw says (to Foob), "Zarf: Best use of medium. Gentry: best PC."

CarrotTop says, "Anchorhead - Michael Gentry" Psmith says (to Foob), "Medium, Spider and Web. PC, Little Blue Men."

Gunther says, "XYZZY-A-MINUTE"

<DGlasser> We take our icons very seriously in this class.

DGlasser has arrived.

jrw glaps.

Foobler says (to Psmith), "Thanks."

Den says, "Ironically, I'm actually Charlton Heston."

CarrotTop puts a large anchor on his head and dances about. You saw this coming a mile away.

davec applauds.

DGlasser asks, "CWSA! What did I miss since PollBoy's mention of CarrotTop?"
Iain cheers DGlasser.

mcp_cone has arrived.

lpsmith sighs.

CarrotTop says, "The troll in Enlightenment - Taro Ogawa"

JasonMel smiles.

Adam says (to DG), "Nothing to speak of"

mcp_cone has joined the channel.

inky says, "you missed wacky carrot top antics."

Sargent dropped Scoreboard-a-Minute. Spatch says, "some lame prop humor"

DGlasser asks, "and what award is this?"

Psmith exclaims, "Yay trolls!" neild says, "Best indiv NPC"
inky says (to Sarge), "good move." Paul says (to dglasser.), "Carrot Top. Count yourself lucky."
davec applauds.

CarrotTop says, "I think Gilbert should have been nominated, but that's just me."

jrw applauds.

Adam asks, "It's NPCs, no?"

DGlasser asks, "Who is Carrot Top?"

mcp_cone disappears.

mcp_cone materializes.

CarrotTop says, "The Wolf in Mother Loose - Irene Callaci"

Adam says, "Oh, no, I'm wrong."
neild throws Gilbert's disembodied toad head at CarrotTop. liza says (to DG), ""
Psmith says (to wolf), "Knock knock." Spatch says, "Carrot Top is like some real lame prop comedian"
Saudade says, "Yay, Irene!"

jrw throws a head of lettuce and then pretends the guy next to him did it.

DGlasser sings the Wolf song from Into the Woods.

Miseri is still disappointed that neither Gloria Pryde nor Maurice Roget got nominated.

lpsmith says (to Adam), "Individual NPC."
Spatch says, "yaaay wolf!"

davec applauds loudly.

Earendil suggests dglasser pack it in.

Dilbon says, "Who's afraid of a big bad wolf"

Ellison says, "yay irene"

neild says, "Your mother is SO LOOSE! Er, sorry..."
Den wolf-whistles

CarrotTop says, "Alley in Photopia - Adam Cadre"

Paul applauds!

devil sings the Duran Duran song, "Hungry Like the Wolf."

Irene says, "The wolf couldn't make it today."

inky sighs.

Paul applauds again!

BabelFish cheers.

Dilbon says, "The alley in Spider & Web"

Spatch says, "Let's hear it for LIZARD BREASTS!"
Ellison says, "yay Adam"

Iain says, "Heh."

Sargent laughs.

liza says (to Dilbon), "Hee!"

neild says, "Also, Alley couldn't make it today."

DGlasser exclaims, "Alley, Alley, alley!"

inky laughs and claps.

Iain exclaims, "Spicy lizard breasts!"
Gunther cheers for all of 'em.

davec applauds.

schep shushes.

neild exclaims, "Alley-alley-oxen-free!"

Gunther cheers for all of 'em.

jrw claps.

schep cheers.

lpsmith cheers.

CarrotTop says, "and the Interrogator in Spider and Web - Andrew Plotkin"

DGlasser says (to neild), "That's not funny. A car killed my Alley."

devil claps ad whistles

jrw CLAPS again!

Earendil says, "Alleey, oops"

Gunther says, "Andrew was the interrogator! SPOILERS!!"

Ellison says, "yay"

Psmith claps

BabelFish feels inadequate, not having played most of these games yet.

Spatch says (to DG), "That's so not funny. An Alley killed my car."

davec applauds.

Paul applauds once again!

DGlasser interrogates zarf.

Jota asks, "Andrew Plotkin played the interrogator?"
liza says (to Spatch), "Now THAT'S funny."

CarrotTop exclaims, "Whoah! This envelope is tough to open. I'm gonna need reinforcements!"

Sargent says, "Yes, with Shelly Winters as the PC."

jrw says (to Jota), "played him for a fool"

devil exclaims, "No spoilers please!"

Kiz disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

CarrotTop grabs a chainsaw and subtly opens the envelope.

Miseri gets out a duelling pistol.

liza says (to CarrotTop), "HA HA HA. Not."

Iain gives lots of sweets and presents to Devil.
Sargent says, "Ha! CarrotTop is funnier than Gallagher, even!"

(From devil) Killing 5 bystanders in the process.

Gunther says, "That was MY JOKE! YOU BASTARDS!"
Kiz has arrived.

liza says (to Sargent), "Don't give them ideas."

Spatch says, "Don't go dissing Gallagher on MY watch, bucko"

Jota grabs a chainsaw and tries to open CarrotTop.

jrw says (to Sarge), "don't ... yeah, what liza said"
liza says (to Jota), "Hee!"

Kiz leaves the auditorium to the west.

Kiz has arrived.

Guest has arrived.

Dilbon asks, "Did you know that I'm allergic to carrots?"

eileen worriedly looks to gsee if Gallagher is on the list of mecees

neild exclaims (to eileen), "Eeeagh!"

CarrotTop exclaims, "And the XYZZY goes to: the Interrogator from Spider and Web!"

ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Iain exclaims, "Whoa!"
Dilbon says, "Yay."

jrw pulls a plastic raincoat on.

BabelFish says, "Yay!"

davec applauds.

Kiz says, "YAAA!"

Earendil exclaims, "woot Woot WOOT!"

Adam says, "Yes!"

Sargent says, "Yay!"

wjs cheers wildly.

zarf dances some more

Taj exclaims, "Woo!"

Spatch says, "Woo hoo HOOOO!"
inky claps.

Den exclaims, "Woo-hoo!"

liza says, "YAY!"

Adam says, "I mean, No!"

Irene exclaims, "Congratulations, Zarf!"

Iain cheers and claps.

Ellison says, "it's the Speechmaster General!"

devil says, "Who's the guy who plays Bean? He should be a host-for-a-minute too."
jrw says, "WHoa!""

DGlasser exclaims, "woohoo yes/no questions!"

Adam says, "I mean, Silence!"

neild exclaims (to Adam), "HA!"

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay Interrogator!"

Paul says, "Yes! Yes! No! Yes!""

Foobler woo hoo!

devil claps!

zarf says, "Ok, dances just a little bit."

schep cheers zarf again.

Miseri says, "<clap> <clap>"

Jota exclaims, "Speech! Speech!"

jaybird reamins silent.

Psmith asks, "2 down, 6 to go?"

jrw stomps and cheers.

ShelleyWinters gives Best Individual NPC trophy to zarf.

BabelFish is silent too.

Iain asks, "Bean as in Mr?"
DGlasser says (to neild), "hee"

zarf goes up on stage

BabelFish is so incredibly silent.

Gunther says, "--glaring light..."

Sargent says, "Speech!"

Iain isn't.

Spatch says, "Rowan Atkinson? Bite your tongue."
zarf thinks

jrw wonders how zarf keeps winning these things.

DGlasser says (to ps), "3"

CarrotTop applauds!

Jota says (to devil), "Except that Rowan Atkinson is funny. He wouldn't fit in at all."

neild asks (to DG), "Who, me?"

Psmith says (to DG), "I'm only counting Zarf's win"

zarf says, "Ideally, of course, you all should give the speech and I'd just tell you whether that was really the speech or not."

lpsmith says (to jrw), "Practice. No wait, that's carnegie hall. Maybe it's here, too."

Earendil tracks suspicious funds transferred from Zarf's bank to CarrotTop.

Spatch says, "MrBean says, "Hrm hrmrhmrhmrhm Best Game hrm hrm hrmhrmhrm...""
Miseri says (to zarf), "You know, this is getting kind of old. Keep it down, will you...." neild says, "ROWAN ATKINSON, BITE TONGUE"
Foobler attempts to sign zarf to a multiple-game deal. Iain says (to devil), "BTW, have you seen Rowan Atkinson's Devil sketch? He does you quite well."
liza giggles.

ShelleyWinters goes backstage.

zarf says, "Hoewver, I find this kinda weird, since I can't do NPCs. I just put in more of me."

DGlasser says, "whoa. Silence."

devil says (to Iain), "I have not."

neild asks (to Foobler), "He already did a multiple game. Ever play Space Under The Window?"

Dilbon says, "Zarf should write movie scripts."

jrw says (to Iain), "ooh, good sketch."
Spatch says, "Plug another restaurant!" Den examines Zarf's bulging sack. Oh no, did I really write that?
Grocible has disconnected.

<Grocible> Grocible has disconnected from ifMUD.

Grocible has connected.

<Grocible> Grocible has connected to ifMUD.

DGlasser exclaims, "Thus Andrew is the interrogator!"

jrw says, "Eeagh!"

Sargent says (to Den), "Eek!"

Jota says, "So he *did* play the interrogator..."

Grocible blinks.

zarf says, "If the interrogator is cool, then I must be a pretty neat person."

Iain says (to zarf), "You chain people up and interrogate them for a living? Wow."

Earendil asks, "more of you? Go on many second dates?"

Paul cringes from Zarf. Please don't hurt me.

Spatch asks, "And, had Irene won, she would have been the Wolf?"
DGlasser exclaims (to iain), "HA!"

liza says (to Hammer), "Please don't hurt 'em."

Sargent says (to zarf), "Remember what happened to the interrogator."

Saudade says (to zarf), "Ask us a question!!"

<Jon> Jon has connected to ifMUD.

Iain wonders how you get a job like that.

devil exclaims, "No spoilers!"
jrw claps. Den says (to Sargent), "Well, he was readying his sack earlier..."

Kiz says, "Hey, can anyone here make an account for Guest? She's a friend of mine."

Sargent says (to devil), "I carefully danced around the issue."

zarf says, "Also, grated orange peel in sour-cream scones. Tasty. Add lots of cinnamon." schep says, "Or if the interrogator is frightening, ..."
zarf sits down. inky asks (to Kiz), "what name?"

Adam asks (to Stacy), "Name?"

Gunther says, "53 people. Whoa"

Paul exclaims, ".. liza And I thought Zarf was scary!"

jrw claps and claps.

Grocible says, "who"

inky says (to Adam), "you do it."

Jota says, "I can. Just have her whsiper me the name and password she wants."

Grocible says, "argh. sorry" Sargent says (to Gunther), "53 people and nothing on."

jrw says, "my hands are getting tired."

DGlasser exclaims, "yay food!"

Paul exclaims, "D'oh!"

Foobler wants zarf's agent's name.

Kiz says (to inky), "Hang on, I'll ask here"
Psmith applauds zarf

CarrotTop exclaims, "Welcome back to the 1998 XYZZY Awards, broadcast live on the Food Channel!"

Jon has arrived.

inky says, "cooking with zarf."

devil wants zarf's secret agent's name.

Dilbon says, "I'm getting gunhery."

Dilbon says, "Hungry."

(From Iain) Foobler (to Zarf) "TELL ME THE AGENT'S NAME."

neild says, "Mmm... food."

Grocible says, "could whoever's doing the transcripts please edit that out? :)"

Spatch says, "wait! that was funny! no fair"

Sargent says, "Remember not to use more than a pinch of zarf in most recipes."

Ellison says, "thatsa spicy meatball!"

Adam says (to Dilbon), "You don't look Gunthery"

Kiz says (to guest), "Want an account? Pick a name and Adam'll make you one"

Jota finds himself terribly out-typed in the offers to make Guest a char.
DGlasser says (to devil), "ZARF is a secret confidential thingy."

(From Iain) Foobler (to Zarf) "We could do this the hard way, you know."

CarrotTop says, "The next award is for Best Individual Puzzle."

BabelFish says, "Someone replace CarrotTop."

Guest says, "/w"

neild exclaims (to CarrotT..Spatch), "It's an imposter!"

Jon asks, "Hey all, what've I missed?"

Dilbon asks, "Hey, is the Stranger going to present the award?"

Sargent says (to Jon), "x scoreboard"

Spatch says (to neild), "Funny people must be contagious"

Jon exclaims, "DT:argDTDTDTDTDT"Thanks"DT!"

CarrotTop holds up a poster. "This puzzle is for dummies!"

Den exclaims, "Go Zarf!"
Gunther says (to Dilbon), "Skara ben takramul."

devil catches funniness.

Iain asks (to Spatch), "That why they're all dead?"

Dilbon says (to Gunther), "Wait a moment, I'll try to find my notes.."

Den says, "zarfian hat-trick. It's got to be."
Spatch says (to CarrotTop), "Hold your breath til you're a Little Blue Man!"

lpsmith exclaims, "Woo-hoo!"

CarrotTop asks, "Now where's that envelope?"

Dilbon says, "Ah. There."

Adam says, "We want Stranger to present!"

Adam says, "Stranger! Stranger!"

Sargent says (to Adam), "There are few things stranger than Carrot Top."

liza laughs.

CarrotTop throws random socks, car keys, and arrows-through-the-head out of his box.

inky says, "Truth is stranger than fiction"

Adam says (to Sargent), "Heh."

Paul never thought he'd be rooting for Gottfried to return.

Miseri says, "Oo, yes, Stranger. Parlez vous Nalian...."

neild exclaims (to Adam), "This is already getting STR -- DAMN YOU SARGENT!"

Gunther says (to Sarge), "HEE"

Iain asks (to Sargent), "How about why people like him?"

Stranger walks up to the stage.

Gunther says, "YAY!"

Adam says, "Yay!"

Sargent says (to neild), "HA ha."

zarf applauds in another language

inky says, "I like a Stranger"

Iain exclaims, "YAY Stranger!"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Dilbon exclaims, "Fa ben takre!"

DGlasser applauds.

Iain takres loudly.

Sargent says, "Woo Stranger!"

CarrotTop exclaims, "Hey! My Tinkertoy Spy Gadget set!"

Paul cheers in Nalian!

Adam says, "Hey, 'Sargent' anagrams to 'strange'"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Individual puzzle noms to CarrotTop.


Stranger waves!

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

inky says (to Adam), "weird."

CarrotTop suddenly explodes!

CarrotTop connects the acid thingy to the applause meter thingy and -- BOOM

Gunther says, "YM 'esplodes' HTH HAND"

Paul says, "Woo hoo!!!!""

DGlasser says, "Did you know that Sargent is almost an acronym of --dammit"

liza says, "Woo. L'etranger."

(From Earendil) You are splattered with carrot juice.

zarf dscratches his legs.

devil claps

CarrotTop dropped Best Individual NPC noms.

CarrotTop dropped Best Individual puzzle noms.

CarrotTop has disconnected.

neild says (to Spatch), "Looks like he recovered from the funniness."

Sargent says (to Adam), "So if any more games come out by 'Strange' you know it's me and not a comic book char."

Stranger got Best Individual NPC noms.

A slimy toad named CarrotTop disappears.

A slimy toad named CarrotTop materializes.

Stranger got Best Individual puzzle noms.

Kiz says, "YAY!!"

thumper licks up the carrot juice.

Iain whoops from sheer excitement.

devil exclaims (to thumper), "Ewww!"

liza says (to thumper), "Ew."

jrw faints.

Spatch chokes.

wjs says, "yay strangler"

Foobler props his eyelids open with toothpicks.

<Ivan> Ivan slinks in out of the darkness of your soul.

Earendil exclaims (to thumper), "veggie vampire!"

Sargent says, "Heh. We've spilled out of the peanut-channel and into the auditorium."
liza give thumper the TMI award.

Saudade's eyeballs are burning

Foobler exclaims (to Ivan), "Yo!"

liza pushes the button on the typo tally. Bing!

jrw switches to a new videotape.

