XYZZYnews Award Ceremony: 1999

The ceremony took place on Saturday, February 12, 2000.

Note that despite appearances, I did not attend. I was busy packing up stuff in my Pittsburgh apartment (now an ex-apartment).

For my own amusement, I've formatted this into two columns. On the left, you'll find the "official" transcript of the ceremony. On the right is the "peanut gallery" -- a segregated channel provided for the audience's commentary, mockery, and monkey jokes.

If your browser doesn't support tables, you'll see everything in a single column, despite my best efforts. Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal.

Thanks to Gunther Schmidl for the original transcript.

I don't have any index links here, because I'm lazy.
wolfie has arrived.

schep has arrived.

Tril has arrived.

BoingBall has arrived.

neild has arrived.

Marvin has arrived.

davec has arrived.

Adam has arrived.

Jaybird has arrived.

TenthStone has arrived.

Sargent has arrived.

wavydavy has arrived.

Emily has arrived.

dfan has arrived.

LoneCleric has arrived.

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY!"

K has arrived.

Ellison has arrived.

Iain has arrived.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Lennier has arrived.

traevoli has arrived.

Rob claims a whole row

Ender has arrived.

TenthStone oohs.

Miseri has arrived.

Iain says, "Allo all."

BoingBall exclaims, "Welcome to the land of tomorrow!"

broca has arrived.

Dilbon has arrived.

markm says, "I guess there wasn't an osucc or odrop"

Paul sits in an aisle seat.

Sargent arrives via jet-pack. The exhaust pushes you away.

Charon has arrived.

schep takes a seat at front right.

Gunther sits in first row

Ellison says, "yay"
Spatch asks, "Where the hell's my flying car?"

dfan grabs a CyberVelvet aisle seat.

Charon exclaims, "wooo!!!"

Recchi has arrived.

Rob pours sugar into Sarge's gas tank

Miseri perches on a window sill.

Iain sits on a hover-seat.

BoingBall gives Paul some gnocchi.

Dilbon says, "Yippee."

Lennier exclaims, "Woo-hoo! Tommorow is cool!"
TenthStone claims the chandlier.

lurd has arrived.

DGlasser sits on the CyberFloor.

Kiz has arrived.

Ender leaps five rows in a mad dash to get to his favourite chair, which looks exactly like every other chair to you.

Sargent drops a briefcase and opens it. It unfolds into a seat.

devil has arrived.

DGlasser says, "Also, standing CyberRoom only"

Iain hovers around the place annoying people.

markm asks (of Lennier), "midnight out there?"
Gunther topples Ender.

Paul asks (of boingball), "This doesn't have to do with your plan, does it?"

katre has arrived.

Charon drops Echo who runs off.

Miseri exclaims (at katre), "mt!"

LoneCleric sits on the floor, as usual.

Rob throws tennis balls at Iain.

BoingBall hops onto the hovering sofa.

devil settles down in front.
katre says (to mis), "!tm"

Charon picks up Echo who runs up his arm to perch on his shoulder.

Spatch says, "Everybody, please move as far down to the right as you can so that others may find a seat. Thank you, and enjoy Disneyland's Country Bear Jamboree."

Ellison tries to sit down... LYG fairies squeal in protest from under him

boucher says, "Yay! I was fourth person in!"
LoneCleric opens a bottle of Genericola.

wolfie takes a seat in front

Rob says, "hey no drinks in the auditorium"

Iain says (to Rob), "Hey, don't ball my seat. As it were."

Lennier says, "nope, 10am in the morning on a bright and sunny Sunday."
devil throws popcorn

Rob says, "the floor will get all sticky"

BoingBall says (to wolfie), "Put that back"

LoneCleric hides the bottle.

wavydavy breaks out a beer, but finds he has forgetten his cup

BoingBall says (to Rob), "That's why I said no masturbating"

Marvin fails to find any comfy chairs that are suitably blue, and decides to stand in the corner instead.

K says, "And you're not outside enjoying it, Lennier? Oh dear."
Rob presses a secret switch and his chair reclines.

Iain says, "I hope nobody brought bananas."

traevoli finds a spot in the moshpit.

Charon exclaims, "oohh!!"

Charon exclaims, "i go get some!!"

(From Gunther) Monkeys say, "ook!"

lurd passes a banana to Iain.,

Ellison disappears.

Ellison materializes.

Lennier says, "So I'm a geek. So talk to my lawyers."
wavydavy pours it on his head instead, and moves toward the moshpit

HairBrain has arrived.

Tril passes Iain a virtual banana

Charon disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

markm says, "Oops."

Ender says (to Iain), "Why? What's wrong with these tasty bunches of bananas... Oh-oh."

Miseri tallies Iain's bananas. "What's this? A deadly black tarantula?"

Ellison says, "Coca Cola isn't allowed? I mean, Coke _is it_!"

Iain says, "Consider me your banana sink."

Iain says, "Er, no, that sounds weird."

markm says (to Ellison), "Sorry bout that."

Charon has arrived.

(From Lennier) The Mosh rears up out of the pit and devours Traevoli!

Gunther stagedives.

boucher says, "I don't like Coca-Cola. They enforce mandatory enjoyment."

Grocible says, "OK. I don't remember how to get to the auditorium"
wolfie says, "well, daylights comin'. me wanna go home"

Rob chants, "COKE-IS-IT! COKE-IS-IT!"

Gunther lands on his face, since everybody is sitting.

davec sits in a comfortable seat at the back.

DGlasser says, "RTF motd"

DGlasser says, "s e s"

Charon rudely kicks a monkey out of his front row seat and clambers onto it. Ellison says (to DG), "hee"
BoingBall takes out a 30-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. Grocible says, "Pffbbt"

Lennier says, "Where are you? From the lounge, go e s e e"

Ellison says, "also, east of Dorm A"

dfan says, "E, S, E from lounge"

Rob says, "E.S.E."

broca urges everyone to be quiet.

Grocible has arrived.

Dilbon says, "Hey, why is the podium one year behind? 'official symbol of the 1998 XYZZYs'"

TenthStone spikes the Rc.

Iain says, "It's ESEE when you know how."
Grocible says, "Afternoon." Iain says, "Sorry."

DGlasser says, "also, I'm so wrong."

[atwctw] Gunther says, "ese is my least favourite insult" Thazz asks, "Why did everyone leave when I walked in?"
(Current channel set to peanut-gallery)

Truly, the wise monkey knows when to speak and when to be silent.

Gunther says, "ese is my least favourite insult"
Marvin spies a comfy-looking blue seat on the other side of the Auditorium, and tries to push his way through the crowd to get at it. Paul has joined the channel.
schep asks, "Anyone know how many murals there are?"

DGlasser says (to schep), "12"

Gunther says, "3"

neild says (to Dilbon), "No budget for a new one."

lurd asks, "Isn't Joan Rivers supposed to be around here somewhere commenting on everyone's lack of pants?"

Dilbon says (to schep), "69105"

Lennier asks, "Um, seven?"

Iain says (to schep), "Lagach it a few times and find out."

BoingBall's hovering sofa malfunctions and crashes to the ground, crushing three unfortunate audience members.

(From Lennier) Joan Rivers walks past, complimenting Lurd on his lack of pants.

LoneCleric exclaims (at boing), "Ouch!"

Dilbon asks, "Do we have any karaoke before the awards?"

<lpsmith> A lot of beautiful things disappear forever, because they do not begin with N.

Marvin reaches the seat, only to find it already occupied by a large hairy ape.

PollBoy hollers, "Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and grues!"

schep hands Dilbon a microphone.

Sargent says, "Yay! It begins!"

Thazz asks, "Man, I am lagging _so_ bad! Is that because I'm using the java client?"
wolfie exclaims, "yay!"

Ellison says, "next year, we should get murals from that corn museum in South Dakota or wherever it was"

Charon exclaims, "woo!"

Iain says, "Wooo. Yaay."

neild exclaims, "Woo!"

Lennier flicks his jetpack into 'idle' and relaxes five feet above the floor, his rocket exhaust only partially scorching ten audience members below.

lpsmith has arrived.

Rob says, "hey didn't inky login a while back? hm."

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY PollBoy!"

Dilbon says, "Damn. No time for singing."

traevoli sneezes.

PollBoy hollers, "ifMUD, in association with XYZZYNews"

Rob claps politely.

Sargent says (to PollBoy), "And Coke! Don't forget Coke!"

PollBoy hollers, "is proud to present the 1999 XYZZY Awards!"

katre says, "yay"

Marvin exclaims, "Hurrah!"

Grocible says, "I guess it's too late to pop out for a snakc."

schep cheers.

Rob claps

dfan claps

Paul cheers!

davec cheers!

Gunther says, "WOO"

Ivan materializes.

Sargent applauds.

Lennier exclaims, "Yay XYZZY!"

(from Iain) PollBoy says, "...and Prowler Productions..."

Ellison says, "ooh, the tension is unbearable"

devil claps

Charon claps.

wolfie cheers

WeirdBeard claps.

BoingBall asks, "Is Polly our presenter then?"

Grocible says, "Snack, even. Oh woe. My every typo is being recorded in logs for posterity."

neild says (to PollBoy), "1999 is really in 2001! Er, wait."

Gunther says, "hee hee"
TenthStone cheers. DGlasser exclaims, "yay!"

Ellison says (to Iain), "hee"

Dilbon flaps.

LoneCleric cheers cluelessly.

Miseri says, "applause"

Jarb has arrived.

PollBoy hollers, "The XYZZY Awards this year are brought to you by Coke! No matter who you are, a nameless adventurer or a scheming nobleman, Coke is It!"

lurd claps and stomps his feet

eileen comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Ellison says, "yay!"

HairBrain exclaims, "Rah Rah!"

Iain says, "YAAAY."

Jarb exclaims, "yay!!!"

katre says, "woo"

Jota appears in a puff of @teleport.

Rob says, "YAY!!!!"

Miseri whistles

Sargent says, "There we go."

lurd exclaims, "wooop!!!"

eileen exclaims, "Hello everybody!"

Dilbon says, "Pepsi is better than Coke."

Marvin exclaims, "Yay Coke!"

BoingBall exclaims, "WOOHOOO!"

Rob whistles

DGlasser exclaims, "eileen is my hero!"

Charon exclaims, "joy!!!!"

Jarb whistles!!1

BoingBall says (to Dilbon), "No way dude."

Gunther blows up Coke headquarters!!!

Spatch says, "yaaa!"

Marvin attacks Dilbon the Heretic.

Iain wolf-whistles, is lynched.

Dilbon says (to Boing), "At least it tastes better."

bparrish materializes.

Ellison says, "any hero of DG, my hero, is a hero of mine!"

eileen exclaims, "I'm way excited to be here tonight and am equally thrilled to see all of you as well!"

TenthStone exclaims, "RC will prevail!"

Rob stomps his feet

Ender calmly ignores the fuss and drinks Dr Pepper.

DGlasser exclaims, "any hero of Ellison, my other hero, is a hero of mine!"

Jarb exclaims (at eileen), "way!"

Dilbon says, "Yay Dr Pepper"

eileen exclaims, "I haven't seen so many IF-loving folks in one room since Arte Pasta!"

Miseri drinks water....

Kiz laughs

ddyte has arrived.

Rob says, "Hooray!"

Paul asks, "Arte Pasta?"

Iain says (to DG,Ellison), "You are my new heroes."

katre says (to eileen), "yay"

Ender says, "Speaking of which, cherry Jolt is actually damn good. As is the citrus Jolt (think Mountain Dew)."

Ellison says, "yay!"

DorianX materializes.

neild says (to Paul), "He was on Laugh-In"

wolfie exclaims, "pasta art!"

Sargent says (to Paul), "Like Ars Gratia, only for food."

DGlasser exclaims (at Iain), "Let's make a Pyramid scheme heroism!"

Iain asks, "Don't we have any Irn-Bru here?"

Spatch says, "Veeeeeeery interestink. But tasty."

Rob says (to neild), "hee"
Gunther says (to wolfie), "I desire... Maccaroni pictures!"

eileen says, "Tonight we're here to bestow the 1999 XYZZY Awards, the IF "Oscars" that honor the authors of the best text adventure games from last year."

Iain says (to DGlasser), "I'd prefer a pyramid of Irn Bru."

Marvin prefers tea, but can't figure out how to make the kettle work.

Rob says, "let's move it to #peanut"
neild says (to Eileen), "We are? Damn, I'm in the wrong place."

Gunther says, "SHH!"

Iain says, "Yes."
eileen asks, "Are you ready to find out who the grand prize winners are?" Iain says (to Gunther), "SHHH yourself."
Jarb asks, "wait - can you win if you haven't written anything since '98?"

Rob says, "yes maam"

Charon has joined the channel.
BoingBall says, "No. Make us sweat." Iain shoots Gunther. TUNKL.

Paul says, "Cheers appropriately."

(from Gunther) deathly silence

Sargent says, "no, but we're RRRRREADY TO RRRUMBLLLE!"

neild exclaims (at Eileen), "I'm as ready as the next girl!"

Paul says, "Crap."

Iain says, "Oh, dodgy bolt there."

Marvin exclaims, "No! I forgot my pants!"

Thazz materializes.

<frob> I'm here to collect for the 'Save the Smoking Whales at Denny's' fund.

Paul cheers appropriately.
Gunther says, "but this isn't the time!"

schep says, "husssh"

frob has arrived.

devil's cell phone rings

eileen asks, "Is that your final answer?"

Rob employs the Cone of Silence.

boucher says (to Ender), "I think cherry Jolt is as dangerous as marketing 'Children's Heroin.""
Marvin says, "No, go ahead, I found them."

Ellison says, "oh, wait, I mean, YEAH!!!!"

Miseri lynches devil's cel phone

Gunther says, "DEPENDS!!!"

Rob applauds.

BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall falls into a fold in space/time.

eileen says, "And now, here to help kick things off is someone who needs no introduction because, well, these awards ceremonies are long enough already. Someone who would be a household name if, um, he had one"

Paul laughs at Eileen's Millionaire joke.

Gunther says, "hee"
HairBot materializes. Iain says, "Yay NamelessAdventurer! Presumably! Oh, maybe not."

Grocible asks, "Are we presenting the awards in the order they appeared on the Web site?"

Spatch says, "Regis Philbin!" devil asks, "HairBot?"
BoingBall has arrived.

BoingBall says, "Damn."

markm asks (of Spatch), "Is that your final answer?"

eileen exclaims, "NamelessAdventurer!"

Iain says (to devil), "Yes, but I shaved it off."

Ellison says, "maybe reverse order, I dunno"

Lennier says, "I dread to think what HairBot is."

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain. Gunther says, "NamelessAdventurer is, of course, neild. <shock!!>"
dfan cheers!

schep applauds.

Rob claps.

ddyte says, "best game would be last"
NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Hiyahiyahiya!"

Spatch says, "yaaaaaaaaaay!!"

frob whistles.

lurd claps

Tril claps

Gunther applauds.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay NamelessAdventurer! Yay!"

katre says, "yay"

Iain says, "YYAYYYAYYA etc."

Paul applauds generically.

wolfie exclaims, "yay!"

Lennier whistles

Sargent says, "Woo woo!"

Charon cheers excitedly.

LoneCleric claps.

Grocible applauds heartily.

davec applauds.

DGlasser claptifies.

Ellison claps

Miseri applauds anonymously

Dilbon faints.

devil clip-claps

WeirdBeard claps.

boucher woos.

Spatch claps, hops, and kweepas.

markm works flip-flop.

Ellison says (to markm), "hee"
(From BoingBall) Just imagine BoingBall is applauding continually throughout the entire awards ceremony. Sargent says, "I asked NamelessAdventurer to sign my copy of Zork, and he put a bar code on it."

Gunther 712 is BORED.

Iain records clapping, replays it in a loop.

<Sarinee> Sarinee has connected to ifMUD.

Jarb thinks na stands for no alcohol - but hey

NamelessAdventurer asks, "So, how's everybody doing tonight?"

markm asks, "Doing what?"

Dilbon says, "I'm doing it. No, wait."

Iain says, "Happy and clappy. C of E MUD."

Sargent says (to markm), "He meant @doing."

NamelessAdventurer says, "We've been through a lot in the last year -- um, like, parrots and stuff."

katre says, "doing doing doing!"

markm says, "heh"

wolfie exclaims, "im @doing great!"

Paul says (to nameless), "If you were on the peanut gallery, you'd know."

Ellison says, "yay parrots and stuff!"
devil steals NamelessAdventurer's pants

TenthStone applauds trademark injoke reference!

Rob looks to see what gender NA is.

<betabug> betabug has connected to ifMUD.

Gunther says, "like he's wearing any"
NamelessAdventurer wins mamster's SpeedIF game.

Iain says (to Rob), "How rude!"

Rob says, "arr"

Sargent says (to Rob), "NA always marks that box 'yes'"

betabug has arrived.

Iain says (to Sargent), "Hee."

Ellison says, "Pantsless Avenger is my favorite superhero... er, WTIF"
katre says (to sarge), "only in LGOP"

Jarb says, "how unseemly..."

HairBrain says (to devil), "They're not worth much. Generic brand."

Rob asks, "wins mamster's SpeedIF game?"

NamelessAdventurer says, "But I'm not the one you came here to see tonight. You came to see the stars of our little corner of the universe. And so, without further ado, I present..."

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT!"

HairBrain says (to Rob), "By removing its pants."
Rob says, "noooooo"

markm says, "Eeagh."

Ellison says, "ha!"
Spatch says, "oh no" schep asks, "who?"

Gunther asks, "who?"

wolfie exclaims, "WHO?!"

Bobcat_Goldthwait comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Paul exclaims, "Yay!"

Lennier asks, "who?"
NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Charon says, "yipe"

dfan laughs and laughs.

Rob asks, "Why??"

DGlasser exclaims, "ack!"

davec asks, "?"

Spatch says, "there's gonna be a riot"

Charon Cries!

Bobcat_Goldthwait says, "Eeeeeenah, so, like, pcccchh, I'm the PRESENTER."

katre says, "yay^2"

WeirdBeard says, "Yeagh!"


TenthStone cringes.

Rob asks, "Did we learn nothing from '98?"

LoneCleric asks, "Who?"

Recchi has joined the channel.
Iain readies crossbow.

BoingBall exclaims, "Shoot him!"

Gunther says, "ok... time to say it..."
Charon exclaims, "kill him!!"

markm says (to Iain), "um"

Bobcat_Goldthwait runs both hands through his long hair.

(From TenthStone) Klingon assassin falls out of auditorium window. Stunned audience steals pants.

Dilbon asks, "Who's Boncat?"

Bobcat_Goldthwait exclaims, "Eeeeeand I get here, and like, whoa, pcccchh, it's ALL TRIPPY SPACE!"

Gunther points crossbow at Bobcat

Dilbon says, "Bob."

wavydavy asks, "Did we learn nothing from 1988?"

Iain cocks.

dfan says, "Tango!!"

BoingBall asks (of Bobcat), "Who the hell ARE you?"

Rob says, "THAT'S your presenter? I hate that guy!"

Bobcat_Goldthwait says, "But at least that ASSWIPE Gilbert Gottfried isn't, pccchh, presenting this year."

