XYZZYnews Award Ceremony: 2004

The ceremony took place on Sunday, March 20, 2005.

This year, I'm formatting the transcript in three columns. On the left, the official host, the presenters, and the comments of the award recipients. In the center, crowd noise and applause. On the right is the "peanut gallery" -- a segregated channel provided for the audience's commentary, mockery, and monkey jokes.

If your browser doesn't support tables, you'll see everything in a single column, despite my best efforts. Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal.

I don't have any index links here, because I'm lazy.
Massive Auditorium

Crumbling stonework and marble arches create an ancient and vaguely classical atmosphere. It's only bleacher seating, but velvet cushions have been laid down specially for the occasion. Columns covered with frescos displaying scenes from IF history are scattered around, disappearing up into the sky before touching any sort of ceiling. The platform down below has a sign reading "2004 XYZZY AWARDS".

Fang arrives from the west.

tilp arrives from the west.

Nathan arrives from the west.

Marvin arrives from the west.

katre arrives from the west.

K-Y arrives from the west.

Esrom arrives from the west.

Bishop arrives from the west.

klimas arrives from the west.

vbnz arrives from the west.

Jacqueline arrives from the west.

Jota arrives from the west.

TShatrov arrives from the west.

Eluchil arrives from the west.

rrafgon arrives from the west.

DavidW arrives from the west.

Jaybird arrives from the west.

zarf arrives from the west.

DorianX arrives from the west.

cendare arrives from the west.

Ferret arrives from the west.

BrenBarn says, "ah, the excitement"

Kwi arrives from the west.

* JoshuaH has joined the channel.
Jon arrives from the west.

Lieut arrives from the west.

Duchess arrives from the west.

* vbnz has joined the channel.
Gunther arrives from the west.

Jacqueline finds a chair, arranges her dress.

inky hollers, "and we're open -- type 'xyzzy' to come here"

Bishop says, "I love the xyzzies. The MUD fills up with people we never see."

TShatrov says, "test"
maga arrives from the west.

Jon says, "phew, found my way here"

Gunther removes his pants.

two-star walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.

Rob has arrived.

Sargent is done wasting his fingers to you idiots.

</Sargent> His humor is at the level of parodying an old hit song and calling it "Luggage Made by Samsonite."

vbnz says, "howdy all"

* Jaybird has left the channel.
Thrax arrives from the west.

Rob takes a seat.

Bishop exclaims (at Gunther), "You were wearing pants in the first place? For shame!"

Rob whistles.

baf walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

Thrax takes Rob's seat.

StarAndDan walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.

Gunther says (to Bishop), "oh shit"

BrenBarn says, "I haven't been to the last couple of these"

Kwi says, "I knew I'd get in trouble with these shoes."

Eluchil shouts, "Check out the murals!"

DavidW says, "Now my outfit is visible."

<Tiko> Tiko has connected to ifMUD.

Rob says (to Thrax), "that was merely a decoy seat you took"

* Nathan has joined the channel.
Jota takes a stand.

vbnz jumps for joy

* Fang has joined the channel.
Thrax says, "damn"

(From Thrax) Joy avoids vbnz.

Rob has arrived.

Rob drops fake_Jon_Ingold.

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

maga says (to Rob), "hooray"

vbnz pursues joy with his laser cannon

DavidW says, "ha"

zarf says, "Chalkboard needs wiped, dude"

Bishop asks (of Rob), "Heh. That's from... 2 years ago?"

Recchi arrives from the west.

* Eluchil has joined the channel.
Paul has disconnected.

Paul has connected.

inky carefully erases the chalkboard.

lpsmith walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

Nathan cracks his neck

Rob says, "let me savor my name on the chalkboard a minute longer"

</Tiko> Tiko has disconnected from ifMUD.

Rob cries

inky says, "aw"

klimas laughs.

BrenBarn says, "your moment of glory is past!"

Paul says, "Bah. Damned dropped connections"

Rob says, "it's going to be a while before I see it on there again, somehow"

BrenBarn says, "rkoif!"

Jon gets fake_Jon_Ingold.

TShatrov says, "x chalkboard"

Bishop can't even remember who this year's sundry nominees are.

Jon asks, "how do i burn this thing?"

Esrom says (to Bishop), "Neither can I."

inky says, "I think you have to duel it"

klimas asks, "use your finger?"

BrenBarn says, "if you burn it, you'll experience horrible voodoo pain"

K-Y asks, "Where are my pins?"

Gunther says, "hmm, no hugo"

Jacqueline says, "Oh it is all so exciting."

DavidW says, "There's an incinerator."

nm walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

BrenBarn says, "you are in the incinerator --- hey, wait a minute, you're french fried alive!"

Jacqueline says (to David), "Nice tux, man."

(From Bishop) Dilbon gets fake_Jon_Ingold.

DavidW says, "thanks"

half arrives from the west.

<neild> The ducks, the ducks, the ducks are the key to the whole damned thing.

Rob says (to BB), "heh"

Jacqueline asks (of David), "Better yet, nice Grand Marnier. Can I have some?"

Jota says, "ey, now we're allowed to look at Jacq."

Rob says, "mm, grand marnier"

</neild> Further Neil was moving to Santa Cruz and would stay "as long as it remains cool."

Ferret says, "My watch just XYZZYed at me."
DavidW says (to Jota), "oh yeah."
vbnz says, "rad"
Rob asks (of Jacq), "and who are you wearing tonight?"
Bishop asks, "You have a talking watch?"
DavidW says, "hehe"

maga wishes he'd had the foresight to get booze beforehand

Jon walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

<reese> reese has connected to ifMUD.

Jacqueline hands maga a glass of champagne.

Ferret asks, "Would you believe an LCD-display watch?"
Rob says, "adorned in swanky rented jewelry"

Jota says (to maga), "I thought you always kept some on hand."

Jota says, "Or possibly in hand."

zarf hands maga a bucket of gin

Tommy walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

Rob says, "next year, I want to arrive in a limo"

maga says (to Jota), "well, I do, but no mixers"

Marvin says, "I just spent half an hour hanging around a booze shop, and I forgot to buy any."

* half has joined the channel.
Bishop says, "Damnit, are the finalists listed somewhere? They're not obviously accessible at"

inky says (to Rob), "it was enough work just to teleport you in!"

Rob says (to Marvin), "ha ha"

Jacqueline says (to zarf), "Aw. You've upstaged me!"

vbnz says, "just serach for them"

Jota says, "I wonder if I should make popcorn."

zarf says, ""

Jacqueline says (to Rob), "Oh, I'll split the rental fee!"

Rob says (to inky), "there will be a year's improvement in transportation technology by then"

</BrenBarn> It reminds me of a French Canadian tennis racket, stuck to the back of a Venus snow-goon, bubbling out of my sister's Brazilian donkey -- I don't think I can make myself any clearer.

<BrenBarn> Swipe the paper from your neighbors, find a bench and read the comics, then look for pictures in the clouds.

maga pours the champagne into the gin and sips gingerly at the result

Kwi asks, ""A hollow voice says, 'It's now 4 PM EST!'" ?"
vbnz makes a large steak and sits down to eat it
Ferret says, "More of a high-pitched beeping voice."

Fang exclaims, "Hey, mine too!"

DavidW sits on a cushion.

K-Y says, "Ah, that's where the pins are"

Esrom says, "I just took a look. I've never even played most of those games."

* Eluchil has left the channel.
reese walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.

DorianX enjoys the spiritsmaking abilities of Messieurs Guiness and Bailey.

zarf says, "I thought that was 'spiritsmacking'"

vbnz asks, "who is the announcer for this awards ceremony?"

Rob says, "spiritwraking"

Gunther says, "man, Future Boy is sure nominated a ton of times"

DorianX says (to zarf), "that will come later when the IF starlets are blasted out of their mind on angel dust at the after party"

Tommy fidgets.
BrenBarn says, "it seems like the nominees are mostly the same in each category"

Rob says, "I think lpsmith is the emcee this year"

vbnz says, "awesome"

baf exclaims, "Maybe the publicity it gets from this award will enable to sell an extra copy!"

Rob practices clapping

Jota asks, "Isn't it usually Nameless?"

(From BrenBarn) Rob misses his left hand with his right.

Rob says, "lpsmith-who-shall-remain-nameless, I mean"

lpsmith says, "Hee hee"

zarf says, "Nameless was busy with the movie awards in Beijing this year"

(From Rob) so that's the sound it makes

Gunther says, "spoilers!"

vbnz says, "there we go"

Fang asks, "Do we know who nominated Blue chairs for best puzzle yet?"

inky says (to zarf), "hee hee"

Tommy says (to Gunther), "Tessman got 9 nominations out of 10."

Rob says (to inky), "oof, it took me too long to get that"

Rob claps for 'the toilet'

Tommy says (to Fang), "I did. For the signs: I thought they were lovely."

Jon says (to rob), "up the toilet"

baf says, "Hope he wins at least one."

lpsmith steps forward onto the stage, and taps the mike experimentally.
Esrom disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

Rob claps!

K-Y says, "Woo!"

inky says, "hooray"

inky applauds.

DorianX says, "Kent got a lot, but he didn't beat the spread.\"

Paul cheers politely.

Bishop asks, "When did the name of the 'Best Use of Medium' award change?"
vbnz claps louder
lpsmith exclaims, "Greetings everyone, to the XYZZY Awards for the Best Games of 2004!"
baf stridulates

Jon claps

Eluchil applauds heartily.

Jota exclaims, "Hey, get off the stage, y'clown!"

Marvin says, "Hooray."

inky says, "I think we are thinking it's just a typo"
maga whoops

Bishop applauds.

klimas applauds.

DavidW claps

<Hugo> Hugo has connected to ifMUD.

Eluchil claps for all the nominees.

Jon smooches Fake_Jon_ingold

Tommy claps.

Kwi claps.

JoshuaH claps.

TShatrov claps

rrafgon claps

Jacqueline applauds.

Paul cheers rudely!

Rob says, "it didn't officially"
tilp whistles

vbnz jumps for joy and misses again

Fang applauds.

Rob woof woof woof

Hugo walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

Jacqueline says, "Down boy"

BrenBarn says, "huzzah"

baf is all applaudy

Rob chants, "Hu-GO, hu-GO"

Jota says (to Rob), "Need a cough drop? It sounds like you've a dog in your throat."

lpsmith says, "Once again, we ask that people make comments on the #peanut-gallery channel, but you can clap and cheer here in the auditorium all you ant."
Fang cheers.

half claps

Eluchil asks, "Only ants can cheer?"

vbnz says, "ok boss"

TShatrov says, "he said all you Ant"

Jota asks (of lps), "Is that what we all look like from way up there on stage?"

Rob says, "once again, we completely disregard this request"

lpsmith says, "Want."
Marvin gets caught up in the excitement, and says, "Hooray." again.

vbnz becomes an ant

lpsmith says, "ahem."
two-star asks, "What is the sound of half clapping?"
Eluchil smiles innocently.

(From Kwi) Ant cheers.

(From DorianX) Kent thinks Rob's shouting "You, go!" over and over, and leaves, crying."

Gunther says, "cl, or ap"

Tommy falls off his chair.

lpsmith exclaims, "So, without further ado, here to announce the nominees and winner of the Best Use of Medium Award: Rob Wheeler!"
Paul exclaims, "Yay Rob!"

DavidW claps!

Eluchil applauds heartily.

Rob runs up on stage, not noticing the elevator.

Jota exclaims, "Rob!"

Bishop exclaims, "Woo!"

maga exclaims, "medium rob!"

BrenBarn says, "whoop whoop"

zarf clap

lpsmith claps and cedes the stage.
Recchi applauds

vbnz cheers

Kwi cheers.

JoshuaH applauds.

eileen applauds and whistles

Jacqueline applauds for Rob.

Rob says, "Good evening/afternoon/morning"
baf is like "Clap. Clap." and stuff

TShatrov yays

Bishop starts editing Wikipedia entries.

vbnz asks, "what is the award anyway?"

reese claps
Jacqueline says, "heh baf"
K-Y clapity clapity

Tommy gets back on chair and applauds

Thrax says, "the greatest engineering feat in the history of IF: the Rob wheeler"

Jota says, "Best Use of Medium."

BrenBarn says, "no one really knows what it's for"

Rob says, "As you all know, the Best Use of Medium award goes to -- well, um."
zarf says, "it's for me!"
Rob says, "Certainly it's an honor to be nominated for it!"
klimas laughs!
Jacqueline says, "I think it might be, z."

JoshuaH says, "It's quite open to interpretation."

Jota says, "It's like Large, but less so."

TShatrov asks, "do you know [[Blue Chairs]] is up for deletion?"

Rob says, "(Even if you're nominated for it because people couldn't figure out where else to nominate you.)"
vbnz is clueless
Fang asks, "There's a wikipedia entry?"
</ifdhan> ifdhan has disconnected from ifMUD.

<ifdhan> ifdhan has connected to ifMUD.

DorianX says, "It started out, I think, so that that psychic detective game could get a good joke,"
Rob says, "Maybe you put a lot of work into customizing every parser message in the game, or you did something extra cool with the medium in terms of presentation, or you just wrote a really good game so people are like, 'hey, he sure used that IF medium to write this game!'"
Thrax says, "it's kind of like Best Screenplay"

Fang asks, "Wah? Why would they delete Blue Chairs?"

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

Paul says, "Hee"

Rob says, "Anyway, the five nominees this year for at least one of those shifting meanings of this award are:"
Recchi says, "heh"
Jacqueline laughs at Rob's explanation.

Thrax says, "the award for something that can't get any other award"

Rob says, "All Things Devours, by half sick of shadows"
<Guest1> I'm not here to be entertained! Stop amusing me!

Tommy claps heartily.

rrafgon claps.

Paul exclaims, "Yay ATD!"

Rob says, "Bellclap, by Tommy Herbert"
zarf says, "yay!"
Grocible says, "wait"
Jon claps

klimas says, "yay"

Grocible asks, "are the awards today?"
Eluchil exclaims, "Yay,Bellclap!!!"

Paul claps for the bell

Jacqueline applauds.