Iain crawls back into the peanut-channel.
Stranger writes on a piece of paper. You see a snack machine puzzle, from Little Blue Men. inky says, "yeah, it was probably a lost cause anyway."
zarf applauds DGlasser says, "hee. funny."
Gunther asks (to Stranger), "takramul?"

davec applauds.

inky says, "I like a snack."

Paul applauds.

Ivan has arrived.

devil asks, "Hm, didn't zarf do the whole non-speech thing last year?"
jrw claps, but only politely.

Foobler exclaims (to Ivan), "Yo!"

Psmith applauds

Stranger draws a picture of a maze. You figure it's the one from Photopia, the only maze to ever be nominated for anything.

DGlasser says (to devil), "And the year before."
Gunther would boo. Iain says, "That must be his tactic."
Gunther says, "(too late. Damn.)"

liza laughs.

Sargent says, "Yes. But this is IF. plenty of non-speaking NPCs."
Jon claps

Ivan says, "Wowsers. Fullest house ever."

schep claps.

jrw applauds.

zarf applauds mazishly

Paul applauds.

Guest has disconnected.

Guest goes home.

<Guest> We'd like to take a short break now. Our next guest will be Nipsey Russell, so stay tuned!

devil asks (to DG), "Really?"
jrw whistles.

Stranger mimes getting out of a warehouse. You're reminded of a similar scene from The Plant.

Psmith says, "Zarf never gives speeches"

DGlasser says (to devil), "So Far two years ago, and I don't remember last year."

<duchess> duchess has connected to ifMUD.

davec applauds.

Iain says, "That Stranger sure is talented."
inky says, "into the warehouse, I think."

Kiz leaves the auditorium to the west.

schep says, "I thought it was into"

jrw says, "I thought it was getting IN to the warehouse."

Jon yarr, mateys.

Kiz has arrived.

DGlasser says, "into the warehouse, you go again"

Sargent says, "I want to see how he does the granite cube."
zarf claps

inky says, "but it's hard to tell with mime."

Iain says, "Hard to tell with mime."

Paul says, ""I remember getting INTO a warehouse."

Foobler says, "53."

jrw claps. Jota says, "He must not have mimed it that well then ;)"

inky says, "whoah"

Paul says, "Well I never could understand mimes."

duchess has arrived. Iain exclaims, "Yaay same joke four times!"
Stranger draws a picture of a chair. There's nobody in it. It must be from Spider and Web. Den says, ""I thought he was pushing a leaden balloon."
Taj claps. neild says (to Paul), "You need a new e-mail client."

Sargent says, "You never can tell with mimes."

inky says, "I've been thinking all the nominations are for "help! I'm trapped in an invisible box""

Earendil kneels before duchess and lightly brushes the back of her hand.

jrw applauds.


Jota asks (to Iain), "You mean four mimes, no?"

Iain laughs and laughs.

Sargent says (to inky), "Ha!"

JasonMel nods. Gunther says (to Sargent), "MULTIPART-MIME, even..."

Sargent says (to inky), "Or 'I'm in a strong gale.'"

BabelFish claps. Iain says (to Jota), "I meant, 'it's hard to tell with mime'."
Stranger draws a cube, and drops it. It's from Losing Your Grip! Get it? Spatch says, "And the winner is -- Look! I'm walking into the wind!"

Paul says (to neild), "This is my first day using Pueblo."

zarf applauds cubely. DGlasser says, "hee"

neild says (to Paul), "No, was MIME joke."

Paul says (to neild), "I am even more clueless than usual."

Foobler asks, "What's four mimes at the bottom of the ocean?"

BabelFish loses his grip.

davec applauds.

Spatch asks, "A good start?"
BabelFish falls.

Roosevelt gives a cube of applause

duchess asks, "w Kiz what is the category?"

Iain says, "Heh."

inky asks, "a coral reef?"

BabelFish crashes into jrw.

Jon cheers.

Stranger starts a drum roll.

Earendil wonders where his camera man went.

Paul smacks his head. Of course!

DGlasser asks (to foobar), "I don't know. What are four mimes at the bottom of the ocean?"

jrw applauds in ..URK!

neild says, "Mmm... roll."

Adam says, "By the way, I can't believe that the head didn't get nominated"

Jota asks, "Pretty quiet?"
Spatch says, "Yay bread"

jrw resets his tripod and scowls at BabelFish.

Iain says, "Dunno about pretty."
BabelFish apologises. Foobler says (to DG), "See Spatch's answer, above."
BabelFish slinks back to his seat. zarf eats raisin bread

DGlasser says, "whoa. Silence."

Den asks, "why didn't he just send the MIMEs as an attachment?"

Iain asks, "What's the difference between a dead animal in the road, and a dead mime in the road?"

Ivan asks, "So...uh... what part of the ceremony is this?" Jota says (to Foob), "Boo! Old joke! ;)"

Foobler says, "eats two italian sausages."

Gunther says, "skid marks"

Paul watches Zarf to make sure he doesn't go into starch-shock again.

BabelFish says, "Best Poodle."" Iain says (to Gunther), "Dang."

devil does some programming during the lulls.

jrw asks (to Ivan), "who knows?" Ellison says (to Iain), "one makes a great comp theme!"
Jota says (to Ivan), "The quiet part."

Irene stands on her chair to get a better look

Den asks (to devil), "Lulls???"
Gunther asks, "SO WHO WINS, ALREADY?" Iain exclaims (to Ellison), "Hee!"

DGlasser exclaims, ".ell Ha!"

inky fiddles with the controls to raise his seat. Iain asks, "Is there time for a MimeComp?"
Dilbon asks, "Did something win?"

Den floats higher.

Sargent says, ">Z"

Dilbon says, "I was away."

inky says, "they have to recount."
Kiz says, ":lets you emote, so :cheers would print duchess cheers" DGlasser exclaims, "Me Me Comp!"
Stranger continues the drum roll, looking around for an envelope.

jrw pulls his lever, and goes up another few feet.

(From Spatch) inky says "HEP SPATCH PLAY WITH MY SEAT"

Stranger finally finds it.

Jota wonders if they never figured out how o tell the Stranger that he'd have to tell us the winner.

Adam says, "In an attempt to encourage puzzleless IF, there will be no puzzle award this year"

Iain says, "If they'd recount the name of the winner to us, that'd be a start."
zarf says, "argh"

neild says (to Jota), "Yeah, they're busy translating into Nalian..."

DGlasser laughs more.

Adam says (to Iain), "Hee hee"

Paul Oh no! It's happening! Starch-shock!

Miseri is already in a box seat. Best view of the auditorium.

Ivan says, "In an attempt to encourage IFless IF, there will be no awards at all this year."

Stranger drops the charade[s]. It's Getting out of the Chair, from Spider and Web!

Foobler falls asleep.

Stranger cheers!

inky applauds.

Taj exclaims, "TANGO!"

Spatch says, "yay charade dropping!!"

DGlasser exclaims (to ivan), "HA!"

neild exclaims, "Yay chair!"

Dilbon exclaims, "Yay Zardf!"

zarf kicks foobler and goes up on stage.

devil changes Mis's box seat to a sphere.
Sargent says, "Yay!"

Paul stands up and cheers!

Kiz YAAAys more

jrw says, "What, again? er... yay"

BabelFish turns cartwheels.

Irene applauds

DGlasser exclaims, "zarf again!"

Den yells "Yay! Speech!

wjs cheers and yells.

Iain is dying for a Mars bar, but the machine is downstairs. Dammit.
davec cheers!

jrw applauds wildly.

inky says, "at this rate, we'll have a full zarf cookbook."

Jon exclaims, "Huzzah!"

DGlasser exclaims, "WOOHOO!"

Miseri says, "<clap> <clap>"

Saudade claps and whistles for zarf

liza applauds.

schep applauds.

Dilbon says, "Zarf is my hero. I will name my kids after him."

Jota exclaims, "Speech! Speech!"

jaybird says, "Let's al chant (spoiler deleted)"

zarf says, "So, you chop two large white onions and saute them in olive oil."

Iain exclaims, "Wooo!"

ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

JasonMel claps and claps.

Gunther says, "Dammit! Zarf, you may NOT release ANY game in 99!"

DGlasser says (to inky), "You should read some of his raif posts. (Well, you probably did.)"

liza says (to Dilbon), "That's classified."

devil woos.

BabelFish has to go.

jrw throttles his lever, his seat shooting up and down and releasing sparks.

Saudade asks, "Zarf Dilbon?"

Ivan asks, "Is there an awards tally anywhere?"

neild says, "Mmm... onions."

BabelFish waves.

inky says (to BabelFish), "byebye"

Iain woos and woos.

ShelleyWinters gives Best Individual Puzzle trophy to zarf.

Sargent says, "Bye BabelFish."

inky says (to Ivan), "scoreboard"

Ellison asks, "Dilbon one will be named zarf and the other will be 'cranky old man'?"
Psmith orders reinforcing brackets for Zarf's trophy cabinet.

BabelFish has disconnected.

BabelFish goes home.

<BabelFish> Fop!

Den told you so. Hat-trick to Zarf.
Ivan says (to inky), "thank"

zarf says, "Saute them for about 45 minutes. Really. A *long* time. They'll turn brown."

Spatch says, "I'm allergic to heavy onion use"

Iain asks, "Hat-trick? Is it?"

Iain says, "I've lost count."

zarf says, "Then add a cup of white wine, and simmer for a few more minutes." inky says, "yeah"
jrw wonders if that prize sack is full yet. Sargent says (to Iain), "It has been So Far. Check the scoreboard."

Psmith says, "Three _so far_, no pun intended :-)"

(From neild) Joe Hill exclaims, "No! Use one big onion!" Dilbon asks, "So, what will be the best game?"

Iain says, "Oh yeah, forgot about best NPC."

zarf says, "A cup of blue cheese or Gorgonzola. But really squishy stuff, not try."

zarf says, "Er, 'dry'."

Den says, "I reckon he's good for four."
DGlasser says, "oh god, this sounds good."

Earendil rolls the Beyond Zork onion into the room.

jrw says, "dry dry again"

Iain says, "Not in terms of speech material he's not."

Dilbon says, "Time for more beer, I'd say."

zarf says, "Let that melt, and serve immediately over pasta. Sprinkle on walknnute."

neild exclaims, "It really is the Food Channel!"

wjs says, "this sounds a lot better than those scones."

Saudade says, "Yum!"

zarf says, "Walnuts. Sorry. Got excited there."

Iain throws food from the peanut gallery.

Den says, "but we'll get more great recipes at least."
Spatch asks, "Knute Rockne?" Psmith says, "hey, it's his longest speech yet."
neild throws peanuts from the food gallery.

(From Gunther) Dornbeast says (to Earendil), "CUT THAT OUT! Oh, wait..."

Spatch says, "sprinkle over jeyboaard problema"

neild exclaims, "Hee!"

Iain throws galleries from the food peanut. inky says, "yay"

Sargent says, "Yay!"

liza says (to neild), "FOOD FIGHT!"

Paul wants to join the walknnute gallery.

Iain says, "Made of wooden wood, note."

inky says, "but not my keyboard is all cheesy"
neild exclaims (to liza), "FUCK YOU!"

Den and I thought raif was over-clogged with food.

DGlasser asks, "wait, what happened to the onions?"

zarf says, "And you'd better remember al lthat, because it's the solution to the endgame puzzle in next year's game. Good night!"

jrw does an ovating stand.

zarf sits down.

neild throws walkknutes at liza.

Adam says, "Zarf Walknnute Vuorinen. Has a certain ring to it"

inky applauds.

duchess claps

Earendil throws a single french fry, and then gets halled away by police and charged with disorderly conduct.

Paul cheers!

(From Spatch) ** You have made a delicious dinner **

Den wants to ask you, the transcript reader, why you weren't here. Enjoying it so far?

Iain exclaims (to Ear), "Hee!"

Sargent says, "zarf's next game: Sautee and Web."

Foobler claps. And applauds, too.

Dilbon says (to Adam), "Erm."

ShelleyWinters goes backstage.

Ivan exclaims (to Spatch), "Yaay!"

liza says (to Sargent), "HA!"

jrw laughs.

DGlasser applauds.

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

devil says, "Heh."
Gunther throws waterbombs around.

NamelessAdventurer taps the microphone. "Er, give us another second..."

Iain claps, but does not applaud.

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Saudade says (to sargent), "ha ha"

Hugo has disconnected.

Hugo goes home.

<Hugo> Hugo has disconnected from ifMUD.

Spatch says, "Andrew is going to keep it clean"
Ellison cheers, but does not 'woohoo'

Jota wonders if Den should be allowed to break the fourth wall like that...

Miseri waits impatiently.

Dilbon says, "Hmm. I think I should microwave a pizza."
PollBoy hollers, "And now, your host for the 1998 Xyzzy Awards, Andrew Dice Clay! Didn't we do this bit already?"

Ivan breaks Jota's wall.

AndrewDiceClay comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Ellison asks (to Jota), "like in Gunther's game 'XYZZYs!!'?"

Spatch says, "Eeeagh!"

Gunther says (to Ellison), "YAY ME!"

Psmith exclaims, "Yet another unknown celeb!"

jrw says (to Dilbon), "oh yeah? well [witty rejoinder involving some kind of pun]"

Sargent says, "Oh my Lord."

Paul says, "Oh my God! It just gets worse!""

zarf says, "Oh, god. Kill me now."

neild exclaims, "These presenters just get WORSE and WORSE!"

Iain says (to people who are reading the transcript who _were_ here), "Hello. Ignore what Den said."

liza says (to neild), "DAMN!"

Miseri kills zarf.

AndrewDiceClay says, "Hey, hey, hey, wait just a minute."

neild exclaims (to liza), "HA ha!"

AndrewDiceClay says, "The Diceman's seen what you've done to the other presenters."

Ivan disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

Sargent says, "I really am afraid that Gallagher will be next."
Jota asks, "Um, may I @toad him?" Psmith asks, "Go on then. Who's Andrew Dice Clay?"
DGlasser has disconnected.

DGlasser goes home.

<DGlasser> hot dipole-dipole interactions!

Gunther says, "@toad AndrewDiceClay"

Dilbon says, "Ford Fairlane is a kickass movie."

AndrewDiceClay asks, "The Diceman is promising to keep it clean this time, alright?"

neild says, "If it's Gallagher, at least we can throw watermelons at him."
eileen pledges to hire next year's nemcess emcees from someplace other than rec.arts.lame-comedians

Ivan has arrived.

Sargent says, "Or maybe Joe Piscipo will be next."

Iain says, "Who is Gallagher, BTW? I'm thinking Oasis here."

jrw says, "Now look what you've done. DGlasser's too young to listen to Dice Clay's act." Paul says, ""Pauly Shore has got to be next.""

AndrewDiceClay says, "So let's cut to the chase and get on with the freakin' awards."

neild says (to eileen), ""

Sargent says (to Paul), "I'll see you a Pauly Shore and raise you a Baldwin and two Wayans brothers."
AndrewDiceClay glances backstage. "I can say 'freakin', can't I?"

Miseri prays.

Paul exclaims (to sargent), "Done!"
PollBoy hollers, "'Freakin' is a-okay!" Spatch says, "With our luck it'll be Margaret Cho"
(From Jota) Backstage says, "No. No you may not."

eileen makes a so-so gestures

Foobler notes that AndrewDiceClay promising to keep it clean is like the Grand Poobah of the KKK promising not to be a bigot.

Paul exclaims, "Hell no!"

Adam says, "Freakin' 2: Electric Foogaloo"

duchess laugh

JasonMel says, "I think we're all freakin'."

liza says, "I have leather pants! Have I told you about my funny Korean mom?!"
<DGlasser> We take our icons very seriously in this class.

DGlasser has arrived.