Spatch says, "tango tango tango tango"

Adam says, "Last year it was annoying; this year it's meta-commentary and also annoying"

Lennier shoots Bobcat with a crossbow

Iain shoots dfan. TUNK!

markm says (to BoingBall), "American comedian"

Thazz asks, "How long do the XYZZYawards usually last?"
Bobcat_Goldthwait pulls out a lighter.

Bobcat_Goldthwait says, "So I was wondering if I should BURN STUFF."

Gunther says, "yourself!"

Spatch says, "Burn your hair!"

neild exclaims (at Bobcat), "BURN SELF!"

You hear a whistling sound somewhere above you, getting louder and louder. A shadow falls over Bobcat_Goldthwait, who looks up. There's a safe hurtling towards it! It falls on its head, crushing him.

Charon pulls a pocket knife out of his pocket and throws it at bobcat.

BoingBall exclaims, "Burn your finger!"

Lennier reloads his crossbow

Spatch says, "YAAAAAAAY!"

neild says, "Um."

wolfie exclaims, "Yay!"

Rob says, "boo."

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

schep claps for the safe.

lpsmith cheers!

markm says, "Wow."

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY!"

Lennier claps

Gunther says, "yay Safe!"

Tril shakes her head and chuckles

lurd laughs

NamelessAdventurer looks at the mess.

Paul says, "Well, that was unexpected."

<Sarinee> Sarinee has disconnected from ifMUD.

Rob frowns

Sargent says, "Aaand...he's SAFE!"

DGlasser exclaims, "Safe is the best presenter ever!"

markm hands NA a mop.

Miseri feels safe.

Spatch says, "You open the door of the safe. It's yor frend!"

lurd exclaims (at Sargent), "yay!"

TenthStone says (to Paul), "Nope."

schep exclaims (at Sarge), "HA!"
DGlasser says (to Sarge), "That was terrible."

devil laughs

Gunther says, "with presenters like this, forever"
Iain says, "Yay something happened, presumably."

NamelessAdventurer clears his throat. "Well. Urm."

betabug scratches his head.

Iain says, "Yes."

devil exclaims, "On with it!"

BoingBall says, "yeah."

Iain shoots devil. THWPWPn.

Rob gets up and moves to the back row, where he can stretch out and take a nap.

Gunther @emit NA says, "ok, award show cancelled."

Iain says, "Dammit, forgot to cock."
devil claps for first award

NamelessAdventurer says, "So much for that idea. So, er, without further ado..."

markm says (to Gunther), "ha ha"

Sargent says (to Iain), "Eeagh!"
TenthStone yays next presenter Martin Short.

Gunther says, "damn"

markm says (to Gunther), "Next time try 'qe'"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Um, somebody to present the next award!"

Spatch says, "bring on funnyman Shecky Greene!"

ddyte says, "I'm a Martin short of three amigos"
Gunther says (to markm), "I tried ;"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Let's give it up for... somebody!"

markm claps

BoingBall says, "Funnyman Hermann Goering"

devil claps

Miseri exclaims, "heh!"
Marvin exclaims, "Yay somebody!"

Sargent says, "Yay somebody!"

Charon cheers.

<Sarinee> Sarinee has connected to ifMUD.

markm claps again

Paul applauds even more generically

devil says (to BB), "Ouch. Also, hee."

Iain says, "How about Jesus? He's nice."

Rob says, "um"

(from Gunther) Hitler appears on stage.
WeirdBeard likes a somebody.

Sarinee has arrived.

BoingBall says, "Everybody needs somebody."

Interrogator comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

devil says (to Iain), "Really dull, tho."

schep cheers.

markm says, "YM 'hilter'"
schep cheers more!

HairBrain exclaims, "Yaaah!"

Rob says, "yay"

Gunther says, "YAAAY"

DGlasser exclaims, "woohoo!"

Miseri says, "Hello Sarinee. You're just in time."

Lennier cheers!

Rob claps loudly

devil jumps back in fright, then boos

Sargent asks (of Adam), "You? Complaining about meta-commentary?"
katre says, "yay!"

Iain says, "Yaay."

dfan says, ">YES"

Paul exclaims, "Yes! Yes! No!"

BoingBall exclaims, "Yay!"

markm says (to Interrogator), "eeagh"

Interrogator asks, "Well, then. A safe fell on the comedian, you say?"

Dilbon tries to lift the safe off of Bobcat, but it's much too heavy.

lpsmith cheers Zarf's alter-ego.

Gunther says, ">MAYBE"

devil says, "Hee"

Sargent says (to Interrogator), "YES"

Rob says, "yes. NO. Wait!"

Sarinee says (to Miseri), "Yeah. I got lost for a while :P"

HairBrain giggles insanely.

devil says, "Course, these references are over a year old."
wolfie exclaims, "please don't make us relive it!"

Interrogator asks, "Now that's not how we know it to be, is it?"

Rob says, "timing"
DGlasser exclaims (at Interro), "No, that was a lie! Really, it fell on somebody else to trick you!"

Iain presses button to zap Rob's brain.

<mcp> "Let the TYOOning commence"

(From TenthStone) Zarf, startled, looks under his chair.

Spatch says, "Woo!"

Spatch says, "Tango!"


(from Gunther) Interrogator says, "Let's try this again."

(from Gunther) --glaring light...

DGlasser says, "dammit, he beat me."

Rob sees a blinding light, but that's because he's staring into the spotlight

markm says (to Iain), "ha!"

dfan says (to Iain), "Yay!"

Ellison says, "why did the safe fall? it was deliberate, of course"

Iain says (to DG), "Interrogators do that, I hear."

Interrogator says, "I trust you are all sitting comfortably in those chairs of the future, eh? Good. I'm here to present an award."

Sargent says (to Iain), "That was *funny*."
markm quickly sits down.

Charon exclaims, "thank god!"

BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall falls into a fold in space/time.

Marvin says, "No, there's a big ape in mine."

katre says, "yay"

DGlasser exclaims (at Marvin), "Hey!"

Rob <<spoiler>> and escapes from his chair!

Gunther says, "I was sitting comfortably until those handcuffs appeared out of nowhere."

boucher says, "I sure hope I win the award for most comfortable chair."

Lennier exclaims, "Award! Award! Award!"

Marvin says (to DGlasser), "Sorry, didn't recognize you. Move."

BoingBall has arrived.

Gunther shoots Marvin. THUNK.
(From Iain) Rob tries to figure out coffee maker and blows himself up! Oh dear. mcp asks, "ur, stupid question. i'm in the lounge. how do i get to the auditorium?"
Interrogator exclaims, "I'm just surprised you claim to have made it in here without using - this!"

devil says (to Iain), "He pushed the JAVA button"

dfan says, "E S E"

Marvin exclaims, "Ow!"

markm says, "e.s.e"

Iain says, "lounge. e. s. e. e."

mcp says, "thx"

Gunther says, "EEEAGH" DGlasser exclaims, "it's ese to do that!"
mcp has arrived. ddyte says, "what they said"
Interrogator says, "Oh, wait. That's just the cordon."

wolfie connects the blast tab to the button and blows himself to pieces!!!

Sargent says, "I nominated Lost In New York for "Best Use of Short" but evidently no one else did."
<lpsmith> This is a significant day! I vocalize my joy with nonsense words!

<lpsmith> A lot of beautiful things disappear forever, because they do not begin with N.

lpsmith disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

lpsmith has arrived.

Gunther says, "grr"

Iain says, "I did an extra e, but hey, e's are good."

Dilbon asks, "Who else misread cordon as condom?" lpsmith says, "Arr."

markm says, "I nominated it for 'best use of my shorts'"

TenthStone shies away from Dilbon.

Marvin says (to Dilbon), "Not me. Nuh-uh. No way."

Gunther says, "that's mamster's game"

devil says (to Dilbon), "Hee. Not me, but funny."

Sargent asks (of markm), "That was mamster's speedIF, right?"

Iain says (to markm), "I don't want to know what the other candidates were."

markm says, "heh"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage. mcp says, "hi. sorry i'm late. is there some recap object"
Interrogator says, "The first award this evening is for Best Use of Medium." mcp asks, "?"

Iain asks, "Er, is there a ceremony going on here?"

<Penguin> The Penguin waddles onto the scene. "Pardon me, but is there any herring hereabouts?"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Iain says, "Oh, medium. Yay."
markm asks, "Are we going to do awards now?" Kiz says, "nope, but no awards yet"
NamelessAdventurer gives Best Use of Medium nominees to Interrogator.

betabug wonders if best or medium now?

DGlasser makes your standard psychic joke.

Dilbon has joined the channel.

Interrogator says, "Aah, here they are. Thank you, Nameless."

Miseri channels the spirit of Veronica Ashcroft.

Interrogator says, "Your service to the cause is to be commended most highly."

Gunther says, "Alles Walzer"
Grocible says, "Ah, least important award first, I see. :)" mcp says, "kewl. i don't care so much about the awards anyway --- i'm just here to make catty remarks about what people are wearing"
Interrogator says, "The nominees are:"

markm says (to Grocible), "now now"

(From Thazz) A loud noise ripples through the room... it's the sound of many crossbows being cocked and aimed at penguin!

Interrogator says, "Aisle, by Sam Barlow"

Iain says (to Grocible), "Yeah, then we lock you in the banana cupboard."

dfan claps

DGlasser exclaims, "Penne me!"

lpsmith cheers!

Marvin says (to mcp), "I'm wearing blue pants."

Kiz says (to Groc), "now, now, too early for bitterness ;)"

davec applauds.

Sargent claps.

Paul claps.

schep claps.

Iain says, "YAY Aisle!"

neild throws gnocchi at stage.

HairBrain yays.

devil claps

Marvin exclaims, "Aisle! Wooooo!"

Spatch says, "Aisle vote for this!"

lurd throws gnocchi

Interrogator says, "Hunter, in Darkness by Andrew Plotkin"

Charon claps.

schep claps.

Paul claps.

BoingBall eats raw gnocchi.

wolfie exclaims, "yay!!!!"

bparrish says, "Correct."

lurd says, "grr, timing"
davec applauds. Lennier says, "Aisle? Never played it. It must be bad."
BoingBall says, "Too late." Gunther says, "hee"
Marvin exclaims, "Hurrah!"

neild exclaims, "Yay!"

Iain says, "YAY not quite so much, but still yay!"

Miseri feeds gnocchi to wumpus.

<Ryan> I like children... but I couldn't eat a *WHOLE* one.

lpsmith cheers.

Spatch says, "yay"

markm says, "Aisle never tell you."

lurd says (to Miseri), "yay"

Interrogator says, "Six Stories, by Neil K. Guy"

Sargent says, "I hunt a wumpus."

schep claps.

Gunther says, "YAAY"

Iain says, "YAYAY."

markm says, "Woo!"

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Recchi says, "Recchi gets out his "Annoyotron" picket sign"
Kiz says, "YAY STORIES!"

Charon exclaims, "wooooo!!!!"

TenthStone applauds.

boucher claps

Spatch says, "woo hoo hoo hoo"

Lennier says, "Never played that, either. Must be worse."
Thazz cheers, then cheers again for good measure!

Sargent claps

Paul claps.

Iain says, "YAY SIX."

markm says, "I like a story"

Charon claps wildly.

davec applauds.

lurd throws snowballs at the wumpus

schep says, "I like a 'g'."
DGlasser exclaims, "yay yay yay yay yay yay!"

lpsmith cheers some more.

devil says, "Yay 6 Stories"

Interrogator says, "Varicella, by Adam Cadre"

schep claps.

Spatch says, "HA!"
neild exclaims, "Yay Canadadia!"

betabug asks, "Sex stories?"

boucher claps.

Iain says, "Yay, again."

dfan says, "Woo"

Paul claps.

davec claps

Kiz says, "yay too"

HairBrain cheers randomly since he hardly played any of them.

Iain is getting yay'd out.

Spatch says, "Chicken pox! Chicken pox!"

Lennier says, "Nope. Not played that one either. Can't pronounce the name, must be bad."
lpsmith still needs to play that. sigh.

markm says, "Whomm"

Marvin says, "Hurrah again."

Miseri sics a gnocchi-fed wumpus on Wehrkeit.

Charon says, "also deserves a yay"

DGlasser exclaims, "how unseemly!"

Charon says, "yay"

Interrogator says, "...Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton."

Sargent says, "The comedian presenters weren't funny last year, but we could make more snide remarks then."
Rob says, "yay six stories! also lag"

schep claps.

Gunther gives chickenpox blanket to DGlasser

markm says, "Woo"

Paul claps.

Iain says, "YAAAY WA!"

davec claps.

Vobian applauds loudly.

Sargent applauds.

Lennier exclaims, "Oooh! Played that. It's good!"
Charon claps.

betabug cheers.

Iain says, "Hee."

dfan says, "I thoguht Worlds Apart was nominated for Best Use of Extra Large"

Thazz exclaims, "YAAY!!!"

frob claps.

boucher claps.

lpsmith cheers.

Marvin says, ""How long do I have to keep hurrahing? My voice hurts."

lpsmith exclaims (at dfan), "Boo!"

markm says, "Julie an I had an extra large pizza last night."

Spatch says, "wooo"

Gunther says, "XXX"

Kiz says, "just bang someone's head against a seat. that works too."
DGlasser says, "yay yay"

Iain shoots Gunther.

Rob claps for all nominees

Miseri says, "Marvin: turn on your digital yay-production unit."

Lennier asks, "Best use of dolphins?"

Interrogator attaches the Letter Opener to the Envelope and skillfully opens it.

ddyte says, "yay"

Gunther shoots Iain back. FU.
Interrogator says, "And the XYZZY goes to..."

Iain claps for all nominees, especially his favourite.

markm is all pins and needles

lpsmith chuckles.

Sargent asks, "So will the Interrogator keep us in suspense, or have a long monologue first?"
Lennier gasps

Miseri holds breath

Iain says, "ROOTROOTROOT. Er, don't mind me."

Gunther says, "YES"
Interrogator exclaims, "Sam Barlow, for Aisle!" Thazz says (to Sargent), "yes"

Marvin asks (of Miseri), "Hey, I didn't get one of those! Why didn't I get one?"

Rob claps

markm says, "yay!!!!"

katre says, "yay!"

TenthStone fades into the ground.

<TenthStone> Sigh stirs still.

Gunther says, "YAAAY"

Adam says, "Yay!"

Tril applauds

Iain says, "YAY AISLE!"

Kiz claps

DGlasser is all paper clips and staples.

Ryan says, "Hee. I need directions to the auditorium."

markm says (to Sargent), "heh"

dfan says, "Woo!!"

WeirdBeard claps.

frob claps

schep applauds.

Charon exclaims, "damn you!!!"

BoingBall exclaims, "Yay aisle!"

davec exclaims, "Yay! I voted for that one!"

Rob claps

K says (to Iain), "TSD."
lurd says, "whoop whoop"

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY AISLE!"

Grocible applauds.

LoneCleric claps cluelessly.

neild says (to Iain), "That's illegal in Australia"

wolfie claps

Charon says, "noo..."

neild exclaims, "ay Aisle!"

Vobian stares listlessly.

Lennier asks, "Booo! Booo! Boo! Er, what's Aisle?"
Sargent says, "Yay Aisle!"

Iain says (to SamBarlow), "Well done! Even though you're not here."

neild exclaims, "Er, yay!"

markm says (to davec), "That means you're one of us now."

Spatch says, "Aisle make another joke!"

Rob . o O ( gee I should probably play this )

(From Adam) Jen says, "Because we like to shop!"

boucher applauds.

WeirdBeard asks (of Charon), "?"

Marvin exclaims, "Woooooooooo! Hurrah! Yay! Etc!"

Iain says, "Yay experimental IF and stuff!"

Gunther says, "E S E, ese"
Sargent drops scoreboard.

Paul has disconnected.

Paul has connected.

lpsmith exclaims, "Woo-hoo!"

Charon Cries!

Iain says (to Jen), "Hee."

Miseri says, "Marvin: because you've already got it installed. see that little button behind your left ear? push it."
<TenthStone> A wind whistles through the boughs of ifMUD.

Sargent says, "Winners on the scoreboard."

boucher says, "Actually..."

boucher sets himself autoclap.

DGlasser exclaims, "yay! undo! hooray! undo! clap!"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

markm says, "I see nothing special."

Paul exclaims, "Dammit!"
Spatch asks, "Do we have the Big Green Monster?"

Charon says, "its not worthy"

MonkeyPirate says, "Arrrrrr!"

Gunther says (to sarge), "er, no"

bparrish doesn't know whether to scream or eat a banana.

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Marvin says, "Oh, I though that was a spot."
Iain asks, "Do we have a speech or anything?" Ellison says, "eeagh, burst lag... alright, this sucks"

lpsmith says (to Sarge), "No, So Far was a different year."

Ryan has arrived.

markm says (to bparrish), "do both"

Paul cheers for Aisle, somewhat belatedly.

TenthStone has arrived.

Adam says (to Iain), "We have 138 different speeches"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Okay, looks like this is up for grabs!"

HairBrain cheers for the one game he actually played winning something.

Dilbon says, "Best Use of Giant Flaming Head category is needed."
Iain asks (of Adam), "But all only 5 seconds long, right?"

NamelessAdventurer throws the trophy into the middle of the crowd!

Adam says (to Iain), "Exactly."

NamelessAdventurer says, "(just kidding)"

Miseri applauds. Once. Restart.

Ryan says, "Yay Aisle!"

Interrogator says, "Sam Barlow couldn't make it tonight. No doubt he's sitting quite comfortably at the moment."

HairBrain says, "As I keep saying, this is why we need the Penguin Awards."
Rob says, "yay sam"

markm looks at Jota.

Gunther says, "ook!"

Marvin asks, "Hey, wait, my games didn't get nominated. What am I doing here?"
Jarb idles due to a strnage illness picked up in NY... Miseri says, "...comfortably ... in Rome ... with Clare and gnocchi...."
BoingBall asks, "No doubt. Why?"

Interrogator says, "I shall keep the award in my office until he is ready to take it."

TenthStone cheers nervously for the award he missed.

Iain says, "Yay award for someone who hasn't got an award before but definitely deserves it."

Iain says, "If you see what I mean."

Rob says, "yay"

markm says (to Iain), "yes"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims (at Interrogator), "Well, thanks, Mr. Evil Torturer guy!"

markm says (to Iain), "er, no"

Thazz says (to Marvin), "morbid curiosity"
lpsmith says (to Iain), "Indeed."

Rob claps

Iain asks (of markm), "Which?"

Lennier asks, "who's Gnocchi, and does Clare know about her?"
Interrogator says, "It has been my pleasure."

NamelessAdventurer says (to Interrogator), "Been good having you here and all."

Marvin says, "Okay, that fits."
Interrogator bows

lurd cheers

markm says (to Iain), "I don't know any more."

Interrogator leaves the auditorium to the west.

NamelessAdventurer exclaims (at audience), "Let's have a big hand for this other nameless guy, here!"

(From Adam) Sam says, "Thanks, and I hope Soft Food wins for Best Use of Dog!"

markm follows the Interrogator.

Iain says (to markm), "He doesn't deserve 'it'? That's harsh."

(From lpsmith) -- glaring light...