JoshuaH exclaims, "Woo!"

vbnz cheers

BrenBarn says, "they're right now"
Rob says, "Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman"
zarf claps

half claps

Eluchil applauds loudy.

Tommy claps heartily again.

Grocible says, "man. I am so officially out of it."
vbnz yeah for the future

Recchi cheers

Guest1 walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.

maga says (to Grocible), "wakey wakey"
Fang exclaims, "Yay!"

Paul exclaims, "Yay FB!"

DorianX says, "And the Lifetime Acheivment award goes to Howard Sherman, in the hopes that he'll take this to mean that he's peaked and no longer has to write any more IF."
Rob says, "Return to Ditch Day, by Michael J. Roberts"
Jacqueline claps.

Thrax generally claps

Tommy claps heartily again.

Eluchil applauds heartily.

vbnz claps

Paul claps for returning to ditch day!

zarf says, "yay"

Rob says, "and The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin"
rrafgon says, "yay"

BrenBarn says, "woo mjr"

maga says, "woo"

Eluchil applauds sincerely.

Rob applauds the nominees.
inky claps.

zarf says, "extra yay!"

Fang asks, "What, no nomination for Ninja?"
Kwi yays.

Tommy claps very loudly.

Paul claps for holding and dreaming!

klimas says, "yay helpfulness"

half applauds

lpsmith cheers.

Eluchil claps for all the nominees.

Jacqueline applauds for everyone.

vbnz thanks Mjr for the great TADS

Jacqueline says, "heh"

Bishop says (to Fang), "Heh."

Rob says, "And the 2004 XYZZY for Best Use of Medium goes to..."
Fang holds his breath.

Thrax says, "the dreamhold is my favorite wrestling move"

Gunther breathes.

(from Jota) A base drum rolls across the stage.
vbnz is nervous
Rob fumbles with an envelope.
Jota says, "Er, bass. Bah."
Rob says, "The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin!"
Tommy is a good sport and applauds the winner with gusto.

half cheers loudly!

zarf says, "yay!"

klimas says, "yay!"

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

maga exclaims, "yay!"

Jacqueline says, "HUZZAH!"

Fang cheers!

reese claps

Eluchil applauds sincerely.

DorianX wonders if shouting "show your tits!" would be inappropriate
inky says, "hooray"

BrenBarn says, "tarantaraaa"

rrafgon claps

Paul exclaims, "Woo dreamhold!"

Jon says, "go zarf"

Bishop applauds wildly!

Jota exclaims, "cheers!"

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay!"

JoshuaH claps.

Kwi says, "Woo! Yay, wrestling!"

K-Y says, "Yay"

vbnz cheers!

Gunther says, "woowooo"

two-star exclaims, "Yay!"

Thrax exclaims, "yay dreamhold!"

DorianX exclaims, "Huzzah!"

zarf capers

Jota cheers, even.

Recchi applauds!

Eluchil exclaims, "Congratulations, Zarf!"

Marvin asks, "Do you want to see zarf's tits?"

Gunther asks, "when is it not?"

BrenBarn asks, "do you really want to see rob's tits?"

inky says, "mm, capers"

<Epsilon> Epsilon has connected to ifMUD.

TShatrov says, "yay for tits"
eileen applauds madly
Bishop says (to DorianX), "You've already had too many tits for one day."
Epsilon walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.
Rob gives Best Use Of Medium 2004 XYZZY to zarf.
Tommy says, "It is more than merely frightening."

Jota asks, "Hey, Zarf's started his acceptance recipe already?"

* vbnz has left the channel.

Fang exclaims, "Well done zarf!"
Rob shakes zarf's hand.

zarf stands up

maga asks, "It looks as if you've achieved something important. Would you like me to explain how to accept an award?"
vbnz exclaims, "speech!"
zarf says, "I have written an acceptance speech"
Paul says, "Ha"

Jacqueline says, "yay"

zarf says, "Entitled: 'Bite me: I rule'"
vbnz cheers wildly

Rob claps

Jacqueline laughs.

(From Thrax) zarf says, "it's for Howard Sherman, though"

Fang claps, soviet style.

DorianX says, "I thought that was by Neitzche"

Marvin says, "You know, Dreamhold is probably the only IF I've played at all that qualifies for these awards."

Tommy claps speech.
zarf says, "That's the good part, though"
inky says, "if you can parse that, you deserve best use of medium"
Paul says, "from the James Cameron school of acceptance speeches"
Gunther throws a Shyamalan doll at zarf
zarf says, "So, thank you."

zarf sits down

Eluchil applauds sincerely.

vbnz exclaims, "wow what a great speech!"

Fang says, "Hmm, I really oughtta play Dreamhold, then."
Jacqueline says, "Well done, Z. Thanks for a great game."

Nathan golf claps

DorianX says, "... ANd I'd just like to sayt to Adam Cadre, thank you for not releasing a game this year."
Jota exclaims, "Let the biting commence!"
Fang says, "Heh."
Thrax says (to Paul), "he's king of the muuuuuuud"
maga says, "You will need to collect the remaining seven XYZZYs before you can progress to the final puzzle"
vbnz bites

Kwi claps.

Ferret exclaims, "Don't encourage him!"

Grocible asks, "What are the directions to the auditorium from the L?"

lpsmith cheers and returns to the stage.
Jacqueline says, "heehee"
lpsmith exclaims, "Congratulations!"
Paul says, "e.s.e"
Eluchil bites zarf, as per request.
inky says (to Grocible), "or just 'xyzzy'"

Fang says, "xyzzy, s, e"

Bishop asks, "So this year's recipe is for Roasted Zarf?"

Grocible walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.
Fang says, "Or not"

Grocible says, "thanks"

inky says (to Fang), "temporarily redirected"

Rob says, "NEXT"
lpsmith says, "Next up: The Artist is here, to present the Best Individual PC award."
DorianX says, "xyzzy. w. e."
TheArtist makes a run for the stage, but is roughly turned back by a pack of stern security guards.
Kwi says, "Heehee."
Rob claps
Bishop asks, "Who's supposed to be working the chalkboard?"
lpsmith exclaims (at guards), "He's allowed!"

TheArtist says, "hey"

* Epsilon has joined the channel.

Rob says, "fight! fight!"

Fang says, "Surely the Artiste."

Paul says, "Yay artist"

vbnz runs on stage. Hah! I snuck past you!

TheArtist says, "I have a pass and everything."
Paul exclaims, "quote! quote!"

Hugo goes home.

</Hugo> Hugo has disconnected from ifMUD.

TheArtist says, "I have, of course, brought the book of quotations that my parents left with me at the orphanage."
inky scribbles on chalkboard.

Rob says, "man, that game seems like 2 years ago instead of just 1"

vbnz groans
TheArtist says, "I really can't imagine going anywhere without it."

TheArtist says, "I read that Oscar Wilde once said, 'It is only an auctioneer who can equally and impartially admire all schools of Art.'"

(From Jon) Fireworks go off outside, prematurely
TheArtist says, "So I am very honored to present the award for Best Individual Player Character."
Paul says, "Ha"
TheArtist says, "The five nominees are:"

TheArtist says, "Arthur Conan Doyle wrote, 'I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose.' Our first nominee is Dante in Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas."

baf asks, "Is there a page listing all the nominees?"
Fang cheers.

Jacqueline applauds.

Eluchil applauds heartily.

Thrax says, ""
zarf says, "Yay"

vbnz woo-hoo!

Paul says, "Hooray for these quotes"

maga says, "yay"

inky says, "woo apropos quote"

JoshuaH cheers.

lpsmith cheers

vbnz exclaims, "yipee!!"

DorianX says, "Funk and Wagnals defines "excellence" as the state or quality of being excellent. The nominees are..."
Paul says, "Also hooray for Blue Chairs"

klimas laughs.

TheArtist says, "'To be, or not to be?' That is the question for Tomasz Pudlo in Gamlet, by Tomasz Pudlo."
Eluchil applauds loudy.

inky says, "ha ha"

TShatrov says, "yay chairs"

inky says, "I guess that was an easy one"

Fang applauds.

JoshuaH applauds.

vbnz laughs err... cheers

TheArtist says, "'With great power comes great responsibility' for Austin in Luminous Horizon, by Paul O'Brian."
Eluchil applauds sincerely.

klimas says, "yay"

<Trumgottist> Trumgottist has connected to ifMUD.

rrafgon cheers

Paul says, "Hee"

TShatrov says, "yay for trolls"

Jacqueline claps.

<Hugo> Hugo has connected to ifMUD.

Trumgottist walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

ifdhan walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.

Eluchil exclaims, "Empress Emily was robbed!"

Jon says, "And with great responsibility comes great potential for punishment"

Hugo walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

Bishop exclaims, "Yay great power!"

</Jaybird> 3. Many cash registers still put the DVD in the piggywig and ZIL is the Infocom language of the Z machine.

<Jaybird> The onion is really high up there. Ah, there's that dish! Come here, dishie! Woops, here I come tumbling down with the ones in the mountains''

TheArtist says, "Stephen Hawking said, 'God not only plays dice, He also sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen.' Our fourth nominee is Jarrett Duffy in Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin."
inky says, "ha ha ha"

Jacqueline applauds.

klimas says, "woo"

inky says, "hooray"

Paul exclaims, "Hee hee hee. Yay ND!"

Ellison walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

Marvin says, "Woo"

Eluchil applauds wildly.

Recchi laughs

maga says, "woo ND"

Ellison says, "woo"

Fang digs out some dice from indecent places.

TShatrov says, "the lag is unbelievilable"
TheArtist says, "Steven Wright quipped, '"Did you sleep well?" "No, I made a couple of mistakes."' Our final nominee is Julia from Sting of the Wasp, by Jason Devlin."
inky says, "HA"
Jota says, "I'm not noticing any."
zarf says, "heh"

Eluchil applauds politely.

reese cheers

Bishop says, "Hee hee."

inky claps.

tilp asks, "lag what lag?"
Paul says, "These rule. Also, yay Sting"

Fang claps.

klimas applauds.

Jacqueline applauds for Julia, who rocks.

Tommy cheers loudly for Julia's sass, class and ass.

Rob claps

maga says, "yay"

inky says (to Tommy), "hee hee"
TheArtist says, "And the winner for Best Individual PC is,.. (opens envelope)"
Jacqueline says, "Me either, surprisingly."
Eluchil cheers for all the nominees
TheArtist removes a slip of paper and several revealing photographs.
Bishop exclaims, "Yay Julia!"
TheArtist says, "But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Julia is the winner."
Eluchil applauds wildly.

Rob claps!

rrafgon cheers

zarf claps much

klimas applauds!

maga exclaims, "woo!"

Jota says, "Perhaps the Internet has inverted itself."
inky says, "yay"

Fang exclaims, "Yay!"

Jota claps.

Paul exclaims, "Woo Julia! Hooray Sting!"

BrenBarn says, "huzzah"

reese claps wildly

Kwi applauds!

K-Y claps

JoshuaH applauds.

Tommy exclaims, "Hooray!"

Jacqueline applauds. "Wonderful! Yay!"

lpsmith cheers!

Paul claps a lot.

klimas says, "yay Julia"

Jon says, "good work tha"

Jota says, "So that only people on dial-up have speedy connections."
tilp says, "good-oh"
Fang says, "Hmm. Surprised, but pleasantly so."
inky says, "not that I wish to condone her behavior, but she does it so well"

half says, "Hooray!"

Ferret exclaims, "Yay!"

Bishop asks, "Is Jason Devlin actually here?"

Recchi applauds
Tommy says, ""Haven't seen him."
Gunther says, "that rocked"
zarf says, "man, I really have to get jason's ifcomp prize out to him."
TheArtist asks, "Is Jason Devlin here?"
vbnz says, "sting was the game that won Individual PC? Rad. Good game."

Rob says, "he's busy sabotaging people and breaking into offices in order to manage to get here"

JoshuaH says, "You might try looking in the cleaning closet..."

Ferret says, "Oh dear."

Jacqueline says, "Jason's pretty busy, I wouldn't be shocked if he didn't even know this was going on."

K-Y says, "Already I'm feeling the effects of not playing the games"

* Trumgottist has joined the channel.

Tommy asks, "Is he still a student?"

Jacqueline says, "Yes."

TShatrov asks, "where is fake_Jason_Devlin?"

Jacqueline says, "heh"

two-star asks, "Nobody sends the finalists emails?"

Bishop says (to Jacqueline), "Aw, that's sad."

Rob drops fake_Jason_Devlin.
Jacqueline says, "Nope."

Tommy says, "I'm not judging."

BrenBarn says, "here he is!"
TheArtist says, "I'll hold on to this on his behalf. And keep it with my other trophy. As Mae West said, 'Too much of a good thing is wonderful.'"
Bishop says, "That he's busyh, that is, not that he's a student."
Jacqueline says, "Yay!"

Kwi cheers for fake_Jason_Devlin.

klimas says, "yay"

Eluchil applauds heartily.

TheArtist sits down.
Paul says, "YAY YAY YAY quotes"

vbnz cheers wildly

lpsmith returns to the stage. "Next, we have Daniel Ravipinto and Star Foster co-presenting the award for Best Individual NPC. As
(From Rob) The crowd tosses fake_Jason_Devlin back and forth above their heads.

Paul cheers for Dan and Star!

Jacqueline says, "yeah"
BrenBarn says, "hurrah"

Rob says, "As!"

Gunther says, "Stardan!"

lpsmith says, "Er.. As Churchill once said, "Out of two, one." Or, uh, some such."
Rob claps

JoshuaH cheers.

Dan and Star approach the podium, awkwardly attired in stiff Victorian dress.
Gunther says, "the same dress? woo woo!"

Eluchil exclaims, "Yay, Dan and Star!"

BrenBarn says, "two presenters enter, one winner leaves"

vbnz says, "lol"

Rob says, "such lush victorian whiskers!"

Ferret asks, "They said it was awkward, didn't they?"
Jacqueline says, "Heehee"
Star steps up to the microphone, her bustle bumping into Dan, causing his top hat to tumble to the ground.
Jon says, "Nice Siamese dress"

zarf claps

inky says, "or as Yoda said, "There is another""
Recchi laughs at brenbarn

vbnz laughs

Paul says, "That's some bustle"

Fang asks, "What's a bustle?"