AndrewDiceClay says (to Foobler), "Hey, I'm watchin you, Berlyn. Don't get wise with the Diceman."

Saudade dices clay, to keep the food theme going

Sargent says (to JasonMel), "Those who aren't already buggin'."

DGlasser asks, "CWSA! What award is up?"
BillHicks rolls over in his grave.

neild says (to Suadade), "Mmm, clay. Wait, that's not food."

Sargent says, "Best NPC."
Iain asks (to Saudade), "Ugh, who's gonna eat that?"

liza says, "Yay Bill Hicks!"

Stranger says (to neild), "Like that's stopped us before."

Saudade says (to neild), "you never been a kid, eh"

Spatch says, "woo Bill"

Gunther says, "DIE DICEMAN DIE"

liza says, ""

Sargent says, "er, NPCs."

schep says, "'Freakin' is a-okay! needs to be added to the PollBoy's random comment list."

AndrewDiceClay says, "All right, the nominees for Best NPCs in a game are..." Ellison says (to DG), "best parser... Blowjob Drifter is the obvious winner"
jrw applauds for Bill. Sargent says (to liza), "You SCARE ME"
Miseri prays.

Dilbon says, "Zarf won't win this one."

Sargent asks (to Ellison), "Parser? I hardly know her?"
Irene asks, "Wanna bet?" Ellison says (to Sargent), "ha!"

Den says, "Hey! Spider and Web is clearly an anagram of 'Bedside Prawn'"

AndrewDiceClay furrows his brow as he reads the list.

RevDawson prays.

neild asks, "What category is this?"

Paul exclaims (to sargent), "Ha!"
mcp_cone has disconnected.

mcp_cone goes home.

<mcp_cone> mcp_cone flickers briefly, then deresolves.

Adam says (to neild), "Best Nipseys."

Foobler says (to Sarge), "Hehe."
Paul asks, ".. Clay can read?" Iain says (to Den), "Not clear to me."
AndrewDiceClay says, "Guilty, um..."

liza says, "Yay Russell!"

Sargent laughs.

inky says, "hee hee"

Ellison laughs

Dilbon says, "This IF author has won more Xyzzy Awards this year than anyone else."

Paul hangs his head.

AndrewDiceClay says, "Guilty B... b..."

eileen wonders if we can switch the transcript to a seven-second delay

Den says (to Iain), "- Food references, you know..."
Foobler is amazed ADC can actually read.

neild laughs.

Sargent says, "Next year: more IF titles with swear words."
RevDawson exclaims, "BASTARDS!"

lpsmith chuckles.

liza says (to eileen), "Hee!"

schep laughs.

Spatch laughs

inky asks, "say Why Can't Andy Read?"

neild exclaims, "swearwordsComp!"

Sargent says, "Yay!" inky says, "er."
Ellison asks, "is Hugo here?" Iain says (to Den), "Well, I never was much good at mammograms. Um, anagrams."
Irene applauds Den asks (to Sargent), "Didn't we do that last year?"

liza says (to neild), "FUCK YOU"


Adam says (to Ellison), "He was, but not anymore"

neild exclaims (to liza), "FUCK YOU LADY!"
Dilbon says, "I'm innocent"

eileen covers her h ears

AndrewDiceClay says, "and what fine-lookin guilty chicks there were, too, lemme tell ya"

Gunther says, "Let's all FUCK DICEMAN"
Saudade swears she's laughing Foobler says, "Oh my. Such language."

Sargent says, "Eeagh."

Ellison asks, "whait, which category is this again?"

Spatch says (to Gunther), "You first"

jrw says, "this is the rowdiest peanut gallery I ever attended"

Sargent says, "Best NPCs."

neild exclaims, "Double eeeagfh!"

Dilbon says, "Best NPCs"

Adam says, "Guilty Bastards should win the award for Best Tagline, easily"

davec chuckles to himself.

Earendil exclaims, "I thought he was going to keep it clean, and he said Bastards!"

zarf applauds, even though he hasn't played it, even though he's got MacGlkHugo sorta working.

Gunther says (to Spatch), "Allegorical, of course."

DGlasser says (to neild), "is the f for, er keep it clean"

FatherLeBrun clears his throat and keeps a critical eye on the emcee.

AndrewDiceClay says, "Mother Loose, by Irene Callaci"

Earendil covers his ears.

zarf claps

liza says, "Yay Irene!"

jrw claps.

Kiz cheers loudly

Iain exclaims, "Yaaaay!"

Saudade says, "Yay Irene!"

Paul cheers!

Jon exclaims, "Huzzah!"

davec applauds.

Psmith cheers muchly

Iain says, "Yaaay, woo."

neild says, "Hey, that wasn't dirty."

lpsmith cheers some more.

Ellison says, "yay Irene!"

Sargent asks, "First bastards and now loose! Will it *never end*?"
Sargent applauds.

AndrewDiceClay says, "Yeah, I got a coupla nursery rhymes RIGHT HERE."

Foobler has the clap.


neild says, "Oh, right."
devil claps Ellison says, "hehe"
Irene curtsies

liza says (to Foobler), "TMI!"

schep claps.

Traevoli whistles loudly.

Sargent says, "Suddenly I'm glad 'Grip' is not in this category."
neild realizes he's been forgetting to cheer stuff, and claps like mad! Iain exclaims (to Sargent), "Hee!"

DGlasser exclaims (to sarge), "hah!"

AndrewDiceClay says, "Muse, by Chris Huang" lpsmith exclaims (to Sarge), "Hee!"
devil wonders when the scoreboard will be updated.

neild asks, "Yay Edifice! What year is tthis?"

Spatch asks, "Did he just say well-hung?"
Paul cheers!

liza says, "Woo!"

davec applauds!

jrw applauds and claps and cheers and all the rest of it.

Kiz says, "Yay Muse!"

zarf claps


Saudade says, "Woowoo for mis!"

Maurice_Roget smiles happily.

JasonMel exclaims, "Alright!"

schep claps.

Iain cheers for Sherbet.

liza says (to Jason), "Again!"

neild cheers!

jrw chants, "Huang, Huang, Huang...!"

AndrewDiceClay says, "Them chicks got chastity belts up the yinyang."

Dilbon exclaims, "Yay Weather!"

Gunther says (to AndrewDiceClay), "DIE!!"

Sargent says (to devil), "Uh, I've been updating it as we go."

Foobler goes for some penicillin.

AndrewDiceClay says, "Once and Future, by Gerry Kevin Wilson"

Adam asks (to Clay), "Doesn't that defeat the purpose?"

Psmith reckons Knostanza needs a few pointers from Tracy Valencia.

Maurice_Roget also hyperventilates.

Sargent says, "Woo war!"

Paul cheers!

Psmith claps

Gunther says, "YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!"

Spatch says, "AAAAAAVALON!"

davec exclaims, "!"

Den exclaims, "No, I've got it now: Spider And Web = New Bread Dips!"
DGlasser says (to ps), "Yes."

Foobler exclaims, "Woo hoo!!"

Saudade says, "Yippidee doo dah, whizzard!!"

jrw applauds!

Irene applauds

Iain says, "Please tell me you've got an anagram generator there."
Psmith pushes the button on the typo tally. Bing! DGlasser says (to den), "Wow."
Kiz claps

jrw does a little tap dance.

Ellison says, "yay whiz"

JasonMel says, "That one was BAD."

neild exclaims (to Den), "Yes!"
AndrewDiceClay says, "And Photopia, by Adam Cadre"

liza says, "WOOOOOOO"

devil claps

schep claps.

JasonMel eyes liza.

Iain exclaims, "YAAAAY!"

jrw claps.

Sargent says, "Photopia for best puzzles!"

Irene cheers

wjs claps

davec exclaims, "yay!"

Gunther says, "WHIZZARD!! WHIZZARD!!"

DGlasser exclaims, "go Jonathan Kent! He's the man!"

neild exclaims, "Yay famous author of book!"

Den applauds loudly.

zarf cheers

Paul cheers!

jrw claps again.

Ellison says, "yay everything!"

Saudade yelps and squeals!

liza says, "I like book,band,game!"

Kiz says, "More yaaaaay!"

Gunther says, "OAF!! OAF!!"

Ellison says, "I'd only be sad if no one wins!"

JasonMel cheers.

Dilbon says, "Birdseed pawn"
Ivan asks, "Where is whizzard?"

AndrewDiceClay says, "It's a shame about that chick, I tell you"

duchess chhers

Foobler squaels.

Den asks (to Iain), "This little thing? Namegram...?"
Dilbon exclaims, "Oaf whis!"

Spatch says (to Andrew), "Don't even GO THERE"

Iain says (to Den), "Whew."
Dilbon says, "Wins."

DGlasser exclaims, "Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan!"

<Hugo> Hugo has connected to ifMUD.

Hugo has arrived.

Jon exclaims, "Yay!"

Saudade laughs at spatch

AndrewDiceClay cracks his knuckles and opens the envelope.

Adam says (to Hugo), "Just in time!"

DGlasser exclaims (to hugo), "You're nominated here!"

Paul exclaims, "w Adam I think Clay is really Brandon Van Every!"
jrw claps wildly for Hugo.

zarf cracks his walknnutes

Jon exclaims, "Go NPJonathan!"

Paul exclaims, "Dang!"
Maurice_Roget prays

duchess says, "hurry hurry"

Iain knuckles his crack. Um.

AndrewDiceClay exclaims, "And the winner is -- Once and Future, by Gerry Kevin Wilson!"

<Guest> You all know our next guest -- let's have a big hand for TV's "Fish", Abe Vigoda!

Den cheers for Van Every. No, not really.

Dilbon exclaims, "I knew it!"

AndrewDiceClay exclaims, "freakin freakin freakin!"

lpsmith cheers!

Gunther says, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sargent says, "Woo!"

<Jarb> You hear Jarb say, "Yeah yeah, I'll only be on for a few days," somewhere nearby.

jrw says, "HURRAHH!!!"

Psmith exclaims, "Yay Whizzard!"


DGlasser says, "yay"

Ellison says, "yay!"

inky says, "woo"

schep applauds.

Spatch says, "woo hoo hoo!"

Maurice_Roget applauds.

Paul cheers!

Gunther says, "WOO HOO!!!!!"

Saudade says, "Yay!!! wooohoooo!! Go Avalon!!!"

ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

liza says, "Yay he's not here."

Irene exclaims, "Hurrah!"

davec cheers!

JasonMel says, "Yee haw."

Iain exclaims, "YAAAY even though I haven't played it!"

zarf cheers, relaly intending to play it someday.

devil WHOOPS!

jrw says, "Hey, someone has to deliver Whizzard's speech."
wjs yells yay.

Foobler cheers madly!

inky says, "I like a Snookums"

Hugo cheers!

inky says, "somebody has whizzard's speech"

Kiz says, "YAY Aval--MASH--um, OaF!!!"

davec cheers again!

Maurice_Roget says, "(I saw this happening, actually.)"

jrw says, "It goes like this: 'Woo Hoo!'"
Den exclaims, "Who'd have thought it. Avalon not just out but winning!"

Jon says, "I never got past Mordred..."

Gunther says, "WHIZ RULES!!"

Adam says, "Oh, wait, thought I was Michael Gentry"

DGlasser should play it too.

neild asks, "Where's Whiz?"

Ellison says, "Whizzard gave a prepared statement to jrw and me in case he won anything"

jrw applauds and applauds.

Dilbon says (to Jon), "Kick him in the nads."

inky says (to Ell), "well, step up."

Spatch asks (to ellison), "is it a recipe?"

Saudade asks, "What category are we in?"

AndrewDiceClay applauds politely.

eileen exclaims, "Great, up on the stage with youse!"

(From Sargent) Ellison says, "It says, 'Thanks.'"

ShelleyWinters says, "gives trophy = ellison"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY ELLISON!!!!!!"

Ellison steps up to the mike... 'um, is this thing on?'

Jon says, "DT:kicks ModDTred in the nads"

ShelleyWinters give trophy= ellison

DGlasser says, "Wow, shelley isn't expert."
Jon says, "WTF? My telnet client is having serious problems."

AndrewDiceClay says, "Geez, you dumb broad, let me try it"

(From Adam) Ellison says, "Whizzard says, 'I'd like to give my trophy to Mr. Jonny Boy Blaskowitz...'"

ShelleyWinters gives Best NPCs trophy to Ellison.

Ellison says, "so anyways, he told us to say, 'Whoohoo!'"

<Guest> We'd like to take a short break now. Our next guest will be Nipsey Russell, so stay tuned!

Jarb has arrived.

Ellison says, "thanks for your time"

<Guest> You all know our next guest -- let's have a big hand for TV's "Fish", Abe Vigoda!

Ellison steps down

jrw shouts, "WooHoo!'

inky laughs.

<Ender> Run, you pigeons! It's Robert Frost!

lpsmith laughs.

Dilbon says, "Time well spent."

Jon utters gibberish

Saudade says, "Hi jarb"

neild exclaims, "All together: WHOOHOO!"

inky asks, "what, no recipe?"

Gunther says, "WOOHOO"

Psmith laughs

jrw says, "WOOHOO"

DGlasser asks, "WOOHOO?"

ShelleyWinters goes backstage.

Iain says, "Tooo much text! Aargh."
eileen cheers and claps jrw says, "Seriously, whizz told us to say this."
DGlasser says, "and you know what they so about OO..."

Jota exclaims, "HOOWOO!"

AndrewDiceClay says, "All right, now the nominees for the Diceman's Hottest-Looking Chicks in IF:"

Jarb exclaims, "LIONS!!!"

Gunther says, "jrw: I was there"

devil says (to Iain), "We'll try to type in some ASCII art for you."

jrw applauds for OaF.

Dilbon says, "Your OOs are so soft."

Guest has arrived.

Iain says, "...devil Thank you kindly."

devil says, "### ##"

AndrewDiceClay says, "The chick who took off her clothes and made out with that other chick."

Gunther says, "TOAD HIM ALREADY"

AndrewDiceClay says, "That other chick."

devil says, "###"
Ender has arrived.

Jota asks (to Dice), "Is Tracy nominated?"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

liza starts taking order for the 1999 Chicks in IF calendar.

Foobler now sees sales triple as zarf buys a copy of OaF.

Gunther says, "TOAD HIM! TOAD HIM!!!"

DGlasser says, "The PC in Bloodlines."

Gunther says, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!"

NamelessAdventurer asks (to Andrew), "Um, will you come with me please?"

Jon says, "I vote for that real young chick from Bloodline"

AndrewDiceClay says, "The chick who ran around Christminster but didn't take off her clothes."

Iain asks, "Isn't IF chic enough already?"

Adam says (to DG), "Mmmm... PC."

inky says (to liza), "I nominate Orpington and Chicken of Distinction"

AndrewDiceClay dropped Best NPCs noms.

AndrewDiceClay has disconnected.

inky does a rim shot: ba-dum-bum!

DGlasser exclaims (to jon), "yay timing!"

Spatch says, "YAAAAAAY"

Gunther says (to inky), "And 'Chicken!', I hope"

lpsmith asks, "Is Best Puzzles next?"

Paul cheers!

inky says (to Gunther), "indeed"

Saudade says Good Riddance to Clay!

davec chgeers!

Guest has disconnected.

Guest goes home.

<Guest> We'd like to take a short break now. Our next guest will be Nipsey Russell, so stay tuned!

Spatch says, "Nora Dunn cheers!"

NamelessAdventurer hollers backstage, "We got anybody left back there?"

liza says, "Yay Bloodline."

Adam says (to Spatch), "Ha!"

Ivan asks, "How many Nipsey Russel's are there?"

neild exclaims (to Spatch), "HA!"

Jon asks, "darn, I have to go... where can I find a transcript later?"

Paul exclaims (to spatch), "Ha!"

lpsmith chuckles.

Gunther asks, "Who the hell is next?"