Penguin has arrived.

dfan says, "OK, at one award every half hour we should be out of here in another four and half hours"
Sargent says, "Renamed scoreboard to chalkboard. Try that." Thazz asks, "Is this the right spot to ask for hints for Spyder and Jeb?"
markm asks (of Iain), "if I can't get it, why should he?"

markm says (to Sargent), "yay"

lpsmith says (to Thazz), "Try #spoilers."
Rob hollers, "Let's speed it up, shall we?"

Penguin asks, "What's going on? XYZZY?"

Iain says (to markm), "Because he's a prestigious XYZZY award-winning person."

markm asks, "Speed what up?"

Gunther gives Point to lps.
(From HairBrain) Penguin concentrates, then disappears.

markm says (to Iain), "Hm. You may have a point."

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "The next award is for best PC! And the winner is: Dell! But no, I kid!"

BoingBall says (to Penguin), "No. Nothing. Go and watch TV or something."

wolfie says, "PLUGH Awards"

<inky> Hello? The novel of manners has long since been supplanted as a reflection of prevailing social mores, people!

Marvin asks (of Penguin), "Yep. And you nearly missed it! How could you?"

PC says, "I'm the best! *I'M* the best!"

EdAsner comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Rob asks, "Perry Como? Is that you?"

mcp asks, "so what went on before i arrived --- before the best use-of-medium award nominees were listed?"
bparrish asks, "Is it Ed Asner?" dfan says, "Nothing"

Iain asks, "Ed Asner? WTF?"

BoingBall asks, "Ed Asner?" Kiz says, "hi-larity"

Kiz says, "and death"

NamelessAdventurer asks, "And to present, here's last year's winner... Ed Asner?"

BoingBall asks, "Who's that?"

Gunther cocks crossbow.

Lennier says, "mcp A safe fell on some guy. We all shot him."

Sargent says, "A very Warner Brothers death"

schep says, "A comedian got squished."

Charon says, "uh0oh"

EdAsner says, "You might not recognize me because they made me put clothes on."

inky has arrived.

Rob claps for the hirsute television star

NamelessAdventurer checks last year's winners.

Penguin asks (of BoingBall), "Then if nothing is happening, why is everybody here? What's the PLUGH awards?"

traevoli cocks eyebrow.

TenthStone asks, "Where's Alex when you need him?"

DGlasser says, "I nominate Gunther for best Assassin"

DGlasser exclaims, "It's an inky!"

markm says (to inky), "hey"

NamelessAdventurer says, "Oooookay..."

lpsmith says, "Wait--we're going through this each time? Sigh."
NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

BoingBall says (to Penguin), "Nothing. It's a dream."

Iain says, "Uh, Ed Asner was best PC? Confused."
EdAsner says, "I represent last year's winner, Little Blue Men"

Sargent says, "YAY!"

lurd asks, "Is it any coincidence that the Interrigator leaves, then inky shows up???"

Iain says, "Aaahhh."

boucher says, "Hey, I can see EdAsner's buomn from here."

Charon cheers.

Ryan asks (of Penguin), "Did you know that 'gullible' is misspelled in the dictionary?"

Iain says, "LBM. Right."

DGlasser says, "Oh, I get it"

Miseri laughs.

Gunther lowers crossbow.

wavydavy wonders if Ed can POSSIBLY be sober

TenthStone grunts for that one.

EdAsner says, "The PC himself can't make it -- couldn't find his clothes -- so I'm presenting in his place."

Paul hates spunk.

wolfie checks his dictionary

EdAsner says (to paul), "Me too, kid."

Thazz looks for a vending machine...

Penguin asks (of bb), "Which dream?"

(From markm) EdAsner says, "But first, time to rub the bunions."

Gunther says (to paul), "TMI"

Iain says, "This is so exciting I have to go to the bathroom!"
NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Charon says, "hehe... i took his pants... hehe"

Marvin says (to Penguin), "We're not really here. We're all in the lounge. Go look for us there."

markm says (to Iain), "You should get the kind of seat that I have."
EdAsner says, "All right. Best Mary Richards impersonation goes to Princess Charlotte from Varicella." mcp says, "#belated thanks"
markm asks, "Is this best PC or NPC?"

TenthStone says, "Speaking of being naked."

Lennier exclaims, "Who's Mary Richards? Also, I haven't played Varicella, so Boooo!"
Gunther sighs, raises crossbow.

DGlasser says (to markm), "PC"

betabug asks (of Penguin), "I thought this is the Elvis lookalike contest?"

BoingBall says (to Tenth), "Uh oh"

lpsmith says (to markm), "PC."

traevoli raises eyebrow.

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Individual PC nominees to EdAsner.

Dilbon says, "Mac"

EdAsner says, "Thank you."

Rob claps

DGlasser says (to betabug), ""

EdAsner says, "And the nominees for Best Individual PC are:"

Charon says, "go kitty..."

Paul says, "It wasn't a very good year for Mary Richards imitators."
markm says, "I didn't mean the question that way."

DGlasser says (to markm), "ok, ok"

EdAsner says, "The Cat, A Day for Soft Food. By Tod Levi."

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

frob exclaims, "Yay Felix Macgyver!"

Charon cheers.

Sargent says, "I wonder if Nameless wanted this award."
Miseri exclaims, "Meow!"

neild exclaims, "Mrrow!"

DGlasser exclaims, "woo cat!"

Paul meows.

ddyte says, "prrr"

dfan says, "Woo, cat that I thought was a dog!"

davec claps

WeirdBeard says, "Yay."

Charon exclaims, "YAy!!"

mcp says, "Awwwk! Word on the street is that Mary Richards was Mary Tyler Moore's character on the Mary Tyler Moore show.""
wolfie exclaims, "yay kitty!"

bparrish says, "I swear I thought it was a dog."

Rob claps

HairBrain exclaims, "Yay pantlike author name!"

EdAsner says, "The wife, Exhibition. By Ian Finley."

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Ellison asks, "who won medium?"
davec claps.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

frob claps.

Sargent says, "Aisle."
broca goes home.

<broca> broca has disconnected from ifMUD.

lpsmith cheers!

markm asks (of bparrish), "A dog that had retractible claws and could climb trees, right?"

Paul claps for Mother Russia.

bparrish says, "I swear I thought she was a dog."

WeirdBeard says, "Yay"

schep says, "type 'chalkboard' as well"
Sargent applauds.

(From dfan) Student says, "I hate the wife!"

Penguin asks, "What are the plugh awards?"

neild says (to bparrish), "No, you're thinking of Chyx"

(From DGlasser) Wife says, "Arr! I"

Ellison says, "I had several minutes of lag so I just left the computer for awhile"
Miseri exclaims, "Yay!"

EdAsner says, "Primo Varicella, Varicella. By Adam Cadre."

eileen goes home.

<eileen> eileen has disconnected from ifMUD.

Rob claps

Lennier says, "Ah. Yay obscure-pop-culture-reference from yet another TV show that I've never seen."
Iain says, "YAY and stuff."

frob claps.

bparrish says, "I swear, I thought Adam was a dog."

davec applauds!

dfan says, "PRI-MO PRI-MO PRI-MO"

markm says, "noooo!! elieeeeen!"

(From DGlasser) Wife says, "Arr! I'm the crazy Russian! Welcome to my space exhibition!"

<eileen> eileen has connected to ifMUD.

Paul applauds primly.

WeirdBeard Yay

wolfie says (to penguin), "I was kidding. it's the XYZZY awards"

HairBrain snickers.

DGlasser exclaims, "hooray for chickenpox!"

neild exclaims (at DG), "Ha!"

EdAsner says, "Sarah, Winchester's Nightmare. By Nick Montfort."

BoingBall marathon.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Rob applauds in hostile mode

markm says, "yay sarah!"

Gunther asks, "?"

Lennier exclaims, "Go with the flow, PRIMO!"

lurd says (to rob), "hee"

Charon asks, "huh??"

Iain says, "YAY, if I'd played it which I haven't."

WeirdBeard says, "Yay"

Spatch says, "I'm rewriting that game!"

Paul shoots into the air. BANG!

Ellison leaves the auditorium to the west.

Thazz cheers for Primo Varicella

Gunther says (to Spatch), "yay"

(From BoingBall) Rob suddenly opens his mouth to reveal teeth out of proportion with the rest of his body.

Ellison has arrived.

DGlasser decides to cheer for Sarah.

markm asks (of Iain), "Haven't you?"

devil asks, "Is Nick here?"

EdAsner says, "And the Unnamed PC, Aisle. By Sam Barlow."

Lennier exclaims, "Booo Sarah! Booo Winchester's Nightmare!"
Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Paul shops.

Iain says (to markm), "Well, I started."

Rob asks (of BoingBall), "?"
Charon exclaims, "yay!!"

markm says, "Ok."

Miseri cheers for Mrs Domokov

DGlasser exclaims, "yay pastaBoy!"

dfan says, "Yay anonymous PCs!"

Iain cheers for Primo.

neild says, "I got an unnamed PC, but the tech support was -- wait, I made that joke already"

Gunther says (to EdAsner), "YM NamelessAdventurer!"

Lennier drinks Primo.

<davec> davec has disconnected from ifMUD.

<davec> davec has connected to ifMUD.

Charon cheers for the kitty cat.

Rob says, "pree mo pree mo"

Ryan cheers for Sarah, just because.

Miseri cheers for Mrs Domokova

BoingBall says, "The :maration thing? Chocolate bar ref."
eileen materializes.

lpsmith cheers for everyone.

EdAsner says (to Gunther), "Hey, friend, I'm only reading what it says on this envelope."

DGlasser says (to Mis), "right"

HairBrain cheers randomly since he didn't play most of these either.

markm cheers for lpsmith.

TenthStone lays down the odds at 3:1 on Primo.

BoingBall says, "Er, :marathon."
markm says (to TenthStone), "I'll take that bet."

Miseri says (to DGlasser), "Momentarily forgot."

DGlasser cheers for The CHEF!

Iain sings P-R-I-M-O to a well-known tune. Also, dances stupidly.

neild exclaims (at DG), "Yeah!"

Spatch says, "Ciao! Francesco Rinaldi."

wavydavy meows

EdAsner struggles in his pocket for his reading glasses

(from Gunther) You hear potato from north!
Thazz asks, "Hmm. Why doesn't anybody ever become Floyd and wander around the MUD like that?"

Rob says, "No! don't pull off those glasses!"

EdAsner puts on his glasses and stares at the winner.

EdAsner exclaims, "And the XYZZY goes to - Primo Varicella, Varicella!"

davec applauds wildly!

Miseri holds breath

Rob says, "HOORAY!"

markm says, "yay!!!!!"

Iain says, "YAYY!"

devil says, "Yay"

Marvin exclaims, "Hurrah!"

katre says, "yay!!!"

dfan says, "Whoo!!"

Kiz cheers

Charon Cries!

schep applauds.

BoingBall asks (of Thazz), "Don't know his password?"

lurd claps

EdAsner says, "Adam Cadre, author."

ddyte says, "yay"

Paul cheers!

lpsmith cheers!

frob claps.

WeirdBeard applauds.

boucher cheers.

Sarinee exclaims, "Alright!"

DGlasser exclaims, "Hooray for killers!"


dfan says, "How seemly!"

Sargent claps.

Tril claps

Iain says, "Seemly!"

TenthStone exclaims, "Cheers!"

Adam wanders onstage

inky says, "right on"

LoneCleric claps cluelessly.

wolfie says, "yay."

Rob says, "it would ... timing dfan"

Lennier says, "Grumble grumble. Another game I have to play."
HairBrain whistles.

markm claps Adam on the back.

Ellison claps

BoingBall says, "Almost obviously"

Miseri applauds.

Vobian cheers although he didn't play any of them.

neild exclaims, "Yay eponymuos winners!"

(From Adam) Sarah decides to trip Adam

Grocible claps.

Charon claps.

<andyf> Zrblm.

markm asks (of neild), "what?"

<Torbjorn> Hello. My name is Windows Montoya. Prepare to reboot.

EdAsner applauds polietly.

Thazz goes crazy with cheering, and just shouts "That's who I voted for! That's who I voted for!"

Charon says, "but the cat was so cute..."

BoingBall says, "Anyway, yay. (cliaps)"

BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall falls into a fold in space/time.

Adam says, "Okay, here's my acceptance speech:"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Individual PC trophy to Adam.

Charon exclaims, "speech! speech!!!"

Iain says, "Yay speech."
Torbjorn has arrived.

Rob claps

(from Gunther) Adam says, "To hell with all of you."
BoingBall has arrived. DGlasser says, "I like speeches. But recipes are better."
TenthStone sells earmuffs with his bookie winnings. Rob says, "hee hee hee"
betabug turns on his hearing aid.

Adam says, "Since I don't know if I'll win any more of these, I'll announce right now that my next game will be released immediately after the ceremony."

Marvin says, "Heh."

Sargent says, "He's going to give *his* recipe for sauteed onions."

markm says, "Woo."

Gunther says (to Adam), "YES!!"

Sargent says, "Drat, late."
Iain says, "Immediately immediately? Woohoo."

Rob says, "WOO"

katre says, "cool"

Ellison says, "yay"

schep applauds!

bparrish says, "Cool."

Ryan says, "Wow."

Charon exclaims, "joy!"

Spatch says, "Hey, that's not a speech, that's a product plug!"

Rob applauds!

Adam says, "So, drop by GMD or about half an hour after we're done here"

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay!"

Rob says, "WOw! Surprise!"

Adam says, "If you're into that sort of thing"

Adam says, "And thanks, all!"

inky chirps, and the female responds "Screee."

<inky> "I think about travel," she told me. "How would I handle the absence of carrots?"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay games!"

Rob says, "He loves us! Or something!"

BoingBall says (to Adam), "Sure am"

Adam sits down

Spatch asks, "What about Coke?"

mcp applauds

davec says, "Yaaaaaay!!...""

katre says (to adam), "congrats"

Iain says (to Adam), "Release it now so it's eligible for the rest of the prizes!"

Ryan says, "Adam is vying to become the Asimov of IF. In a sense."

andyf asks, "OK, where is everyone?"
Rob applauds

TenthStone Screams wildly for Adam!

markm says, "Poor inky."

frob cheers.

markm says (to Iain), "heh"

Lennier asks, "Ooh er. "Into that sort of thing"? Adam, what are you suggesting?"
bparrish asks (of ryan), "Extremely ugly?" DGlasser says, "RTF motd. e s e"
Kiz says (to Spatch), "yeah, take it to the Justice Dept" Miseri says, "east of dorm A"

(from Gunther) Adam says, "It'll also be my LAST game, because I'm retiring... now!"

Rob says, "I look forward to Adam's IF works on the slide rule and the bible" (from dfan) Adam says, "I call it 9:06"

(from Gunther) Adam puts on the ring.

andyf has arrived.

EdAsner goes backstage.

Iain says, "The motd is in RTF format? Well no _wonder_ nobody can read it!"
DGlasser exclaims (at Rob), "ha!"

Thazz asks (of Ryan), "You mean dead?"

Sargent says (to dfan), "Ha!"
NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "A big hand for Ed Asner, for wearing pants! And to Adam, for showing up! And wearing pants!"

Ryan says (to bparrish), "Gigantic sideburns, too."

Adam says, "Jen says if I'm to become the Asimov of IF I need to date younger chyx"

andyf says, "Thanx."
andyf disappears.

andyf materializes.

schep exclaims (at Gunther), "Yes!"
Sargent says (to Adam), "You're thinking of the Robert Heinlein of IF." Iain says (to Gunther), "HA!"
Rob says, "and grow bigger sideburns"

DGlasser exclaims, "funny people!"

Lennier asks, "But none of his games have robots in them.... do they?"

markm says, "BTW, you can type 'motd' at any time to see the motd."

BoingBall asks (of DG), "Where?"

bparrish asks, "Does the new game have color?"

Rob says, "huzzah"

Thazz exclaims, "Last chance! Wild guesses about Adam's new game!"
Marvin exclaims, "Yay colour!"

AndrewPlotkin comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Iain asks, "Woo, a game with a black PC for once?"

markm asks, "What's next?"

TenthStone says, "And the show must go on."

schep says, "it's the ancient greece one he's been preparing, I'd guess."
BoingBall says, "Yay Andrew"

Rob says, "yay plastic-zarf"

lpsmith says (to Iain), "YM 'for thrice'."

andyf asks, "A Famished Grizzly Bear's Night Out?"
markm asks, "AndrewPlotkin?!?"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "So here to announce the winner of the Best individual NPC award, we have... um, an NPC! Wooooooo!"

Marvin exclaims, "I guess it'll be almost nothing like any of his others!"
bparrish says, "The guy in Aisle was black."

Sargent says, "It's anamatronic zarf"

AndrewPlotkin says, "Hello. I'm pretending to be Andrew Plotkin."

Gunther asks (of iain), "for once?"

Rob says, "hee hee"

Rob says, "Yay!"

lpsmith chuckeles.

Sargent says, "No, wait, it's animatronic zarf played by Adam."

markm says (to bparrish), "That's the asile calling the produce black."

DGlasser is very confused.

katre says (to AP), "yay"

Ellison says, "yay"

neild says, "Okay, this is too pomo for me."

(From Rob) AndrewPlotkin has disconnected.

ddyte says, "Buy my piece of art."

BoingBall throws a melon at AndrewPlotkin.

Torbjorn says, "I wonder if this version of zarf can make speeches."
AndrewPlotkin says, "I shall now give the award for Best Individual NPC."

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Rob chants, "recipe! recipe!"

markm says (to AndrewPlotkin), "good job at roleplaying there, dude."

(from schep) AndrewPlotkin makes a pie with the melon.
Iain asks (of AP), "We need to test you. Which of these is a good name for a new IF thingy: A) LFKKX B) ASLKDJXX C) ASLALKA D) All of the above?"

HairBrain laughs.

BoingBall says (to Iain), "Heh."

devil laughs

Tril grins

andyf asks, "What, no cayenne melon truffles?"
Adam says (to Iain), "B and C have vowels"

Penguin says (to iain), "E"

Marvin says, "Heh."

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Kiz says, "just so long as he has good recipies"

Kiz says, "bah, late"

(From BoingBall) AndrewPlotkin says, "I don't get it."

(From Ellison) AndrewPlotkin says, "I've renamed this award. It is now called the 'Glxkekad' award"

katre says (to ell), "ha"

DGlasser exclaims (at Ell), "Hero!"

schep says (to Ell), "Yay."

Gunther says, "BUT CHEF!!! You need more!! Ingrrrrredients!!"

Ryan says, "Yay."

AndrewPlotkin says, "Please refrain from spoofing me."

NamelessAdventurer gives Individual NPCs nominees to AndrewPlotkin.

AndrewPlotkin says, "That's not funny."

(From markm) AndrewPlotkin says, "I will now pretend to read the nominees."

neild exclaims (at Ell), "YAY!"

(From neild) AndrewPlotkin says, "Also, it's intentional."

betabug pretends to spoof someone but fails.

Iain nominates AndrewPlotkin for Best Non-Plotkin Character.

(From BoingBall) AndrewPlotkin says, "I have studied the real Andrew for several months and I know him to have no sense of humour."

AndrewPlotkin says, "Anatoly Domokov, Exhibition."

markm asks, "Refrain from spoofing?!?"