"Good evening. Dan and I are pleased to present the award for Best Individual NPC."
DavidW claps
zarf says, "hatless hijinks!"

Thrax says, "wait until you see the hustle"

DorianX says, "It's like a hustle"

Eluchil applauds politely.

Rob cheers

Dan picks up his hat and pulls his hat back on his head with a huff.
baf says, "Hustle's partner"
vbnz applaud
maga says, "Victorian prosthetic arse"

inky says, "it's basically a big pillow thing strapped to the woman's back"

Rob says, "they rule the 3-legged race though"

"But we realized we'd require a little extra help," he says.
inky says, "(under the dress)"

Jota says, "I think there's a noisy one up on stree-level."

Gunther says, "or, as Yoda says in German, "there is another heaven... heaven... ugh""

Star produces a small, black box from her purse with a large emerald set in its center.

She pushes the emerald firmly.

inky says, "ha ha"
Triage trundles patiently in from the wings, coming to a stop just near the podium.
Jacqueline says, "ooh"

inky says, "!!"

Rob says, "yay"

Thrax asks (of Gunther), "really?"
lpsmith exclaims, "Yay Triage!"

DavidW says, "yay Triage!"

Tommy says, "ah."

Rob applauds Triage

Eluchil applauds heartily.

maga points at the envelope

DorianX says, "THis is the dirtiest presentation I've ever seen"
JoshuaH claps.
Gunther says, "apparently someone didn't get that he said "" and translated "sky" as "heaven""

Paul says, "Can't wait to see the formatting"

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

Dan says, "The nominees for Best Individual NPC are..."
inky says, "hooray"

Gunther says, "this was fixed in the special edition"

Star says, "Bob Finger in Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman."
Eluchil applauds heartily.

vbnz cheers

Rob says, "hee hee"
Recchi applauds

Paul exclaims, "Hooray for the Finger!"

Rob claps.

klimas cheers!

Gunther says, "as was the misplacement of the umlaut in The Empire Strikes Back's *title*"

baf exclaims, "There cannot be two skies!"

Dan says, "Jacek in Gamlet, by Tomasz Pudlo."
Eluchil applauds loudy.
Gunther says, "the fourth word in the crawl, misspelled."

Rob says, "leave it to Hugo to get a nomination for giving us the Finger"

Gunther says, "anyway."

TShatrov says, "woo jacek"

Rob claps

Star says, "Audrey in Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin."
Eluchil applauds sincerely.
DorianX says, "there's so many different worlds / so many different suns / And we have just one world / But we live in different ones"
Fang says, "yays again."

Jacqueline applauds!

maga says, "yay Audrey"

klimas says, "yay"

inky claps

vbnz exclaims, "yippy!"

DavidW cheers!

Jacqueline says, "Oh, Goddess!"

Paul claps for Audrey and ND

inky says, "feed m-- oh, wait"

rrafgon claps

Gunther asks, "YAY ROBB oh wait was that the winner yet?"

BrenBarn says, "woo woo woo"

Paul says (to inky), "Heh"

Dan says, "Xojo in Return to Ditch Day, by Michael J. Roberts."
Rob points at various things, waiting for Triage to respond

inky says, "Gogo Xojo"

Rob applauds!

<Jason> Jason has connected to ifMUD.

Tommy claps loudly

Eluchil applauds heartily.

Eluchil applauds loudy.

Eluchil applauds sincerely.

Eluchil applauds wildly.

Eluchil applauds politely.

rrafgon applauds

Recchi claps

Paul says, "Yay Xojo"

DavidW says, "yay Xojo"

JoshuaH claps.

Star says, "Dr. Todd in The Great Xavio, by Reese Warner."
Eluchil applauds politely.

BrenBarn says, "hip hip hooray"

Rob claps

Tommy exclaims, "Also yay!"

Jason walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

TShatrov exclaims, "todd!"

inky says, "dammit, jim, I'm a professor, not an MD"

(From Fang) Rob spouts some unintelligible gibberish. You feel doomed.

klimas applauds.

Rob says, "elementary"

DavidW claps

Paul exclaims, "Hooray!"

Eluchil cheers for all the nominees

Recchi claps

Dan produces an envelope from his jacket pocket.
Bishop applauds.
Star points at the envelope.
vbnz hears the drums roll

A large screen behind the pair lights up to reveal a close-up of Triage's screen.

Rob says, "ooooh"

Eluchil says, "aaaah"

zarf closes his eyes

maga asks, "Triage has a screen now?"
The letters making up the screen flip to reveal:

TShatrov says, "eeeh"

Paul says, "Yay nifty presentation"

Bishop says (to vbnz), "That's not a drum. That's a thousand electromagnetic relays."
vbnz goes home.

</vbnz> vbnz exits with a flash of brilliant light. The re-enters because he forgot his flashlight. Picks it up and walks off in less dramatic fashion by going around the corner to the local dump.

Gunther asks, "Triage?"
Rob claps

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

baf says, "Well, a display."
Jacqueline says, "Heh"
Rob claps!
Paul says, "Yay yay yay"

Gunther says, "Woo hoo!"

klimas says, "woot!"

Eluchil applauds sincerely.

lpsmith cheers!

Fang says, "Yay."

BrenBarn says, "hooray"

maga exclaims, "yay Robb!"


inky says, "hooray"

DavidW claps wildly!

Jacqueline says, "Excellent!"

Jon says, "nice one..."

Paul exclaims, "Hooray Robb!"

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Recchi exclaims, "Wooot!!!"


zarf asks, "who won?"

rrafgon cheers for Audrey


Kwi says, "Awesome!"

zarf says, "Oh. Yay!"

reese cheers

JoshuaH claps.

Gunther shakes Recchi's hand

Rob says, "recchi, recchi"

Kwi cheers.

Bishop exclaims, "Yay Robb!"

half says, "yay!""

klimas cheers!

Rob says, "cool"
Recchi exclaims, "Thanks everybody!"
Paul says, "Also hooray announcement with multiple pauses"

Jota applauds.

BrenBarn says, "huzzah for Robb"

Tommy says, "Well done Robb."

StarAndDan exclaims, "Congratulations!"
Ellison says, "yay"
Gunther asks, "what's Triage from?"

Fang says, "Bedlam"

Rob says, "star and dan's game"

Paul says, "Slouching"

Rob says, "dude"

Jacqueline says, "Hm. We need to be able to set users a female, male, and plural."

inky says, "last year's winner"

Recchi says, "I would just like to thank my testers -- Ellison, Greg, Joachim, Jacqueline, Gunther, Dayna, Debaser, Worm, Drew, Mike Sousa, and One of the Bruces."
Gunther says, "haven't played it, still :("

Rob says, "the most talked about game of 2003"

Jota says (to Jacq), "You can theoretically be both."

<vbnz> vbnz comes in on a magical beam of light with rays of light radiating all around him. His majesty then turns off his flashlight.

vbnz walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

Rob says, "if you had, think how much less puzzled you'd be at this moment"

Fang says, "I need to play Necrotic Drift too, hmm."

Jacqueline says, "Right, but 'StarAndDan exclaims' should be 'StarAndDan exclaim'"

Jacqueline says, "We need a plural setting for s/v agreement!"

BrenBarn says, "I haven't played any of these games"

vbnz says, "darn those crashes"

Jason says, "Hi, everyone"

BrenBarn says, "hooray for beta-testers"

TShatrov says, "I received ND as IFComp prize a few weeks ago. Still didn't play it :("

Jota says, "Ah, for 'saymode'."

Paul exclaims (at Jason), "Hey, congrats!"

vbnz says, "amen"

StarAndDan walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.
ifdhan says, "when i category for best betatester? :)"
StarAndDan gives Best NPCs 2004 XYZZY to Recchi.
Rob asks, "how do we know that's the right jason?"
Recchi thanks StarAndDan
inky has arrived.
Bishop says, "I didn't even see Jason arrive."
Paul says, "Oh, guess I don't."
Jacqueline says, "I can't tell if it is."
inky says, "hey wait"
Jason asks, "I'm having trouble with this mud stuff. How are the awards going?"
Rob says, "I noticed"

Jota says, "If it were implemented, you know there'd be some obnoxious twit who'd set it and then hang around in the lounge talking like that, so I don't think it'd be a good idea."

inky gives Best Individual NPC 2004 XYZZY to Recchi.
inky says, "that's more like it"
Paul asks (of Jason), "Are you Jason Devlin?"
Jacqueline says, "heehee"
BrenBarn says, "ha ha"
Jacqueline says, "True."
eileen has arrived.

maga says (to Jason), "if you're Jason Devlin, not too shabby"

klimas laughs.

Dan and Star step down.

Jason says, "That's me : )"

vbnz asks, "wait what game did Recchi write?"

Jota says (to Jason), ">X CHALKBOARD"

Bishop exclaims (at Jason), "Congrats!"

Paul says (to Jason), "Then they're going very well"
inky has arrived.

Gunther says (to vbnz), "necrotic drift"

Jacqueline says (to Jason), "Better late than never. Congrats!"

Rob says, "Necrotic Drift"

Eluchil applauds sincerely for Jason.

vbnz says (to gunther), "oh good game I liked that"

Fang says, "Well done Jason."

TheArtist gives Best Individual PC trophy to Jason.
Rob gets fake_Jason_Devlin.

Tommy Re-applauds Julia's sass, class and ass.

BrenBarn says, "hey, congrats Jason"

Rob gives fake_Jason_Devlin to Jason.

Recchi congratulates Jason

Jacqueline congratulates both Jason and Robb.

Jason says, "Oh cool! Thanks guys"
Kwi cheers for real_Jason_Devlin.
lpsmith returns to the stage. "Jason Devlin has arrived--let's thank him again for 'Best Individual NPC!"
zarf claps

inky says, "hooray!"

klimas says, "woo!"

Rob gives fake_Robb_Sherwin to Recchi.

Thrax says (to Jason), "you missed your moment of glory"

two-star exclaims, "Yay!"

JoshuaH cheers.

Jacqueline applauds!

Eluchil applauds heartily.

vbnz claps wildly

Bishop applauds.

K-Y says, "Yay!"

Paul applauds again, this time for real.

maga asks, "so now do we get acceptance speeches in stereo?"
rrafgon claps

DavidW says, "Congrats, Jason."

Jota exclaims, "Speech!"

Gunther says (to Jason), "acceptance speech"

Gunther says (to Recchi), "ditto!"

vbnz says, "please speak"

Gunther says, "er, +!"

lpsmith offers the mike to Jason.
Rob claps

StarAndDan walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay everyone!"

TShatrov says, "they could do it together"
Jason exclaims, "Thanks you very much. And congrats to you Andrew and Robb!"
BrenBarn says, "TSD"
Rob claps.

vbnz gold claps

maga says, "the asexual StarAndDan suprahuman collective is beginning to spook me"
vbnz golf claps
Jacqueline says, "heh"
Thrax says (to Jason), "thank for the memories"
DavidW says, "heh"
Jason says, "Well, I don't have much to say. But I know someone who does"
Rob says, "uh oh"

Paul asks, "Oh?"

Jacqueline looks nervous.

vbnz is nervous

half says, "Great work Jason.""

Rob says, "it's kind of like the hermaphrodite of myth, only even creepier"

Jacqueline laughs.

Ferret surreptitiously sets the table on fire.

Paul exclaims (at Ferret), "Ha!"

Rob says, "and equipped with more steampunk technology"

Tommy surreptitiously puts out the table.

reese cheers for jason
Bishop says, "S&D would spook me a lot less if they _were_ set hermaph."
Rob looks around
Jason says, "Oops, oh well. I was trying to channel a bit of Julia. But it's not going so well"
Thrax asks (of Jason), "which bit?"
Jacqueline says, "Ask Zarf. He's good with medium."

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

Rob says, "hee hee"

Kwi laughs.

Gunther says, "heh"

vbnz says, "lol"

inky says, "ha ha"
Fang says, "Ha."

zarf says, "sigh"

Paul says (to Jacq), "HA HA HA"

inky has arrived.

Tommy groans.

maga says (to Jacq), "god, I can't take you anywhere"

Jacqueline says, "snrk"

Rob says, "ha ha"

Jason says, "But I'm that, if she were here, she would be oh so unimpressed (or at least she'd pretend to be). Me on the other han, am ecstatic"
Jacqueline says (to maga), "I'm sorry. I'll try to behave through the rest of the ceremony."

Jacqueline says, "But no promises."

Jason says, "Haha"
Paul says, "Channeling Cookie Monster instead"

inky says, "but once she gets to the bar & grill, look out"

vbnz says, "laughing at your own jokes... lol"

Eluchil smiles broadly.

Rob says, "and after I restrained myself from making medium jokes when I was presenting"

Thrax says, "either he's nervous or he had some very patient testers"

inky says, "yay julia-by-proxy"
Thrax says, "who rewrote the game for him"
Jason says, "I was laughing at Jacqs, I'm just a little behind in this"
Jacqueline shrugs her shoulders at Rob.

Thrax says, "(or maybe he lacks backspace)"

Tommy says, "I tested it. Grammar was far better there."

vbnz says, "lol yeah that makes more sense now"

Fang applauds Jason's sass, smarts, and ass.

Jason says, "Ack. This is too hard. I'll just lurk. Thanks again : )"
DavidW claps.

Rob claps

zarf says, "yay!"

Bishop applauds.

klimas cheers.

Jacqueline applauds wildly for Jason and his great game.

tilp claps

Kwi claps too, for good measure.

Marvin claps.

Bishop says, "Let the poor man off the stage."
BrenBarn says, "congrats"

maga says, "yay"

K-Y clap clap

Paul exclaims, "Hooray Jason!"

Thrax says, "stage fright, then"

Jota says, "Probably his first time on a MUD."

Eluchil applauds politely.
Rob asks, "what was he tryinig to do?"
rrafgon still clapping
lpsmith exclaims, "OK, next up is the award for Best Individual Puzzle. And here to present is Jon Ingold!"
Rob applauds
Fang asks, "Dark and evil magic?"
two-star clappy clappy clap

TShatrov goes home.