Miseri says (to liza), "You know, I could get you a picture of Konstanza standing in the wind with her ankles and a bit of petticoat showing...."

lpsmith says (to NA), "I'll do 'Best Puzzles', if you want."

neild says (to Jon), "Log on here, and tehre'll be a pointer."

Iain asks (to Miseri), "Hot damn. How much?"

DGlasser exclaims (to miseri), "Stop the pr0n, man!"

devil says (to Gunther), "Use that word with respect, mister."

NamelessAdventurer says (to lp), "One sec."

Jon says, "Thanks neild!""

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Jon has disconnected.

Jon goes home.

<Jon> Jon has disconnected from ifMUD.

Gunther says (to devil), "Go to hell"

Dilbon asks, "Is there a best puzzles category? Or just best puzzle?"

JasonMel says, "If Benny Hill shows, that's it."

jrw asks, "We haven't done best puzzles yet?"

devil exclaims (to Gunther), "Thanks!"

GarrisonKeillor comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Gunther says (to devil), "Oh, wait..."

GarrisonKeillor straightens his tie nervously.

zarf cheers

jrw says, "ah, homespun charm."

DGlasser asks, "and who is he?"
devil groans!

jrw claps.

Iain asks, "'Garrison' is a name??"
eileen says, "Best Puzzles is next..."

Paul cheers for the frog-man!

Den says (to Dilbon), "both."

Kiz claps wildly

Dilbon says, "Ah."

DGlasser says, "I don't know anybody."
lpsmith says (to jrw), "That was 'Best individual puzzle'." Gunther says, "me neither"
Dilbon says, "I vote for Detective."

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Foobler says (to Iain), "Unfortunately."
NamelessAdventurer gives Best Puzzles noms to GarrisonKeillor. Ellison says, "I don't know this guy, either"
NamelessAdventurer goes backstage. Iain asks, "How about Best Individual Totally Weird Present Name?"
GarrisonKeillor breathes heavily. "All right. It's come to my attention that this awards ceremony is really straying away from its intended purpose."

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Paul hopes for "IF-ers Almanac."

jrw says, "I've known all of these emcees so far. Which might be worse."
GarrisonKeillor says, "We're here to give awards, not litter the stage with toads and tasteless humor." Ellison says, "Keillor? I hardly knew her! er something"
NamelessAdventurer says to the audience, "Now we're all out of presenters, so DON'T BREAK THIS ONE."

Iain throws toads at the stage.

Spatch says, "Yay Garrison!"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

JasonMel likes Keillor. Don't kill him.

Foobler says (to jrw), "Too much popular culture."

Psmith says, "has _heard_ of Garrison Keillor, which is an improvement on the last four."

DGlasser exclaims (to ell), "Ha!"

jrw claps politely. Den says, "Once And Future = Tofu Endurance"

DGlasser asks, "Who?"

neild exclaims (to Ellison), "Delayed ha!"

zarf says (to den), "*stop* that."

Ender has joined the channel.

Gunther says (to Den), "SCARY"

Iain still can't believe that 'Garrison' is someone's first name.

jrw says (to DG), "he has a radio show called 'Prairie Home Companion'"

liza returns. "Eeeagh! Public radio!" Adam says (to jrw), "Not for long"
Irene remembers her vacation in Lake Woebegon. In, not at. Den grins. "Sorry!"
Ivan exclaims (to GarrisonKeillor), "DON'T LEAVE, WOEBEGON BOY!" devil says, "Writes columns for Salon."
GarrisonKeillor says, "The next award is for Best Puzzles, the puzzles of the game that made you scratch your head and think, much like a cold Minnesotan night with no snow."" inky says, "and an occasional salon column"
Gunther says, "EEEAGH! METAPHORS!" Jota asks, "I take it this one isn't a comedian?"
Dilbon says, "And the winner is zarf."

Spatch says (to gunther), "No, that was a simile"

Adam says, "Hah! This is almost as funny as that last Mark Russell special."

Sargent says (to Gunther), "I like a metaphor."

neild has no idea what to throw at Garrison.

Gunther says (to Spatch), "Whatever"

Ender says, "I have an uncle named Garrison. He was on X-Files once."
Ivan says (to .neild), "Snowballs."

Iain throws a battalion at Garrison.

Gunther asks (to neild), "a rocket launcher?"

Spatch says (to adam), "DON'T GIVE THEM ANY MORE IDEAS"

devil throws prairie dogs at Garrison.

JasonMel similies.

GarrisonKeillor says, "And the nominees are:"

Foobler says (to Iain), "On the US equivilant to BBC. Dry humor. Homespun boy."
Adam says (to Spatch), "OOPS! Sorry"

neild metaphors.

DGlasser exclaims (to jason), "Ha!"

Ivan exclaims (to GarrisonKeillor), "Bring out Guy Noir!"

eileen says, "I never metaphor I didn't like."

devil semaphors.

Irene groans

Dilbon phors.

DGlasser exclaims (to eil), "Ha again!"

Foobler says (to eileen), "groan."

(From Spatch) MarkRussell plays the piano and sings, "Spiiiiiiiider and Weeeeeeeb! Taxing the brains of the common man!"

Iain shoots some pfhor.

(From Earendil) GarrisonKeillor says, "Coming up: Best IF Game from towns under 2,000 people."

neild exclaims (to Spatch), "Eeagh!"

GarrisonKeillor says, "Michael Gentry, for Anchorhead"

DGlasser says, "woo"

liza says, "These are the porous excuses for puns."

Paul claps for Anchorhead.

Irene exclaims, "Yay!"

(From jrw) MarkRussell plays a song about Anchorhead, to the tune of 'When the Saints Come Marching In.'

Iain laughs.

schep claps.

Spatch says (to jrw), "ha!"

Kiz applauds

davec applauds.

zarf applauds horrible elder things from beyond the walls of the universe.

Miseri puts two shekels on Anchorhead.

Psmith claps

devil says, "I see we have some PBSers in the audience."
DGlasser says, "I should play this I should play this"

neild says, "The universe has walls>"

neild asks, "?"

Iain exclaims (to zarf), "Don't attract their attention! Noooo!"

Saudade says, "Clap clapity"

Adam says (to neild), "BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS"

GarrisonKeillor says, "Taro Ogawa, for Enlightenment"

Sargent says, "Yay!"

Psmith says, "Yay trolls (again)."

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY PHOTONS!"

davec applauds.

zarf cheers brightly.

Paul claps for Enlightenment. Then prays for it.

Den abhors horrible elder things from beyond the walls of the universe.

jrw claps.

Saudade cheers

JasonMel nods. "Okay!"

lpsmith claps.

Iain exclaims, "YAAAY game that was totally too hard for me!"

Den cheers.

schep claps.

DGlasser says, "or lack thereof, I guess."

Gunther has disconnected.

Gunther accidentally says "789" and promptly disappears.

<Gunther> MICHAEL GENTRY: Damn you.

GarrisonKeillor says, "Once and Future, by Gerry Kevin Wilson"

Foobler claps with one hand, Zen-like.

devil says (to Iain), "Easier to totally use hints, and almost as fun."
Paul claps for Once and Future.

Saudade says, "Yippee!"

zarf applauds theoretically.

jrw claps.

Den cheers

DGlasser says, "yay game-i-should-play."

Sargent applauds.

DGlasser says (to devil), "Yeah, those hints rock."
JasonMel claps Once.

Irene applauds

Spatch claps Future.

DGlasser asks, "Is Taro here?"

Iain says (to devil), "I won't say I didn't like it, because that would be impolite."

Dilbon says, "The future will only happen once." Iain says, "Says nothing."
lpsmith says, "Yay game-I-have-sitting-on-my-desk."

Psmith applauds OaFishly

davec applauds.

Ender claps for Once and Future, even though he hasn't actually started it yet.

jrw applauds in an 'oh good I'm not the only one who hasn't played OaF yet' kind of way.

GarrisonKeillor says, "Stephen Granade, for Losing Your Grip"

Paul claps for Losing Your Grip.

Iain asks (to jrw), "Whew, you too?"

neild exclaims, "YAy Sarg!"

Spatch says, "grip grip grip!"

inky applauds.

zarf kicks head!

Ivan says, "I lost my grenade."

lpsmith cheers Sarge!

Dilbon says, "Yay Grip."

Iain exclaims, "YAAAY!"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay game-i-should-finish!"

Irene stands on her seat and cheers

davec applauds.

Iain exclaims, "Grip!"

schep claps.

liza says, "S A R G E"

neild kicks Sargent's head for good luck.

Foobler loses his grip and applauds.

Kiz looks for a head to kick as a show of support

devil watches Sarge to see what he loses

jrw claps.

Saudade yips for sarge

Adam says, "Kicking the Head was the best puzzle"

Iain exclaims, "Heh!"

Sargent says, "Wow."

Ender offers his head to Kiz.

DGlasser says, "YAY ARRIVAL! (well, close enough)"

Ellison says, "hehe"

Den kicks his own head.

Sargent says (to DG), "Ha!"

GarrisonKeillor says, "and, this is a real surprise, so please sit down when I read it, Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin."

Dilbon says, "Losing your grip = Spiring urology"
inky makes a brisk business selling "First I kicked the head; then I kicked smoking: T-shirts.

(From neild) Pastiche sings, "Wouldn't you give your head to a friend..."

Jota exclaims, "Speech! Speech!"

eileen points to "No kicking of heads here" sign.

jrw gets confused by DGlasser and applauds for Arrival.

Iain laughs and laughs.

schep claps.

Sargent says (to inky), "Ha ha!"

davec applauds.

Paul cheers for Spider and Web.

DGlasser exclaims (to dilbon), "NOOOO!"
DGlasser exclaims, "Zarf! Zarf! Zarf!"

Saudade plays the recording of her cheers for zarf

Spatch says (to inky), "that rules"

Foobler exclaims "It must be a fix! The fix is in!!"

Irene exclaims, "Huzzah!"

GarrisonKeillor says, "Now, settle down. I haven't read the winner yet."

Den asks, "How many did Zarf win last year?"
Miseri opens a can of canned applause.

jrw claps suspiciously.

Adam says, "None"

Den asks, "Four?"

inky asks, "last year he didn't have a game in, did he?"

DGlasser says (to den), "But two years ago, 3 or 4."

Adam says, "Won lots in '96, though"

Ender asks, "Really?"

jrw plays a tape recording of the last time he clapped for zarf. Kiz says, "Now as how many he won the year before."
GarrisonKeillor opens the envelope and takes a deep breath. Jota says, "He only sweeps the XYZZYs every other year."

neild says, "Four in '96, I think, yeah."

Den says, "That'll be it."

Ender says, "Oh, right."

DGlasser says, "96, all categories had an Andy P win."

Adam says (to inky), "SUTWIN was nominated"

liza says, "But he really cleaned up back in aught-six."

GarrisonKeillor says, "It's a telegram from Guy Noir, radio detective." devil claps for that.

DGlasser says, "Though some also had ties."

Iain says (to DGlasser), "Wooo, wonder how Enemies will do, then..."

Ivan exclaims, "Yaaay, Guy Noir! Whoo!"

Sargent says (to Garrison), "Get ON with it!"

Irene holds her breath

jrw claps.

Dilbon asks, "Where's the result board?"

Sargent says (to Dilbon), "x scoreboard"

zarf's blood pressure rises

jrw says (to Dilbon), "x scoreboard"

Dilbon says, "Oh, there."

DGlasser says, "and who's he? I am so clueless"
inky says (to zarf), "stay frosty."

jrw wonders how the recipe will end.

GarrisonKeillor says, "Garrison. Stop. Send my congratulations. Stop. Winner of best puzzles. Stop. Spider and Web, Andrew Plotkin."

jrw knew it!

DGlasser exclaims, "YAYYYYYY!"

jrw applauds.

Psmith exclaims, "Fix!"

GarrisonKeillor exclaims, "Congratulations, Andrew Plotkin!"

Paul cheers!

Dilbon says, "Yay spiders."

lpsmith grins.

Iain claps.

Jota exclaims, "Speech! Speech!"

Den yays very loudly. "FOUR!"

Sargent says, "Yay zarf!"

wjs yells recipe recipe!

zarf stands up.

JasonMel says, "Wow."

inky says (to Garrison), "it's too late to stop him *now*"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY GADGETS!"

Iain exclaims, "SPEECH!"

Ender says, "Yay!"

davec applauds for Zarf.

jrw plays the tape of his earlier applause, again.

inky says, "Food! Food!"

Earendil says, "It's IFmud, where the men are all good looking, the women are all strong, and the jokes are all, eh, never mind"

Psmith appluads.

lpsmith exclaims, "Go Zarf!"

jrw adds new applause to it.

Kiz yays for Zarf

ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Iain says, "Tie him to a chair until he finishes the speech properly, this time."

schep cheers zarf and the cookbook.

zarf says, "trudges wearily up to stage."

Saudade resuscitates zarf who has fainted from being clapped at so much

Foobler screams. "FIX!!" (but congrats.) Foobler applauds.

liza says (to neild), "YOU WON! Oh wait, he said 'Web'."

Spatch says, "It's a cookbook! It's a cookbooooook!"

Ellison says, "yay zarf"

Den says (to Iain), "Nah, he'll just say Yes or No or nothing."

inky says (to liza), "hee"

ShelleyWinters asks (to zarf), "You need a shopping cart for these or something?"

Sargent says (to Spatch), "HA!"

DGlasser recalls zarf's comment on VirtuaTech, something about liking good gadget games. And then a few weeks after the comp....

Iain says (to Den), "Heh."

ShelleyWinters gives Best Puzzles trophy to zarf.

Paul exclaims (to spatch), "HA!"

Dilbon says, "I'll name my grandma after Zarf!'"

Miseri says, "Applause."

ShelleyWinters goes backstage.

devil detonates an EMP bomb to stop everyone from replaying their applause.

(From Ender) Zarf gives a speech using only "Yes" and "No.

GarrisonKeillor applauds enthusiastically.

DGlasser laughs on the floor.

zarf says, "This is boring. Somebody else win one."

DGlasser says (to ender), "Hey, binary works."

Earendil is shielded against 50,000 volts of EMP.

Den asks (to zarf), "Any hint of embarrassment?"

jrw says, "Boring? booo"

zarf asks, "Well, any questions?"

Iain says, "Booo, hisss."

Sargent says (to zarf), "Okay."

GarrisonKeillor asks (to zarf), "What are your opinions on midwestern buffets?"

neild asks (to zarf), "Can you print?"

Sargent takes zarf's trophy.

(From Saudade) Zarf wins one for the gipper!

DGlasser asks (to zarf), "What about the wooden magnets?"

Ender asks (to zarf), "What did it mean???"

Foobler asks (to zarf), "What's the specific gravity of Jupiter?"

schep asks (to zarf), "How long do I bake this for again?"

Spatch asks, "Why a duck?"

zarf says, "Those are great questions. Thanks all!"

Iain exclaims, "WOODEN MAGNETS!"

Psmith asks (to zarf), "What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Roosevelt asks, "How many more awards are there?"

Dilbon asks, "Do you sleep nekkid?"

zarf sits down.

liza asks (to zarf), "How any airports does Iran have?"

jrw claps.

devil claps

inky asks (to zarf), "why is the gmd file name different than the game title?"

Den says (to zarf), "What's the speed of an unladen swallow"

Adam says (to liza), "Ha!"

inky says, "damn."

neild exclaims, "liza wins!"

Kiz says, "Yeah! Wooden magnet answers!"

DGlasser exclaims (to liza), "HA!"

lpsmith exclaims (to liza), "Hee!"

Spatch cackles

Foobler woo hoos.

Sargent says (to liza), "yay"

liza says, "I love that joke."

Roosevelt asks, "How many more awards is zarf nominated for?"

inky says (to Roos), "all of 'em"

Jazzwolf leaves the auditorium to the west.

jrw forgets where he should know the liza joke from.