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

mcp applauds from four different points of view

Iain says, "YAY domokov!"

Charon exclaims, "yaaay!!"

Paul cheers for the absent guy.

dfan applauds

Miseri claps four times.

(From Gunther) markm says, "This isn't my ifMUD anymore."

frob claps.

Charon exclaims, "go domokov!"

WeirdBeard claps.

DGlasser says, "woo guy who isn't here"

AndrewPlotkin says, "Ian Finley, author."

HairBrain applauds.

davec applauds.

Charon cheers.

Lennier exclaims, "Yay Anatoly! Go my little Anatoly, find your destiny in the evil America!"

lurd cheers

neild exclaims, "Yay Ian!"

Sargent asks, "Wait, Ian Finley is up for Best NPC?"

Ellison says, "yay IF!"

lpsmith cheers

Ender says, "Hey! Spoofing killed my dad!"

Iain says (to Lennier), "Hee."

AndrewPlotkin says, "Lyric/Echo in Worlds Apart. Suzanne Britton, author."

DGlasser exclaims, "yay Author!"

Rob claps.

markm says (to Sargent), "heh"

WeirdBeard claps.

Lennier asks, "who the heck is Author?"
Ellison says (to Tril), "woo"

Vobian cheers wildly.

davec exclaims, "Yay Suzanne!"

Thazz claps

dfan appluads

Iain claps (claps claps claps cl a p s ...)

DGlasser exclaims, "yay tril!"

BoingBall says, "I was once in a coma for a week from a parody."

Sargent says, "That's who coded up Nameless."
lpsmith cheers!

Paul applauds.

andyf huzzahs.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Penguin leaves the auditorium to the west.

TenthStone claps.

BoingBall whoops.

Adam says, "The Appluad is an overlooked Greek classic"

AndrewPlotkin says, "Miss Sierra, Varicella. Adam Cadre, author."

DGlasser says, "see, tril is my favorite since she's the only person who actually liked VirtuaTech"

Rob claps.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

WeirdBeard claps.

Spatch says, "yaywhee"

frob cheers.

Lennier asks, "Hmm. I've been missing all too many IF releases. WTF is Nameless?"
davec exclaims, "yay!"

Paul applauds for the kick-ass prostitute.

Thazz exclaims, "Yahoo!"

Tril laughs

Charon claps.

DGlasser says, "Also, Author is a character in Halothane"
dfan says, "Yay Sierra"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay Sierra!"

Gunther says, "duh"
TenthStone exclaims, "Whoo!"

AndrewPlotkin says, "Princess Charlotte, Varicella. Adam Cadre, author."

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

Rob claps.

lpsmith says (to Lennier), "NamelessAdventurer. Try to keep up ;-)"
WeirdBeard claps.

DGlasser exclaims, "yay psychos who make injokes!"

davec applauds.

TenthStone says, "It's the Varicella awards."

frob applauds.

andyf says, "Yay chicken pox!"

(from devil) Sierra joins the MUD and becomes Sierra Online.
Gunther says, "woop"

<Esrom> Esrom has connected to ifMUD.

Charon asks, "what?"


Penguin has arrived.

Adam says, "I wish they all could be Varicella Girlz"

Paul applauds for the crazy in-joke girl.

BoingBall says, "And Varicella sweeps the awards."

neild says (to DG), "No fair appuding yourself"

Rob says, "boooo"

Sargent says (to devil), "That was bad."

Gunther says, "yay!!"

AndrewPlotkin says, "The Wumpus in Hunter, In Darkness. Dave Ahl Jr, author."

Esrom has arrived.

neild asks, "Apudding?"

DGlasser exclaims (at neild), "Ha!"

Rob claps.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

andyf says (to devil), "<rimshot>"
bparrish says, "Hell yes."

wolfie exclaims, "yay!"

Iain says, "YAY wumpus!"

frob exclaims, "Yay!"

AndrewPlotkin asks, "Or perhaps it's me. Who can tell these days?"

katre says, "yay"

davec applauds.

WeirdBeard claps.

DGlasser exclaims (at neild), "I like a pudding!"

Kiz says, "go wumpus!"

dfan shoots the wumpus.

Sargent wumps.

ddyte laffs

DGlasser EATS YOU!

HairBrain applauds randomly.

Esrom exclaims, "I was late! I had to go out, and get delayed!"

Paul applauds for the big monster.

katre says, "wumpus wumpus wumpus!"

Rob is all out of crooked arrows

AndrewPlotkin says, "I shall use my new glxddifxb system to open the envelope."

Iain asks, "Is that them all?"

BoingBall says (to Andrew), "Carefull, or I'll spoof you."

(From andyf) Wumpus eats dfan.

DGlasser wumps the huntus.

Penguin slaughters the wumpus.

(From Gunther) AndrewPlotkin says, "And the winner is... me. What'd you expect?"

Esrom asks, "What did Wumpus win?"

Thazz exclaims, "YAY! That's what I voted for!"

Iain starts plauding for Lyric/Echo again.

Ellison says, "heh"

Lennier exclaims, "Yay Wumpus!"

AndrewPlotkin says, "And the winner is - Miss Sierra, Varicella. Adam Cadre, author."

Penguin asks, "What's going on? Why don't we have alex here?"

Rob applauds.

katre says, "wooo!"

BoingBall holds someone else's breath.

markm says, "yay!!!!"

Marvin exclaims, "Hurrah!"

Adam says, "!"

Ryan says, "I can't read this fast."
Spatch says, "wow!"

Paul cheers!

Charon exclaims, "yay!!"

HairBrain whistles.

davec applauds!

frob claps.

DGlasser exclaims, "hurray!"

Esrom cheers

mcp claps

Vobian sigs deeply.

Iain says, "YAY slightly obvious winner!"

TenthStone exclaims, "cheers!"

Gunther says, "ooh"

Rob says, "yay whore!"

Tril claps

Charon cheers.

LoneCleric claps cluelessly.

katre says (to ryan), "me neither"
markm says (to Adam), "good job"

WeirdBeard applauds.

dfan says, "Dammit, he got another one!"

Miseri applauds and wolf-whistles.

Adam says, "Wowzers"

neild exclaims, "Yay!"

schep cheers.

devil says, "Whoo"

Dilbon says, "I can."
Grocible claps.

lpsmith cheers!

Esrom says (to Adam), "Congrats"

Gunther says, "lunatix: 0"

Dilbon says, "Sort of."

Spatch asks, "yay! Does that mean Adam's coming out with a new game?"

Rob says, "release a second game!"

BoingBall exclaims, "And the moral is: whores rule!"

<inky> Hello? The novel of manners has long since been supplanted as a reflection of prevailing social mores, people!

Iain says (to Adam), "Well done, son."

Kiz says, "yay!"

Rob says, "timing"

Ellison says (to Ryan), "you should've eaten your Wheaties this morning"
(From markm) Adam says, "I'd like to announce that I'm going to release TWO games after the ceremony."

Penguin tries to clap, but the flippers just make a thwop sound.

Iain says (to Gunther), "Woohoo. True/"
DGlasser says (to Iain), "Actually, I didn't think this one was obvious at all. I liked them all."

Miseri doesn't know how to whistle, wolf- or otherwise, in real life....

Torbjorn says, "It's noisier than I remembered it, even outside of the peanut-gallery."
AndrewPlotkin gives Best Individual NPC trophy to Adam.

AndrewPlotkin goes backstage.

Thazz cheers

andyf huzzahz.

schep asks (of Adam), "Tell us about this game. Is this the Greek one?"

Rob whistles

inky has arrived.

Marvin exclaims, "I haven't played any of the games mentioned thus far, but Hurrah anyway!"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Adam says, "No, it's not the Greek game"

Iain says (to DGlasser), "Oh? Everyone but me seemed to really like Sierra."

Rob says (to inky), "he won again"

Adam says, "So, um"

Penguin says (to miseri), "just put your lips together and blow."

Charon Cries!

Adam says, "I had a pithy comment prepared had Charlotte one"

devil asks (of Iain), "Did you try HAVE SEX?"

inky says, "so he did"

Gunther says, "wait, perrysimm isn't logging #peanut-gallery."
NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain. Sargent says, "Every time Sierra offs someone, an angel gets his wings."
bparrish says, "homonyms are k00l"

Esrom says (to Iain), "For some reason, people were thinking Charlotte would win...but I was betting on Miss Sierra."

DGlasser says, "lieut is"
Adam says, "But, er, I guess I'd just like to say to Duncan Stevens that she wasn't really speaking for me, necessarily"

Penguin searches for herring, and finds one in the pocket of the nice man.

neild says (to Adam), "That's what Bobby Phills' ghost said."

BoingBall asks (of Gunther), "Well, you're logging aren't you?"
Iain says (to devil), "What, now? I've been typing pretty continuously. You've seen me."

Adam says, "Sierra, that is"

Gunther says, "YM 'an angel dies and falls from heaven'"
neild says, "Timing, dammit" Ellison asks, "who's Charlotte? another person from Varicella?"
Penguin asks, "who's Sierra?"

markm sighs.

Adam says, "So, um, yeah, thanks all"

TenthStone loses $50,000 and his pride betting on Charlotte.

mcp says, "smooth, penguin"

andyf says, "emit Gunther logs. Specifically, he clear-cuts coastal rain forest."

Rob claps.

Esrom says (to Penguin), "A graphic adventure company."

Miseri applauds

BoingBall resists the urge to strangle Penguin
(From inky) (from Adam) Sierra says (to Duncan) "FUCK YOU"

Iain applauds.

andyf says, "Oops."

Lennier says, "Damn, I really *must* play Varicella now. When I've finished writing my game."

Penguin exclaims (at esrom), "Not that sierra!"

dfan asks, "Wait, she wasn't speaking for Adam? Can I retract my vote?"

Adam says, "Also, 'Charlotte one' -> 'Charlotte won' and stuff"

Penguin asks, "Who's Miss sierra?"

NamelessAdventurer asks, "So, awright Adam! And HOW ABOUT THOSE PANTS, ladies and gentlemen?"

Adam says, "Gotta love when you speech is all misspelled"

Esrom asks (of Penguin), "I know. If you can't make jokes like that at the Xyzzies, when can you make them?"

ddyte says, "please refrain from spoofing actual awards - some folks aren't set spy"
katre says, "yay pants"

(From Spatch) Adam says, "Thenk u for these award?."

Lennier pants

Adam says, "your speech"

Adam says, "Okay, I give up"

(from Sargent) Best Individual NPC says (to ddyte), "Thank you."
lpsmith laughs.

BoingBall says, "YM yor speach"

Kiz says (to Adam), "almost as bad as when your name is mispelled..."

Adam falls off stage

Gunther says, "please don't refrain from killing Penguin."
Ryan says (to Penguin), "Sierra is yo' momma." Iain asks, "Can't a wiz autospy them?"
ddyte says, "OPIN AWORD"

devil says (to Penguin), "Character in Varicella, a game released last year by Adam Cadre"

DGlasser says, "well, mine doesn't use @emit, so it's ok"
Sargent says (to Adam), "Yay Bob Dole!"

Ryan says (to Penguin), "Which is a bad pun on 'Sierra Madre'."

TenthStone asks (of Adam), "So, what was the pthy comment?"

markm says, "c'mon. next"

lpsmith exclaims (at Adam), "Tell us about the firmament!"

Dilbon asks, "Can we get on?"

GuyStuckInAChair comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Esrom asks (of Ryan), "Which means Penguin's illegitimate? Could be Prince Charles' half brother?"

Iain says (to Dilbon), "I hardly know you!"

Adam says (to Iain), "Jen says, 'How about autopsy them instead?'"
bparrish asks, "Can we get off?"

Rob says, "yay guy"

Gunther says (to GuyStuckInAChair), "YAY"

markm says (to GuyStuckInAChair), "hi"

TenthStone says (to Dilbon), "Well, no, not me."

GuyStuckInAChair says, "Um, hi."

schep applauds

inky laughs.

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "The next category is another great category, and here's anothe great guy!"

Iain says, "Hee."
Penguin says, "help."

wolfie exclaims, "hey it's interrogator's friend!"

BoingBall asks, "GuyStuckInAChair?"

Sargent says, "I'm not going to believe a word GuyStuckInAChair says."

Iain says, "Took a minute to get that."
GuyStuckInAChair says, "I'm not sure how I got here, but I'm supposed to present an award."

Adam says (to Sargent), "heh"

markm says (to GuyStuckInAChair), "I think you're sitting on my remote."

Rob says (to Sarge), "hee"

inky says (to Sargent), ">YES"

BoingBall says, "Oh, right."

devil says (to markm), "Hee"

Gunther tangos! Gunther waltzs!
andyf says (to GuyStuckInAChair), "Superglue is *not* your friend."

Esrom says (to GuyStuckinAchair), "Remember, you can only answer questions with YES or NO."

TenthStone says, "So, it's Plotkin day as the Xyzzies."

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

TenthStone says, "s/as/at"

andyf says (to Gunther), "Heh."
Thazz exclaims, "Do we _have_ to wait for Adam's game until this is done?!" schep says, "ahem."
Dilbon asks (of Tenth), "When it's not?"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

GuyStuckInAChair says, "Just so you know, this chair is rigged with acid and a bomb and a firehose, so in case you don't like the outcome, I can't be held responsible."

Iain says (to GSIAC), "You're not a character, you're an early model of computer!"

TenthStone says (to Dilbon), "Point taken."

mcp says, "there's a christopher reeve joke somewhere with GSIAC"
Ellison says, "yay"

DGlasser exclaims (at Iain), "Yay!"

Rob says, "and a spoiler"

GuyStuckInAChair says, "So, anyway. They tell me the nominees for Best Individual Puzzle are:"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Gunther says, "as if anyone hasn't played S&W. Gah."
markm says, "boo spoiler" Iain says, "FFII for this one."
GuyStuckInAChair says, "The Clone Puzzle, The Frenetic Five vs. Mr. Redundancy Man. By Neil deMause." markm says, "Which I haven't played yet."

BoingBall says (to Gunther), "Penguin probably hasn't."

Rob claps as usual

davec claps.

Iain says, "YAAAYYY!!!"

schep shoots Gunther.
Rob says, "yay neild"

lpsmith claps!

K says (to Gunther), "Wait for Penguin to ask."
Charon claps.

Sargent claps, and so does Sargent.

dfan says, "Clappity clap"

Esrom says (to markm), "If it makes you feel better, I couldn't tell what it was a spoiler for."

(from andyf) GuyStuckInAChair says, "What The Hell Is Going On?, from any game by Rybread Celsius."

Lennier says, "Which I've started and got really really stuck in the second scene."

Ellison says, "yay!!!!"

Paul cheers.

(From wolfie) GuyStuckInAChair say, "Getting out of the chair in Spider & Web."

Gunther says (to boing,k), "he doesn't get it anyway"

Rob says, "There are people who haven't played S&W."

Iain clones himself and YAYs in stereo.


(From Thazz) GuyStuckInAChair says, "The gyspum flower puzzle, from Jewel of Knowledge"

HairBrain applauds.

(From lurd) A machine whistles, 100 clones pop out and clap.

GuyStuckInAChair says (to wolfie), "No, see, that was last year's winner, and that's why I'm here."

Rob says, "and if there's a game that you really need to not spoil, it's S&W"

Gunther says (to rob), "they won't get it at all then"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay clones!" markm says (to Rob), "Also people who haven't played 'barometer', believe it or not."

(from BoingBall) Rob says, "Dead people, for instance."

Ellison says (to andyf), "hee"

TenthStone exclaims, "Yay no-longer-technically-eligible prizes!"

Esrom exclaims, "Send in the clones!"

GuyStuckInAChair says, "Getting the Light Upstairs, The Mulldoon Legacy. By Jon Ingold."

Charon claps.

dfan says, "Woo Mulldoon"

Charon exclaims, "yaaay!!"

davec claps.

andyf says, "Yay..."

Penguin asks, "You know something, i haven't played any of these games. Am i deprived?"

Esrom claps.

WeirdBeard claps

Iain says, "YAY, really should play that one."

Penguin flaps.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay everything!"

Iain says (to Penguin), "Yes. Shut up and applaud."

Lennier says, "Damn. Mulldoon. Another game I haven't played."
Paul claps again.

lpsmith says (to Penguin), "You're depraved on account you're deprived."

DGlasser exclaims, "yay GIHP!"

Dilbon says, "Lennier What have you played?^"
GuyStuckInAChair says, "The Maze, Hunter, in Darkness. By Andrew Plotkin." markm asks (of Lennier), "Do you play IF at all?"
Esrom says (to Penguin), "I've only played about a third of the games mentioned here, to be honest."

dfan hisses

Charon claps.

Penguin says (to iain), "Flippers don't clap too well."

Gunther says (to penguin), "no, just stupid."

Sargent says, "Mulldoon now available online..."

HairBrain claps erratically.

katre says, "yay"

WeirdBeard claps.

bparrish says, "yay"

DGlasser exclaims (at lps), "Ha!"

Paul claps once again.

Lennier says, "Virtually nothing, by the look of it."
davec applauds.

Spatch says, "Hey! I thought that was Dave Ahl Jr!"

Rob snirks

Penguin says, "I liked the maze"

markm says, "eeagh"

neild says, "You call it a puzzle. We call it maize."

mcp says, "for the record, i just @gagged penguin"
GuyStuckInAChair says, "Stopping the Flood, For a Change. By Dan Schmidt."

Dave_Ahl says, "Make me proud, son."

inky asks, "so are lunatix or mulldoon authors here?"
mcp exclaims (at neild), "hah!"

Rob claps

BoingBall says (to Penguin), "Look, just stop it with the askings and the flappings and the Penguin things."

Charon claps. Again.

frob cheers.

katre says, "yay"

Gunther says, "YAY FAC"

Ryan says, "I've played about three of the games available."

lurd says, "yay"

Paul claps a fourth time.

Thazz asks, "Has anybody played all the '99 games?"
Tril claps for For a Change

dfan smiles for the camera.

andyf asks, "Can't we get one of those penguin-eating seals in here?"
Rob says, "dfan dfan he's the mfan"

Spatch says, "The award is gone! It must be brought! We have a nominee."

Adam asks, "Would someone stop the damn flood for a change?"

lpsmith cheers some more.

markm says (to mcp), "You can read him in the transcript"
neild exclaims, "Yeah, stop the flood for a change, alreadY!"

davec applauds again.

Lennier says, "I've only played the Contest games. Not the other ones that came out in 1999."

(from Sargent) GuyStuckInAChair says, "After the Rain, by Nelson."

neild says (to Adam), "Damn you"

GuyStuckInAChair says, "And the Water Puzzle, Break-In. By Jon Ingold."

bparrish says (to spatch), "Tee hee."

lpsmith exclaims (at Spatch@Adam), "Ha!"

DGlasser says, "This is weird, because I really loved the puzzles of Hunter, but I didn't find the Maze to be tricky at all. I spent maybe a minute on it, if that."

BoingBall says, "Well, at least it's not Rory"

dfan applauds

Iain says, "Oh, for a change? Missed that announcement. YAAAAY."

WeirdBeard claps.

lpsmith says, "Er, &."