</TShatrov> TShatrov has disconnected from ifMUD.

Eluchil applauds sincerely.

fake_Jon_Ingold walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.
Jacqueline applauds.

Paul exclaims, "Yay Jon!"

</Dave> Dave goes home.

Rob says, "yay!"

Epsilon goes home.

</Epsilon> "Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someone's neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing."

Tommy applauds Ingold.

Bishop says, "He probably just wasn't expecting to have to talk."

DavidW says, "It's hard to write up witty stuff on the spot."

<Dave> Dave, one of the Senators of ifMUD, proposes a Droopy Pants ban bill. "I believe no pants is acceptable and customary. I think regular pants are odd, but tolerable. However, I cannot abide by the sight of Droopy Pants!"

Kwi says, "Yay!"

Rob fake claps

BrenBarn says, "hooray real_Jon_Ingold"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "er. Sorry. Jon broke the mud and had to go."
Gunther says, "We haven't had Recchi's speech!"

vbnz applauds

Dave walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

fake_Jon_Ingold attempt to climb onto the stage but can't, due to having no knees
Jacqueline seconds Gunther.
Rob says (to Gunther), "er, yes we did"
Paul laughs
fake_Jon_Ingold says, "I'll just do this from down here then"
BrenBarn says (to Gunther), "he said thanks to his testers"
lpsmith walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

DavidW says, "hhehe"

Jacqueline asks, "Wait, we did?"

Rob says, "yes"

Jacqueline retracts her second.

tilp leaves the auditorium to the west.

tilp arrives from the west.

Gunther says, "oh right, I guess we did"

inky says (to Gunther), "Recchi can't talk until we get the five-second-delay profanity filter"

Gunther retracts his first
Jacqueline says (to Gunther), "Damn you."

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

Rob says, "ha ha"

klimas says (to inky), "ha ha ha"

Paul says (to inky), "HA"

Recchi exclaims, "Yes, I just wanted to thank my keen testers!"

Gunther says (to inky), "well, fuck that then"

Recchi says (to inky), "Haha"

Gunther says, "oh shit"

BrenBarn says, "ha ha ha"

Dave says, "sorry - discombobulated"
fake_Jon_Ingold asks, "Hey. Can you hear me without the mike?"
BrenBarn says, "you're killing our primetime ratins, amn"
Thrax combobulates Dave.

Fang says, "No."

BrenBarn says, "er, man"
Paul asks, "What?"

Rob asks, "what?"

vbnz says, "no"

Gunther asks, "What about my wife?"

Eluchil asks, "What did you say?"

Dave says, "I got an e-mail from"

(From fake_Jon_Ingold) fake_Jon_Ingold tries to bellow but hasn't any lungs
baf says, "We can hear you only without the mike."

Marvin asks, "Mike? Who's mike?"

vbnz says, "no I can not hear you without your wife"

inky says, "it's ok, next year we'll get Carrot Top to emcee"
fake_Jon_Ingold says, "Mike couldn't come either"
<skousend> Old Mr. Knickerbocker Had a Band

Rob clips a lapel mike to fake_Jon_Ingold's shoulder.

Paul exclaims, "Rob to the rescue!"

baf says, "What? I can't hear you. I've got a banana in my ear."

inky says, "yay a/v support"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "Sorry, didn't mean to deafen you there"
inky says (to Rob), "I think something's wrong with the mike -- he's still a little flat"

Ferret surreptitiously changes a baby at his seat.

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "From All Things Devours"
Rob says, "har har"

maga says, "aie"

Tommy says, "Baf's a trifle deaf."

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "(sounds like rising damp to me)"
Jacqueline claps.
Paul says, "Ho ho"
fake_Jon_Ingold says, "The Time Puzzle"
DavidW claps!!!

Rob claps

Fang exclaims, "Yay!"

Eluchil applauds heartily.

zarf says, "Yay!"

(From Thrax) The mirror cracks from side to side.

half bites nails.

klimas says, "yay"

Bishop claps.

Recchi applauds

vbnz cheers crazily

Paul exclaims, "YAY!"

Rob claps for the whole game is the puzzle

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "From Blue Chairs"
Thrax says, "yay Tolkien/Tennyson combo"

Rob says, "yay toilet! what toilet? yay"

(From Bishop) Boston claps, then explodes.

DavidW says, "yay toilet!"

Fang asks, "Wanna bet All Things Devours will win?"
Rob claps
Paul says (to Bishop), "ha"
fake_Jon_Ingold's face falls as he thinks about chairs
Bishop says, "Yay, er, whatever it is."

Jacqueline applauds.

Rob says, "ha ha"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "The Toilet"
klimas laughs

Rob claps

BrenBarn says, "hooray for commodes"

Fang is confused, but cheers anyways.

fake_Jon_Ingold's face sinks even lower
Recchi claps

zarf says, "woo!"

Paul says, "Also, hooray for Blue Chairs again"

half claps

Tommy cheers.

Ellison says, "woo"

rrafgon claps

Rob sings, "'cause I can bend my legs at the knee, and I can bend myself at the waist..'
fake_Jon_Ingold exclaims, "From FUTURE BOY!"
Rob says, "!!"
fake_Jon_Ingold exclaims, "!!!"
BrenBarn asks, "there was a puzzle called !!!?"
Gunther says, "the hip carton is connected to the rib carton"

Jota asks, "If BC wins, do we finally get to find out what the toilet puzzle is?"

Paul says, "Yes, it was very exciting"
Bishop says, "If Blue Chairs wins, I will die of amused confusion."
fake_Jon_Ingold says, "No, I lost my place on my piece of paper"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "Cracking a computer, apparently."

Thrax says, "everyone was enthusiastic about it"

Rob claps

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "HIT COMPUTER WITH ROCK, I reckon"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "sorry about the spoilers"

Eluchil applauds loudy.

Paul exclaims, "Oh yay, I loved that puzzle!"

DavidW claps

Thrax says, "very meta"

Gunther says, "yay footcha boy"

Fang says, "Yes. There will be fart-jokes aplenty."
Recchi cheers


Rob says, "it seems like there's a much smaller crowd this year than there has been"
fake_Jon_Ingold says, "From the Dreamhold"
Paul says, "Agreed"
</jnc> Thus we might have begun this business by saying "Let us take a Universe of Cakes." (Sounds nice, doesn't it?)
Jota says, "Yeah."

Gunther says, "73"

DavidW says, "oooh"
two-star says, "IF is dead."

Jota says, "Only about sevent of us."

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "THE CISTERN"
Jota says (to Gunther), "Minus three bots."

Bishop says (to Rob), "Fine with me. The Xyzzies are usually insane."

maga says, "yay"
Rob says, "it mainly feels like the normal ifMUD crowd"
Eluchil applauds sincerely.

klimas says, "yay dreamhold!"

DavidW says, "Hooray!"

zarf claps

Paul claps again for Dreamhold

rrafgon says, "yay"

half cheers.

Rob claps

Jacqueline applauds.

vbnz goes home.

</vbnz> vbnz exits with a flash of brilliant light. The re-enters because he forgot his flashlight. Picks it up and walks off in less dramatic fashion by going around the corner to the local dump.

Bishop cheers.

Rob claps louder

Emily walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice her approaching it from the other side.

BrenBarn says, "yeah, not so many unfamiliar faces"

Gunther says, "plus the crazy russians and their space station"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "Whoever gave me this award to present is just rubbing in the whole toilet thing I reckon"
Jota says (to Rob), "Well. 'who' will show a few extra lines, I think."
Thrax says, "yay strange black fluid"

Rob claps for emily's arrival

Recchi applauds the Dreamhold

lpsmith whistles innocently.

baf says, "All the newbies are at the Adrift AIF awards instead."

Rob says, "but not zillions"

maga says, "I wonder if you could statistically predict the XYZZY winners by claps"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "And finally-unless-I've-lost-count"
Eluchil exclaims, "Yay, Empress Emily!"
JoshuaH laughs at baf.

Rob says, "I forget what that other command I use during the xyzzys that lists user names in a column format"

DavidW says, "It's also the final day to vote for the AIF Awards."

Emily says, "er, I am not likely to be able to stay long, but hi"
inky says (to Rob), "names"

Jota says, "I bet previous XYZZY awards include some mention of number of attendees inside the transcript somewhere (much like this one now does)."

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "The poltergeist in Necrotic Drift"
Eluchil applauds wildly.
Jota says, "For comparison purposes."
Rob claps

klimas says, "yay nd"

zarf says, "yay"

Paul applauds ND again

Rob throws a blue chair at the poltergeist

Fang applauds.

rrafgon applauds

Gunther says, "I believe we had >100"
BrenBarn says, "hooray for poltergeists"

DavidW claps

Gunther says, "in one year"
(From fake_Jon_Ingold) The poltergeist falls into a toilet
PerrySimm says, "ha ha ew"

Jacqueline applauds for a funny puzzle she could actually solve!

inky says, "er, window"

Gunther says, "oh that is the puzzle"

Eluchil smirks

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "And the winner is..."
Eluchil claps for all the nominees.
Jota exclaims, "That's two a week!"

Ferret says, "At last year's Smithie Awards for bad films, there was a ghost thwarted by a toilet."

Gunther says, "that's what she said"

Bishop says, "The bathroom by my office has a poltergeist living _in_ the toilet."

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "...could someone open this envelope? I've got no fingers"
DavidW says, "How Harry Potterish."
Jota exclaims, "Teeth! Teeth!"
fake_Jon_Ingold says, "No, no teeth either"
inky asks, "can't you give it a papercut?"
lpsmith steps onto the stage, opens the envelope, and hands the piece of paper inside to fake_Jon.
baf offers a blowtorch to opent he envelope with

Rob gives fake_fingers to fake_Jon_Ingold.

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

BrenBarn says, "you gave him the finger? the nerve!"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "Now I need fake_knuckles, it's just a bottomless pit of expenses"
lpsmith says, "Just call me Bob Fingers."
fake_Jon_Ingold says, "Anyway, the winner is HALF SICK OF SHADOWS"
Rob applauds!

half falls off chair.

Fang hurrahs hurrahly!

Trumgottist claps wildly.

inky says, "hooray"

zarf says, "Yay!!"

Paul exclaims, "WOO!"

Thrax exclaims, "half a league, half a league, half a league onward!"

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "I think he should turn a light on"
BrenBarn says, "hooray"

klimas says, "yay!"

Bishop exclaims, "Yay!"

two-star exclaims, "Yay!"

Rob goes back in time and applauds again!

lpsmith cheers!

K-Y says, "Woo!"

Thrax exclaims, "yay Tennyson!"

Paul claps and a half

rrafgon cheers

Eluchil applauds sincerely.

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "Come over here and I'll give you the award"
JoshuaH cheers, goes back in time, and cheers again.

DavidW cheers

Tommy claps half.

Kwi claps.

fake_Jon_Ingold says, "Or, you can take it off me anyway."
zarf appears in multiple versions to applaid

Rob goes back in time and applauds again and then runs into himself and esplodes!

zarf says, "and applaud"

Recchi claps!

half falls back onto chair.

K-Y gets confused from still looking up at the stage

Gunther goes back in time to stop rob from running into himself

Paul is half sick of applauding, but the other half still loves it!

fake_Jon_Ingold falls over in the confusion

Thrax says, "goes back in time and disables the mud"

Thrax says, "er"

Rob says, "half, half, half"

fake_Jon_Ingold is extremely annoyed that someone just stood on his head

half shuffles meekly towards the stage.
Thrax says, "sick, sick, sick"

DavidW says, "Congrats, half"

BrenBarn says (to Rob), ""that's one and a half!"

inky says, "half a league onwards, with a hey nonny nonny"

Tommy says, "stands fake_Jon_Ingold back up."
fake_Jon_Ingold gives Best Individual Puzzle 2004 XYZZY to half.
Rob says, "doH!"

klimas says, "yay"

</eileen> eileen has disconnected from ifMUD.

<eileen> eileen has connected to ifMUD.

eileen leaves the auditorium to the west.

Jota cheers and/or claps belatedly.

BrenBarn says, "hooray"

eileen arrives from the west.

fake_Jon_Ingold claps by falling over again
Fang says, "Well Done."
two-star asks, "Hey, who's on chalkboard duty?"
Thrax half applauds
inky says, "me"
Jacqueline claps.
inky asks, "did I do it wrong?"

Tommy says, "Whoops. Didn't mean to say that."

inky says, "oops, extra space"

half coughs a little nervously.
Rob says, "different format, too, since you were putting the winner names in parentheses for the earlier ones"

Fang says, "Also, use brackets."

inky says, "oh yeah"

Rob says, "speech"

jon has arrived.

Jota says, "Yeah, what Rob said."

inky says, "it's a good thing this is one of those erasable chalkboards"
Paul exclaims, "Yeah, speech!"
Jacqueline says, "heh"
Fang exclaims, "Speech!"

jon asks, "what did I miss?"

Tommy asks, "What kind of freaky permanent chalkboards do you use?"

Jacqueline says, "As opposed to... nevermind."

(from Jota) inky slathers black paint over the bottom line.

DavidW says, "ha ha ha"

jon says, "someone tied me up into this bloody time-travel game"

BrenBarn says, "inky needs to change his name to chalky"
Jota exclaims (at jon), "What are you doing back here? The awards were last week!"
half says, "Thanks for the award guys. I'm truly happy that my little foray into IF made people happy."
Fang says, "Heh."

K-Y says, "Looks like he's missing some capitalization"

lpsmith cheers.

Kwi claps.

half says, "and maybe kept a few of them up late."
BrenBarn says, "woo woo woo"

GregB says, "was mighty cool, half."

DavidW claps

inky has arrived.

klimas says, "yay"

Tommy cheers.

Rob claps

half says, "That would be cool too."
JoshuaH applauds.

Fang exclaims, "Hurrah for insomnia!"