GarrisonKeillor says, "I don't think we'll be seeing the last of that talented newcomer."

<Jazzwolf> Jazzwolf has disconnected from ifMUD.

inky says, "there's, um, story, writing, and game left"

inky says, "I believe"

DGlasser asks, "Why isn't there a best PCs award?"

Sargent says, "And setting."

Traevoli is getting the feeling he should play Spider and Web.

lpsmith says (to inky), "You are correct."

Paul asks, "Newcomer?"

jrw asks, "Don't we get an intermission?"

Dilbon says, "Story = zarf, Writing = zarf, game = zarf"

inky says (to DG), "the fix was in on Photopia"

Earendil thinks we should carve zarf's image on rushmore next to his (pointing at Roosevelt).

DGlasser says (to jrw), "It was that AI thing."

Jota asks, "Talented?"

jrw is really glad he did play S&W.

GarrisonKeillor says, "And now, some messages from the audience."

XYZZY nominees materializes.

DGlasser says (to paul), "It's a joke, see."

eileen says, "Four awardss left: Best stetting, story, writing, and game"

neild says, "Oh, bloody hell"

eileen says, "Oops, best setting"

GarrisonKeillor says, "To everybody in the audience, sorry I couldn't make it, also, corn, from mamster."

Saudade is glad she has played half of S&W

xyzzy award nominations materializes.

Dilbon stets. Did he win?

Roosevelt says, "Spider and Web can't win all of em......Photopia had a great story. And Anchorhead had a great setting/"

Hugo has disconnected.

Hugo goes home.

<Hugo> Hugo has disconnected from ifMUD.

Paul says (to dglasser), "I often have that reaction to Keillor's jokes."

jrw says, "Nah, Photopia's gotta win something."

Miseri says, "<gulp>"

Ellison says, "yay mamster"

Roosevelt says (to Earendil), "No one goes next to my face on rushmore."

neild asks (to jrw), "Photopia hasn't won anything yet?"

inky says, "nope"

Iain says (to jrw), "It did already, remember."


GarrisonKeillor says, "Adam Cadre's agent wants everybody to know the movie rights have been sold already."

jrw bets on Photopia for writing and/or story.

Kiz agrees with DG

Den says, "If zarf wrote five games a year we could at least differ in opinion a bit more."
DGlasser asks (to adam), "Seriously?" zarf says, "hee"
Ender says, "Yay Adam Cadre's agent!"

Paul puts away his bidding paddle.

Adam says, "Er, that's a joke, people"

GarrisonKeillor says, "To Dilbon, there's no way I'm going to change my name to zarf, please write more often, love, your grandmother."

DGlasser says (to adam), "That's what I figured."

Dilbon laugh.

devil claps

DGlasser congujate.

Saudade is glad Keillor keeps up with raif!

DGlasser spell.

Dilbon says, "My grandma's surname is Repo, btw."

Iain says (to Dglasser), "You naughty boy."

Traevoli says, "emotes wonders if there will ever be a "Most Amusing" category..."

GarrisonKeillor says, "and liza has a message from the Ayatollah; we have no such devices in Iran."

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Iain says (to Traevoli), "Try @emit"

Paul wants to point out that keillor is neuter.

jrw emotes wonders, ta-dah!

GarrisonKeillor says, "And now, the award for Best Setting."

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Setting noms to GarrisonKeillor.

DGlasser says (to traev), "Don't do @emit, do :"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Traevoli given Iain a look.

Adam says, "Yay suburban houses!"

Iain says (to DGlasser), "Ooops, yes."

Iain says (to Traevoli), "Sorry, not thinking."

Psmith says, "Wow. A presenter lasting more than one award."
Saudade says, "We all get an award for Best Sitting!!"

Den exclaims, "Yay campus settings!"

St-Pierre holds his breath.

DGlasser says, "Carrot Top did."

Paul says (to psmith), "He hasn't given it yet."

Sargent says, "He's one of the least offensive we've had so far."

Ivan says (to Dglasser), "You know what they say: Those who can, do; those who can't, @emit."

DGlasser says, "MUSE BETTER WIN"

neild asks (to Sarg), "And taht's saying much>?"

zarf says, "realizes this has been going on for more than an hour."

Foobler says (to DG), "Much to our chagrin."

GarrisonKeillor says, "Setting gives the game its character and its charm. Without a Lake Wobegon, all I'd have to talk about are homespun characters in profound tales."

St-Pierre says (to DGlasser), "Thank you. My thoughts exactly."

Iain asks (to Iain), "Has this been on for over an hour?"
GarrisonKeillor says, "But something just wouldn't be profound." neild says (to Sarg), "Okay, maybe he isn't less annoying."
GarrisonKeillor says, "So, these games are to be heralded for the settings in which they, well, in which they set."

(From zarf) GarrisonKeillor says, "And then the silo exploded."

jrw gets up to go to the bathroom, and a temporary sitter fills his seat.

Foobler notes this has the makings of a dragged out Academy Awards (tm). Sigh.
neild exclaims (to Garr), "This isn't NPR, you Midwestern freak! Pick up the pace!" Ender says (to Iain), "Yep. I got here an hour late. And I just got here."
GarrisonKeillor says, "The nominees: Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry"

Irene applauds

davec applauds.

Iain exclaims, "Yaaaay non-zarf game!"

zarf cheers! More elder things!

Den cheers!

Saudade claps

Sargent says, "Woo!"

Psmith says, "Yay Anchorhead"

Jota says, "Next year, maybe the XYZZYs should be televised..."

Torbjorn has disconnected.

<Torbjorn> Torbjorn has disconnected from ifMUD.

Torbjorn has connected.

<Torbjorn> Torbjorn has connected to ifMUD.

Roosevelt cheers

DGlasser says, "woo"

Maurice_Roget claps

JasonMel cheers more.

neild exclaims, "Yay 7th of Gentry's 47 nominations!"

jrw says, "webcast"
Paul says, "Yay creepy New England!""

Foobler's bell claps.

GarrisonKeillor says, "...yes, indeed, in the "hizouse"."

schep claps.

GarrisonKeillor says, "Muse, by Chris Huang"

Den exclaims, "Fifty users online!"
DGlasser laughs.

schep applauds.

zarf cla[s

davec applauds.

jrw applauds, from the aisle.

Irene exclaims, "Hurray!"

Sargent claps.

Saudade says, "Way to go, mis!!"


Iain says, "YAAAY muse."

Paul says, "Yay Victorian France!""

Jota says, "Of course, it'd have to be one cable. I've heard some of the potty mouths around here."
DGlasser says, "that is, if it was in France. I forget."

GarrisonKeillor says, "Must be a mighty big 'hizouse'."


liza says, "Shit."

Foobler's hands miss each other. But the sound is deafening.

neild exclaims (to liza), "HEE!"

GarrisonKeillor says, "Losing Your Grip, by Stephen Granade"

Earendil pushes the button on the typo tally. Bing!

liza pushes the button on the typo tally. Bing!

Iain exclaims, "YAAAAY EVEN MORE!"

Adam says, "Yay mud!"

schep claps.

Irene says, "La plume de ma tante est sur le table. Or something."

DGlasser exclaims (to liza), "YM MAISOZN! HTH! HTH!"

Den sings "Sur le pont d'Avignon..."
liza asks, "What is it with me and France?"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay first fit!"

Paul exclaims, "Yay snowy... um, rainy... Yay!"

zarf claps and makes a grip joke.

Ender says, "Yay elder things! No, wait..."

DGlasser sings "Sur le pont d'Avalon"
Foobler takes off his shoes and applauds with this feet.

GarrisonKeillor dredges up his Swedish to say "Depressing landscape in the hizouse".

davec pplauds.

Iain steals Foobler's shoes.

Iain says, "Mmm, leather."

devil exclaims (to Foobler), "Put those back on, phew!"

GarrisonKeillor says, "Once And Future, by Gerry Kevin Wilson"

Torbjorn has disconnected.

Torbjorn goes home.

<Torbjorn> Torbjorn has disconnected from ifMUD.

Spatch says, "yay!"

Sargent asks, "Swedish?"

zarf cla[s

Sargent applauds OaF.

schep claps.

Jota says (to liza), "Avec moi. Oh, wait, you didn't say 'in' France..."

zarf says, "(again)"

jrw dashes back in from his restroom break.

davec applauds.

jrw applauds.

Paul exclaims, "Yay Fantasy forest!"

(From Adam) Michael Gentry says, "YAY POOR MAPPING!"

DGlasser says, "ENGLAND IN THE oh you get the pzoint."

Saudade applauds wildly!

Foobler rises to his feet, whistling. "WOOOOOOOOOO!"

devil CLaPS

Iain cla[s.

Psmith applauds Avalon

jrw returns to his seat.

Ender says, "Mystic realms in the hizouse!"

GarrisonKeillor says, "and Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin"

Foobler will have to play that game someday.

Sargent says, "Yay chair."

schep claps.

jrw claps.

Jarb claps

Iain exclaims (to Foobler), "What, OaF? Hey!"

Paul exclaims, "Yay drab corridors!"

Den says, "If Zarf's gonna get 5, this has to be it."
davec applauds.

DGlasser exclaims, "ALLEYWAY IN THE OUTSIZDE!"

Spatch falls over

Kiz cheets for the chair also

Ender says, "S&W in the chzair!"

Jota exclaims, "And the winner is... Detective, by Chris Barringer!"

DGlasser says, "My guess: Muse here, Photopia winner."

Foobler says (to Iain), "Yeah. It was a joke."

DGlasser asks (to jota), "Er, Matt?" Kiz says, "Nah. It could take best game."
Saudade says, "Yay zarf!"

Jota says (to DG), "Er, Right. Matt."

Iain says (to Foobler), "All the funnier for being pointed out, I say."

Den says, "Best game - Photopia."

Iain says, "Yes."

inky asks, "you don't think photopia would have won some other awards if it was going to get voted best game?"

Jota asks (to DG), "Whatever. You think he deserves to be remembered properly?" Kiz says (to DG), "Oh, I think Muse for writing. And I"m hoping photopia for game."

DGlasser says (to kiz), "Photopia best game? That's what I said."

GarrisonKeillor opens the envelope gingerly. "And the XYZZY goes to the rustic rainy New England setting of Anchorhead! Michael Gentry, ladies and gentlemen!"

inky says, "woo!"

Sargent says, "Woo!"

(From Foobler) zarf says, "I couldn't accept *another* one!"

zarf cheers a lot

Ivan exclaims, "Chris Forman Barringer!"

Iain exclaims, "YAAAY!"

Spatch says, "Yaaaay!"

Roosevelt exclaims, "YEAAA!!!"

schep claps.

davec applauds!

Den exclaims, "Thank god!"
neild exclaims, "Yay guy who didn't show up!"

(From inky) Elder horrors say "yay!"

Psmith yays!

jrw claps for the sheer variety of it.

Paul cheers enthusiastically!

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY!!!!!!!!!"

Irene stands on her seat and cheers at the top of her lungs!

Maurice_Roget applauds.

Spatch says, "Chris Forman Barringer Hardjono!"

Saudade says, "Congrats, mg!"

ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

wjs yells

eileen claps and cheers some more

Den cheers loudly!

Sargent asks, "I take it Cthulu will be accepting the award?"

Foobler exclaims, "Woo!"

(From Earendil) You get an unspeakable vision of ancient elder things applauding in their sunken crypts beyond time.

DGlasser says, "I should play this I should play this"

Kiz whistles

Iain is eaten by Yog-Sothoth.

Ellison says (to Kiz), "I'm thinking photopia for best game, and I'm hoping muse for best writing"
Jota cheers Anchorhead.

zarf eats yoghurt sothoth

GarrisonKeillor asks, "Accepting on Michael Gentry's behalf is Tom Keith and the Guys' All-Star Shoe Band. Oh, wait, they're not?"

devil says, "Poor Iain, I knew him well."

Den asks, "I thought Cthulu was a place in Wales?"

Iain asks (to devil), "I was that sinful?"

Sargent says, "It's the Mike Gentry and zarf show!"

ShelleyWinters dropped Best Setting trophy. Iain says, "Hey, so it is."

Spatch says, "they win - and win - and win and win and win"

DGlasser says (to sargent), "and Whiz."

ShelleyWinters goes backstage. Spatch says, "win win win, win win win"

inky says (to Sarge), "er, good point."

Jota asks, "Is Zarf the only winner so far who's actually here?" Paul exclaims (to spatch), "Ha!"
devil asks, "Is zarf really here?"

JasonMel says, "So Far."

DGlasser says (to spatch), "belated hee"

Den says, "Five million elder things can't be wrong."

jrw says, "Hey, we're all winners, in a way..."

GarrisonKeillor got Best Setting trophy.

Foobler says (to Jota), "We're all weiners here."

neild says (to Jota), "Gentry is here in Gunther's connect message."

inky says (to Sarge), "still, if you discard the top two winners, TADS games are doing really well."
Ender shoots JasonMel over that one.

DGlasser asks, "Why does Garrison get it?"

Ellison says (to neild), "hehe"

Sargent laughs.

Iain says (to Den), "They can be really scary, though."

Ivan says (to Foobler), "Except for the losers."

GarrisonKeillor says, "I'm sure Michael Gentry would be thrilled to say some words of enthusiasm, surprise, and maybe share a recipe for clam chowder."

Traevoli munches on a garlic clove.

DGlasser laughs.
neild exclaims (to Garrison), "Put that down, you Minnesotan thief!"

Paul says (to jrw), "But in another, more accurate way, Gentry and Zarf are the winners."

Adam says, "Ivan's here. Let him present the next one"

jrw claps for Ivan.

neild exclaims, "Ivan! Ivan!"

DGlasser exclaims, "AND WHIZ!"
Ellison says, "woohoo"

Earendil notices that trophy seems to be held together by Duck-brand duct tape.

Ivan says (to Adam), "You must be kidding."

DGlasser says, "yay ivan"

DorianX applauds as if he knew what was going on.

Adam asks (to Ivan), "Well, you won last year, right?"

Iain applauds DorianX.

DGlasser asks, "which is this now?"

Saudade says, "Whoa, DX, you're alive!"

DGlasser takes an unhealthy interest in Ivan.

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

DorianX says, "My word. I am"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Story noms to GarrisonKeillor.

GarrisonKeillor gives Best Setting trophy to NamelessAdventurer.

Ivan says (to Adam), "For writing."

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Yay! I won!"

GarrisonKeillor says, "See that it finds its way home."

Adam says, "I thought writing was next. Sorry"

NamelessAdventurer does a victory dance.

Ivan asks (to Adam), "I dunno the order. Is it?"

DorianX says, "Went to see a band. when I got back there was GETTING IT ON going on, so I slept in the dining room."

GarrisonKeillor says, "Nope, the next category is Best Story."

Sargent says, "Story is next."

DGlasser says, "If Muse or Photopia doesn't win this, I will beat someone."
GarrisonKeillor says (to DorianX), "and I thank you for sharing."

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Iain exclaims, "Me!"
Roosevelt exclaims, "Yeaaaaa Photopia!"

Maurice_Roget does a Victorian dance and wonders if he could possibly make it a Victory dance in the near future.

Iain does a food dance.

GarrisonKeillor says, "The nominees for Best Story are:"

devil does a mating dance.

jrw says, "hurray!""

Iain is buried by a sudden freak foodfall.

GarrisonKeillor says, "Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry"

jrw says, "oh wait, we haven't started yet"

jrw claps.

schep claps.

Earendil is suddenly overcome by attraction to devil.

DGlasser exclaims, "yay game-i-should-play!"

davec applauds.

Iain exclaims, "Yaay!"

Jarb says, "[RED]"

zarf yay

Paul whistles.

Ender dances with devil by the pale moonlight.

Iain exclaims, "Yaay ditto DGlasser!"