Ellison says (to Sarge), "hee!"
betabug is puzzled. inky says (to DG), "mmhmm"
Thazz shouts, "Clone puzzle!"

Charon cheers.

(From Esrom) GuyStuckinAChair says, "And the menstruation puzzle, Stone Cell."

davec exclaims, "yay!"

Paul claps for the final time.

Iain says, "And YAAY for break-in."

Esrom heads back to the Comic Shop.

<Esrom> Esrom has disconnected from ifMUD.

HairBrain applauds.

lpsmith says (to DG), "There were actually two puzzles, depending on the setup."
<Esrom> Esrom has connected to ifMUD.

Tril blinks

lpsmith says, "One was (IMO) *much* easier than the other."

Iain asks, "Did someone boot esrom?"

Spatch says, "No spoofing the presenter, please."

Esrom has arrived.

andyf says (to lpsmith), "Yeah, that was one of the best features of the game."
Esrom says, "Sorry. I guess that was out of line." Lennier says, "Break In? Good grief. There are a billion non-contest games out there! I have been deprived! I seek restitution! Also, time to play stuff."
Spatch says, "Spoofing the presenter is mean."

Ellison says, "no more spoofs of presenter... many people aren't set @spy"

DGlasser says, "Maybe I did the easy one, then."
markm waits for it.

GuyStuckInAChair mutters a word under his breath and opens the envelope.

inky says, "mmhmm. to be precise, I played, got stuck someplace early on, restated, went the other way, had no problems"
Rob waits Gunther asks, "what IS the other way?"

Sargent says, "flip-flop."

Iain types "YAAY and poises hand over Return key. Ellison says, "hee"
BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall falls into a fold in space/time.

Ryan says (to Gunther), "Left."

devil says, "Actrually, you could explicitly spoof the person, if you wanted. Type in (from so-and-so)"

Marvin holds his breath for too long and passes out.

TenthStone continues to wait.

Gunther says, "not distinguishable"
BoingBall has arrived. DGlasser says (to devil), "That's what my as *: * does"

devil holds Marvin's breath

Iain (From devil) Iain says (to devil), "Who the fuck would do that?"

TenthStone exclaims (at BB), "yay success!" Gunther says, "leave out "" or something"

lpsmith says (to Gunther), "You can either shoot the wumpus at the beginning or not. That's the difference in the maze."

Gunther says (to lps), "oh!"

Sargent says, "I always said spider&web was good for tension." DGlasser asks, "On the first turn?"

lpsmith says, "Right."

mcp says, "let's move it along"

GuyStuckInAChair says, "The Maze! Hunter, in Darkness. by Andrew Plotki." Gunther says, "I never didn't"
markm says, "yay!!!!"

Rob applauds!

katre says, "woo!"

inky asks, "there's also a left-right difference at some point, yes?"
Thazz cheers wildly!

neild says, "Bring out the Interrogator to find out -- oh, there we go."

lpsmith exclaims, "Woo!"

Paul claps.

GuyStuckInAChair says, "with a n."

ddyte says, "yay!"

mcp groans
Iain says, "Woohoo! Er, YAAY!"

BoingBall asks, "Plotki?"

wolfie exclaims, "yay!"

Charon exclaims, "yay!!"

TenthStone exclaims, "Go Plotki!"

andyf huzzahs.

Gunther asks, "WOO?"

frob claps.

WeirdBeard applauds.

DGlasser exclaims, "Woo thing-I-found-unpuzzling in great game!"

dfan says, "Yow! Yay zarf!"

Esrom says, "Plotkin wins again..."

davec exclaims, "Congratulations Zarf!!!!"

Spatch says, "I love Plotki! They're so tasty."

lpsmith says (to inky), "That changes stuff, but not the maze. IIRC."
Rob says, "zarf's gonna love that"

Vobian checks his diary and sets aside time to play that.

Miseri says, "applause"

inky says (to Gunther), "With Out Oxygen"

TenthStone yays classical greek dish!

Marvin exclaims, "Yay! Woohoohoohoowoo!"

BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall falls into a fold in space/time.

schep applauds.

Lennier says, "Boo any kind of puzzle involving a maze! Also, must finish Hunter."

Sargent says, "I got zarf's 'N'! I got zarf's 'N'! I'm going to put this on my wall forever and ever!"

Gunther says (to inky), "yay"

Iain says, "YAAY best puzzle which cost the game four or five places in the comp! Now that's high art!"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

devil asks, "Well the real zarf please stand up?"
Dilbon says, "Um. Was the winner announced? I missed it."

andyf asks (of Spatch), "Zooplotki or phytoplotki?"

(From lpsmith) (from lpsmith) GuyStuckInAChair gives the award to himself.

TenthStone says (to Spatch), "damn you"

Sargent says, "Yay Hunter!"

Adam says, "People love mazes! Mazes for all!"

Sarinee wonders how to solve that darn maze

NamelessAdventurer asks, "Is there a Plotki in the house?"

GuyStuckInAChair says, "Andrew isn't here to accept the award, so I will just eat it myself."

Penguin says, "plotki, i am told, is a kind of herring. I like herring."

ddyte says, "First a suburban house wins best setting, now a maze wins best puzzle. Sheesh."
Grocible applauds.

(From Gunther) Guy esplodes!

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Individual Puzzle trophy to GuyStuckInAChair.

Ryan says (to Gunther), "I haven't played Hunter, so I have no idea what I'm talking about. I didn't realise that 'left' was actually an option in the game. Huh."
Rob says, "only zarf could get a puzzle award for a maze"

LoneCleric claps cluelessly.

inky asks, "phytoplotki is about that unicellular plant floating in the ocean that gets in an intentional car crash, right?"

Grocible says, "Gunther: I certainly don't."

GuyStuckInAChair takes a bite. "Mmm. Chocolaty."

Iain says (to Rob), "Hee. True."

GuyStuckInAChair goes backstage.

Spatch says, "yaaaay!"

lpsmith says, "And hunger and thirst wins best puzzles ;-)"
Esrom tries to sneak backstage, but is stopped by a burly security troll. Adam says (to lp), "Yay!"
Gunther says (to Grocible), "I thought I could call you 'Neil'" Sargent says, "I hear rybread is up to win best writing."
Ender says (to inky), "Hah!" Rob says, "hww"
DGlasser exclaims, "Recipe!"

NamelessAdventurer says, "Moving right along... To present the award for Best NPCs, we have..."

Gunther says (to DGlasser), "But DGlasser!! You need more!! Ingrrrrrredients!!"

NamelessAdventurer waits for the drumroll.

andyf says, "Anyone logging this? I missed Best Setting."
neild exclaims (at Gunther), "HA!"

FrankLeandro comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

BoingBall has arrived.

bparrish says, "Well, do we even need to..."

lpsmith rolls drum.

Iain says, "I don't think you did."

Sargent says (to andyf), "'x chalkboard'"

inky says, "x chalkoard"

wolfie exclaims, "drumroll!"

Penguin sounds the drumroll, as well.

inky says, "also, hasn't happened yet"
Gunther exclaims, "YAY FRANK!!!"

FrankLeandro leaps across the stage in an amazing display!

Thazz asks, "Out of curiousity, did _anybody_ besides me like the gypsum flower puzzle in Jewel?"

Ender says, "Somebody said they were logging earlier."

Grocible says, "Gunther: For a modest fee." Iain says (to Thazz), "No."
HairBrain cheers! Sargent says, "And I'm logging. Or, rather, Lieut is."

(from Gunther) Frank leaps on a grenade, esplodes!

inky says, "PerrySimm should belogging"

frob applauds.

Rob says, "yay"

WeirdBeard says, "I've been logging since before the doors were unlocked."
NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

markm rolls a grenade onto the stage.

Dilbon asks, "Have I seen Adam Cadre and Andrew Plotkin win XYZZY awards before?"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay Frank!"

inky says, "back later"

inky chirps, and the female responds "Screee."

<inky> "I think about travel," she told me. "How would I handle the absence of carrots?"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Esrom says (to Dilbon), "Yes. Every year."

Sargent says (to markm), "Hey! Leave me in my seat!"

neild says (to Dilbon), "Surely not."

DGlasser says (to Esrom), "Wrong."

BoingBall says (to Dilbon), "Well, they are The Masters."

devil says, "Enough for me. See you all later."
Marvin is tired from all the applauding, and finally decides to sit down.

devil disappears in a burst of flame

<devil> These days knitting is a great way to meet young women.

Iain says (to BB), "No, they're the Cybermen."

Esrom says (to DGlasser), "Well, almost every year."

FrankLeandro says, "Awright. I'm going to present the Award for best NPC."

Iain says, "Or possibly Daleks."

Rob claps

FrankLeandro says, "Rather, the best NPCs."

(From neild) Sargent says, "Also, only Misty's allowed to do that."

FrankLeandro says, "Sorry. It was my destiny to make a typo."

andyf says, "Hmm. I'm pleased about Aisle."
frob politely chuckles.

BoingBall asks, "OK. Who's this Frank guy?"

FrankLeandro says, "The nominees for best NPCs are:"

DGlasser asks, "Whizzard isn't here, is he?"
Dilbon says, "Go Frank go."

DGlasser says (to BB), "Avalon"

Gunther asks, "is this actually whiz?"
DGlasser says, "er, OAF"

FrankLeandro says, "A Day for Soft Food, by Tod Levi."

markm says (to Sargent), "You're not round enough to roll."

Rob claps

betabug asks, "Couldn't they get FrankZappa?"

Spatch says, "yay!"

DGlasser exclaims, "woo catz!"

wolfie exclaims, "yay!"

Spatch says, "meow meow meow!"

davec claps.

Charon cheers loudly.

Esrom applauds.

Sargent claps.

bparrish says, "Go Food."

Iain asks, "What NPC, though?"

Charon exclaims, "go kitties!!"

Paul exclaims, "Yay heart-attack guy!"

lurd says, "gotta run, later folks"
Rob tweets and whistles

Sargent says (to Iain), "The food."

neild sings "NOw and FOrever..."

FrankLeandro says, "The Frenetic Five vs. Mr. Redundancy Man, by Neil deMause"

Iain says, "YAY Enemy!"

lurd goes home.

katre says, "yay!"

ddyte says, "woohoo"

Rob claps!

Kiz says, "yay team!"

<lurd> Brown was seven when he put the index finger of his right hand into his uncle's corn shredder.

lpsmith cheers!

Esrom cheers.

davec claps!

Sargent claps and applauds.

Spatch says, "super duper!"

WeirdBeard claps.

BoingBall asks, "Hey, what about Little Ms. Unfortunate from outsided?"

neild exclaims, "Yay me! Also, my NPCs!"

DGlasser exclaims, "Yay F5! Yay F5!"

Rob says, "yay woo"

Paul exclaims, "Yay parody superheroes!"

Penguin unclaps.

FrankLeandro says, "The Muldoon Legacy, by Jon Ingold"

andyf claps, applauds, etc.

Rob says, "Excellent idea! Nominate FF2!"

Dilbon says, "F5 is my favourite key."

Iain applauds for Mr. Redundancy man, which is who Iain is applauding for.

Rob says, "I wouldn't have thought of that!"

WeirdBeard says, "Yey Newsboy!"

Charon cheers.

wolfie exclaims, "yay fortune teller lady!"

Paul exclaims, "Yay game I haven't played!"

HairBrain presses his function keys randomly.

davec applauds.

FrankLeandro says, "Varicella, by Adam Cadre"

Charon claps.

(From Gunther) HairBrain ATTACK MONSTER

Rob applauds for the third time

Paul exclaims, "Yay schemers!"

DGlasser exclaims, "Yay so many characters I can't count!"

davec hits his hands together.

andyf huzzahs.

(From Penguin) As a result of his experiments, HairBrain's computer crashes.

frob applauds nominees.

lpsmith claps and stuff.

HairBrain exclaims, "Yay universal nominees!"

Spatch says, "woo woo hoo!"

TenthStone says, "Cheers."

Iain says, "Oh, it's NPCs in general? Uh, YAAAY!"

Rob says, "mm, lots of npcs"

FrankLeandro says, "And Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton."

BoingBall says, "The only character ever in the history of IF to be only referrable by one, misspelled word."

Marvin exclaims, "General yayness!"

Esrom applauds.

Paul exclaims, "Yay cast of thousands!"

neild exclaims, "Yay game I couldn't understand!"

bparrish asks, "Wait, is this the award for the MOST NPC's?"

davec cheers!

WeirdBeard applaud

Charon cheers.

Spatch says, "hahaha"

frob applauds nominees again, having miscounted.

Rob claps for everyone

Iain says, "YAAAAAY real characters with their own motivations and stuff. In WA."

andyf woohoos.

Gunther says, "woo"

Sargent says, "Yay IF version of Cecil B. DeMille movie!"

Vobian lets loose a deafening cheer.

Rob says (to bparrish), "yay four in one!"

andyf says, "Haven't played it yet."
Penguin says (to bparrish), "no, just which game, overall, had the best NPCs."

Iain says (to Rob), "Hee."

FrankLeandro leaps on the envelope and opens it!

BoingBall claps applause.

Esrom says (to Rob), "That was last year."

HairBrain snickers.

Miseri rubs his ears and moves away from Vobian.

bparrish says (to penguin), "Gee. Thanks."

DGlasser laughs in general.

Penguin says, "speaking of npcs, I have a question."

Rob rolls his eyes

FrankLeandro exclaims, "And the XYZZY goes to - Varicella, by Adam Cadre!"

dfan asks, "Can we have an award for people who least get the joke?"

markm says, "yay!!!!"

BoingBall sighs.

Rob claps

DGlasser exclaims, "Yay Adam!"

davec applauds wildly!

ddyte says, "yay!!!"

mcp cheers

frob claps.

Gunther says (to dfan), "YAY!!!!"

Charon cheers!

HairBrain cheers.

Ryan wishes they still sold monkeys in small, easily concealable packages.

<Ryan> happiness, n: finding the owner of a lost bikini.

Paul cheers for Varicella.

<lpsmith> This is a significant day! I vocalize my joy with nonsense words!

<lpsmith> A lot of beautiful things disappear forever, because they do not begin with N.

lpsmith disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

BoingBall exclaims, "I mean, YAY!!!!!"

Spatch says, "Three games by Adam due at the ened of the awards!"

Tril applauds

lpsmith has arrived.

andyf appaluds.

schep cheers.

Charon exclaims, "gratz adam!!"

Gunther says (to Adam), "YAY!!!"

Kiz claps

wolfie exclaims, "yay again!"

dfan says, "Yay Varicella NPCs!"

Iain says, "Yay varicella!"

Adam says, "Thanks all!"

Iain says (to Spatch), "Hee."

WeirdBeard cheers.

Vobian puts his head in his hands.

<Thazz> Thazz shifts dimensions to a different universe

<Thazz> You hear the unearthly sounds of someone shifting dimensions. Yep, sounds like Thazz has connected.

(From neild) Adam says, "I'm not releasing any more games today, okay?"

lpsmith cheers!

(From Esrom) GilbertGottfried says, "There's a surprise for you! I think I'm going to have a heart attack and die from that surprise!"

ddyte says (to adam), "Just come and pick up the medals later this week"

LoneCleric claps cluelessly.

Iain says, "YAY the non-french chef. That was my favourite NPC."

Spatch says (to esrom), "he's toaded"

Adam says, "All the NPCs are grateful, but Guard #7504 is *really* choked up"

Penguin puts his hands in his head.

Marvin exclaims, "Yay Adam again!"

Adam asks, "Anyone have a tissue?"

DGlasser says (to Iain), "That was so funny."

Rob calls Guard #7504 a simpering milquetoast

Thazz exclaims, "Yay Worlds Apart! Yay Varicella! Yay Every game!"

FrankLeandro leaves the auditorium to the west.

Iain asks (of Adam), "Why, what are you planning to do?"

Gunther gives issue to Adam.

Penguin exclaims, "yay!"

bparrish exclaims, "YAY FOR EVERYTHING!!!"

neild says, "We need an award for Best Non-Winner."

<vaporware> Help wanted? Inquire within.

Rob says (to Iain), "Eegh"

Penguin exclaims, "Yay for me! I vote for my game!"

neild says, "Of course, then the universe would esplode."

Iain says (to bparrish), "You can't use multiple objects with that verb."

Esrom casts the mute spell on the toaded GilbertGottfried.

(From lpsmith) evilness says (to ben), "Hey, thanks."

Rob says (to lps), "smirk"

Adam hands tissue to #7504 and sits down

NamelessAdventurer gives Best NPCs trophy to Adam.

Gunther shoots Penguin some more.

schep checks to see if the channel still works.

Rob claps

Dilbon asks, "So, are the Lunatix categories next?"

lpsmith exclaims (at Dilbon), "That's so crazy!"

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "I have no idea what's next. I'll be right back!"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

WeirdBeard asks, "What are they, anyways?"
Iain says, "Best Lunatix? Dang, that'll be a close-fought category." HairBrain says, "And the award for Best Lunatix is..."

Gunther says, "LUNATIX-COUNT .EQ. 0"

Rob does a backflip.

bparrish asks, "How about Best Adam Cadre Game?"

Lennier asks, "So what's the point of the peanut gallery when everyone just uses the main room?"
markm laughs. HairBrain says, "Argh timing."
Esrom says (to Adam), "With your characterized PCs, you're putting NamelessAdventurer out of work." Rob says, "we're sloppy"
Ellison says (to bparrish), "I wonder who'd win that one"

Iain asks (of bparrish), "Or Best Adam Cadre?"

DGlasser says, "Yeah, you're right."
bparrish says, "Best Number Between 4 and 6." andyf says, "'Penguins are an important"
Iain says, "I can do a great Adam Cadre." WeirdBeard says, "To make fun of Penguin"
Rob says, "yay Four and One!" markm says, "Next time maybe we can have the mud auto-redirect stuff to the peanut-gallery channel"

Lennier says, "Lennier's picks for the rest of the XYZZY awards: Adam Cadre, Varicella, takes everything."

mcp says, "well, i was disappointed about HID's maze winning best puzzle. but i wouldn't express that publicly"

BoingBall says, "Well, at least we can say stuff about Penguin behind his back"

Miseri says (to Esrom), "Hey, Nameless had a cameo in my comp game....."

Miseri says (to Esrom), "Hey, Nameless had a cameo in my comp game....."

Adam says (to Iain), "Easy, thunder."

BoingBall says, "Timing"
Spatch says, "Yay Voricelli!"

the_key comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Gunther says (to markm), "excellent idea"

DGlasser says, "That's good idea."

the_key turns red, then green.

vaporware has arrived.

andyf asks, "'Penguins are an important part of the diet of some leopard seals in late January and February.' -- OK, where can we find one?"
bparrish says, "I love vermicelli." DGlasser says, "we shold have input filters or something by then"

davec claps politely.

Iain says, "Worlds Apart must win something."
Sargent laughs.

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Ellison claps

DGlasser asks (of Mis), "Where?"

neild asks, "What game is this from?"

bparrish says (to dfan), "You're all over this one."

Esrom claps.

Iain says, "Aarrgh, it'd be ironic if it wins best puzzles."
bparrish says, "DAMMIT" WeirdBeard asks, "The key??"
DGlasser says, "yay key"

Miseri says (to DGlasser), "help files: background."

wolfie says, "oh, it's the GuyStuckInAChair's lockpick"


Gunther says, "dfan MUST WIN"

WeirdBeard says, "Oh."