Eluchil applauds politely.

rrafgon applauds wildly

Jota exclaims, "Woohoo!"

half says, "I suppose I should also say..."
(from Jota) half says, "'Bite me: I rule.'"
skousend arrives from the west.
half says, "that there is a new version up at"
Paul says (to Jota), "ha ha"
BrenBarn says, "even more things devours!"
half says, "The infamous post-comp release."
Rob says, "ooh"

K-Y says, "Hooray"

Rob claps

Bishop says (to BrenBarn), "Hee hee."
Paul says, "Yay announcement"

reese claps

half says, "It has all the old stuff pretty much as it was originally, minus a few bugs"
Rob says, "he's in another time stream where 30 seconds for him equals 8 minutes for us"

DorianX says, "Play him off"

half says, "And an extra 'masochists *ahem* challenge mode'."
baf applauds bugfix release!

zarf says, "yay, I think"

inky says, "yowza"

(From Rob) Bill Conti strikes up the ifMUD orchestra.

Fang exclaims, "Yay for pain!"

JoshuaH cheers masochism.

* skousend has joined the channel.
Kwi applauds masochist/challenge mode.

baf applauds masochism REALLY HARD!

Paul says (to Rob), "Maybe he's just a slow typist"

klimas says, "oh my"

Rob says (to baf), "ha ha"

Fang says, "heh"

lpsmith returns to the stage. "OK, next up we have the award for 'Best NPCs'. Presenting the award is, uh, me."
Rob claps

inky says, "yay you"

half says, "So, thanks again. It was worth it all for the stream of puns following anything I say."
Jacqueline says, "Yes. Yay you."

Thrax exclaims, "anything for puns!"

inky says, "please welcome noted IF author and XYZZY emcee Lucian Smith"

lpsmith greets himself, yields the stage to himself.

Paul claps again for half, and for the first time for lpsmith

Rob applauds half, then lpsmith

Tommy throws a peanut,
DavidW says, "claps for lpsmith"
Thrax asks, "wait, what won Best NPCs last year?"
half cartwheels off the stage into his seat.
</eileen> eileen has disconnected from ifMUD.

<eileen> eileen has connected to ifMUD.

Gunther half claps for half

Eluchil applauds heartily.

Rob says, "I don't remember"

inky says, "Emily's City of Secrets"

Gunther says, "and half for lps"
Rob says, "oh yeah"

inky says, "but she wasn't going to be here tonight"

lpsmith says, "Having even one NPC is a challenge, so having a bunch is akin to the aforementioned 'masochism' mode."
klimas laughs!
Emily says, "I'm not, as you can see.#"
Jacqueline nods.
maga says, "damn, Evaine would have made a cool MC"
Eluchil applauds loudy.
Emily says, "specifically, my connection is liable to cut at any minute"

inky says, "adding unexpected drama to the whole thing"

maga says, "maybe she's actually, y'know, hiding and employing lpsmith for her dark machinations"

(from Thrax) Emily says, "but it should be good for n

Emily says, "ha"

lpsmith says, "But awarding masochism is what IF is all about. So, this year's bastions of self-flagellation include:"
Paul says (to Thrax), "HA"
DavidW says, "heh"

skousend says, "hah"

lpsmith says, "Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas"
Emily says, "also, I wouldn't have gone with such an S&M themed presentation, so Lucian is more hip"
Eluchil applauds sincerely.

Bishop exclaims, "Yay self-insertion!"

JoshuaH cheers.

Paul exclaims, "Yay author-as-NPC!"

Jacqueline applauds for one of the best games of the year.

Fang asks, "rewarding masochism, surely a contradiction in terms?"
Rob claps

rrafgon cheers

zarf claps

Recchi applauds Chris

lpsmith says, "Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman"
Jacqueline says (to Em), "heh"
Eluchil applauds wildly.

Rob claps

Tommy smacks Fang in the face as a reward.
Fang applauds.

Paul exclaims, "Yay superhero-as-NPC!"

klimas says, "yay"

Gunther says, "YAY!!"

jon says, "claps"

lpsmith says, "Luminous Horizon, by Paul O'Brian"
Rob claps!

Eluchil applauds politely.

Bishop exclaims, "Yay other-superhero-as-NPC!"

jon claps "says"

zarf says, "yay"

Recchi exclaims, "yay!"

Paul says, "heh"

Jacqueline claps.

Gunther says, "Also YAY"

klimas cheers.

jon yays clap

Eluchil says, "Yay PC as NPC"

Rob says, "best use of comic art as a feelie"

rrafgon claps

Tommy claps.

Jacqueline says (to Rob), "Definitely."

Recchi cheers for Paul!!

Fang cheers.

DavidW says (to Rob), "of course"

lpsmith says, "Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin"
Thrax says, "yay LH"

Eluchil applauds heartily.

maga says, "yay"

jon cheers up

Gunther says, "even more YAY"

Paul exclaims, "Yay slacker-roommate-as-NPC!"

rrafgon says, "lots of yay"

Rob jumps up, cheers, falls back down, gets hit by water and fire

Jacqueline says, "Hooray for Robb again."

DavidW says, "Strong contenders in this category."
Rob applauds
Rob says, "yeah."

Bishop says, "Damn, seeing these makes me wish I'd voted this year."

Fang says, "I'm going for BC, but I like drugs."

lpsmith says, "And finally, Sting of the Wasp, by Jason Devlin"
Eluchil applauds loudy.

Tommy shouts excitedly.

klimas says, "ha ha"

Rob says, "I had trouble voting in a lot of categories this year"

JoshuaH says, "Yup - really stong category."

Fang applauds.

Bishop says, "Boo bitches! Er, I mean, yay bitches."

Jacqueline says (to Fang), "heh"
Paul exclaims, "Yay evil-rich-people-as-NPCs!"

Recchi claps

maga exclaims, "yay!"

Rob says, "because there were a lot of worthy nominees"

Marvin says, "Damn, seeing these makes me wish I'd played IF this year."

</eileen> eileen has disconnected from ifMUD.

<eileen> eileen has connected to ifMUD.

Rob claps

Emily has disconnected.

Emily goes home.

Paul says, "And there she goes"
Jacqueline applauds.

DavidW cheers for all the nominees.

Eluchil claps for all the nominees.

baf says, "If she were presenting, that would indeed be the ideal moment for her connection to drop."
half holds breath.
lpsmith searches his coat pockets for the envelope, and finally remembers he put it in his pants pocket.
Bishop says, "Heh. Yeah."
jon applauds a fine smogasbord of nominees
lpsmith says, "And the winner is..."
Fang goes blue.
lpsmith exclaims, "Sting of the Wasp, by Jason Devlin!"
Marvin exclaims, "YAY!"

Fang exhales.

klimas says, "yay!"

DavidW says, "WOO"

Eluchil applauds loudy.

Rob applauds

skousend exclaims, "way to go!"

Tommy exclaims, "Hooray!"

reese roars lustily

inky says, "woo"

Kwi says, "Woo!"

maga exclaims, "yay!"

Bishop applauds.

rrafgon cheers

Gunther says, "congrats"

zarf claps

inky cheers.

Fang cheers.

Paul exclaims, "WOO! A very deserving winner!"

JoshuaH claps.

two-star exclaims, "Yay!"

Eluchil goes home.

</Eluchil> Eluchil has disconnected from ifMUD.

half says, "Hooray!"

Trumgottist cheers.

maga claps

Fang collapses.

Paul exclaims, "Go Jason!"

K-Y Woo!

Jacqueline says, "Hooray!"

Jacqueline applauds for a very deserving game.

Thrax stings a wasp.

DavidW says, "Congrats again, Jason."

Jota exclaims, "Congratulations!"

jon says, "Wasp seems to be doing well"
Jason says, "Wow! Thanks again guys."
klimas cheers.
Fang says, "Hmm, two for Sting. This is very different from IFcomp... Well done Jason."
lpsmith informs you via voiceover that this is the second win of the night for 'Sting of the Wasp', and the first IF game with an insect in the title to win an XYZZY.
Rob says, "ha ha"

Paul says, "ha"

Jacqueline says, "heehee"

Jason says, "Im trying to get ready for a party. You guys are so distracting : )"
Bishop says, "Well, in the characters category anyways. I wouldn't call it the strongest game of the year, but you've got to agree, it's got awfully well-written characters."
Thrax says (to lps), "other than Beeing Andrew Plotkin"

Rob says, "argh"

Jacqueline says, "Yes. I voted for it in this category."

Tommy asks (of Thrax), "How long have you been working on that?"

Thrax says, "two seconds"

lpsmith says (to Thrax), "*thwap*"
Marvin says (to Thrax), "It shows."

Bishop says, "I'm hoping to see BC still take home a few, but I'm thinking it's a stronger contender in Best writing and Best game."

inky says, "yeah"

jon asks, "isn't best game a bit of a zarf-tastic?"

Rob claps
Jacqueline says, "yes"

Tommy says, "I think best writing for BC."

inky says (to jon), "it depends how many votes PJ gets"

lpsmith asks (of Jason), "Anything else to say to your fans?"
baf says, "If BC doesn't win something, I'm going to ask for my money back."

Fang says, "Be patient, folks."

Tommy says (to lpsmith), "He's busy putting on his shiny shirt."

Gunther says, "I'm still holding hope for FB"

Rob asks, "PJ?"

Gunther says, "Peter Jackson"

Fang tosses baf a bottle of something green.

Jacqueline says, "What Jason does not realize is that the party is RIGHT HERE."

</eileen> eileen has disconnected from ifMUD.

<eileen> eileen has connected to ifMUD.

lpsmith says, "I suppose more glamorous parties await. OK, next up: Dan "inky" Shiovitz, presenting the award for Best Puzzles."
Tommy asks (of Jacq), "In Alaska?"
Jason says, "Uhhh. Thanks"
Rob clap clap clap

Jacqueline says, "Yay Jason. Well done."

JoshuaH claps.

(From Paul) Fans cheer!

jon says, "x trophy"
maga exclaims, "inky! inky!"
inky steps up onto the stage.
klimas says, "yay inky"

Fang passes Jason a peanut from #peanut-gallery.

inky says, "well, well, Best Puzzles, let me see"

NamelessAdventurer has arrived.

Jacqueline says, "In the auditorium, and then at the bar."
NamelessAdventurer taps inky on the shoulder.
zarf says, "yay nameless"

Tommy claps (for Dan's Mystery House thing as well).

Jason says, "I guess eloquence like that is why I didnt get best writing"

inky asks (of NamelessAdventurer), "what?"

Rob says, "argh, acronymizing peter jackson"
lpsmith says (to Jason), "Hee hee"
NamelessAdventurer whispers in inky's ear.
Fang asks, "Can ATD win again?"

Thrax says, "sure"

inky asks (of NamelessAdventurer), "you what? you're going to -- what?"
Rob says, "nah"
NamelessAdventurer looks sulky.
Jason exclaims, "Yay inky!"
Ferret roots for first XYZZY winner with a mammal, a bird, and an embryonic life form in the title.
inky says (to NamelessAdventurer), "ok, ok, fine"
Thrax says, "even though it really only had one big puzzle"
Gunther says, "toad! toad! toad!"
klimas says, "s/sulky/sultry/"

Rob says, "yeah, and it's already won for that"

Jacqueline says, "heh"
inky says, "I will be presenting the Best Puzzles Award, with visual demonstrations by NamelessAdventurer"

NamelessSidekick has arrived.

Rob says, "hooray"
inky says, "and, uh, with assistance NamelessSidekick"
jon asks, "But didn't Galatea win Best NPCs back in the day?"
Jacqueline says, "Hooray!"

Kwi says, "Woo!"

Rob says, "wow"

Thrax says, "maybe it's NamefulAdventurer"

Marvin exclaims, "Woo!"

DavidW says, "How interesting."

inky asks, "so let me see, what do we have?"
Paul exclaims, "Yay mime!"

Paul says, "(did I just say that?)"

NamelessSidekick walks off stage, and comes back pushing a large table heaped with food.
Rob says, "mmm"

DavidW says, "mm food"

NamelessAdventurer sits down at the table and begins eating.
half puts his head in his hands...
NamelessAdventurer eats the ham sandwich!

NamelessAdventurer eats the grapes!

Fang throws food at people.
NamelessAdventurer eats the muskmelon!
Rob says, "hey, stop devouring all things!"
NamelessAdventurer eats the wedge of stilton!
Jacqueline says, "Heehee yay"
NamelessAdventurer finishes the food and looks around.
Thrax says, "hee hee"

lpsmith says, "Hee hee"

JoshuaH cheers.

Fang cheers.

DavidW says, "ha ha ha"

Kwi says, "Hahaha!"

maga exclaims, "eat the table!"

half laughs involuntarily.

Gunther claps!

NamelessAdventurer eats the plate! Then he eats the napkin!
Recchi says, "gyaa-haha"

Marvin exclaims, "Ha!"

Paul says, "This NamelessAdventurer all things devours..."
Gunther says, "stop him before he eats the universe"
NamelessSidekick hastily drags the table away from NamelessAdventurer.
Jota asks, "Er. Is this a safe place to stand right now?"

Rob claps

inky says, "I guess, uh, that would be All Things Devours, by half sick of shadows"
Gunther says, "also, this is ripped off from that strugatsky novel"

zarf says (to NamelessAdventurer), "I name thee 'Katamari'"

Jacqueline tosses Jota a sammich. "No."

Kwi is suddenly glad he didn't get a front row seat.

Rob says, "the front row wears plastic raincoats, like with gallagher"

Fang tastes no good. No good at all.

inky says (to NamelessSidekick), "quick, the next one!"
DavidW claps
Gunther says, "hee"
Jacqueline claps.
NamelessSidekick whispers in inky's ear.
Rob claps
inky says, "uh, ok"
Paul remembers to clap for ATD. Yay!
inky says, "and that would be Future Boy! by Kent Tessman"
Gunther says, "waaait"
NamelessSidekick goes offstage and returns with a large orange floating object
DavidW says, "hahaha"

Marvin says, "Oh dear."

Paul says, "Oh hooray"

Kwi says, "Mmm, anti-gravity orange."

Fang exclaims, "Think of the children!"

inky says (to NamelessSidekick), "ha ha"

inky asks (of NamelessSidekick), "ok, what's next?"