Roosevelt applauds

liza asks (to Jarb), "Is it red?"

Iain says (to Ender), "Hee."

Spatch says (to liza), "Correct for 100 points"

inky says, "red jello"

liza asks (to Spatch), "Who was first man to run moon?"

Saudade says, "Clap clap"

PollBoy hollers, "Whoever has the white Mercedes, license plate FILFRE, parked in the lot, your lights are on!"

Spatch asks (to liza), "Is it red?"

Jarb looks closely and it's _very_ red.

Jota says (to jarb), "Sorry, I'm playing the BW version."

liza says (to Spatch), "Correct for 100 points"

GarrisonKeillor asks, "Little Blue Men, by Michael Gentry -- is there an echo in here?"

jrw claps.

Adam says, "FLAG ON THE MOON"

schep claps.

davec applauds.

zarf yayay

Adam asks, "HOW DID IT GET THERE?"

Spatch says, "[BLUE]"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY OFFICES!"

Paul whistles

Den eats a peanut.
Spatch says (to adam), "yes!!"

Ender applauds. His cow orkers tremble.

DGlasser asks, "Um, I'm stupid. What's the color jokes?"

Iain says, "I'm stupid too."

GarrisonKeillor says, "Losing Your Grip, by Stephen Granade"

jrw claps.

Psmith says, "Photopia quotes, I assume"
Jarb hears a lion roar nearby... schep says, "Photopia refs."

inky asks, "are they photopia refs?"

Ender asks, "Photopia refs?"

Paul whistles

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY GAME-BY-GOOD-AUTHOR!"

Iain asks, "Well, yes, but why?"

schep claps.

davec appauds.

Ender says, "timing!"
JasonMel exclaims, "yahoo!" liza says, "Some of them."

Iain asks, "I mean, yes, but why?"

neild asks, "But are they Photopia refs?"

Spatch says, "just be thankful there wasn't a color-coded dance number this year"

eileen says, "There's a color and a black-and-white version of Photopia."

Ellison says, "yay Sarge"

Saudade cheers

DGlasser types the exact same thing as iain.
Kiz claps hard

Ivan wonders if he's the only person here who's actually at his office right now.

Den asks, "I thought Photopia was a place in Wales?"
inky says (to Ivan), "I am"

Jarb calls home and when the answering machine picks up yells, "LOSING YOUR GRIP!!!"

inky says (to Ivan), "but I'm always here"

Spatch says, "No, Photopia exists in the laughter of little children"
Foobler is at his office.

Saudade wonders what a cow orker is.

liza says (to Jarb), "Ha!"

inky says, "photopia is where you hang your hat"

Iain says, "I thought Wales were those big things that swim around in the sea."

Ivan exclaims (to inky), "But you don't have a REAL job!"

DGlasser laughs.

GarrisonKeillor says, "Photopia, by Adam Cadre"

jrw applauds.

Kiz claps hard s'more

Iain exclaims, "YAAAY!"

liza says, "YYYAAAAYYYYY"

inky says (to Ivan), "ok, that's true"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!"

Paul whistles!

neild exclaims, "Yay Photopia!"

schep cheers loudly.

Den exclaims, "Hey, I'm in my office too!"
davec exclaims, "Go Photopia!"

zarf cheers

Jarb calls home and when the answering machine picks up yells, "PHOTOPIA!!!"

Maurice_Roget says, "I'm supposedly at a friend's birthday party. Never mind that the partying is happening downstairs and I'm up here hogging his parents' phone line."

Saudade says, "Eaggh! Yippee!"

DGlasser exclaims, "Jonathan Kent rules!"

Psmith applauds

JasonMel exclaims, "Phreeow!"

Ender says, "YAY!"

Foobler whistles.

inky whistles and stomps his feet.

jrw says, "home office.."
Roosevelt exclaims, "YAAAA!!!"

GarrisonKeillor says, "And Spider And Web, by Andrew Plotkin"

jrw claps.

Jarb says, "[BUG]"

Ivan says (to inky), "heehee"

DGlasser says (to mis), "Aw."

zarf chee -- oh.

Paul whistles one more time!

Den boos good-naturedly.

DGlasser says (to jarb), "hee"

davec applauds.

schep claps.

Kiz claps

Adam says, "Yay western swing music!"

Den yayay

Sargent plays some Western swing music.

Psmith claps.

DGlasser asks, "But what *was* the story?"

Iain applauds politely.

Foobler claps yet again.

GarrisonKeillor opens the envelope and looks inside.

Iain exclaims, "Actually, S&W was pretty good. YAAAY!"

Earendil exclaims, "it's Bob Wills!"

Jarb asks, "wasn't Bruce Willis in that one?"

Saudade cheers

Psmith says (to DG), "Narrative doesn't work that way."

Den exclaims, "It's Bob Willis!"

Earendil asks, "and his if playboys?"

GarrisonKeillor exclaims, "Powdermilk Biscuits presents the award of Best Story to Adam Cadre, for Photopia! Heavens, it's good!"

jrw applauds!

Kiz stands up and cheers

davec cheers.

neild exclaims (to Jarb), "Arrr! I'm the crazy interrogator! Welcome to my chair!"

inky says, "woo!"

Kiz says, "Yay!"

Iain exclaims, "YAAAAAAY!"

Sargent says, "Yay!"

Ivan exclaims, "yaaay!"

schep cheers!!

liza says, "YES!"

Paul cheers!

Den exclaims, "At last!"

zarf dances happily

Psmith exclaims, "Woohoo!"

Maurice_Roget applauds!

Taj cheers madly!

Spatch says, "yaaaay!"

Irene exclaims, "Yes!"

Iain exclaims, "SPEACH! SPEACH!"

neild exclaims (to Garrison), "ABOUT FUCKING TIME!"

Roosevelt exclaims, "WOOOO!!!"

devil claps to high heaven

Jota cheers!


Paul whistles!

Saudade says, "Yaay Adam!!"

Adam elbows zarf aside and takes to the stage

JasonMel says, "Oh, yeah."

eileen applauds and applauds

liza says (to neild), "That ruled, btw."

inky laughs.

ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Foobler is relieved.

JasonMel cheers.

Iain swings his pants.

ShelleyWinters gives Best Story trophy to Adam.

wjs says, "cheers."

Adam says, "Thanks, everyone!"

lpsmith un-idles and cheers.

Kiz watches as her mouse runs around in frenzied excitment

Taj gives Adam a sack.

jrw says, "Well deserved! yeah!"

Iain exclaims (to Adam), "Yaaaay!"

ShelleyWinters gives Adam a BIG SMOOCH.

Jota exclaims, "Go [PURPLE]!"

Jarb says, "well done and $150 richer"

Adam says, "I think one of the best comments I got about Photopia..."

<Ghogg> [insert witty comment here]

ShelleyWinters goes backstage.

(From inky) Adam says "So, my prize-winning recipe for pad thai with fish sauce is..."

DGlasser wonders what rocking pants is.

Den roundabouts his socks

Spatch says, "pad thai!"

neild exclaims, "RECIPE! RECIPE!"

Ivan exclaims (to inky), "Yaay!"

DGlasser asks (to inky), "pad?"

Den exclaims, "ENCORE!"

davec says, "mm.. fish""

Jarb whistles

Jota says (to DG), "If the pants are a'rockin', don't come a'knockin'."

Iain exclaims, "Recipe AND speech!"

Adam says, "...was when someone said that he'd been inspired by it to let his kids participate in storytime instead of just listening."

Adam says, "So that's way cool. This is also cool."

inky says, "Ooh."

Spatch says, "indeed"

zarf says, "yay cool"

Sargent says, "Awww. Touching human interest story."

Kiz yays for storytime

lpsmith exclaims (to Adam), "Yay!"

Iain asks (to Adam), "But how do you _cook_ the kids?"

DGlasser says, "oh, that's sweet and cool and wonderful and stuff."

Paul smiles.

schep cheers! Real speech! Yay.

(From Ivan) Adam says, " instead of just WATCHING Friday the 13th part X, he actually hacked them up!"

jrw claps.

Sargent says, "Bet there's no story like *that* for S&W."

Jota asks (to Sarge), "New game? HIS?"

inky says (to Iain), "oven-bake, I think."

liza says (to Adam), "Happy late birthday."

Maurice_Roget asks (to Iain), "In garlic butter, of course. How else?"

jrw says, "I knew he'd have something prepared..."
Irene laughs out loud

Adam says, "Also, I don't know any recipes, but one of my goals for the coming year is to learn how to cook."

Ghogg has arrived.

DGlasser falls over laughing. Thanks, Ivan.

Iain says (to Sargent), "One can but hope."

jrw claps for cooking.

inky says (to Sarge), "actually, I was inspired to betray my country to the russians."

Saudade coaps and cheers for puzzleless IF!

Ghogg says, "Hello."

Saudade says, "claps"

jrw coap on a rope.

Iain exclaims, "YAAAAY learn to cook!"

Den says, "Once you know how to cook, you too can win four times."

Ivan exclaims (to inky), "Aww, inky... but you do that ALL the time!"

devil cheers for GOOD puzzleless IF.

Spatch says, "Teach a man to cook and he'll be writing IF games"

liza says, "Wait, _I_ can cook and I didn't win shit."

Adam says, "So hopefully I'll have some recipes to share at this time next year! Hee hee."

DGlasser falls over laughing. Thanks, Ivan. Again.

neild hands shit to liza.

inky says (to liza), "your bamboo steamer was on fire"

Jota asks (to liza), "But did you bribe the judges?"

liza says (to neild), "Yay!"

Ghogg asks, "Who won?"

Adam steps off the stage, tripping over zarf's sack on the way back to his seat

GarrisonKeillor asks (to neild), "Sir, if I'm not mistaken, you were dragged out of the Senate gallery a few days ago, weren't you?"

thumper asks (to liza), "Check the bathroom?"

schep laughs.

DGlasser exclaims (to ghogg), "ADAM!"

zarf says, "Ow."

jrw claps.

Ender also cheers for GOOD puzzleless IF.

Psmith applauds more.

Iain laughs and laughs.

jrw got a good shot of the tripping on his video camera.

Ghogg asks, "Well, I guessed that for best game, but what about the other catagories?"

liza says (to inky), "YM 'cat'"

Sargent says (to Ghogg), "x scoreboard"

GarrisonKeillor says, "Well, the next award is for Best Writing, and if Ivan would like to come up and present it, I'd be truly honored."

<mcp_cone> Here to lurk, listen and learn.

mcp_cone has arrived.

Paul cheers for Ivan!

jrw says, "Ivan, Ivan..!"

Adam says, "Yay Ivan!"

inky says, "Ivan!"

Kiz says, "Yay Ivan!"

DGlasser says, "If Muse doesn't win the next one, somebody DIES. Actually, I'd like Photopia too."
Iain exclaims, "YAAAY!"

Sargent says, "Gooooo Ivan!"

neild exclaims, "IVAN!!!!!!!"

jrw stomps and chants.

DGlasser exclaims, "IVAN!"

davec applauds for Ivan.

liza says, "I V A N"

Iain jumps up and down and stuff.

Ghogg says, "Woo."

Ivan bows embaressedly and takes the stage.

Kiz passes DG her missile launcher
Foobler always admired Ivan's pubic speaking.

schep applauds Ivan.

DGlasser says, "Also, I like a monkey"

Den says (to DGlasser), "I volunteer to die, if necessary."

DGlasser says (to liza), "ooh, you fancy spacer."

Sargent says, "Go-go Ivan presenter!"

Jota asks, "I like Muse,Photopia. Do you like Spider & Web?"
NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain. DGlasser exclaims (to jota), "HAH!"

Iain says, "Hee."

Ivan exclaims (to NamelessAdventurer), "Gimme that envelope, big guy!"

liza says (to DG), "Here's a logic puzzler disguised as a story."

jrw shines huge spotlight on Ivan.

NamelessAdventurer says, "Who getsgive bwn = ivan"

DGlasser exclaims (to liza), "Hurray!"

liza pushes the button on the typo tally. Bing!

Sargent says (to liza), "Yay Grip!"

inky laughs.

NamelessAdventurer says, "Argh"

Paul exclaims (to liza), "Hurray!"

GarrisonKeillor applauds politely and hands the microphone to Ivan.

(From Ender) READERS: Hurray!

Ghogg gives a story disguised as a logic puzzle.

Den asks (to Spatch), "Haven't You always wanted a Monkey?"
NamelessAdventurer pushes the button on the typo tally. Bing!

Ivan ahems. "Is this thing on??"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best writing noms to Ivan.

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

liza says (to Den), "Sure, we all do."
Ivan says, "Thanks, Nameless."

Ivan says, "H'okay. The nominees, in no particular order, are:"

Sargent says (to liza), "Thanks. Now I've got that 'not-so-fresh' commercial in my head."
neild says (to Ivan), "Your thing is SO ON."

DGlasser says (to ivan), "Um, he's nameless. To call him that would be a paradox."

Ender asks, "I like Monkey, Monkey. Do you like Monkey?"

Iain says, "I ordered one once, but it turned out to be a Monkee. Didn't even get my money back."

liza says (to neild), "TMI" Den asks (to Iain), "Which one? Wasn't Tork, was it?"
Ivan exclaims, "Ivan Cockrum, for Sunset Over Savannah!"

jrw applauds.

Ivan says, "Oh, wait."

jrw says, "Oh wait."

Spatch says, "Yaaaaaaay!"

DGlasser claps.

Maurice_Roget says (to DGlasser), "In the true Lovecraftian spirit, he should be 'unnameable'."

Ivan crumples up last year's list.

Saudade says, "RETRO!!"

Foobler waits. And waits.

zarf chee -- oh.

Iain says, "Can't remember. The next-door-neighbour's cat killed it."
JasonMel waits.

neild exclaims, "Oh Wait Comedy Showcase!"

(From inky) inky1997 says "yay ivan!"

Ivan exclaims, "Anchorhead, Michael Gentry!"

jrw claps.

liza says (to inky), "Hee!"

Ghogg says, "Yep. Same drugs as last year."

DGlasser exclaims, "yay gisp!"

Den says (to Iain), "No, that was something out of the Goodies."
zarf yay!

Foobler whhops and hollers.

Psmith claps.

Ivan exclaims, "Little Blue Men, by Michael Gentry!"

Spatch says, "woo woo woo"

davec applauds.

Paul gives it up for Anchorhead.

schep claps.

Roosevelt claps

Iain exclaims, "Yaaaay!"

Paul gives it up for LBM.

Ivan exclaims, "Muse, by Chris Huang!"

Ender says, "Huzzah!"

jrw claps.

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY FROSTY!"

neild exclaims, "It's the all-Gentry category!"

Saudade says, "Yay for double michael!"

Foobler claps and applauds.

davec applauds again.

Earendil yodels wildly.

neild says, "Er, or not."

schep cheers.

Paul gives it up for Muse

Ivan exclaims, "Photopia, by Adam Cadre!"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY MUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Psmith cheers Muse.

jrw claps.

Paul gives it up for Photopia

neild exclaims, "Yay Chris Gentry!"

schep cheers.

zarf yay

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Spatch says, "MUSE AND PHOTOPIA"

Den exclaims, "Cheers!"

Ivan says, "And the grand surprise..."

neild exclaims, "Yay Adam Gentry!"

Kiz cheers

Irene sits on the back of her chair in anticipation.

davec applauds.

Den cheers!

Paul gives it up for Spider & Web!

(From liza) Tracy gives it up for everyone.

Foobler looks puzzle-less but applauds.

Ivan exclaims, "Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin!"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY ZARF!!!!!"

jrw claps.

Sargent applauds.

(From neild) Irene's chair topples over.

schep claps.

davec is tired of all this applauding.

Iain exclaims, "Yaaay, wooo!"

Adam says (to liza), "Ha!"

jrw does a somersault.

Paul is remarkably prescient, isn't he?