Lennier says, "very cool key."

BoingBall asks, "OK, which game haven't I played this time?"

Dilbon says, "yay Lunaxit"

lockpick becomes a lockick.

frob cheers.

davec claps.

dfan claps

Spatch says, "BOO TYPOS"

Gunther says (to BoingBall), "S&W"

neild exclaims, "I use Space Clearasil for my Lunazits!"


Iain says, "YAY someone who wrote a DOS game that doesn't completely suck!"

Lennier says, "Boo me, since I haven't played Lunatix. Oh wait, it's not a Z-machine game is it? Boo Lunatix then."
Charon exclaims, "yayyy!!"

davec claps.

Iain says, "And YAY someone who wrote a puzzle game that also doesn't completely suck!"

Sargent applauds.

dfan claps

wolfie says, "yay"

Charon cheers.

Marvin exclaims, "More general yayness!"


BoingBall exclaims, "Wohoo!"

dfan says, "Yay key for not misspelling Mulldoon!"

traevoli leaves the auditorium to the west.

Lennier says, "Being as I have Linux, and don't care to install an emulator just to play a DOS game."
Esrom cheers.

Iain says, "Er, and again. YAAAY!"

Spatch says, "Hey, my lockpick never blipped at me"

<traevoli> ... </traevoli>

Paul cheers.

wolfie says, "yay"

DGlasser says, "well, I haven't played any yet"

davec claps!

frob applauds the game he beta-tested.

WeirdBeard says, "Rah rah rah."

dfan says, "Also, yay Ballerina!"

Charon claps.

lockpick blips, VARICELLA, BY ADAM CADRE

Gunther asks, "ok, how is lockpick gonna open the envelope`?"
Charon cheers.

Penguin says, "Yay for the new US dollar coin, because it sounds cool when you drop it on my desk from about 1 cm up."

frob exclaims, "Yay!"

Spatch says, "Duh."
BoingBall says, "Oh, there's a shocker."

WeirdBeard cheers.

DGlasser says (to Spatch), "You need the craK3d version"

davec cheers.

Ellison asks, "what is lockpick from?"

andyf says, "It's not an envelope, it's a locked box."

Iain says, "(for posterity, I do actually mean 'not completely suck' as a compliment.)"

DGlasser exclaims, "Woo Vc!"

dfan says, "Woo"

Gunther says, "S&W"

Vobian prays that it doesn't win.

wolfie exclaims, "gee, wonder who'll win?!"

Esrom exclaims, "Yay!"

Ellison says, "I don't remember that"
davec cheers.

frob exclaims, "Woo!"

dfan says, "Woo Worlds Apart"

Iain says, "YAAY Worlds Apart! Even though it should win all the _other_ awards rather than this one!"

HairBrain cheers.

Charon exclaims, "yaayyyy!"

Marvin exclaims, "YAY!"

Vobian asks (of dfan), "For puzzles?"

lockpick positions itself on the envelope and turns green.

Lennier asks, "what is the award again?"

Sargent says, "Best puzzles."

DGlasser exclaims, "yay game I keep intending to finish!"

bparrish says, "Apparently some of us didn't read the nominee lists ahead of time. Me, mainly."

Rob claps for everyone

Lennier says, "ah, as opposed to best puzzle singular."
<lpsmith> This is a significant day! I vocalize my joy with nonsense words!

lpsmith has connected.

lpsmith disappears through an invisible gap in the MUD. You think you may have heard the sounds of chatting before the gap closed again.

Penguin says, "yay game i haven't heard of."

lpsmith has arrived.

<Ryan> I like children... but I couldn't eat a *WHOLE* one.

Ryan has arrived.


Ryan says, "Gaar."
markm says, "yay!!!!"

Gunther says, "WOO DEE HOO"

Rob claps!

Ellison says, "yay"

andyf says, "Yay!"

schep applauds.

lpsmith exclaims, "Arr! @disconnect showcase!"
Marvin exclaims, "Big ol' huge great whoops of yaying hurrahs!"

wolfie exclaims, "YAY!"

mcp applauds

dfan says, "Yay!!!"

Charon exclaims, "jooooyyyyyy!!!!!"

lpsmith cheers!

Paul applauds.

Esrom says (to Ryan), "Sorry. Sixfoot hasn't won anything yet."

Tril applauds

Rob says, "the people have spoken!"

frob cheers.

markm says, "That *ROCKS*!"

Miseri cheers heartily.

Spatch says, "wheeeeee!"

Penguin says (to bparrish), "Don't forget me. I didn't even know what was going on until i went to the lounge and noone was there."

DGlasser exclaims, "woo game I haven't played but people like!"

Iain says, "@set you=quiet, if you don't mind."
WeirdBeard says, "Yay Not Lunatix"

neild exclaims, "MULDOOOOOOOOOOON!"

davec cheers!

dfan says, "Also, Mulldoon has two L's!"

Ryan says (to Esrom), "D'oh."

Lennier says, "Mulldoon is a puzzle game? Hmm. Hope it's got help."
HairBrain exclaims, "Yaharr!"

BoingBall exclaims, "And the crowd goes wild!"

Adam asks, "The people have spoken, and they say: CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A HINT?"

Charon cheers loudly!

Vobian says, "Thank god for that."

Ryan says (to Esrom), "I can't understand it."

Thazz claps

Miseri stamps his feet, which are smoking somewhat.

Spatch says, "this lockpick sucks"

markm says (to Adam), "heh"

Ellison says, "oops, I forgot to remind Jalkio of the awards this year... he probably would've liked to see Mulldoon win"
Tril grins at Adam

bparrish forgets Penguin.

WeirdBeard says, "Yey Muldoon"

Rob says, "the sequel will be the Toody Legacy"

lockpick goes backstage.

BoingBall is smoking some what.

andyf asks, "Is Jon INgold online?"

lpsmith says, "I did a qconnect this time, for just that reason."

Rob says, "</obscure>"

Spatch asks, "PRIZE 54, WHERE ARE YOU?"

Iain says, "YAY MULLDOON"

Rob says, "Spatch always gets it!"

markm says, "good man"
Gunther clubs Penguin. No, wait, baby seal. Miseri says, "One of these days, I'm going to build a 3D model of the Mulldoon museum."
Iain says, "YAY best puzzles award to a game which actually has puzzles! How seemly."

LoneCleric claps, then realizes he's too late.

markm asks, "Because you can?"

Ellison says (to Miseri), "heh"

NamelessAdventurer waves the trophy. "Going once, going twice..."

bparrish says, "This place has the clap."

DGlasser asks, "Can I give a speech, then?"

Penguin pulls the monkey off his head. It jumps from his hands onto the ground.

Esrom asks (of Iain), "Is there such a word as seemly? Or is it like 'ept', 'gruntled', and such?"

NamelessAdventurer says (to DG), "Yeah, go for it."

markm asks (of DGlasser), "why not?"

Miseri says, "I just walked into the tropical rainforest room and went "wow!"."
NamelessAdventurer gives Best Puzzles trophy to DGlasser.

katre leaves the auditorium to the west.

BoingBall says, "He's not going to make it all better with a monkey reference."
Rob claps

Spatch says, "Yay DG!"

<katre> Hiding in that vat of mayo wasn't pleasant, but it worked!

dfan says, "Yay DGlasser!"

Sargent says, "I know what Jon would say if he were here: 'Why is Sargent talking for me?'"

Gunther says, "somebody please ban penguin"
DGlasser says, "Ahem. Well, thank you for voting for a game I haven't played."

neild exclaims (at DG), "Yay! Woohoo!"

DGlasser exclaims, "It's the best game I haven't played I ever didn't play!"

lpsmith laughs.

Paul cheers for DG's speech!

Rob claps and cheers

Spatch says, "that's the best speech ever!"

HairBrain cheers.

Sargent says (to DG), "Yay!"

markm humphfs.

DGlasser exclaims, "This is the best award I didn't win!"

HairBrain giggles.

Iain says (to DGlasser), "It's amazing that you wrote such a great game without once having to play it! You're a genius!"

DGlasser exclaims, "And hooray 1999!"

Charon cheers for DGlasser!

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Thank you, guy who didn't win anything!"

DGlasser steps down.

HairBrain exclaims, "Yaaay!"

Tril chuckles

Recchi exclaims, "G7@$$3R r0XX3d j00!!! yay!"
Rob eats some raisinets

frob mindlessly applauds 1999.

TenthStone highfives DGlasser.

Dilbon says (to DGlasser), "That was the best speech you never gave."

Lennier asks, "1999, wasn't that the year the moon exploded?"

Spatch says (to lennier), "YES!!"

Rob says, "yes"

markm says, "And there was green cheez for all."

K says, "I just keep mentally replaying footage of a killer whale throwing itself up on a beach to grab a penguin then flipping back into the water. It helps."

Penguin drops bogus XYZZY prize. BoingBall says (to markm), "yay"
Not a valid command. Try typing help.

NamelessAdventurer says, "And now, the award for Best Setting. To present the award, we have... hmmm..."

Ender says, "You mean 'esploded'. HTH. HAND."

Ellison asks, "okay, what's the ref?"

NamelessHorror comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

The gold plating is tattered.

andyf asks (of K), "May I suggest @gag?"
Iain says (to DGlasser), "If Jon Ingold had given that speech, he'd be really proud of you. Or something."

DGlasser says, "Next time I'll not prepare a better speech."

markm says, "Um"

Gunther destroys Penguin.

Thazz asks, "Has anybody played all the '99 games?"

Miseri falls off the window sill.

NamelessHorror says, "greetingz. me just shambled in from anchorhead."

HairBrain exclaims, "Yay Lovecraft demon!"

Gunther says (to ell), "space:1999"

Sargent says (to Ellison), "Space: 1999."

NamelessHorror says, "boy are me tentacles tired."

markm says (to Miseri), "Careful."

Esrom exclaims, "NamelessHorror! Loved you in Lurking Horror and Anchorhead!"

Ellison says (to andyf), "that's a good idea, and I've never @gagged anyone before"
NamelessHorror says, "but serious."

Paul claps.

Iain says (to Miseri), "If you're still playing Curses, try LOOK UNDER."

Charon hugs NamelessHorror.

Esrom applauds.

Sargent says, "That's no NamelessHorror! That's just NamelessAdventurer in a Halloween mask!"

WeirdBeard says, "Last year, I played IF a total of 9 minutes and 5 seconds."
Rob goes mad

Spatch says, "it's yor frend!"

Gunther pulls off NA-- DAMN YOU

neild pulls off the mask -- damn you Spatchj

andyf says (to Sargent), "Heh."

Paul exclaims (at sarge), "Yay!"

Miseri says (to Iain), "heh"

markm asks (of WeirdBeard), "What the hell are you doing on ifmud then?"
Esrom exclaims, "Ialda...oops, mustn't say the name!"

NamelessHorror says, "me everybody frend."

Ellison I was hoping that we could just @toad Penguin like LucFrench or something

Tril says, "And he would have gotten away with it too, if not for you damn kids"

Sargent says, "I played IF for 4 minutes and 32 seconds, and heard nothing."
Marvin asks, "Help! It's horrible, but I don't know what it is! What do I do?"

BoingBall sits back as everyone clambers to be the first to the Rybread joke.

neild exclaims, "Also, OH NO! IT'S PUMPKIN HEAD!"

NamelessHorror says, "me have list of nominees for best setting."

dfan says (to Ellison), "HA ha"

WeirdBeard says, "The company."

Iain says, "I played IF for exactly one minute sixty seconds."

Rob says (to ell), "good aim there"

DGlasser says, "Last year, I played the IF game four seconds"

Lennier says, "wrongs NamelessHorror's blood pumper"

betabug asks, "What about the spanish guy?" andyf says, "My favorite setting is 'Permanent press'."
NamelessHorror says, "Erehwon, by Richard Litherland"

markm says, "spanish fly"

Rob claps

lpsmith says (to Ell), "I like a channel! ;-)"

Sargent says, "Y'know, it'd take some guts to accept an award from NamelessHorror."

DGlasser exclaims, "yay math!" ddyte says, "yay andyf"
dfan says, "Woo Klein deserts"

davec applauds.

Charon claps.

Lennier says, "Erewhon? Damn, another game I've never heard of."

Ellison says, "oops"

neild says, "The Spanish Guy is my favorite Groc long-lost relative."

Sargent applauds.

Rob claps for a name that always looks like a bad anagram

Esrom applauds.

Ellison says, "my bad!"
NamelessHorror says, "For a Change, by Dan Schmidt"

Iain applauds.

bparrish cheers wildly and fires off several rounds.

Rob yAY

davec applauds.

Esrom says (to Rob), "Actually, it's a word spelled backwards."

Gunther says, "YAY"

lpsmith cheers.

Rob claps

andyf tries to toast Erehwon, but the champagne spills out of his Klein bottle.

Ender says, "Yay!"

WeirdBeard calps

andyf says, "Also, late."

Iain says, "Oh. oh . YAAAY FOR A CHANGE!"

BoingBall exclaims, "Yay!"

frob exclaims, "Yay!"

Spatch says, "suddenly the NamelessHorror develops the use of capital letters!"

WeirdBeard claps.

bparrish says, "FaC or DEATH."

Iain says, "As I I don't always YAY."

markm says (to Esrom), "That would be 'drowa'"

Tril cheers for For a Change

Marvin says, "!yaY"

Lennier exclaims, "Yay mile-high walls of water!"

mcp applauds

neild exclaims, "Yay all kinds of games scrolling by too fast!"

Ellison plays the Last Chord

Gunther says (to spatch), "it's rybread!!"

HairBrain cheers.

andyf yays dfan.

DGlasser's hands mobilize togetherness.

Esrom applauds.

NamelessHorror says, "Hunter, in Darkness, by Andrew Plotkin"

Sargent says (to DG), "Ha!"

BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall falls into a fold in space/time.

wolfie exclaims (at gunther), "aaaa! where?!"

Spatch says, "Yay darkness!"

WeirdBeard applauds.

Rob claps claps

Miseri asks, "heh. When I first saw the name "Erehwon", I thought it was a Victorian social commentary thingy. Who was it who wrote those books about "Erewhon"? Thomas Hardy? Dylan Thomas?"

Ellison asks, "what's Nameless Horror from again?"

Lennier exclaims, "Yay creepy stone caverns!"

lpsmith cheers!

Esrom cheers.

andyf shoots NamelessHorror. Oops, wrong monster.

Iain says, "YAY stuck in a throat of stone!"

Charon cheers loudly.

DGlasser exclaims, "yay colossal caves!"

dfan says, "Woo caves"

mcp claps

davec applauds!

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

BoingBall has arrived.

Esrom exclaims, "Yay homage!"

markm says, "Lurking Horror and Anchorhead"

Gunther says (to Ellison), "that crap game"

dfan asks, "Samuel Butler?"

BoingBall says, "Damn you, unregistered telnet client."

NamelessHorror says, "The Mulldoon Legacy, by Jon Ingold"

markm says (to BoingBall), "Get tf"

dfan says, "Woo museums"

WeirdBeard applauds.

Miseri says, "no idea. But I remember it was a classic ref."
Rob has no idea what the setting was in Mulldoon, but claps anyway

Penguin asks, "why is spider and web called tangle.z5?"

Charon says, "yaay!!1"

wolfie says, "yay"

Iain says (to andyf), "NamelessHorror would be a really bad drug, I guess."

Lennier says, "Oh now I remember Erewhon. Urrgh. And I tried so hard to forget. Best setting, I do *not* think."
davec yays. (from DGlasser) Gunther says, "oh, right. FUCK YOU"
markm says (to Penguin), "It's deliberate."

BoingBall says (to markm), "Bit late now."

lpsmith cheers.

Iain says, "Mulldoon had writing _and_ puzzles? Woo. Must play. YAAY."

bparrish says, ""spiderandweb" is more than 8 characters."

markm says (to BoingBall), "Not for next year."

Spatch says, "writing, puzzles AND setting"

neild says (to Iain), "This is Setting"

Charon hates Penguin.

Esrom asks (of Penguin), "Isn't it MY job to ask silly questions and get silly answers?"

Gunther shoots DGlasser. THUNK.
BoingBall says (to Charon), "Join the club."

wolfie exclaims, "The award for Best Question Asker goes to Penguin!"

Spatch says, "Ok, folks, mindless chatter in #peanut-gallery please"

Miseri exclaims, "OOo! Yay Tropical Rainforest Room!"

NamelessHorror says, "Winter Wonderland, by Laura Knauth"

Iain says, "And setting? Er. Yay anyway."

davec claps.

Esrom exclaims, "Hooray Winter Wonderland!"

wolfie says, "yay"

frob claps.

Spatch says, "Clapping and cheering in the auditorium."

Ryan says (to Penguin), "Because zarf is immensely more clever than anyone else on the planet."

Rob claps

neild exclaims, "Yay Laura!"

Charon exclaims, "woo!!"

bparrish says (to spatch), "This would be a very quiet ceremony."

Spatch says, "Yay Laura!!"

Esrom applauds wildly.

WeirdBeard says, "I've lost track."

TenthStone exclaims, "yay!"

Rob says, "yay laura"

Lennier says, "Winter Wonderland? Hmm. Might play it sometime."
dfan says, "Yay Winter Wonderland"

BoingBall says, "Best game of comp99, apparently."

Esrom exclaims, "Yay Laura!"

Penguin says, "I liked Winterwonderland"

neild has joined the channel.
Marvin exclaims, "Yayay!"

HairBrain exclaims, "Yaharr!"

Esrom says, "I think Winter Wonderland is Laura's best work yet."

Ellison says, "yay Laura!"

Vobian asks, "Did I miss Worlds Apart, or was it not there?"

Charon slaps Lennier.

markm says (to neild), "Bit late for that, slacker."

wavydavy says, "go w-w"

NamelessHorror says, "and Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton."

lpsmith cheers!

Tril says (to esrom), "Absolutely"

andyf chatters mindlessly.

neild says, "I didn't know we were using it."

Vobian cheers for the only worthy nominee.

Esrom says (to Vobian), "It's there."

HairBrain exclaims, "Woo hoo!"

davec cheers!

Penguin gets bogus XYZZY prize.

Miseri says, "As I said, I walked into the Tropical Rainforest Room in Mulldoon and went "wow!". Yay best setting nomination."

Rob says (to neild), "it's what the channel is ostensibly for"

Iain asks, "Is this best writing or best setting?" Gunther says, "only for the last three years"
lpsmith cheers some more!

dfan says, "Woo neat Worlds Apart world"

Penguin calls out to his fellow Penguins, recieves a directional signal, and swims off.

neild says, "Also, Perry's not on here, so it's not getting logged."
Iain says, "Either way, ROOT FOR WORLDS APART YAAY and so on."

NamelessHorror tears the envelope apart in a truly stomach-wrenching display.

BoingBall exclaims, "Yay!"

Lennier exclaims, "YAY fantasy sci-fi island place!"

Penguin has arrived.

Esrom says (to Iain), "I think it's best setting... but so much goes by I've lost track."

markm is logging it.
Adam says, "De futuristic plane!" neild says, "Everyone hated it last year, so I figured we weren't using it this year."
Iain says, "wawawawawawa"

andyf says (to Adam), "Heh."