Rob says, "uh oh, I guess you have to be familiar with the game to get that"
NamelessSidekick goes offstage and returns with an anvil, a hammer, and a large metal hoop.
Gunther says, "ha ha"
NamelessAdventurer picks up the hammer and begins pounding on the circle enthusiastically.
JoshuaH cheers.

maga says, "yay"

NamelessAdventurer pound pound
DavidW asks, "is that Squaring the Circle?"
Paul says (to Rob), "I'm familiar with the game and didn't get the orange object part, just the "future" part."
NamelessAdventurer doesn't seem to be making much of a dent.
Jacqueline laughs.
NamelessAdventurer pauses for breath.
Fang euro euro euro. Also dollar.
NamelessSidekick whispers in NamelessAdventurer's ear.
Jota asks, "Buoy, maybe?"

Rob says, "I don't think I got that part either"

NamelessAdventurer whips out a pen and paper and starts writing down equations, then hands the sheet to inky.
Paul says (to Jota), "Aha"
inky inspects the paper.
Marvin says (to Jota), "That's what I had assumed."
inky says, "uh, ok"
Jota says, "(But I missed the future part)"
inky says, "I guess it is true that one squared is one"
half says (to Rob), "Future buoy I think..."
Rob asks, "what future part?"
NamelessAdventurer holds up the circle triumphantly.
Paul says, "Entering after the announcement"

JoshuaH says, "Since it's floating..."

DavidW cheers
inky says, "so that would be Square Circle, by Eric Eve"
lpsmith exclaims, "And zero squared is zero!"

Jacqueline applauds.

klimas says, "yay"

rrafgon cheers

jon claps extremely sincerely for the maths game

K-Y says, "I thought it might have been a fetus"
lpsmith cheers.

Bishop exclaims, "Yay impossible construction!"

Paul exclaims, "Hooray visual demonstration! Also yay SC!"

JoshuaH cheers.

inky asks (of NamelessAdventurer), "and our fourth nominee?"
Fang asks, "Hmm, is that a spoiler?"
Marvin says, "Hooray everything."

half cheers loudly.

Bishop says, "In the future, all children will live in big orange balls."
NamelessSidekick goes offstage and pushes a bed back onstage.
Fang says, "The. Humanity."
NamelessAdventurer hops into bed and curls up.
Rob says, "entering after the...? I still don't see it, but never mind"
Gunther asks, "what, Slouching towards Bedlam?"
JoshuaH says, "No spoiler."
NamelessAdventurer snores.
Bishop says (to Gunther), "Heh."
Thrax says, "hold that dream"
(From NamelessAdventurer) Something sparkly starts to drift up from NamelessAdventurer's head.
DavidW says, "The Snores of Westfront"

klimas laughs.

NamelessSidekick quickly swings a butterfly net and grabs it!
two-star says, "NamelessAdventurer's balls are pretty huge."

Fang says, "heh."

Thrax says (to two-star), "TMI"

inky says, "and that would be The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin"
half cheers for zarf.

Rob claps

inky says, "and our final nominee .."
DavidW says, "hooray!"

maga says, "yay"

Tommy cheers.

Jacqueline applauds.

NamelessAdventurer gets out of bed, and looks around confused.
klimas says, "yay"

skousend claps

Marvin exclaims, "Yay zarf!"

lpsmith hopes NamelessAdventurer doesn't give inky a goose egg.

Rob says (to lpsmith), "stop _______ing him"

NamelessSidekick, holding something just out of site, whistles and walks over to NamelessAdventurer.
Recchi applauds!
NamelessAdventurer looks around nervously.

NamelessSidekick gets a bit closer.

Fang says, "Out of sight, surely."

inky says, "er, yeah"

lpsmith asks, "He's holding something one a different URL?"

Rob says, "he's doing live comedy, cut him some slack"

(From NamelessSidekick) Something squawks suddenly!
Jota says, "Nah, it's off-stage."
Jacqueline hides behind the seat in front of her.

Paul exclaims, "Yay dreamhold!"

NamelessAdventurer turns and runs offstage, closely followed by sidekick.
Tommy eggs on the protagonists.

<Rabbit> Rabbit has connected to ifMUD.

(From NamelessAdventurer) There is a squawk, a splort, and a growl from offstage.
Thrax says, "hey, get back here"

Rob says, "eww"

Gunther says, "!"

inky says, "... Goose, Egg, Badger, by Brian Rapp"
Ferret says, "Oh, dear."

DavidW says, "I'm not cleanin' that up."

lpsmith cheers

Thrax says, "worst variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors ever"

klimas laughs!

Fang asks, "Do badgers actually growl?"
Gunther says, "must be a war drove malfunction"

Kwi says, "Yay!"

DavidW cheers

Rob applauds

Jacqueline says, "I wouldn't be surprised."
half says, "yay for games involving badgers!"
NamelessAdventurer limps back onstage, covered in feathers and holding an envelope.
Ferret blushes.

K-Y claps for all

Tommy cheers mightily for Goose Egg Badger.

NamelessAdventurer hands the envelope to inky.
Jacqueline says, "It's not *loose* in the auditorium, I hope."
Rob laughs
inky says, "and the winner is ..."
JoshuaH applauds inky.
inky opens the envelope.
Rob says, "honk honk"
Paul exclaims, "yay GEB!"
inky says, "The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin"
maga exclaims, "yay!"

Rob applauds!

klimas says, "yay zarf!"

Fang says, "yay"

Marvin exclaims, "Yay zarf!"

Gunther recipes zarf

Paul exclaims, "Hooray dreamhold again!"

skousend cheers

K-Y says, "Yay"

DavidW says, "yippee!"

two-star exclaims, "Yay!"

Bishop applauds wildly.

Kwi cheers!

NamelessAdventurer and NamelessSidekick clap.
Ferret cheers for Andrew.

Trumgottist claps.

Tommy applauds.

JoshuaH claps.

Jacqueline appluads.

Thrax says, "yay orrererery"

half applayds wildly!

Jota claps.

rrafgon cheers

Recchi exclaims, "Hooray!"

zarf says, "does a dorktastic dance"
reese cheers mightily

DavidW claps loudly.

zarf does a dorktastic dance
zarf says, "sigh"
NamelessAdventurer has arrived.
lpsmith claps!

Rob squeezes some fire berries, shooting sparks over the crowd

klimas says, "Bite Me 2: The Reckoning"

Bishop asks (of Rob), "Stiffy Makane is squeezing your breasts?"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Puzzles 2004 XYZZY to zarf.
Fang says, "Well done zarf."
zarf says, "I have... another speech"

zarf stands up

Paul says, "Oh dear"

Kwi says, "Yay! Speech!"

Rob asks (of Bishop), "I beg your pardon?"
Thrax bites zarf preemptively

ifdhan exclaims, "good for zarf !"

Bishop says, "'honk honk'."
zarf says, "This is all cool."
Fang exclaims, "yay!"

Thrax exclaims, "shorter! too long!"

Tommy says, "Terse, but expressive."

zarf says, "And yet, a mysterious enemy is approaching the borders of our great nation."
Rob says, "uhh... kay"
zarf says, "The time has never been riper."

zarf says, "We have nothing to cheer but cheer itself"

zarf says, "wait"

half cheers
Fang asks, "Hmm, giant terrorist tomatos?"
zarf looks at his notes
Trumgottist looks confused, as always.
zarf says, "Wrong speeches."
DavidW says, "pfft"

ifdhan asks, "the borogoves??"

zarf says, "Thank you all."
Thrax asks (of zarf), "will you stay the course? are you working hard?"
zarf sits down
Rob claps.

DavidW claps

Paul cheers for Zarf and his speeches

Tommy says, "No, thank you."

klimas applauds.

Marvin exclaims, "That speech sucked! Yay!"

skousend claps

Fang says, "heh"

Paul says (to Thrax), "Also, ha"

Jota asks, "I liked the first one better. Can we hear the end?"

Jacqueline says, "Well done, Zarf. The game. Not the speech."

lpsmith says, "OK! Back to present more awards are Daniel Ravipinto and Star Foster, presenting 'Best Setting'."
inky says, ""ow!""

Rob claps

Dan and Star enter from stage left.
Ferret crumples up his potential speech. It was _spectacular_.
JoshuaH claps.

Tommy claps.

zarf says, "just imagine if I'd had *more* than 15 minutes notice of the ceremony"
Paul exclaims, "Yay DanAndStar collective again!"
"The next award is Best Setting," says Dan.
maga prepares to be assimilated
Star says, "The nominees are..."
Jacqueline says, "heh"

Jota asks (of Zarf), "Then you wouldn't have bothered making up any speech at all?"

Rob says, "you should be working on notes for your next speech now"

Paul says (to Ferret), "Read it to us at the bar afterwards"

Fang sets ifmud to FUN!

Thrax says (to Star), "YM 'the nominees is...'"

<Guest2> I'm not here to be entertained! Stop amusing me!

"Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman."
Rob claps
Tommy says, "This one must go to Dreamhold, surely."
rrafgon applauds

Paul exclaims, "Yay Rocket City!"

DavidW claps.

Bishop remains doubtful.

Rob says, "not necessarily"

Fang says, "I dunno. I like Mingsheng"

"Gamlet, by Tomasz Pudlo."
Rob claps

DavidW claps

Bishop says, "Then again, I haven't played _any_ of these games, so I have little cause for it."
Gunther says, "disembodied game naming!"

Fang claps.

Jacqueline claps.

Guest2 walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice it approaching it from the other side.

DavidW says, "I'm not sure who'll get this one."
"Mingsheng, by Deane Saunders."
Hugo has to step out, whoops.

JoshuaH says, "I liked both Mingsheng and Fire Tower for this. Tough pick."

Rob applauds

klimas says, "yay mingsheng!"

DavidW cheers!

baf asks, "Whoa. Six nominees?"
JoshuaH claps.
Rob says, "ep"
Jacqueline claps.

Paul exclaims, "Yay zen garden!"

Rob says, "yep"
Hugo goes home.

</Hugo> Hugo has disconnected from ifMUD.

Fang claps.

DavidW says, "There was a tie."
"Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin."
Rob claps
inky says, "for story too, looks like"
DavidW claps

Paul exclaims, "Yay New Haz!"

Bishop practices the applause stance.

Jacqueline claps.

half says, "Hooray for Mingsheng."

maga says, "yay"

klimas says, "woot mall"

"The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin."
Rob applauds

inky says, "meet the new haz, same as the old haz"

Jacqueline applauds.

Paul exclaims, "Yay wizard's house!"

DavidW applauds.

Bishop claps.

Paul says (to inky), "Ha"

rrafgon cheers

"The Fire Tower, by Jacqueline A. Lott."
Rob applauds.

JoshuaH cheers.

DavidW says, "hooray!"

BrenBarn says, "woo Jacq"

maga exclaims, "yay!"

Rob says, "go jacq"

klimas says, "yay fire tower!"

Paul exclaims, "Yay yay yay nature hike!"

jon claps for scenic detail

inky says, "yay jacq"

Gunther says, "whoa"

Thrax claps A. Lott.

Recchi applauds Jacqueline!

Ferret whees

DavidW says, "yay bear"

lpsmith says (to Thrax), "*thwap*"

Dan opens the envelope with a flourish.

Paul says (to Thrax), "heh"
K-Y claps for everyone

Guest2 leaves the auditorium to the west.

Fang says (to Ferret), "Eww.."

jon says, "bear what-bear thwap"

"And the winner is..."
</Guest2> Well THAT was certainly... interesting.
Jacqueline says (to lps), "Thank you for that thwap."
"The Fire Tower, by Jacqueline A. Lott!"
maga says, "WOO"

Rob cheers!

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay!"

Fang hurrah!

Kwi says, "YAY!"

inky says, "yay!"

klimas says, "woot!"

Rob says, "yay!!"

Paul exclaims, "WOOOOOO!"

Gunther says, "Awesome!"

DavidW says, "HOORAY!"

skousend exclaims, "Yay!"

JoshuaH applauds!

Tommy says, "I take it back"
Bishop exclaims, "Woo! Congrats, Jacq!"

two-star exclaims, "Yay!"

Rob says, "hurrah!"

rrafgon says, "yay yay."

Paul says, "So deserving"

Tommy applauds.

DavidW claps loudly!

klimas says, "yay!!"

Thrax says, "claps in an isquiesque fashion."

K-Y says, "Yay!"

Fang says, "Hmm, another game I haven't played."
Recchi congratulates Jacqueline!

zarf claps

jon exclaims, "!!!!"

Jota cheers.

Trumgottist claps hands.

BrenBarn says, "hooray for Jacq!"

maga says, "SPEECH"

Thrax also forgets how to emote.

DavidW says (to Jacqueline), "Congratulations!"

Paul exclaims, "Hike to the stage!"

StarAndDan exclaims, "Congratulations!"
Gunther says, "I wasn't even aware of that game. I stand in the corner with shame."
Fang exclaims, "speech!"
Jacqueline stands up.
Fang joins Gunther.

Rob asks, "what, the fire tower?"

Jacqueline walks, rather shocked, to the stage.
inky says, "that was the only one I played post-finalists announcement"

Rob says, "I was aware of it, but I didn't play it until I was voting"

Jacqueline says, "My. Um, I sort of had this category pegged for somebody else."
Thrax says (to Gunther), "shame is still in the lounge"
Rob says, "wrong!"
Jacqueline says, "A certain someone who's been sweeping the awards."
inky asks, "the janitor?"
StarAndDan gives Best Setting 2004 XYZZY to Jacqueline.
Paul says, "pg Same here, and it totally got my vote"
inky says, "that was a few years ago"
Jota says (to Jacq), "You can pretend to have writtent hat game, if it's easier."

Thrax says, "you can stand in the corner with NamelessAdventurer"

Jacqueline says, "And I also really, really thought that there were some other tough contenders."

Jacqueline thanks Star and Dan.

Gunther says, "there's no sweep yet!"

(From lpsmith) Jacqueline says, "But I guess not."

jon says, " for compliments..."

(from maga) Jacqueline says, "So that just goes to show how awesome I am."

Jacqueline says, "And with six in the category, you know it was a very tight race."

Jacqueline says, "At any rate, thank you!"

DavidW says, "hah"

Rob says, "yay"

(from Fang) Jacqueline says, "But they turned out to be cowardly weaklings. Go mE!"

Rob cheers

JoshuaH claps.