Irene exclaims, "Ouch!"

Den faints. Which is difficult to do when you're hovering.

Jota exclaims, "Speech! Speech!"

Foobler is shocked that zarf should be nominated for an award. Nontheless, he applauds.

Irene gets up and dusts herself off

Saudade hoarsely croaks

Iain says (to Irene), "Heh."

Spatch says, "If zarf wins again, I won't need to eat for another week"

davec erects a giant statue of Zarf and bows down before it.

inky asks, "I'm lost. is this best game?"
Foobler thinks he's seen zarf before, somewhere. DGlasser asks (to inky), "writing?"

Jota says, "Writing."

Sargent says, "The next one? Yes."

(From neild) A slimy toad named GilbertGottfried hoarsely croaks.

Irene asks (to iain), "Oh, so you thought that was funny, huh?"

DGlasser asks, "Wait, he won?"

liza says, "Help me! I'm lost!"
Paul smiles at Irene.

Den says (to Zarf), "You've really outdone yourself." he shakes his head in admiration. "Amazing."

jrw says, "We haven't read the winner yet."

inky asks (to liza), "type "lounge". also, can you print?"

neild asks (to liza), "Whassamatta, bubbe?"

DGlasser says, "I thought he was just being listed."

Irene sits in her chair properly.

Ghogg laughs.

zarf says, "We really have to differentiate the nominees fro mthe winners here."

Ivan waits patiently for the winner's name.

GarrisonKeillor asks (to Ivan), "Are you having trouble with the envelope?"

zarf says, "Just because my game is always alhpabetically last..."

Iain differentiates Zarf.

Ivan asks (to Garrison), "Do I have an envelope?"

DGlasser takes an unhealthy interest in Ivan.

Paul takes an unhealthy interest in Ivan.

(From Sargent) zarf says, "...and it's won most everything..."

Psmith reintegrates zarf.

GarrisonKeillor says (to Ivan), "Yes, you do. Go ahead and open it."

neild throws a letter-opener onstage.

Ivan says, "OK! And the winner is..."

Den asks, "Huh?"

Ivan exclaims, "Photopia, by Adam Cadre!"

jrw applauds!

inky says (to Psmith), "now he's got a constant"

DGlasser says, "Yay Opal! Too bad that Cadre guy never wins anything."

inky says, "woo!"

Ellison says, "I'm going out to eat with a friend that's in town... if a wizard could move me to the pub and grill when everybody goes there, I'd appreciate it... I'm logging this and stuff"
neild exclaims, "YAY ADAM!"

Sargent says, "Yay Photopia!!!"

Iain exclaims, "WWOOOOOOWWWOOOO!"

zarf cheers in relief.

duchess cheers!

Kiz says, "YAYAYAY!"

Psmith applauds

(From liza) Ivan says, "Eeeagh! Letter opener in my eye!"

inky says (to DG), "hee hee"

wjs applauds

Paul cheers!

DGlasser waves.
Den exclaims, "Phew!"

Adam says (to DG), "Hee hee."

neild exclaims (to DG), "HA!"

Irene screams hysterically.


Ghogg says, "Yay."

Ender says, "YAY CONFUSION!"

Iain applauds and applauds.

inky says (to Ellison), "will do"
duchess dancing "Yay!!!"

davec cheers!

Miseri claps.

schep cheers.

Roosevelt exclaims, "WOOWOOWOO!"

Adam jumps back on stage.

Ender says, "AND PHOTOPIA!"

Saudade says, "Woowee!! Yay ADAM"

Kiz yays for Mis, too, cause his game also rocks

jrw says, "ok, ok!"

neild asks (to Adam), "So where's our damn recipe?"

Den says, "I thought for a moment Zarf had won again."

Ellison asks, "yeah, I was going to say, how come Ozone isn't here to accept her awards?"


Adam says, "Thanks again, folks!"

schep says (to Ellison), "Ha"

zarf says, "Yay ozone!"

Den says, "If so, then that meant my vote-rigging didn't work."

jrw applauds for MUSE.

Iain says (to DGlasser), "Damn, I was going to type that."

neild asks (to Adam), "Can you cook yet?"

Ivan is hustled backstage by two gorilla-like bouncers. On second glance... they're REAL gorillas.

Jarb idles

Irene leans back in her seat, exhausted.

(From Saudade) Adam cooks the books!

Kiz is relieve that DG won't be causing carnage and making a mess of the place

DGlasser says, "aw, poor Miseri. Maybe next year. Or next award."
Foobler woo hoos for a terse-mode accpetance speech.

liza throws piles of underage naked chyk i-f fans on stage.

Adam says, "Me suppose me should have speech or sumpin, but me no rite good."

DGlasser says (to kiz), "Oh, but MUSE didn't win."

Ender asks (to Saudade), "But who booksn the cooks?"

Spatch says, "Hulk ... not good with words."

Iain says, "Heh."

DGlasser says (to adam), "I really hope your book doesn't look like that."

Adam says, "But, yeah, thanks."

inky says, ">BITE LIP"

Den dies suddenly, for DG's benefit.

eileen is relieved that this online event is going so much better than the Victoria's Secret Webcast did earlier this week.

jrw claps.

Saudade says (to eileen), "heh!"

Iain exclaims (to DG), "Look what you made him do! You bastard!"
liza says (to eileen), "Honestly, I bet few people here would agree." Adam sez, "Reed my book! Its wrote real good!"
Sargent says (to eileen), "It was, until the naket chyk i-f fans showed up."

Adam goes back to his seat again, underage naked chyx in tow

neild strips down to his underwear, and runs at 2 frames per minute.

duchess didn't hear correctly, "Vistoria's Secret?"

DorianX is disheartened that this could possibly be better than a victoria's secreat webcast.

DGlasser exclaims (to den), "I'm sorry, man!"
(From jrw) 2 million xyzzy viewers suddenly tune in.

Iain says (to DGlasser), "Too late now."

Ivan goes out for coffee and hopes the presentation is still going when he comes back.

GarrisonKeillor says, "Well, we've come to the last award of the evening."

Irene says, "That's because Victoria's Secret leaves nothing to the imagination. Or very little, at least."

GarrisonKeillor says, "The best is, as cliche as it sounds, saved for last."

Earendil wonders what Victoria's Secret is, and if it could be used to blackmail Victoria.

Paul says (to eileen), "Good thing you pulled those Superbowl ads."

liza says (to Garrison), "But you're still here!"

Den chuckles under his breath. "Tofu endurance." He smirks again then plays dead some more.

DGlasser asks, "What happened at the VS webcast?"

Miseri says, "Hmmm ... I think I better get off my friend's computer...." Iain looks suspiciously at Den's corpse.
jrw applauds for the ending.

GarrisonKeillor exclaims, "And to present the award for Best Game, it is my great privilege to introduce the woman who made this all possible, Eileen!"

Iain exclaims, "YAAAAAY!"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY EILEEN!"

jrw applauds!

Sargent says, "Yay Eileen!"

Kiz says, "Yay Elieen!"

Psmith applauds wildly.

Ghogg exclaims, "Yay!"

DGlasser says, "come on eileen1"

Sargent says, "Come on, Eileen!"

jrw says, "yay"

liza says, "YAY!"

schep applauds!

Saudade says, "Yay Eileen!!"

davec applauds!

Sargent says (to DG), "Timing."

Ender claps for Eileen.

Iain sings 'come on Eileen'.

Paul cheers wildly for Eileen!

Foobler exclaims, "YAY EILEEN!"

Iain says, "Arse, timing."

DGlasser says (to sargent), "yeah."

Den exclaims, "Yeeha!"

neild exclaims, "Yay old Dexy's Midnite Runners refs!"

inky says, "woo"

eileen makes her way up stage

Iain exclaims (to neild), "Yaay!"

DGlasser says (to iain), "And you too"

zarf islost, but hey

Irene stands on her seat and cheers, then quickly sits down again before she falls.

Psmith upstages eileen.

GarrisonKeillor shakes Eileen's hand and goes backstage.

GarrisonKeillor has left.

Den says, "I thought Dexy's Midnite Runners was a place in... oh sod it."
jrw chants, "I lean, you lean, we all lean for Eileen! Jota says, "Trendy showd up at the webcast, and -- well, you can just imagine."
DGlasser says, "eileen is so cool, because she's so much better than those silly comedians" liza says (to Jota), "HA HA HA!"
eileen is about to say the one racy Come On Eileen jokes she knows, then remembers this is a family event.

Miseri says, "Okay ... I better go down and join the others in the other party ...."

Iain asks (to Den), "Isn't it like FedEx or something?"
liza says (to Mis), "Bye!"

inky says (to Mis), "byebye"

Spatch laughs and stomps his feet!

Sargent says, "Bye Miseri."

Miseri will read the Best Game transcript later.

Saudade waves to mis

Miseri says, "'bye, all."

thumper waves.

DGlasser exclaims, "yay party!"

schep says (to Mis), "Bye"

Miseri says, "And thanks."

DGlasser waves.

Den asks (to Iain), "Fedex? Just outside Cardiff?"
Miseri has disconnected.

Miseri goes home.

<Miseri> Miseri has disconnected from ifMUD.

Ender waves.

eileen says, "I'm honored to present our final award for today..."

Irene says, "Does it have an Irene in it too? Because I know an Eileen/Irene joke that isn't very nice."

DGlasser exclaims, "and muse wins! but in miseri's absence, it goes to HarryH!"

Ender says, "No, that's Ffedex."

Iain asks (to Den), "Cardiff in the Falklands?"

liza giggles.

(From Spatch) David Letterman says, "Eileen - Irene! Eileen - Irene!"

Iain says (to Ender), "Hee."
jrw's head swims.

Jota asks (to Irene), "I don't thinkt hat one is racy though, is it?"

Saudade says, "Joke! Joke!"

Den says (to Iain), "No, Cardiff near Methyr Tydfill"

Iain laughs at 'Methyr Tydfill'. (He always does.)

Irene says, "Nah, it's just insensitive and non-PC."

neild exclaims (to Eileen), "Tell us the joke!"

Jota says, "Everyone with Netnanny installed, activate it now."

Ender asks, "Isn't that what thef make implants out of?"
Psmith says, "Yay Mac jokes." Spatch says, "Methyr Lyndfyll"
jrw says, "Joke! Joke!" Den asks, "(Merthyr Tydfffffilllll?"
duchess says, "What do you mean by non-PC?""

Adam votes Irene for Best Non-PC

Paul exclaims, "I sent my family away so I can hear the joke!"

Iain laughs and laughs.
liza says (to Irene), "Yeah, and we already had... SHIT"

jrw's head does the backstroke.

inky says (to Adam), "yay"

liza says (to Adam), "Damn you."

Irene says, "PC = politically correct."

DGlasser exclaims, "this is some funny stuff, yo!"

Den says, "This whole place is riddled with Bastards."

Spatch says, "guilty!"

DorianX needs a name for an alcoholic beverage. It need not be a real beverage, but must be at least real-sounding, also should sound to be extremely potent, and have a suggestive name, though not "shiny red rubber" or "sex on the beach". liza says, "Guilty as charged! DAMNADKNDAKNDA"

liza says, "I quit."

Jota asks (to DorianX), "After Midnight?"

DGlasser says (to dx), "Beer."

Iain says (to DorianX), "Shiny red beach."

eileen says, "I think I've given away the punchline -- the joke is "What's worse than Grease on Olivia Newton-John?""

Psmith says (to DX), "Losing your Grip."

Paul cheers for the joke!

liza says (to Eileen), "Losing Your Grip."

DGlasser laughs.

jrw says, "No no, it's 'Olivia NewtonJohn in Grease'"

Ender says (to DX), "Little Blue Man."

neild exclaims, "Boo! Bring back Gottfried!"

inky laughs.

Irene says, "Different joke."

Sargent says (to neild), "Bite your tongue."

Iain says, "Yaaay asynchronous joke."

Saudade says (to eileen), "Do tell!"

Adam says (to neild), "Eeeagh!"

Spatch says, "ha!!!"

liza says, "Hurry up! I gotta leave soon!"

duchess says, "me too""

Psmith says, "Just read the nominees already."

eileen looks to see if the censors have cut off the microphone

DGlasser says, "yeah, I gotta go too"

Traevoli seconds liza's comment.

(From Spatch) liza exclaims, "My cat's on fire!"

schep laughs.

duchess says, "pour water on it!""

liza says, "Eeeagh! Bamboo steamer!"

Sargent says (to Spatch), "Yay!"

jrw claps as if to say, "hurry up already."

Ender says, "But I just got here!"

eileen clears throat

Den asks, "What do you get if you shake up a cow?"
eileen' Den says, "A hErnia."
eileen says, "The nominees for Best Game are..."

jrw shakes his legs.

Spatch says, "I can so see that joke as a dirty Karnac the Magnificent routine"

Iain asks (to Den), "???"

DGlasser says, "a milk shake"

Den says, "Sorry, A hernia."

Ender laughs.

Iain asks (to Den), "A hernia?"

Saudade says, "I missed the punchline!"

eileen says, "Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry"

Traevoli fidgets.

jrw puts his hands together rapidly several times.

Sargent applauds.

DGlasser says, "yay gisp"

Paul cheers!

Psmith applauds

Den asks, "What do you get if you shake up Mertyr Tydfill?"
liza says, "Dammit, I have to go."

zarf yay once again!

davec applauds!

JasonMel trembles in suspense.

Roosevelt hollers

Ender puts his heads together rapidly several times.

Foobler applauds.

DGlasser waves bye to liza

Saudade cheers but no sound comes out

inky says, "bye liza."

inky says, "and someone else? I dunno."

Paul says (to liza), "Hope the cat thing works out."

Sargent says, "Bye liza"

Earendil waves bye to liza.

schep waves at liza!

liza waves.

Iain asks (to Den), "Arrested?"

Jota asks, "A very angry Mertyr Tydfill?"

DGlasser says, "saudade has no mouth but must cheer"

Saudade says, "bye liza"

thumper waves.

Kiz bangs her elbows together. For a change.

liza says, "Also, yay winner and nominees!"

liza says, "Er, winners."

Foobler exclaims (to liza), "Bye!"

liza says, "Bye!"

liza has disconnected.

liza overcomes astronomical odds and tips over the tray.

eileen says, "The second nominee is Little Blue Men, by Michael Gentry"

(From Ender) Kiz hits her funny bone.

DGlasser says (to liza), "Well, it's only slightly plural."

jrw whooooooooooooeeeee!

Sargent claps.

neild asks, "Yay Anchorhead! Are we still cheering that?"

Adam says, "Once and Future, by Michael Gentry!"

Adam says, "Photopia, by Michael Gentry!"

Adam says, "Spider and Web, by Michael Gentry!"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY OFFICE!"

zarf says, "whoo hoo!"

davec applauds!

neild says, "Okay, same diff."

Paul whistles!

Iain exclaims, "Yaaay all the games!"

Spatch says, "Michael Gentry, by Michael Gentry!"

Roosevelt exclaims, "YAAA! Michael Gentry!"

Foobler stomps his hands... er... feet.

schep claps.

Iain gives Foobler's shoes back.

Foobler thanks Iain.

eileen says, "Third nominee is Once and Future, by Gerry Kevin Wilson"

jrw iol!

DorianX says, "Lost In New York by Michael Gentru"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay avalon!"

Ghogg says, "Woo."

Sargent applauds.

Paul applauds!

davec applauds!

Foobler waves his tentacles.

DGlasser says, "Zork by Michael Gentry"

Den says, "Fydyr Mertllith"
Ender says, "Yay Mostly Dead!"

Spatch says, "Fydyr Lyndfyll, by Michael Gentry"

neild exclaims, "Yay Avalon for Best Game of 2007!"

zarf claps

Saudade squeaks happily

Iain goes 'woo' and 'yaay' some more.

eileen says, "Fourth nominee is Photopia, by Adam Cadre"

Iain exclaims, "YAAAY!"