Rob asks, "hated it?"

markm says, "Really? Hm."

Rob says, "we always use it."

neild says, "I only heard negative comments."

lpsmith asks, "Huh?"

Rob asks, "from whom?"

Gunther says, "Eeeagh! Iron bird!"

Ryan says, "Also, way lag."

Paul cheers for all five games at once!

NamelessHorror says, "winner of best Setting is Hunter, in Darkness, by Andrew Plotkin"

neild says (to Rob), "For values of 'always' = 'once'"

lpsmith asks, "About the channel? Or about the ceremony?"

ddyte says, "yay" WeirdBeard asks, "Well, wasn't it newish then?"
schep exclaims, "yay!"

Charon exclaims, "yaaay!!"

wolfie says, "yay"

mcp claps

Penguin exclaims, "yay hunter!"

bparrish says, "Hmm."

Charon cheers.

Tril claps

andyf tries to clap, but there's no room.

Iain claps.

Thazz cheers!

Spatch says, "Yay darkness!!!"

ddyte says, "yay stolen puzzle, setting"

Gunther says, "mmf"

Paul then for the sixth too, sheepishly.

davec exclaims, "Congratulations Zarf!"

Rob says, "only zarf could win an award for setting a game in caves"

frob exclaims, "Yay!"

TenthStone cheers another Grandmaster win.

dfan claps

WeirdBeard applauds.

(from markm) neild says, "From Esrom, and LucFrench"
lpsmith cheers!

Sargent applauds.

Lennier says, "Booooo! For Worlds Apart not winning. Mild Yay for Hunter, since it was so cool."
Esrom says, "Yay! Even though I voted for Winter Wonderland..."

Iain says (to Rob), "There's a pattern here."

HairBrain claps.

Vobian quitely begins to cry.

Paul cheers for Hunter. Ok, so I'm lagging a bit.

markm says, "yay"

bparrish gives dfan a fifth of bourbon.

NamelessHorror says, "me hope hunter in darkness not come and hunt me."

lpsmith says, "Hey, suburban house, inna cave... I'm writing a college game next year."

(From Esrom) Pinky exclaims, "Zarf!"

Ellison says, "well, I hated #peanut-gallery because despite its creation, most people still didn't use it"
Penguin says (to rob), "only zarf could win so many awards, and do so much other stuff, and only zarf could, oh, heck, forget it"

Rob says, "only zarf could win two awards for writing 'hunt the wumpus'"

Iain says, "Hmmm."
NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

Spatch says, "My game next year will involve dragons!"

Miseri laughs.

LoneCleric claps cluelessy, and swears to himself than next year he'll actually know about the entries...

DGlasser has disconnected.

DGlasser has connected.

markm says, "That can be fixed for next year."
DGlasser says, "modem-sux"

Adam jumps on stage

Rob says, "I will hurry to rush out a derivative clone game!"

NamelessHorror shambles on backstage.

lpsmith says (to spatch), "For best NPC's! ;-)"

NamelessHorror goes backstage.

BoingBall says, "Only zarf makes it possible."

Iain asks, "HiD does not bad in the comp, then scoops awards when the author is revealed?"
NamelessAdventurer says, "Next up: Best Story! Speaking of which, I have a story..." Iain is slightly suspicious.
DGlasser exclaims, "yay zarf!" Iain says, "But you knew that."

Rob says, "Me too."

Thazz exclaims, "You know, I think I'll be able to stay until just before Best Game is announced... Aggh!"

DGlasser asks, "Was there a speech?"

Adam says, "Okay, here are the nominees for Best Story:"

Penguin asks, "is frenetic five Zcode or TADS?"

Esrom says (to NamelessAdventurer), "We've already heard of your GUE exploits several times."

Vobian says, "WA *has* to win this one."
davec exclaims, "Ooh.. I like stories!"

Lennier says, "Yay story."

Charon shoots NamelessAdventurer.

lpsmith says, "I think it has to do with the maze."
NamelessAdventurer says, "But I'll save it for later. Now, here's our next presenter..." Gunther says, "ok, next year all but 'WOO' and 'clap' must be banned to #peanut-gallery"
Adam says, "Aisle by Sam Barlow, the BEST STORY EVER about gnocchi!"

Esrom cheers.

dfan applauds!

Iain says, "WA for best story. Must be."
Charon cheers.

Rob applauds

davec says, "mmm... gnocchi..."

Adam says, "Common Ground by Stephen Granade, the BEST STORY EVER about fixing a toaster!"

Rob claps!

markm chuckles.

DGlasser laughs.

Gunther says, "hmm"
Iain says, "YAAY!"

dfan says, "Woo Common Ground!"

schep asks, "uh?"
HairBrain yays!

wavydavy says, "I love gnocchi"

Penguin asks, "wasn't this supposed to start at 4, eastern time?"

davec exclaims, "yay!"

Charon exclaims, "wooo!! go common ground!"

vaporware waves.

Esrom exclaims (at Adam), "Or about taking a bus to LA to become an...mustn't spoil it!"

vaporware goes home.

<vaporware> Your singing voice is thin and reedy, and you smell funny when you're wet.

Spatch says, "yaaaay!"

andyf toasts some gnocchi.

Adam says, "Lunatix: the Insanity Circle by Mike Snyder, the BEST STORY EVER about a guy named Jesus!"

Rob applauds

wolfie says (to penguin), "it did"

Gunther says (to penguin), "IT HAS"

Charon cheers wildly.

Esrom heads back to the Comic Shop.

<Esrom> Esrom has disconnected from ifMUD.

WeirdBeard says (to penguin), "It did."

Vobian says, "I might be considered biased though. Having only player it."
Iain says, "YAAY blasphemy!"

lpsmith exclaims (at Adam), "The greatest IF ever told!"

davec claps!

Rob says, "no, that's the Greatest Story Ever Told"

Iain says (to lpsmith), "Hee!"

dfan says, "Woo"

<Esrom> Esrom has connected to ifMUD.

Sargent says, "I forgot Jesus was in Lunatix. It really is the greatest story ever told."

Lennier asks, "Now why didn't the Toaster from Common Ground get nominated for best NPC?"

Adam says, "The Mulldoon Legacy by Jon Ingold, the BEST STORY EVER about the Mulldoon Legacy!"

Penguin says (to weirdbeard), "Well, then I must have my time zones wrong."

Spatch says, "YAAAAY!"

Rob claps!

Gunther says, "hee"

ddyte says, "Greatest Story Ever Coded"
Rob laughs

Esrom has arrived.

Charon says, "hehe"

davec claps.

dfan says, "Yay Mulldoon"

lpsmith exclaims, "Ha! I beat you all!"

Rob says, "grr"

Esrom says, "Sorry."

Charon cheers.

Iain says, "YAAAY best story about solving many many puzzles!"

DGlasser is on the floor.

Adam says, "Varicella by, er, some guy, the BEST STORY EVER about Woodrow Smallpox!"

Spatch says, "Greatest Story Ever @Toad"
TenthStone exclaims, "Yay 4 standard plots!" Sargent says, "Yes, but I used #peanut-gallery. So nya nya."
dfan says, "Yay Smallpox!" Ellison says, "this is really bringing out the worst of all annoying people... I usually can handle Esrom"
Rob says, "huzzah"

Charon applauds loudly.

Adam says, "Worlds Apart by Suzanne Britton, the BEST STORY EVER about jinna trees!"

Vobian cheers for the only game he played!

Rob claps

Esrom cheers.

davec cheers!

Charon cheers!

Iain says, "YAY WORLDS APART!"

Gunther >Z...

Paul claps for Worlds Apart.

dfan says, "Woo Worlds Apart!"

Emily exclaims, "Woo!"

HairBrain wibbles cheeringly.

Iain roots in the polite sense.

Lennier exclaims, "Yay Jinna trees! Also, yay feral dolphins!"
Rob willomies

andyf says (to Iain), "Heh."

DGlasser says, "This is a random time, but Common Ground .... Figure and Ground.... hmm"
Rob fallumphs Gunther says, "...varicella..."
Spatch asks, "What about the BEST STORY EVER involving the top of the empire state building?"

DGlasser roots like a tree.

BoingBall hurrumphs.

markm waits patiently.

Iain roots like a rabbit. No, hang on.

markm chuckles.

bparrish routes like a Cisco.

Miseri says (to Spatch), "You mean "Where's Ghogg"? Haven't played it."

Iain says, "Ha!"

markm buggers like a buggy.

Adam says, "And the winner is: WORLDS APART!"

Gunther routes like a Router.
Rob says, "YAY!"

Iain says, "YAAAAAAY!"

andyf says, "Yay!"

Spatch says, "YAAAAAAAY!!!!"

dfan says, "Yay!!"

lpsmith cheers!

wolfie exclaims, "yay!"

Penguin flaps his flippers.

markm says, "yay!!!"

Tril exclaims, "Woohoo!"

ddyte says, "yay!!!"

Charon exclaims, "woooo!!!!!"

HairBrain cheers!

Kiz says, "yay!"

lpsmith exclaims, "Woo-hoo!"

Iain says, "Woooohoo!"

schep applauds.

frob cheers wildly!

Miseri cheers and claps.

DGlasser exclaims, "YAY! Now I go finish it!"

Charon exclaims, "YAYYY~!!!!!"

Vobian screams at the top of his voice!

betabug exclaims, "Yippie!"

davec cheers wildly! YAAAAAAAY!

Marvin exclaims, "Yay!"

BoingBall says, "Yay"

Esrom cheers loudly!

Lennier exclaims, "YAY WORLDS APART finally getting something!"

Iain says, "SPEECH!"

Esrom exclaims, "Yay!"

Tril leaps

mcp claps

Rob says, "ok, that was a good one"

LoneCleric claps

Charon cheers really really loud!!!

Esrom says (to Tril), "Congrats."

Emily claps

neild tries to cheer, but the cheering lags his client


mcp c'laps
TenthStone exclaims, "Oh, this was an actual presentation? Um... Yay!"

WeirdBeard claps.

Grocible claps

Charon slaps Tril on the back.

Grocible says, "Woohoo!"

(from markm) mc'laps

WeirdBeard asks, "What did it win?"

Adam says, "Speech! Speech!"

Rob says, "yay!"

Lennier says, "wb Best Story."
Tril says, "I was going to thank all my beta-testers, but I only recognize one of them :-)"

Charon exclaims, "yes, speech!"

Iain says (to Tril), "Excellent. Now speech, recipe."

markm says, "An award for best story."
Rob claps and whistles

neild exclaims, "Yay Tril!"

Tril points at Paul accusingly

WeirdBeard says, "Ah."
NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

wolfie exclaims, "yay paul!"

Thazz exclaims, "YAHOO!"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Paul raises his hands in the "I'm not worthy" gesture.

markm says (to Tril), "Congrats"

Rob says, "speeeech"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

dfan says, "Best Use of Beta Tester!"

Ellison says (to Tril), "congratulations!"

markm asks, "What's next?"

Iain says (to dfan), "Hee."

andyf says (to dfan), "Best use of Beta Carotene."

BoingBall asks, "He's got stage fright half-way through the awards?"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Story trophy to Tril.

(From Esrom) Tril says, "I'm going to Disneyland!"

HairBrain exclaims, "Speech! Speech! Speech!"

Mike_Kinyon says (to dfan), "I'll take that, thankyouverymuch."

markm says, "Spatch Spatch Spatch!"

neild exclaims, "Speech by someone not Adam or Zarf, please!"

markm says, "heh"

DGlasser asks (of Tril), "You know you'd better write more games, right?"

Iain asks (of Tril), "Was there a suggestion that there might be a sequel?"

Tril says, "Er, and thanks to my husband for putting up with my all-nighter programming sessions for several years ;-) And that's all, I guess."

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay!"

markm applauds.

mcp claps

Rob claps

Charon exclaims, "wooo!!!"

neild exclaims, "Woo!"

Kiz says, "yuy all-nighters!"

Tril says, "There will be a sequel if it kills me"

Charon cheers!

Rob says, "mr. tril"

frob claps.

Iain says (to Tril), "Yaaay!"

davec exclaims, "Yay for Mike Britton!"

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay killing tril!"

BoingBall claps once.

Esrom claps.

markm says (to Tril), "cool"

Paul claps and hopes the sequel is non-fatal.

neild kills Tril to get a sequel. Wait, that's not right.

TenthStone exclaims (at Tril), "Yay death!"

DGlasser asks, "hmm, did tril get married in the books?"

betabug feels good!

Emily exclaims, "Yay sequel!"

Tril smiles

Thazz exclaims (at Tril), "you _are_ going to write several smaller games in the intervening years until the sequel, right!"

Grocible asks, "Tril: Haven't you been writing Worlds Apart universe stuff since you were a kid or something?"

NamelessAdventurer says, "So the next award is for Best Writing."

Rob says, "yay writing"

HairBrain claps.

Rob claps.

Tril says (to grocible), "Yup"

bparrish says, "Most Good Writing."

Esrom says, "Drumroll..."

Charon says, "writing is good"

Lennier says, "Yay written language."

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "We all like writing, right? Let's give it up for writing!"

Grocible says, "Tril: Years of labour finally pay off, eh? :)"

Gunther asks, "FaC... please?"
frob roots for FAC.

markm says, "Bestest ritin'."

Iain says (to Tril), "Hang on, you might be up for another award here."

Adam says, "Okay, lessee..."

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Writing is in the house!"

Esrom exclaims, "Yay, writing!"

Spatch says (to bparrish), "Goodest writing"

Adam finds the writing nominees

andyf asks, "How about Worst Handwriting?"
Gunther says, "F! A! C!"

BoingBall says, "The writing's on the wall"

DGlasser says (to NA), "YM "hizouse""

Paul says, "Me like writing"
Tril says (to thrazz), "Well, I've got my eye on next year's comp ;-)"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

Adam says, "All right, here we go"

Tril says, "Thanks, everyone."

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

markm asks, "How come adam's being forced to do most of the work?"

Tril hushes up

Adam says, "The nominees are:"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Writing nominees to Adam.

Gunther says (to markm), "he won it all"

DGlasser says (to markm), "I hope he's paid well."

Spatch says (to markm), "Because they repealed the child labor laws"

lpsmith says (to markm), "Cause he, like, won last year and stuff."

Spatch says, "And we can't get Kathie Lee's kids in"

DGlasser says, "also, Spatch's was better"

Adam says, "Exhibition by Ian Finley, the BEST STORY EVER that I almost typoed in announcing!"

Rob claps.

HairBrain cheers.

davec claps.

WeirdBeard claps.

Charon claps.

andyf claps

Lennier claps

Esrom claps.

Gunther exclaims, "woo!"

DGlasser exclaims (at Adam), "YM "BEST WRITING EVER", but claps anyway!"

Iain says, "YAY Adam making exhibition of himself!"

Marvin says, "Yay."

markm says, "This is best ritin', though."

TenthStone asks, "So Rybread is just engaged in a conspiracy to avoid work?"

Adam says, "For a Change by Dan Schmidt, the BEST STORY EVER about thoughts and uses!"

Rob says, "Best writing ever? hm."
Gunther says, "YAAAAAAAY"

Rob says, "yay!"

frob cheers.

Marvin says, "Woohoo."

bparrish says, "ding ding ding"

Rob claps.

Kiz says, "yay strangeness!"

lpsmith cheers!

Gunther says, "WOOO"

davec claps.

Charon cheers.

andyf woohoos!

WeirdBeard cheers.

DGlasser's hands animate togethher.

Adam says, "Lunatix: the Insanity Circle by Mike Snyder"

Rob claps.

Iain asks, "Is this writing or story? Is there a difference? Is people going to say YAY again?"

Marvin says, "Ra ra ra."

Adam says, "(already told y'all about that one)"

HairBrain whoopies.

WeirdBeard falls over.

BoingBall says, "varicella's got to be in there"

Lennier intends langourously toward the writing.
Adam says, "(and also these)"

Spatch says, "The BEST GAME EVER that Adam couldn't categorize"

Paul cheers for Adam's wacky presenting style.

davec claps.

Adam says, "Varicella by, er, me"

Rob claps.

BoingBall exclaims, "And I was right! Yay!"

bparrish says, "Yay."

WeirdBeard applauds.

Charon exclaims, "yaay!!!"

Paul also cheers for the games.

neild asks, "Who's Erme?"

TenthStone exclaims, "yay!"

davec claps.

Adam says, "and Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton"

(From DGlasser) Adam says, "The BEST ME EVER"

Sargent says, "The BEST GAME EVER that Adam wants you to vote for."

Marvin says, "Woohoo."

Charon cheers!

Rob claps.

andyf claps.

Adam says, "And the winner is......"

Esrom cheers.

Iain asks (of neild), "e e cummings?"

Charon exclaims, "yay!"

Adam says, "FOR A CHANGE!"

markm says, "A nom shouldn't present the award. That ain't right."

Lennier says, "Yay pasta-based linguistics."

Kiz says, "YAY!"

bparrish says, "Awright."

Esrom applauds!

Gunther exclaims, "YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!"

wolfie says, "yay"

TenthStone exclaims, "yay!"

ddyte says, "woohoo!!!!"

Emily exclaims, "Yay!"

Rob claps!!!!!!

Iain says, "YAAAAY! FOR A CHANGE!"

Charon says, "eh? yay."

schep applauds.

mcp applauds

frob exclaims, "Yay! Yay! Yay!"

Sargent cheers.

Gunther says, "FINALLY!!!"

Spatch says, "IT WINS FOR A CHANGE!!!"

andyf says, "Woohoo!"

markm says (to dfan), "well done, dude"

HairBrain exclaims, "Yeeeeha!"

neild exclaims, "Yay dfan!"

Vobian sighs.

Rob says, "no way! YAY!"

davec exclaims, "YAAAY!"

lpsmith cheers!

Marvin exclaims, "YAY! HURRAH! WOOHOO!"

BoingBall exclaims, "Yay FAC writing!"

Adam says, "Yay thoughts and uses!"

Rob says, "WHEEEE!! <whistle>"

Miseri exclaims, "Cheers!"

Charon exclaims, "yaayy!!!"

markm says (to dfan), "speeeeech!"

Grocible applauds.

Gunther says (to dfan), "HURRAH! SPEECH! SPEECH!"

dfan aspires fortunately to the podium.

Lennier exclaims, "Yay handlefish!"

Tril applauds her favorite comp game!


Grocible says, "Congrats, dfan!"

Spatch says, "FOR A SPEECH!!"

bparrish exclaims, "I LOVE ALL!!!!!!!"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Writing trophy to dfan.

markm says (to Spatch), "heh"

Rob says, "deef! deef! deef! deef!"

Paul uses a fancy cheer.

Marvin exclaims, "SPEECH!"

BoingBall says, ">love all"

WeirdBeard claps, cheers, and applauds.

dfan says, "Wow, yay."

Gunther says (to BoingBall), "you can't use multiple..."

Rob says, "hee 'aspires fortunately'"
markm says (to BoingBall), "You can't use multiple nouns with that verb."

dfan says, "I do have a thanks:"

markm says (to dfan), "speeeeech!"

BoingBall says, "I'll do what I like."