DavidW claps again!

maga claps

inky says, "yay real speech"

klimas says, "yay!"

Jacqueline walks, still shocked, back to her seat.
rrafgon claps

Gunther says, "yay Xyzzyesque"

Paul exclaims, "Hooray Jacq!"

ifdhan says, "congratulation jacq"

inky says (to Gunther), "hee hee"

Jacqueline sips champagne in copious amounts.
DavidW says (to Gunther), "heh"
Ferret growls at fake distress calls.
BrenBarn says, "a truly isquiesque speech"

Fang says, "well done."

lpsmith says, "Dan and Star can stay on the stage, because they're also presenting the award for Best Story. Take it away, you two."
Thrax says, "yes, ample isqui"
Rob says, "from now on you have to introduce yourself as XYZZY-Award Winner Jacqueline Lott"
DavidW says (to Jacqueline), "Now, you can have some of the Grand Marnier."
Dan pulls out a small, typewritten list from his jacket pocket. "The nominees for Best Story are..."
Jacqueline says, "heehee. Aw."

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

maga says, "if a bear does not present the award next year I shall be most disappointed"

"Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas."
Rob claps
Jacqueline asks, "Crikey, I have to present now?"
JoshuaH cheers.

rrafgon says, "yay"

Paul exclaims, "Yay BC!"

Fang exclaims, "Go chairs!"

Tommy cheers loudly.

Jacqueline asks, "Next year?"
baf yays
Rob says, "yep"
DavidW claps
BrenBarn says, "yes!"

inky says, "heck yeah"

Recchi claps
Jacqueline says, "Eep."
"Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman."
Fang hopes blue chairs wins.

inky says, "perhaps it will be presented by poison ivy"

Rob applauds

klimas says, "yay futureboy"

Gunther says, "go kent"

DavidW cheers

Recchi claps for Kent

Paul exclaims, "Hooray FB!"

Ellison says, "woo everyone"

DavidW says, "Or that really tall tree."
"Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin."
Gunther says (to Ellison), "sycophant"

Rob claps

Thrax claps

Gunther applauds

Fang claps.

DavidW claps.

klimas says, "yay nd"

Paul exclaims, "Woo hoo ND!"

"The Act of Misdirection, by Callico Harrison"
Fang claps.

Rob applauds

Ellison says (to Gunther), "all because I'm trying to woo everyone? I'm just trying to GET ME SOME"
DavidW claps.

Rob says, "yay"

<ctate> ctate has connected to ifMUD.

Tommy cheers again for misdirection.

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"
Paul exclaims, "Yahoo TAOM!"

rrafgon cheers.

ctate walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

Recchi claps!

Thrax says, "yay magic"

jon claps

ctate says, "(sigh)"
"The Cabal, by Stephen Bond"
Rob claps

Rob says, "yay"

DavidW claps.

Gunther says, "yay cabal"

JoshuaH claps.

Thrax says, "yay injoke"

klimas applauds.

Fang exclaims, "Yay for non-existent game!"

Paul exclaims, "Hip hip Cabal!"

Jacqueline applauds.

Recchi exclaims, "Yay, Stephen!"

Tommy claps in case they come for him.

Jacqueline thwacks Ellison.
Rob says, "yay Radical Al as NPC"
"The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin"
Jacqueline applauds.

Kwi says, "Yay!"

Paul says, "Indeed"

Rob claps for zarf

DavidW claps

klimas says, "yay zarf"

ctate skulks in guiltily and takes a seat at the back.

Paul exclaims, "Go Dreamhold!"

Rob says, "tough category"

lpsmith cheers.

inky says, "yeah"

(From Rob) A great spotlight beams down on ctate.

ctate cries!

Star meanwhile has been rummaging through her purse. She produces two monocles and affixes one to each eye.
inky says, "hee ee"

(From Fang) It Burns! It Burns!

Dan looks more closely at the purse. "How much can you *fit* in there?"
Rob says, "ha ha, double monocle"
She fixes Dan with an icy stare and carefully tears open a small, white envelope.
BrenBarn says, "duocle"
"And the winner is..."
Rob says, "...."
"Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas!"
Fang applauds impolitely.

Rob cheers!

maga says, "YAY"

inky says, "hooray"

skousend cheers

BrenBarn says, "huzzah"

Paul exclaims, "HOORAY BC!"

JoshuaH applauds!

Bishop applauds wildly.

jon claps

Tommy exclaims, "Yeah, baby!"

ctate says, "WOOHOO"

rrafgon cheers

baf applauds insanely

Jacqueline stands up to applaud!

Fang exclaims, "Hurrah! At last!"
Jota applauds.

maga stomps

Kwi cheers.

klimas stands up, walks to the stage.
Rob asks, "is he here today?"
zarf claps

two-star exclaims, "Yay!"

jon says, "ah-ha there it is yes"
Jacqueline says, "Soooo deserving."
Rob says, "oh good"
reese claps

Paul claps claps hallucinates claps

Gunther says, "yay bee cee"

Rob claps

Fang exclaims (at klimas), "Well done!"

Jacqueline applauds some more.

StarAndDan gives Best Story 2004 XYZZY to klimas.
Recchi cheers for Chris!
klimas says, "u uuuuu uuuu uu uuuuuuuu uuuu uuuuu uu uuuuu, uuu uuuuuuuuuu uu uuuu uuuu uuu uuu uuuu uuuu."

StarAndDan exclaims, "Congrats!"

Trumgottist cheers.

Jacqueline says, "YAY"

Rob says, "ha ha"

inky says, "ha ha ha"

Thrax says, "yay GWB scene"

JoshuaH says, "hahah"

ctate falls over.

klimas says, "uuuuu uu uuuu uu uuuuu, uuuuuuuuuuu."
half says, "Yay!"
klimas says, "uuu uu uuuuuu, uuu, uuu uuuuuu uuu uu uu uuuu u uuuuuu uu."
Rob laughs

Bishop falls over.

klimas says, "uuuuuuuuu, uuuuuu: uuu u uuuuu uuuuu uu uuuuu uu uuuu."
Tommy finally remembers where that smell is from.
Paul says, "HA HA HA HA HA"

JoshuaH dies.

inky says, "yeah, the same to u"
klimas clears his throat.
Rob shouldn't have drunk that funny liquid

DavidW applauds for Blue Chairs

Dan looks closely at klimas. "Did you drink anything odd before you came up here?"
Fang dance dance dance.

Ellison claps

klimas says, "... As I was saying, thanks, everyone who voted for my game. It's a real honor."

klimas sits down.

lpsmith claps.

Paul exclaims, "Huuuuuuuray!"

Kwi claps.

JoshuaH cheers.

Rob uuuus

Dan and Star exit stage left.
Jacqueline hands Klimas some black coffee.

Paul exclaims, "Wuu Huu!"

Thrax exclaims, "wear a muumuu!"

Jacqueline cheers.

Fang hands klimas some weird orange stuff.

maga says (to Jacqueline), "better have a doughnut with that"

klimas drinks it, natch.

Rob says, "I especially like the part with the toilet"

inky says, "best use of facilities"

klimas laughs!

jon says, "Cal will be gutted when she reads this script tomorrow"
BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

Rob says, "speaking of which"

DavidW snickers

inky says, "aw"
Jacqueline says (to maga), "That was low."
Bishop asks, "Cal?"
Rob sneaks out of the auditorium. His seat is filled by a special seat-filler-guy.
jon says, "So I thought I'd better say now that BC was better"

Jota says, "Hey, maybe whoever nominated that puzzle will read the transcript."

Ellison says, "I liked her game a lot"

Jota exclaims, "Whoever you are, what's the toilet puzzle? Please, tell us!"

lpsmith says, "The penultimate award is that for Best Writing. We couldn't afford gift bags for extra presenters (as you may have noticed), so I'll present the nominees and winner for that, too."
inky says (to Bishop), "Act of Misdirection author"

Bishop says, "Oh, Callico."

inky says, "(I assume)"

Fang says (to Jota), "It's deep, dark, secret and smelly."

jon says, "(yeah, to her friends, of which I AM NOT ONE)"

klimas says, "ha ha ha"

Ellison says, "ehhe"

Rob says, "I wish there had been some better category for Act of Misdirection to shine in"

skousend wanders distractedly towards another set of ideas.

</skousend> and he played, and he played, and he played.

Jacqueline whistles.

lpsmith says, "All of our nominees have fulfilled that dictum: Problem: Bad writing. Solution: Remove bad writing, replace with good writing."
jon says, "Best Top Hat"
klimas laughs.

Fang laughs.

BrenBarn asks, "isn't that what the Best Use of Medium category is for?"

Jacqueline asks, "Is it that easy, what lps said?"

Paul says (to Rob), "In a way it's perfectly suited for the stated meaning of Best Use...yeah"

Jacqueline says, "We should tell people."

StarAndDan goes home.

</StarAndDan> StarAndDan has disconnected from ifMUD.

Gunther fires the punctuation cannon at lpsmith.

inky says, "Best Freaky First Act"

klimas says, "it's a thingamabobber in Word 2003"

lpsmith says, "The nominees include: Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas."
Jacqueline woots.
Ellison says, "Games Where You'd Expect the Cryptkeeper to Make A Cameo With Several Awful Puns"
Paul exclaims, "Yay BC again!"
Bishop says, "I was surprised to see BC win Best Story, actually. It had great story elements, but they don't fit into a really solid story -- they're not _supposed_ to fit into a solid story."
maga says, "yay"

DavidW claps!!!

JoshuaH cheers wildly.

Rob says, "best severed head in a bag"
lpsmith informs you that Blue Chairs has one one award tonight already.
inky says (to Bishop), "yeah"

Rob says, "yeah"

Thrax asks, "wait, where's Adam?"
lpsmith says, "Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman"
Gunther says, "F B cha cha cha"

klimas says, "yay hugo"

ctate says, "yay FB"

DavidW applauds.

inky says (to Thrax), "Adam couldn't make it today"

rrafgon cheers

Thrax says, "ah"

Thrax says, "perhaps he fell asleep"

Rob says, "I had an easier time seeing it as a candidate for best writing than best story per se, although it's a funny distinction at some level"
inky says (to Thrax), "hee hee"

Paul exclaims, "Yay FB again!"

lpsmith says, "Gamlet, by Tomasz Pudlo"
Jacqueline claps.

Rob claps

lpsmith says, "Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin"
Rob claps

Paul exclaims, "Yay ND again!"

maga says, "yay"

Jacqueline woots.

DavidW claps

Gunther says, "N D hee hee hee"

klimas says, "yay nd"

ctate laughs.

lpsmith says, "And again, The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin"
Paul exclaims, "Yay Dreamhold again!"

Rob claps again

DavidW claps.

maga says, "woo"

Tommy cheers again.

Jacqueline applauds.

Rob says, "yay writers"

Fang asks, "What, still no nomination for Ninja?"
Gunther says, "D H er um er"
lpsmith says, "All of which, I believe, have been nominated for other awards."
Bishop says, "Yay everyone."
lpsmith says, "Proving something, I'm sure."
ctate says (to Gunther), "zarf zarf zarf"
Thrax says (to Fang), "robbed, I tells ya"
<Ghogg> here he's using the royal you guys to represent a hazy amalgam of everyone who's ever been mean to him

Ghogg walks out from under the archway south of here, although you didn't notice him approaching it from the other side.

lpsmith says, "And the winner of Best Writing of 2004 is..."
zarf wait wait wait

maga says, "it was deemed to be too derivative of Ninja 2.0, Ninja 2.14 and Ninja XP"

Fang's breath has been truly bated.

lpsmith exclaims, "Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas!"
Rob claps!
Jacqueline says, "snrk"
inky says, "woo"

two-star exclaims, "Yay!"

Gunther says, "woot"

zarf says, "yay!!"

JoshuaH hurrahs!

klimas says, "yay!"

Fang says, "Yay"

maga exclaims, "Yay!"

rrafgon cheers wildly.

Bishop applauds wildly!

Paul exclaims, "Right on! Go BC!"

Jacqueline stands up clapping!

jon good work thar

Jota says, "Congrats."

Kwi says, "Yay!"

Tommy exclaims, "YEAH BABY!"

half cheers wildly!

K-Y says, "Hooray"

Thrax applauds tamely.

Marvin hurrays rather a lot.

Recchi cheers!

Fang says, "well done klimas again."
ctate says, "awooga awooga"

Ghogg exclaims, "kli-MAS! kli-MAS!"

DavidW claps loudly

Jacqueline cheers, and actually starts to hop up and down a little.

Trumgottist claps his chair.

klimas goes up on stage again.
BrenBarn says, "woo woo"

Rob says, "yay carcasonne"

Paul blue cheers!

klimas says, "Originally, I was going to include with Blue Chairs a list of ergodic works of literature it mercilessly ripped off, but I was running out of z5 space... and, uh, time."

lpsmith asks (of klimas), "Weren't you just here?"

GregB exclaims, "Yea for all the people who beat Pudlo!"

Jacqueline says, "Go Chris!"

Fang exclaims, "klim-As!"

</Rabbit> Rabbit has disconnected from ifMUD.

inky says (to GregB), "now now"

klimas says (to lsmith), "indeed, it is deja vu"

klimas says, "So here are a few people I owe this award to, in part:"

lpsmith gives Best Writing 2004 XYZZY to klimas.

klimas says, "Graham Nelson, Curses: starting you in an attic."

(From Rob) klimas says, "me, myself, and I -- thank you!"

GregB says (to inky), "okay, nevermind"

Bishop says (to Rob), "I'm still waiting for Carcassone: Flughafen und Eisfabriken, but I don't think it's coming out until '06."
klimas says, "Adam Cadre, Photopia: a maze in a story-oriented game that's probably thrown in just to frustrate players eager to find out what happens next."
Paul says (to Rob), "Hah"
Rob claps
klimas says, "Douglas Adams and Steve Meretzky, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: a seemingly useless object that turns out to be critical in the endgame, thereby rendering all saves totally useless."
inky says, "ha ha"

Rob claps

inky says, "ha ha more"

klimas says, "and finally..."
(from Fang) klimas rips off his face mask to reveal : Adam Cadre!
Paul says, "Yay list of influences"
klimas says, "Andrew Plotkin, So Far: a mysterious girl who may or may not actually be a) in love with the main character b) real."
Gunther says, "not to mention Atomkraftwerke und Fusionsreaktoren"

(from Thrax) klimas says, "My First Stupid Game: toilet-centric."

klimas says, "... In conclusion: thanks, everybody."
zarf says, "Yay! Er, ow."