Sargent claps.

Paul says, "Yay really sad game!""

DGlasser exclaims, "YAYAYAYAYAAYAYY!"

schep cheers.

duchess says, "yeay!""

Kiz introduces Saudade to Sparky

Spatch says, "adam! adam! adam!"

newbie asks, "has Avalon been released yet?"

zarf cheers like he means it

neild exclaims, "Yay game I yayed for already!"

jrw claps!

Ender says, "YAY!"

davec applauds!


Foobler applauds politely.

Iain exclaims, "yaay Tragedy!"

eileen says (to .and), "the final nominee: Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin"

Spatch says, "Eeeagh! Car!"

Den rolls his drum ominously...

eileen says, "...and the final nominee: Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin"

Earendil hops impatiently.

Sargent applauds.

Paul says, "Woo hoo!""

Ghogg exclaims, "Yay!"

jrw herds his nerfs!

DGlasser exclaims, "FUN GAME!"

zarf says (to and), "Yay us!"

davec applauds!

Psmith claps wildly.

Foobler is shocked! He applauds nonetheless.

Earendil must lock up the lab in 5 minutes.

eileen searches pockets for envelope

Adam asks, "Spider *and* Web! Can they *both* win?"

Saudade yays cadre and zarf

schep looks tense and excited.

jrw laughs.

Den says, "Not Zarf. Anyone but zardf..."

Iain says (to Adam), "Not in the divorce courts."

duchess laughs

Spatch says, "come ON, Eileen! I've always wanted to say that"

Paul moves to the edge of his seat.

DGlasser says, "adam adam adam adam"

neild exclaims (to Spatch), "Yay jokes that have been made 20 times tonight already!"

eileen scratches head. I knew I had the envelope a minute ago...

Saudade is gasping with suspense

Spatch says (to neild), "BUT IT'S FUNNY!"

Den exclaims, "Gentreeeeee!"

duchess says, "photopia photopia""

Roosevelt says, "hurry.....gotta go....."

Iain cheers for S&W, just to make Photopia win.

neild exclaims (to Spatch), "FUNNY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE!"

Paul moves even closer to the edge of his seat.

Den says, "S'gotta be photopia. Gotta be"
Kiz falls off her seat

Saudade moves closer to paul's seat

Foobler says (to neild), "Say that to carrot top."

Den says, "gotta be..."
zarf says (to neild), "and style had nothing to do with that funny, trust me."

Sargent says (to Paul), "We'll sell you the whole seat, but YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!"

DGlasser says, "jumps on stage."

duchess is dying of syspense

Paul smiles at Saudade.

Iain says (to Den), "Yes. But it won't."
DGlasser jumps on stage.

schep gets jumpy.

(From thumper) Connection closed.

Den says, "gotta be.........."

Psmith says, "backs S&W"

Earendil starts handing out firearms to angry-looking audience members.

Ghogg sells just the edge to be economical.

Adam says (to thumper), "Hee hee"

Psmith emotes that
Spatch says, "quick! someone put the MUD into a recursive loop!"

Paul sits on the whole seat, just to be contrary.

eileen says, "And the winner for Best Game is..."

Iain says, ""Ditto."

Foobler says, "I bet on S&W"

schep says (to thumper), "Thppp."

neild holds his breath.

Saudade was a spotlight

(From DorianX) Sy Spence says (to dutchess) "Oh. sorry."

lpsmith falls over with the suspense.

Saudade says, "waves"

Iain says, "This is worse than 'question of sport'."

Den says, "Wider and Speb..."

zarf says, "argh"

Iain says, "Is...."

Ender asks (to saudade), "Was a good friend of mine?"

Jota bets on all of them.

Iain says, "Is...."

Earendil starts a long drum roll.

eileen holds breath too, then realizes she can't say who the winner is that way.


Iain exclaims, "YAAAY HRS!"

neild falls the fuck OVER.

Adam says (to Spatch), "YAY!"

Den says, "Photie photie photie"
Saudade says, "Yay harry" Foobler exclaims, "Go zarf-man!"

Iain takes a photie of Den.

DorianX exclaims, "Zball!"

Jota shows eileen a fully-charged cattle prod.

eileen says, "The winner for Best Game is... Spider and Web"

jrw "zowie!!!!! huzzahh!!!!!!!!!!

DorianX says, "Oh wait,. that was last year."

Irene jumps up and hits her head on the chandelier.

Sargent says, "Yay!"

Den exclaims, "Argh!"

Paul jumps up from his seat, waving his arms like Kermit the Frog and cheering with abandon!

Jota cheers!

Iain exclaims, "WOOOOOO!"

Adam cheers

DorianX exclaims, "Yay!!!"

Taj lets off fireworks.

Jota exclaims, "Speech! Speech!"

Kiz cheers

Psmith cheers loudly!

wjs cheers - glk glk glk!

neild exclaims, "Ya re-Zarf!"

lpsmith cheers!

Spatch says, "Wow!"

Earendil exclaims, "wow! He SWEEPS the awards!!!!"

Ghogg exclaims, "Woo!"

inky says, "woo!"

ShelleyWinters comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

duchess claps

schep says, "Yay! Also, got to play that."

davec worships the almighty zarf.

Saudade cheers and yells! woo hoo!!

zarf looks confused

jrw hands zarf a broom.

Traevoli says, "Neat. I *really* have gotta play that game."

ShelleyWinters says (to zarf), "Here ya go, toots."

DGlasser has disconnected.

<DGlasser> hot dipole-dipole interactions!

DGlasser has connected.

<DGlasser> We take our icons very seriously in this class.

DGlasser disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

DGlasser has arrived.

DGlasser exclaims, "arrgh! somebody CWSA'd me and hung up! a conspiracy!"

Den asks, "Zarf in 2001 : Six awards?"

Ivan returns with coffee, please to see people still here.

Earendil says, "the Titanic of if awards"

ShelleyWinters gives Best Game trophy to zarf.

Foobler applauds and whistles.

Taj exclaims, "Recipe! Recipe!"

duchess says, "I have to play it too...""

Ender yells, "YES!" The interrogator doesn't believe him.

eileen hands microphone to zark

ShelleyWinters goes backstage.

DGlasser asks, "Who won?"

Traevoli asks (to Irene), "Are you in here other times?"

Iain says (to Dglasser), "Guess."

zarf crawls up on stage.

Paul exclaims, "He's the king of the world!"

Psmith shines a glaring light in zarf's eyes.

jrw says, "zark, zark, zark...!"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY ADAM!"

DGlasser asks, "or did I guess wrong?"

Ghogg says (to zarf), "Release five games this year, so you can sweep the nominees too."

Spatch says (to dg), "Congratulations! You won!"

Saudade says, "Now I'm going to have to finish it!!"

Earendil says (to dglasser), "rogue.z5"

Foobler exclaims, "Top of the world, Ma!"
neild exclaims (to DG), "Yay people not paying attention!"

eileen retrieves mike from zark, and gives it to a zarkf .......................................................

(From lpsmith) eileen says (to Zark) "My power is yours now. Defeat the Tron."

Iain says (to Dglasser), "No, it's just a practical joke on Zarf."

Irene says (to traevoli), "I just got my account yesterday so that I could be here."

neild exclaims, "YAY ZARKF!"

zarf thinks

jrw didn't see this win coming.

DGlasser says (to neild), "Um, I was disconnected"

(From DorianX) -- glaring light.

schep says (to zarf), "Speech. Really."

Traevoli says (to Irene), "Ditto..."

Den exclaims, "Well well well!"

DGlasser says, "YAY ZARF"

Earendil impatiently twirls his keys around

zarf says, "First of all, I hate you all."

Ghogg saw it coming, because he voted for it.

mcp_cone asks (to eileen), "defeat the Tron?"

jrw says, "we like him. we really like him."

Jota says (to Zarf), "Do you really expect me to believe that's the way it was? That you really won *that* many awards? I don't think so. Try it again, and let's be honest this time."

devil says, "He should talk about desserts now."

Iain exclaims, "Not speech, not recipe - DANCE!"

jrw says, "wait."

Foobler asks (to zarf), "What else is new?"

neild exclaims (to Jota), "Hee!"

Earendil says, "darn it, I can't wait any longer. See you monday"

zarf says, "Because I liked Photopia better than S&W."

(From Ivan) zarf says, "And that's intentional."

eileen asks, "Hey, who's spoofing me?"

Saudade says, "He's stroking his fans!"

jrw says (to Jota), "heeheh"

Earendil has disconnected.

Earendil goes home.

<Earendil> Earendil has disconnected from ifMUD.

schep cries!

Paul exclaims (to jota), "Ha!"

zarf says, "These games are so different that they can't really be judged against each other. But you've decided that mine is superior, and I accept that!"

neild exclaims, "Yay prequel to Barometer!"

zarf says "S&W was boring. I had it figured out the moment I sat down with it."

Sargent says, "Photopia and S&W in a CAGE MATCH TO THE DEATH!"

Adam says (to inky), "Hee"

zarf says, "I couldn't have written Photopia. Photopia impresses the hell out of me. I am no Photopia."

Foobler exclaims, "Yay zarf!"

Ivan exclaims (to Sargent), "TWO GAMES ENTER; ONE GAME LEAVES!"

zarf says, "However, I'm keepnig the dtrophy."

mcp_cone says (to eileen), "I am -- it's the same reference as my handle. Too-rye-aye, pal"

Traevoli has disconnected.

Traevoli goes home.

<Traevoli> Traevoli has disconnected from ifMUD.

DGlasser says, "wow, that's so nice"

jrw says, "yay zarf!"

Iain says, "Yaaaaay speech, finally."

schep applauds everyone.

Paul exclaims, "Yay humility!"

jrw says, "yay honest speech"

devil applauds

davec applauds.

Saudade says, "The interrogator killed Alley!"

mcp_cone applauds

jrw says, "yay good sportsmanship"

Foobler applauds.

Sargent says (to Saudade), "Ha!"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY ALL!"

Ender applauds.

devil says, "yay honesty"

wjs congratulates the winners.

duchess has disconnected.

duchess goes home.

<duchess> duchess has disconnected from ifMUD.

DGlasser asks, "OK, is it bar time?"

devil says, "It's such a lonely word..."

zarf tries to think of something else to say.

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay saving ddyte postage!"

Ivan exclaims (to Saudade), "The interrogator killed my dad!"

jrw claps.

jrw applauds.

Iain says (to zarf), "(Now, you're supposed to give the award to Adam. Remember?)"

eileen exits stage to strains of "too-rye-aye"

inky says (to lpsmith), "hee hee"

davec leaves the auditorium to the west.

DGlasser says, "OK, parents need phone. must go."

Paul applauds for all the nominees, and for Firebird, which was so good it should have been nominated for something.

<davec> davec has disconnected from ifMUD.

zarf says, "Drinks are on me!"

inky says, "bye DG"

schep says, "Drop the balloons!"

jrw another synonym for clapping.

DGlasser says (to paul), "yeay"

zarf says, "Um."

Iain says (to DG), "Bye."

Ivan looks for drinks on zarf.

Saudade says (to paul), "I agree about firebird!"

jrw tips the drink tray onto zarf.

DGlasser has disconnected.

DGlasser goes home.

<DGlasser> hot dipole-dipole interactions!

zarf says, "Thank you all, I'm fglad I made you heads hurt."

Iain says (to zarf), "Triple vodka, please."

Kiz laughs

Psmith says (to zarf), "We hate you too."

Spatch cheers a lot

Den asks (to zarf), "Maybe you should run classes or something?"

Foobler exclaims (to zarf), "Nicely done!"

Spatch hollers, "Hey, everybody! Zarf's cooking dinner!"

jrw zooms back to get a wide shot of the audience as it files out.

Irene exclaims, "Gotta go, people. Congratulations to all the winners!"

zarf says, "I have no idea what I'm going in the upcoming year. Maybe I'll go back to graphical Mac games. I've been thinking about that."

Ghogg says, "Head-Hurting 101."

Adam thought Spider and Web was better, but that may be because I saw Photopia when it was in its being-slapped-together phase and only saw S&W as a completed work

Saudade asks the winners to pose for a photo -- gee aren't they cute!

jrw says, "Mac games! Yay!"

PollBoy hollers, "Thank you all for attending the 1998 Xyzzy Awards! I am the last of the Reptilian Rocketeers, so drive safely!"

devil exclaims, "Yay graphical Mac games!"

Jota asks, "Who was it who wanted to be teleported to the bar?"

Ender suspects Bad Machine should have wan something, but didn't start playing it till after he voted.
Paul says, ""How To Make People's Heads Hurt", by Andrew Plotkin."

Spatch says (to jota), "everything"

Kiz gets out her camera and starts snapping pix

zarf says, "Maybe I'll go insane and write a novel."

Iain says (to AdamAndZarf), "Stop this mutual-appreciation rubbish at once."

Spatch leaves the auditorium to the west.

neild asks, "Where are we going now?"
Foobler tries to tempt zarf into a deal. inky says, "moral: timing is everything."
jrw asks, "Where's the bar?"

Adam suspects the same may be true in reverse for El Zarf

zarf says, "(Of course, Adam's already done *that*.)"

DorianX decides to call the beverage "Low Fucking Orgasm"

inky says, "bar is west, north, up"

Ivan leaves the auditorium to the west.

neild leaves the auditorium to the west.

GarrisonKeillor arrives from the Auxiliary Adventurer's Lounge.

inky says, "I think."

Ghogg says (to zarf), "Do a screenplay, then."

Sargent leaves the auditorium to the west.

eileen says, "Congratulations to all the winners -- your medallions are on the way! And warmest thanks to all for coming here -- you're all worth your weight in zorkmids."

zarf says, "I see my speech is over."

zarf says, "Thanksbye."

zarf sits.

Iain pulls zarf's chair away.

DorianX says, "Unless of course that's been trademarked"

GarrisonKeillor says, "All right, if everybody will now just step lightly to the Carousel Bar & Grill, located a stone's throw away from the auditoriu."

eileen tries to remember now if zorkmids are worth a lot.

Den says, "No, thank _you_"

GarrisonKeillor says, "West, north, then up."

Psmith congratulates everyone.

Adam asks (to zarf), "Always nice to see 'em streaming for the exits, eh?"

mcp_cone marvels at the McGwire&Sosa display of sportsmanship, then gets drowned in a sea of other people's observations

Kiz cheers zarf one more time, just for the hell of it

Saudade says, "Congrats, all winners!"

Irene has disconnected.

Irene goes home.

<Irene> Irene has disconnected from ifMUD.

GarrisonKeillor says, "And congratulations to everyone."

Ellison disappears.

schep shakes the winners' hands.

Saudade says, "Bye all!"

mcp_cone leaves the auditorium to the west.

eileen has left.

Ender cheers and heads for the bar.

Ghogg leaves the auditorium to the west.

Iain heads off for the bar.

Kiz leaves the auditorium to the west.

wjs has disconnected.

wjs goes home.

<wjs> wjs has disconnected from ifMUD.

Adam disappears.

Iain leaves the auditorium to the west.

Ender leaves the auditorium to the west.

DorianX leaves the auditorium to the west.

thumper leaves the auditorium to the west.

Chaos leaves the auditorium to the west.

jrw packs up his video equipment.

eileen arrives from the Auxiliary Adventurer's Lounge.

Taj leaves the auditorium to the west.

Saudade has disconnected.

Saudade goes home.

jrw leaves the auditorium to the west.

zarf leaves the auditorium to the west.

eileen leaves the auditorium to the west.

schep leaves the auditorium to the west.

Foobler leaves the auditorium to the west.

GarrisonKeillor says, "Next week we'll be coming to you live from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota."

devil slaps GarrisonKeillor.

Jota leaves the auditorium to the west.

inky says, "where ticket sales are above average."

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