Iain says, "Hee, yes."

Gunther says (to markm), "HA ha"

mcp exclaims, "dfan with the toolman!"

Miseri says (to markm), "Or you can't use multiple verbs with that noun."

Ellison says, "yay dfan!"

Rob hoots and stomps

Thazz exclaims, "Yay! FAC is awesome!"

Lennier asks, "FAC?"
markm says, "Just the FACs." andyf says, "For A Change."
mcp exclaims, "snow to your heels! haha, beer!" boucher says, "What's more, the surgeon general warns against the dangers of using multiple nouns with that verb."
Esrom says (to Miseri), "I think it's 'direct objects'..."

dfan says, "I want to thank the whole raif community, because if it didn't exist I never would have written a game at all."

lpsmith says, "Read the FAC."
Rob says, "yay us!"

Kiz says, "yay everyone!"

mcp applauds

Spatch says, "Everybody Thanked!"

Gunther cheers!

Esrom exclaims, "Yay!"

bparrish says, "> THANK ALL"

BoingBall says, "Read the FACin' manual."

Lennier says, "Ah, For A Quange."

Paul applauds for everybody

Charon exclaims, "yaay!"

dfan says, "I think it's just the coolest thing that we all hang out and write games and stuff."

markm says, "I only read rgif."

Marvin exclaims, "Yay! Yay me! Yay!"

Sargent says, "This Just In: Everone Thanked Again!"

Esrom exclaims, "Yay IF!"

HairBrain exclaims, "Yay everybody!"

Ender drips fish juice all over himself. Yum.
BoingBall exclaims (at dfan), "Yay!"

Rob says, "yay!"

NamelessAdventurer goes backstage.

HairBrain exclaims, "Yay dfan!"

Paul says (to sarge), "Heh."

dfan sits down.

Rob says, "oh the humility!"

HairBrain exclaims, "Yay all-embracing speech!"

Lennier exclaims, "Area MUDder Thanks Area MUD!"
Marvin says, "Yeah, andd yay everyone else, too."

TenthStone exclaims, "Yay honest universal gratitude!"

NamelessAdventurer comes out on stage from behind the curtain.

frob applauds.

Gunther nominates dfan for BEST SPEECH EVER

Rob claps

mcp applauds some more

bparrish says, "You forgot to thank your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

andyf asks, "Area MUDslinging?"
DGlasser has disconnected.

DGlasser has connected.

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Game nominees to eileen.

DGlasser says, "eek, cwsa"

Spatch says, "don't forget to thank Coke as well"

Thazz exclaims, "Just hurry up and announce Worlds Apart for Best Game!"

Gunther says, "oo! oo!"

Lennier exclaims, "Area MUD slung!"
DGlasser exclaims (at Dan), "Yay!"

markm says, "Coke is it, dude."

wolfie says, "yay eileen"

(From Adam) Kurt Warner says, "Yeah, thank JEEEEEZUUUUS!"

Iain asks (of bparrish), "Are you thinking of Lunatix again?"

Vobian cheers Thazz.

markm says (to Adam), "heh"

Charon rolls in the mud.

Gunther says, "lunatix count: 0"
Miseri says, "The moment we've been waiting for...."

Rob says, "yarr woo tweeet"

bparrish asks (of miseri), "Refreshments?"

Esrom asks, "Drumroll?"

markm says, "Kurt Warner looks like my brother-in-law."

Lennier says, "readies a preemptive Yay"
NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "So to announce the winner of the BEST GAME THAT IS THE BEST GAME, here's Eileen!"

Adam says, "And here's Eileen, the BEST PRESENTER EVER"

bparrish says, "Lunch, one hour."

Paul waits with bated breath.

Adam says, "Damn, scooped"

Iain guesses Varicella, roots Worlds Apart.

markm says, "Yay!"

Miseri says (to bparrish), "champagne and caviar, no less."

Lennier exclaims, "YAY EILEEN!"

andyf says, "Yay Eileen!"

lpsmith exclaims, "Woo-hoo!"

Gunther says, "=EILEEN="

BoingBall baits with waited breath.

Rob claps

markm says, "Only 1.5 hrs so far. We're running early."
WeirdBeard says, "YEEY!"

ddyte says, "Yay person who paid for the medals!"

Esrom exclaims, "Yay Eileen!"

TenthStone asks, "Yay intermission!!?"

Spatch says, "speedIF! speedIF! speedIF!"

eileen exclaims, "And now... the moment you've all been waiting for...!"

lpsmith chants Ei-leen Ei-leen Ei-leen!

DGlasser exclaims, "It's everybody's favorite zinester except maybe Paul!"

markm says (to Spatch), "ha!"

schep cheers.

BoingBall has disconnected.

BoingBall falls into a fold in space/time.

Charon agrees with Iain.

Gunther roots FAC, if indeed it's nominated.

neild asks, "Did we really go through all the awards?"
boucher has accumulated all of his cheering up until now into one "Yay!" for your convenince.

DGlasser says, "obviously BB wasn't waiting for it"

andyf says, "All but Best Game, I think."
markm says, "OK, after the ceremony, everyone has to write an IF game in less than two hours." ddyte says, "well, adam and zarf did"

neild says, "That was speedy"

BoingBall has arrived. Vobian says, "I thought it would take a lot longer than this."

neild says (to dd), "heh"

Gunther says (to markm), "Adam wins!"

Marvin exclaims, "Yay everything and everybody all over again!"

bparrish says, "I don't know how."

DGlasser says (to markm), "Sounds good."

(From Iain) Adam says (to markm), "Well, that was my plan."

neild says (to Vobian), "That's what -- er, never mind"
Rob says (to Gunther), "heheh"

markm says (to Iain), "heh"

eileen says, "The nominees for BEST GAME of 1999..."

Rob claps!

markm says (to eileen), "yay!"

Spatch says, "The BEST GAME EVER from 1999!"

Gunther says, "YAAY"

Iain says, "YAY CHEF!"

wolfie exclaims, "yay!"

Rob says, "the bestest and the shiniest"

Gunther says (to Iain), "YAY"

davec exclaims, "ooh, this exciting!"

Lennier exclaims, "Space:1999 The IF Game!"
neild exclaims, "CHEF! CHEF! CHEF! CHEF!"

dfan says, "CHEF!"

DGlasser exclaims (at Iain), "You must have the PASTA before you can YAY!"

bparrish says, "Chiz-ef"

eileen says, "For A Change, by Dan Schmidt"

andyf says, "IRON CHEF!"

Rob says, "YAY!"

markm says, "yay!"

Gunther falls over.

Lennier exclaims, "End of Days the IF Game!"
Spatch says, "YAY IRON CHEF!"

wolfie says, "yay"

Esrom exclaims, "Yay!"


Iain says (to DGlasser), "Fell over laughing. Grr."

TenthStone says, "Yay"

frob claps.

Vobian says, "Just imagine that I don't read what other people write."
WeirdBeard applauds.

HairBrain exclaims, "Mahau!"

davec claps.

Paul yahoo FAC!

Charon exclaims, "yay!"

Ellison says, "'You hear a tingle from Seattle!!!'"

ddyte says, "For a Chef"

Lennier exclaims, "Strange Days the IF Game!"

Charon drops a rectal thermometer.

(From Gunther) You hear dfan from north!

BoingBall says, "I'll bet anyone Varicella's in this one aswell."

Paul meant to say that last thing, but oh well.

boucher wonders what the job of BackstageFlunky is

Lennier exclaims, "Until the End of the World, the IF Game!"

neild exclaims (at Ell), "Yay!"

Esrom says (to BoingBall), "It's a safe bet."

wolfie exclaims (at BB), "of course!"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay dfan!"

BoingBall says, "any_thing_, that is."

mcp claps

lpsmith cheers!

Iain says (to boucher), "Maybe they have lots of tests someone has to fail."
eileen says, "Lunatix: The Insanity Circle, by Mike Snyder"

markm says, "yay! yay!"

Esrom says (to BoingBall), "I wouldn't bet against it."

Paul claps.

TenthStone asks (of BB), "Shirt to go with pants?"

Gunther says (to boucher), "try going backstage"
Rob claps.

wolfie says, "yay"

davec applauds.

lpsmith exclaims, "Yay Jesus!"

Charon claps.

andyf says, "woohoo!"

Esrom claps.

eileen says, "The Mulldoon Legacy, by Jon Ingold"

Ellison says, "praise Jesus!"

frob cheers.

Iain claps politely.

LoneCleric claps

mcp claps

Rob claps.

wolfie says, "yay"

Lennier asks, "Lunatix? for Best Game?"
Iain says, "YAY Mulldoon!"

Gunther says, "eep"

WeirdBeard claps.

Esrom applauds.

lpsmith claps

DGlasser exclaims, "yay mulldoon!"

Paul claps

andyf says, "Muld-woohoo!"

markm says, "yay! yay! yay!"

davec applauds.

BoingBall says, "Well, it's not going to _win_"
Charon exclaims (at ipsmith), "nono, its 'jeeezzUS'!"

eileen says, "Varicella, by Adam Cadre"

Miseri says, "what do you expect? They're lunatics."
markm says, "yay! yay! yay! yay!" mcp says, "let's hope not"

Gunther says, "we can only hope"

mcp claps

Esrom applauds.

davec cheers!

frob exclaims, "Yay!"

Paul cheers for Varicella!

Rob claps a little louder again.

BoingBall says, "yay all of these games"

Charon exclaims, "yay!!"

andyf says, "Yahoo!"

wolfie exclaims, "Duh! Yay!"

lpsmith cheers!

Gunther says, "F! A! C!"

Gunther says, "F! A! C!"

TenthStone exclaims, "yay!"

Iain says, "Varicella again! YAY, I guess."

Spatch says, "I sure hope whoever posts a transcript doesn't include The Peanut Gallery"
Charon applauds loudly. Lennier says, "Generalised Yay for pasta-based entertainment in all media forms."
eileen says, "Worlds Apart, by Suzanne Britton"

Rob claps.

markm says, "yay! yay! yay! yay! yay!"

Paul exclaims, "WOOHOO WORLDS APART!"

wolfie says, "yay"

mcp claps

Esrom exclaims, "Yay!!!"

HairBrain exclaims, "Harrmarr delly doo!"

neild says, "Perry's wont"
Vobian prays that Worlds Apart wins. BoingBall says, "I hope they do."
WeirdBeard claps.

Charon exclaims, "WOOOO!!!"

frob claps.

lpsmith exclaims, "Woo!"

davec cheers wildly!

Gunther says, "F! A! C!"

Esrom applauds.

Charon claps real loud!!

Spatch says (to boingball), "that's rude, man."
Iain YAYs again for WA.

Esrom cheers loudly.

Gunther says (to spatch), "of course"
neild cheers all the nominees at once to save keystrokes.

eileen pauses and smiles at the cameras

schep applauds the nominees.

Esrom says (to Charon), "This isn't an applause vote, unfortunately."

Spatch says, "yay!"

Charon says (to esrom), "sadly"

Miseri holds breath

wolfie exclaims, "mul-doon! mul-doon!"

Kiz says (to neild), "bah, they're not cute and furry. let's slaughter 'em."

DGlasser says (to neild), "But that took longer1"

BoingBall says, "Oh, wait. We forgot to turn the cameras on."

wavydavy says, "er, fortunately it's not"

Spatch says, "nood-llum! nood-llum!"

neild asks (of Kiz), "The keystrokes?"

(from Sargent) eileen says, "Someone recently asked me how to know if they should be an IF author. If you have to ask, you don't need to be one."
eileen fishes out the envelope from her little black purse.

Kiz says (to neild), "yes."

mcp says, "urr, i have a mac. hence my subjectivity here :-)"
BoingBall says, "Vari..."

lpsmith rolls drums madly.

Gunther says, "the envelope has gone. it must be brought."

Iain says (to eileen), "Are you wearing anything that isn't little and black? No, hang on, don't answer that."

Charon exclaims, "yipe!"

Thazz exclaims, "YAY for Worlds Apart!"

Spatch says, "you have a purse."

neild says (to lpsmith), "Only Mrs. Drums is allowed to do that."

Lennier says, "If instead it is your close friends and relatives asking, "How can you be an IF author", then you know you are one."
Gunther says, "yay"

DGlasser exclaims (at neild), "Yes!"

eileen opens the little black envelope.

HairBrain bites his nails in suspense.

Esrom says, "Drumroll..."

BoingBall dies.

Charon holds breath in anticipation.

Thazz exclaims, "Hurry it up! I gotta leave!"

Charon faints.

DGlasser nails his bites in suspense.

eileen says, "And the winner is..."

Lennier swoons

Iain says, "If the paper is small and black, she won't be able to read the writing."

(From neild) eileen reads the little black winner.

Gunther says, "..."

(from andyf) eileen says, "Oh no! It's printed in black on black!"
BoingBall holds eileen's breath

Miseri says (to Iain), "The writing is large and white."

Esrom says (to Iain), "Unless it's written in white."

Spatch says, "heehee"
Iain says (to Miseri), "Phew." Ellison says (to andyf), "hee"
Gunther says (to neild), "that's my game!"

<davec> davec has disconnected from ifMUD.

<davec> davec has connected to ifMUD.

Charon says, "eek..."

andyf says, "Also, Iain beat me to it."
eileen says, "The award for Best game goes to: Varicella, by Adam Cadre"

ddyte says, "yay!"

DGlasser exclaims, "Yay Varicella!"

Rob bursts into wild applause!

boucher applauds heartily!

TenthStone exclaims, "Yay!"

markm says, "Woo-hoo!!!!!!!"

HairBrain exclaims, "Yaaaaaaay!"

davec exclaims, "YAAAAAAAY!!!!!"

Adam says, "yow"

andyf says, "Woohoo!"

lpsmith cheers!

mcp applauds

Iain says, "YAAAY!"

frob cheers.

BoingBall says, "Of course."

schep applauds!

Charon exclaims, "yaaaayyy!!!"

bparrish says, "Yeah, well..."

Spatch says, "chicken pox for all!"

Kiz says, "yay!"

Gunther says, "oo! oo!"


Tril applauds!

Miseri exclaims, "Applause! Applause!"

dfan applauds wildly!

Thazz exclaims, "YAY! Uh-oh gotta go!"

Paul cheers for Varicella!

Grocible claps.

Esrom applauds loudly.

Iain says (to Adam), "Well, you must have guessed."

BoingBall exclaims, "I mean YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!"

Adam says, "gosh"

Thazz mutters something under his breath, and is teleported home

<Thazz> Thazz shifts dimensions to a different universe

Rob continues applauding, stands!

WeirdBeard says, "Hurray!!!"

davec jumps up and down with excitement!

Charon cheers!

markm says, "Ad-am! Ad-am! Ad-am!"

Lennier exclaims, "Yay pasta-based interactive fiction!"

TenthStone exclaims, "Mad screaming here!"

wolfie asks, "gee, who knew?!?!?!?!?"

Rob stomps and jumps

DGlasser says, "I thought 1999 would suck, and then along came all these great games."

BoingBall says, "Padre, I'm Cadre."

Gunther says, "Once again, Adam wins them all."

Esrom screams, "Eeeagh!" at the top of her lungs.

Iain says (to Adam), "I hope you've finished the game you wrote for the last award."

wavydavy does a golf clap

Adam gets up on stage again

Adam says, "Okay, a couple thank yous:"

NamelessAdventurer gives Best Game trophy to Adam.

WeirdBeard signs "Even kids with chicken Pox love hot dogs!"

DGlasser says (to Gunther), "Actually, six people won awards, which is pretty good."

Gunther says (to adam), "now you owe us four games!"

Iain asks, "He OWES US, does he?"

Gunther says, "yes he does"

WeirdBeard says, "Sings even."

(From Rob) Confetti cannons fire into the air and balloons drop from the ceiling.

bparrish says, "I vote this the best awards ceremony that I didn't know was happening today but happened to see when I looked at my screen."

Lennier says, "Oh yes, he owes us bigtime."
Adam says, "One, to all you folks on your side of the computer for the votes and the applause and cheers, and two, to Jen on our side of the computer for the smoochies. I love you, Jen"

wolfie says, "yay"

Gunther says, "YAY"

Tril throws confetti at Adam

Rob says, "yay smoochies"

Spatch says, "they been kissing every time he wins an award!"

DGlasser exclaims, "yay!"

Iain says (to Jen), "Yaay."

dfan says, "!"
bparrish says, "ewwww."

andyf says, "Whoohoo!"

markm says, "yay!!!!!!!!!"

HairBrain cheers!

frob applauds.

Adam says, "I spent more time on Vc than on the rest of my IF combined, so this means a lot"

Charon exclaims, "yaay!!"

Rob says (to Spatch), "Awwwwk! You betcha!"

Paul exclaims, "Yay sentimental speech!"

mcp claps

(From Lennier) Unfortunately, the confetti cannons fire just as the balloons are descending. POP!

bparrish says, ""You kissed a girl?! That is SO GAY!!!""

wolfie pops balloons by sitting on them

(From BoingBall) Through the skylight, fireworks spell out the word 'VARICELLA'.

DGlasser asks (of Adam), "When did you start it?"

Charon hands a cork nut to Adam.

Gunther says (to bparrish), "yay"

Adam says (to DG), "Feb '98"

eileen applauds the awarding of smoochies.

Iain says (to bparrish), "Hee."

Rob applauds

lpsmith exclaims (at Adam), "How unseemly!"

Jaybird cheers for everybody!

Gunther says, "YAY ADAM, AND YAY JEARL"

Tril now has to play the danged thing....and Losing Your Grip, and Mulldoon, and ...

Ender awards the applauding of the awarding of smoochies with smoochies.

mcp applauds

Recchi exclaims (at bparrish), "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"

Adam says, "So, again, thanks to all the voters and congrats to all the other nominees"

Rob claps

Esrom applauds.

Spatch says, "and now give us a recipe!"

schep cheers.

BoingBall says, "Yay smoochies."

PollBoy hollers, "andyf has changed the poll! Or, as they say in Spanish, con chorizo!"

Iain says (to Adam), "Now, it's probably best not to tell us which Varicella character was inspired by Jearl."

<MPN> MPN has connected to ifMUD.

Gunther says, "HAND OVER THE GAME!"

DGlasser says, "This XYZZYies sucked. No recipes. I won't be able to eat for another year."

NamelessAdventurer exclaims, "Thanks everybody for coming, and now go play next year's winner, which Adam says he's uploaded to GMD already!"

Rob says, "hee"

DGlasser exclaims, "yes, play the new game!"

markm says, "MPN's a bit late."
Rob says, "STAMPEDE TO GMD!"

Miseri says (to DGlasser), "heh"

Tril grins

Adam says, "And, yeah, guess it's uploadin' time. Look for in incoming in a few minutes"

Charon exclaims, "new game!!! new game!!!"

Adam says, "Or go to my web site"

Rob says, "shrapnel. whoa."

Charon exclaims, "wooo!!! shrapnel!"

Marvin says, "Heh. Justa bit."
lpsmith says (to Rob), "It's the fallout from the awards."

TenthStone cheers more violence.

dfan asks, "Where do we go now?"

mcp applauds

boucher faints from IF overdose.

andyf says, "OK, time to work"

Spatch says, "to the Carousel Room!"

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