JoshuaH claps.

Ellison says, "yay"

inky says, "excellent"

DavidW cheers

Tommy exclaims, "Whoo!"

Rob claps

klimas sits back down.
inky says, "ha ha"
lpsmith claps.

BrenBarn says, "zoop"

Paul klaps for klimas!

Rob applauds

Jacqueline applauds wildly.

maga exclaims, "yay!"

Bishop asks, "Blue Chairs is going to be 'that game with a toilet' forever now, isn't it?"

Jota says, "Hey, if ATD or ND wins, there'll be four people with a pair of awards each."

klimas says, "ha ha ha"

ctate says (to Bishop), "as if you couldn't tell before now"

Thrax says, "much like LYG and head-kicking"

two-star says, "I dunno. There are a lot of games with toilets."

K-Y says, "Forever settling the debate, at least"

Jota says (to Bishop), "Or s/with/without/, an equally dubious distinction, I think."

Bishop says (to ctate), "Yeah, but LYG actually has a head, and you can actually kick it."

Ellison says, "it's the Head-That-Kicks game"

JoshuaH says, "I only thank god that I never went in the bathroom."

lpsmith exclaims, "And finally, here with the information you need to look erudite at the water cooler tomorrow: Eileen Mullin, with the award for Best Game!"
Fang asks, "LYG?"

Paul says (to **), "But few toilets nominated for prizes"

Jacqueline says, "snrk"
Thrax says, "man, that game totally kicked head"
JoshuaH claps.

Rob claps

Ghogg says, "woo woo"

eileen approaches the stage slowly wheeling a stroller. Shhh, baby Ellis is sleeping!
Jacqueline claps for Eileen.

BrenBarn says, "woop eileen"

DavidW drops a drumroll. oops.

inky claps quietly

klimas claps!

Jota says (to Fang), "Losing Your Grip."
Rob claps quietly
Fang says, "Oh."
Paul mimes a cheer

Rob whisper-cheers

eileen stops. Uh oh, no such luck -- Ellis is wide awake.
Gunther claps loudly

lpsmith cheers baby names starting with "Ell"

Paul cheers extra-loudly!

Thrax peekaboos

eileen looks accusingly at the audience.
Rob says, "doh"

Thrax looks sheepish

Tommy sings a raucous lullaby.

jon goes home.

</jon> jon has disconnected from ifMUD.

eileen shrugs and extracts baby Ellis
maga exclaims, "No children allowed in the auditorium without a martini!"
(From Thrax) Baby cries!
Jacqueline giggles.
eileen stops to let the paparazzi admire the baby's designer onesie and booties
Gunther pushes blender on stage.
Jacqueline clinks glasses with maga.
Rob says, "kitchie coo"

lpsmith ensures that no blenders are left in the auditorium.

Trumgottist joins Tommy in the singing.

Thrax exclaims (at Ellis), "shake your booties!"

Fang drinks something not like candy at all.
eileen says, "OK! The nominees for the XYZZY Award for Best Game are..."

eileen says, "Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas"

DavidW claps

JoshuaH applauds.

Jacqueline applauds.

rrafgon cheers

Tommy claps

eileen says, "Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman"
Bishop claps.

Tommy claps

klimas applauds.

DavidW applauds

maga says, "woo again"

Gunther says, "FB!!"

Rob applauds

eileen says, "Necrotic Drift, by Robb Sherwin"
Bishop claps.

rrafgon cheers

Gunther says, "ND!!"

Tommy claps

maga exclaims, "yay!"

lpsmith cheers!

Fang chants, "Blue chairs, blue chairs, blue chairs, blue chairs..."

klimas cheers.

Rob says, "hugo, the martin scorsese of the xyzzys"

eileen says, "Return To Ditch Day, by Michael J. Roberts"
Fang says, "oops"

Gunther says, "DD!"

Rob claps for mjr

Bishop claps.

Tommy claps

lpsmith says (to Rob), "Hee"

rrafgon cheers

Jacqueline claps.

BrenBarn says, "hooray"

JoshuaH claps.

Fang cheers.

DavidW claps double time

K-Y stomps

Gunther says (to Rob), "it's a damn shame"

Paul says, "Man, I can't believe FB has gotten shut out up til now."
eileen says, "The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin"
ctate says, "Future Chairs"

Gunther says, "DH!"

klimas cheers.

Thrax says, "the curse of Hugo"
Bishop claps.

Tommy claps lots.

Rob says, "I bet it has to do with not enough people having played it because you have to buy it"
eileen looks at the baby, then looks at the stroller
BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

Thrax says, "which doesn't seem to affect Robb, of course"

DavidW cheers
Paul says, "Very likely"

ctate says (to Rob), "i wondered about that"

Ghogg says (to Rob), "mm yeah"

eileen asks, "Now where did I put that envelope?"
Ghogg says (to Rob), "Once and Future had a similar situation"
Paul cheers for all the Best Game nominees!

Rob claps

maga says, "or 1894, or CoS"
Jacqueline claps for everyone.
eileen opens diaper bag and starts searching...
Fang cheers.

inky says, "ha ha ew"

klimas says, "ha ha"

Paul says, "Still, too bad."
eileen pulls out a box of wipes. Hmm, nope...
Fang says, "There was a free version of 1894"
Thrax exclaims, "your trophy: a new diaper!"
two-star says, "Well, 1893, guys."

maga says, "1894? um, that's, er, the sequel released to a few select fans"

inky says, "you might need those wipes, hang onto them"

Gunther leaves.

eileen extracts a spare Whoozit toy. Nope, not there...
Fang says, "whatever. bleh"
ctate says, "yay Whoozit"
Ghogg says, "and CoS was also free"

Thrax says, "1894: Cleaning Up"

eileen pulls out a half-empty bottle of champagne
Rob says, "baby's been nursing on that"

BrenBarn says, "ha ha"

DavidW says, "uh oh"

Tommy says, "Come on, Eileen."

Rob says, "heh"

eileen says, "Well, you see, at the last XYZZY Awards I was pregnant... I haven't been able to celebrate in style for awhile..."
(From Gunther) eileen pulls dead fish from cleavage.
zarf says, "*gun*ther."
eileen hiccups
Rob says, "really."

Gunther says (to zarf), "riff on storme's olounge"

eileen finally finds the envelope and tears it open

eileen frowns

eileen exclaims, "This is the doctor's note I got so that Ellis can join that baby swimming class!"

ctate asks, "the pediatrician's bill won the Best Game award?"

inky says, "ha ha ha"

eileen exclaims, "I must have turned in the award winner's info at the Y!"
Rob claps
ctate says, "doh ILAC"

(from inky) Baby snorkles!

Rob says, "ha ha"

Thrax exclaims, "doctor speech!"

BrenBarn says, "the winner is You Have Been Selected For Membership in the National Geographic Society!"

Kwi laughs.

Paul Hee

Gunther says, "that was much better than my baby * would have been"
eileen says, "Good thing I have a backup..."
Thrax exclaims, "and now they're all sitting in blue chairs at the Y!"

Trumgottist cheers merrily.

Ghogg says, "You May Have Already Won A Million Dollars"

eileen pulls crib sheet out of baby stroller
Bishop says (to BrenBarn), "I loved that game. The credit-card info puzzle was great."
ctate says (to klimas), "now you have to get a blue toilet"
eileen squints to read writing on sheet

eileen says, "Good thing I don't do the laundry so often anymore"

Thrax exclaims, "the winner is lint!"
eileen says, "The winner of the XYZZY Award for Best Game is..."
Jacqueline leans forward.
eileen says, "Blue Chairs, by Chris Klimas"
DavidW listens closely.

half says, "Hooray!"

Rob leaps to his feet and applauds and cheers!

Bishop applauds wildly.

Trumgottist exclaims, "Yay blue toilets!"

rrafgon applauds wildly.

Fang falls over.

inky says, "wow, hat trick"

Ghogg says, "woo woo"

JoshuaH chairs!

Rob says, "whooaaa"

zarf says, "yahoo!"

Jacqueline stands up again!

maga exclaims, "yay!"

reese applauds wildly

klimas says, "wow"

BrenBarn says, "huzzah!"

lpsmith cheers!

K-Y claps a lot

DavidW applauds!

eileen waves klimas back on up
two-star exclaims, "Yay!!"

Tommy cheers.

Jota applauds.

Gunther applauds some more.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Paul exclaims, "Whoa! Sudden Blue Chairs surge!"

Kwi applauds wildly.

Jacqueline applauds.

JoshuaH cheers, even!

Rob says, "wow, zap"

ctate says, "awooga awooga"

Fang gets up and delivers a standing ovation.

Bishop exclaims, "Congrats!"

Ferret exclaims, "Yay Dundalk!"

Recchi applauds!

eileen gives Best Game 2004 XYZZY to klimas.
Thrax says (to Paul), "TMI"
Gunther says, "and it's official: I haven't finished, or mostly even played, a single winner."
DavidW says, "Chairs for everybody!"

Paul exclaims, "Hooray Chris!"

klimas says, "Wow, indeed."
Rob says, "stop hoggin' all them xyzzys"
BrenBarn says, "I haven't even played a single nominee, man"
Fang gives klimas a cruel pat on the back.
Bishop says, "I get the impression Dundalk is not even slightly yay-worthy."
Thrax says, "yay chairs"

maga exclaims, "yay!"

eileen puts Ellis back in stroller and strolls offstage
Ghogg says, "I'm not even sure what this "IF" thing is"
klimas says, "It's cool to be back -- you guys are awesome."
Ferret says, "Well, no, but it's an inside joke"
Rob claps

cendare gets the clap -- no, wait, that's not right...

Jacqueline says (to Ghogg), "heh"

DorianX says, "I spend a lot of time in dundalk"

Thrax exclaims (at klimas), "recipes! recipes!"
klimas says, "Here's hoping next year it's Rybread taking home this prize."
ctate says (to DorianX), "i'm sorry."
klimas sits down.
BrenBarn says, "ha ha"
DorianX says, "cf. #angst"
Kwi laughs.

BrenBarn says, "yay"

Rob claps for all winners.

Rob claps for all nominees, too.

Trumgottist claps a lot.

BrenBarn claps for all games!

zarf applauds

BrenBarn claps for all of humanity!

klimas claps for everybody.

lpsmith exclaims, "Thank you all for coming! And let's give one more round of applause to this year's nominees and winners!"
Thrax says, "Rybread the misunderstood IF genius"
maga claps furiously

JoshuaH applauds.

Fang claps for non-nominees, nominees, and winners.

Jaybird yay

Rob asks (of BrenBarn), "what, even the bad guys and vermin?"

Trumgottist claps even more.

Tommy applauds.

reese claps and claps

rrafgon claps and claps and claps

K-Y claps on

Kwi applauds and cheers.

Paul claps as the credits roll.

Marvin claps and stuff.

two-star claps for all those who cannot clap!

BrenBarn says (to Rob), "yes, just this once"

eileen exclaims, "Thank you everyone for coming today too!!"
Rob says, "oh ok"

Thrax says, "yay all nominees"

inky says, "yeah, specifically, thanks to Star Foster, Daniel Ravipinto, Jon Ingold, and Rob Wheeler for presenting"
Jacqueline says, "Thanks, Eileen."

Rob says (to eileen), "thanks eileen!"

Fang applauds.

Thrax says, "I have no hands and I must clap"

inky says, "and to Lucian Smith and David Welbourn for both organizing and presenting"

eileen exclaims, "Thank you and you!!"

Fang hoots.

Rob says, "thanks to me! yeah! me, baby!!"

Trumgottist produces a trumpet and plays a fanfare for all the winners!

baf cheers generally

half claps for the presenters.

Gunther gives fake_hands to Thrax

klimas says, "yay everbody!"

lpsmith says, "If you'd like to stay for some post-ceremony discussion, go west, north, and up. I think. It's the Carousel Bar and Grill, at any rate."

inky says, "and to Eileen for the website and everything else"

Gunther leaves the auditorium to the west.

Thrax says (to Gunther,), "hey, fake_Jon_Ingold needs those"

Bishop leaves the auditorium to the west.

Rob leaves the auditorium to the west.

maga says, "yay MCs"

baf leaves the auditorium to the west.

lpsmith exclaims, "Thank you all, and good night/evening/morning!"
maga leaves the auditorium to the west.

Thrax leaves the auditorium to the west.

BrenBarn leaves the auditorium to the west.

JoshuaH leaves the auditorium to the west.

Paul leaves the auditorium to the west.

klimas leaves the auditorium to the west.

Trumgottist leaves the auditorium to the west.

Jaybird steps north into the small closet. Then he disappears.

</Jaybird> 3. Many cash registers still put the DVD in the piggywig and ZIL is the Infocom language of the Z machine.

Kwi leaves the auditorium to the west.

Fang leaves the auditorium to the west.

Ferret leaves the auditorium to the west.

Ghogg leaves the auditorium to the west.

katre leaves the auditorium to the west.

GregB leaves the auditorium to the west.

two-star leaves the auditorium to the west.

Tommy goes home.

</Tommy> Tommy has disconnected from ifMUD.

zarf leaves the auditorium to the west.

</GregB> GregB has disconnected from ifMUD.

Recchi leaves the auditorium to the west.

cendare leaves the auditorium to the west.

rrafgon leaves the auditorium to the west.

DavidW leaves the auditorium to the west.

K-Y leaves the auditorium to the west.

reese goes home.

</reese> reese has disconnected from ifMUD.

ctate leaves the auditorium to the west.

lpsmith leaves the auditorium to the west.

</cendare> cendare has disconnected from ifMUD.

Duchess leaves the auditorium to the west.

</rrafgon> rrafgon has disconnected from ifMUD.

Grocible disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

inky leaves the auditorium to the west.

Jason leaves the auditorium to the west.

a chalkboard listing the XYZZY Award winners disappears.

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